Best Fountain Pens For Under $200

Many Choices Available

Many handcrafted fountain pens are works of art in their own right that can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. And most fountain pen aficionados will spend a little more to purchase a special pen. But you don't have to break the bank (or max out your credit card) to buy a terrific everyday writing instrument. Many high quality fountain pens with solid gold nibs are available for well under the two hundred dollar mark

Sailor and Platinum

Sailor offers some of the best values in fountain pens today - their 1911 Mid-Size and Pro Gearl Slim series pens offer terrific value along with their smooth-writing 14k nibs. And for just a little bit more, you can move up to the 1911 Full Size and Pro Gear series pens, along with the popular Realo piston-fillers. Platinum also offers great value in many of its 3776 Century series pens, as well as highly attractive Maki-e style pens which could often be mistaken for handcrafted pens costing much more.


Every bit the equal of Sailor and Platinum in providing high quality pens at a low price, Pilot offers the Vanishing Point pens, highly popular with on-the-go professionals such as doctors and lawyers. In addition, the Falcon Resin series pens offer terrific values for those looking for a semi-flexible nib - for just a bit more, the Metal Falcon series offers these same nibs in rhodium trim and with pen bodies in a sleek metallic finish. And the affordable Custom 74 demonstrators, little cousin to the popular 823 piston-filler, offer similar value in smooth-writing stiff-nibbed pens.

Aurora, Waterman, Cross

Italian pens are more often associated with luxury than affordability, but the terrific Aurora Ipsilon De Luxe offers a 14k nib in a sleek pen that may remind some of the better known 88 and Talentum series pens. From France, the Waterman Charleston offers terrific value, as does venerable American company Cross with its Apogee Chrome and also with its colorful Botanica series, made available by us exclusively with 18k nibs. 

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