Employee Picks


The Clairfontaine spiral notebook serves me well for everything from phone notes to sketches — definitely fountain pen friendly. Nakaya’s Decapod Twist in Heki-tamenuri is a close color matched to the iroshizuku chiku-rin ink, the color of new growth. Nakaya’s pen sword rack helps me know exactly were my pen is. Andy Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami’s “Fountain Pens of Japan” has become an important resource and my current favorite book largely because of my abiding fascination with Japanese pens. At the end of the day when my fingers are smeared with several colors of ink I can rely on Kresto and be presentable at dinner time. 


Nakaya Decapod Cigar Kanshitsu Togikiri, Extra Extra Fine Nib
It’s impossible for photos to do this finish justice. The verdant yellow-green is brought to life by layers of gold powder, resulting in a surprisingly subtle but unique effect. Nakaya’s Extra Extra Fine nibs are not for everyone, but they suit my small handwriting well.

Taccia Uguisu Olive Green
These Taccia inks recently arrived in the shop and we’ve all been trying them out; this green is a nice mossy shade.

Tomoe River Paper
Reliably smooth paper that has achieved cult status for a reason.


Platinum Celluloid Koi
This modern take on celluloid has the depth and movement of a koi pond that you can fit in your hand.

Taccia Bottled Ink, Ebi
Shrimp ink. You can write with it, dip it, bottle it, paint with it, admire it. There's uh, shrimp ink-kabobs, shrimp ink creole, shrimp ink gumbo. Convertor, piston filled, eye-dropped.

Nakaya Polishing Cloth and Leather Pen Case
Specially designed to polish urushi, this cloth works to keep any finish gleaming. The leather case is an attractive way to carry and protect your finest shiny treasures.


When I see the Platinum Century Chartres I can’t help but think of a trip I took to Europe just after high school. It was a whirlwind tour, one of those “If today is Tuesday we must be in Barcelona” things.

Our tour guide was a young man named Antonio. Looking back, I’m sure he was more accustomed to quiet groups of middle aged tourists who went to bed shortly after dinner, not a bunch of rowdy smart ass teenagers who knew more about the sculptures and architecture than he did thanks to just passing the AP Art History exam.

We were probably in week two of our journey and Antonio had pretty much had it with us. That of course prompted Sam, the biggest trouble maker in our class, into action.

At Chartres Cathedral there was, of course, the obligatory gift shop filled with standard fare of post cards and keychains. What they had that was different were two foot tall stone replicas of the cathedral’s gargoyles. Sam bought one quickly and ran back to join the group with his jacket draped over the statue.

When he got close, Sam put on his best mae culpa face and skulked toward Antonio.

Antonio took one look at Sam and sighed, “What have you done now?”

Sam pulled the jacket off the gargoyle and whispered, “I broke the church.”

Poor Antonio turn six shades of pale. He sputtered and stammered trying to ask how this happened.

Sam couldn’t handle it and broke into a cheshire grin. “Just kidding, man. It’s from the gift shop.”

I’m pretty sure Antonio never took students anywhere ever again.

This year I’ve been contemplating travel, revisiting places I’ve seen, finding my way to places I missed in the past. Field Notes Resolution pack has been helpful to get me to create the lists I need to stay motivated in bright red with Pilot’s Iroshizuku ink in Momiji.


Fountain Pen: A great pen for long winter nights, the Long Cigar Moon showcases Nakaya’s ability to use traditional Maki-e techniques in a very non-traditional way - in this case, multiple layers of silver powder over black urushi to create an evocative rendering of the lunar surface.

Ink: Sailor Kiwa-Guro remains my usual everyday ink, but Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo “Moonlight” ink is also a longtime favorite, with its blue-black hues and light turquoise shading.

Accessory: The Field Notes Three Missions limited edition set pays homage to the space program with beautiful full color covers - a perfect notepad to jot down your thoughts after seeing “First Man” this fall!


This time of the year holds some of the best memories and, although I love summer because I'm a beach-bum, it's Autumn that is very special.

I grew up riding horses and tending to gardens so the change in seasons was not only seen but also felt with the care for my horse. If you type Fall or Autumn into an internet search the results are usually vibrant reds and orange leaves on trees.

My case is much different as our trees and plants turned brown and dark yellow. My American quarter horse was a nice Sorrel color. I also stacked wood for the coming winter next to her stable so it was all types of browns layered on one another with dry yellow-brown grass.

That's what I wanted to show here. My picks this week are to celebrate Otoño (Spanish for Autumn). Taccia's Autumn's Rustle captures my color palette of the season with lots of browns and small bursts of colors. Tsukushi colored ink that translates to Horsetail because while most kids jumped into piles of leaves I remember we saddled up. Tomoe River loose sheets in white to show off the rich colors Iroshizuku inks are made of. We would ride year round but Autumn was the best because the summer bugs are gone and the drop in temperature allows for long rides.



Vanishing Point Valley Green: I use this pen everyday at work. The bright color pops and the retractable nib is a great feature. 

Polishing Cloth: These cloths are great for polishing pens and brightening up jewelry.  The red side removes grime (be careful, it can also remove plating) and the yellow side polishes, finishing the job. 

Clairefontaine 4 3/4 x6 3/4 clothbound: This small notebook has incredible paper. Even with a wetter ink, the ink don’t bleed through the pages. In addition, it’s small size makes it a great travel companion.


Pelikan M400 White TortoiseWhat better way to shellebrate the Fall season than journaling with the White Tortoise? This pen’s piston filler ensures that there’s plenty of ink- nothing will slow you down! 

Archie’s Calligraphy PadsDon’t be a jugghead- get Archie’s Calligraphy pads to practice writing all those sweet nothings.

Sailor Storia Ink- Lion: I’d be lion if I said you didn’t have to flush your pen a bit more often with this pigment ink, but the lovely shade of brown is worth it; it's perfect for Autumn!


Nakaya Long Cigar Karasu Kite and Crow: Nakaya's homage to Yosana Buso's Kite and Crow / my homage to Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows.

Sailor Shikiori Yodaki: Rich, crimson red...a color frequently spilled throughout Bardugo's Grishaverse.

Tomoe River Loose Sheets in Cream: Paper. Cashmere.


Sailor's 1911 Midsize Fresca Blue is such a beautiful color and as I work in the Service department I rarely see Sailors come back for repair! These Field Notes Coastal are the perfect travel size and I’m a beach bum at heart so the images really speak to me. The Platinum Forest Black ink reminds me of the years I spent living in the Pacific Northwest.


Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black: This pen is a perfect marriage of modern design and functionality. The sleek, smooth and monochromatic aesthetic is ideal for the minimal side of my personality.

Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun: Monochromatic gray-scale ink that is classic and qualitative.

Field Notes End Papers: The Field Notes End Papers Limited Edition comes in a sultry Timber Green and Nightshift blue, perfect for keeping notes on your favorite 80’s goth bands.