Testimonials Archive 2001

I received the Pelikan M-800 with medium stub nib yesterday... The pen is beautiful... From the moment I first touched pen to paper, I knew this was going to get a lot of use. The ink flow is perfect - wet, but not so much that ink is bleeding through or taking forever to dry.... your recommendation for a stub nib was right on the money. I get decent variation in line width without having to worry too much about how I'm writing.... (the nib) seems as close to perfect as I've ever seen. The pen writes first time, every time. No skips, no blotches, no hard starts. Even when my wife left the cap off for some time to make hot cocoa the pen didn't dry out, and it started right up again.

I guess my only regret about this pen is that I didn't get it sooner... (it) appears to be everything it is claimed to be, and your work richly deserves all the accolades it has received.

Many thanks,

Steven R. Touchi (12/17/01)

Just a quick note to confirm that the pen shipment arrived this morning... please know how appreciative I am of... John's good work. You have taken favorite pens that were, for a variety of reasons, difficult for me to use and turned them all into daily users. Simply stated, your work has increased the value of these pens to me....

Fritz (Kopeinig, 12/14/01)

The nib units arrived yesterday as I was leaving for a meeting. I quickly filled both, put one in a Namiki VP and the other in a Pilot VP.

I was worthless in the meeting. I wrote, doodled and was otherwise distracted by your wonderful work.

I like them both, but the stub is my immediate favorite....

Sam (Marshall, 12/12/01)

I just got my new Namiki pen and it is a beauty! I've never written with a stub nib before and I have to tell you that it's just wonderful! It writes very smoothly and adds a certain character to my writing - and I love the way the nib feels against paper - very very nice indeed!

I also have to mention that your customer service is superb - I will definitely purchase any future pens from your company

Thanks again!

Mareska Fox (11/29/01)

John and Pat, I just received the pens and have tried them on the best and worst paper that I could find. You have done a SUPERB job on these nibs! They write as if they cost $1000 each and smoother than velvet. I am truly impressed and will tell all my associates that you two are the US pen "athletes" gold medalists for repairs. It was definitely worth every penny and the time to wait simply vanished when I began writing. Kudos to you both and have a great Holiday!

T.Masciangelo (11/28/01)

Hello John/Pat & Everyone Else!

Wanted to thank you for the last order. The only thing I can really say is, "WOW"!! Unbelievable, you never cease to amaze me on what you can to do to a nib to make it perform to ones likeness....

God Bless, 
Lawrence (Simpkins 11/21/01)

I use my pen every single day (ed: a Pelikan 1931 with thirteen interchangeable nibs). I enjoy having the different nibs, sometimes I need a fine point and other times I need a med nib; it's easy and quick to change the nibs... The nibs are so "fine" in the quality of your craftsman. I have tried every single nib, and the very first stroke always, always, always lays ink. I never have to stroke and then stroke again as I've had to do with the pens I've used in the past. Even my "well-loved" pen when I received the new grind nib the first stroke always layed ink. Then when I lost all hope of my "well-loved pen" (when it) broke (a vintage Sheaffer Targa, run over), you asked me to send it to you to see if "we" can fit it. Boy, you'd never know that it was ever broken. You will be my only source for pens, nibs and repairs.

The greatest on earth!!!

A friend for life....... Dee (Burdick, 10/30/01)


I received my Pelikan 730 with a customized medium stub flexy nib. Even though I have a bunch of pens in my “to be tried” pile, this one moved to the head of the class. I’ve heard so much about Mottishaw nibs that I had to give it a try. I must say, that I’m glad I did. I can see what everyone has been raving about! It’s smooth, great ink flow characteristics, and writes as a medium stub flex nib should! Thanks very much for this great pen.(Peter Galvin, 11/8/01)

John & Co.,

Help! I need a set of brakes for my Pelikan White Tiger. The new 14K fine nib you.... put on my Tiger is so smooth, it races across the page almost effortlessly. I have never written with such a silky smooth nib before. I'm convinced that the pen could probably write by itself if I let it, it's that wonderful. Thanks again for the superb workmanship. My White Tiger is performing now as it should have in the first place. (Jeff Lyss, 10/24/01)

Dear Pat and John,

The pens arrived today (Thursday). John has done a most spectacular job with my pens, and I am very pleased! Thank you ever so much, John! I  don't know what I would have done without finding out about you! Again, thank you so very much! I love the pens, and they are like brand new  again! Sue Brodsky (11/29/01)

I could not be more impressed with the Vanishing Point stub nib! What a pleasure to use... Chalk me up as one VERY satisfied customer.
I am also VERY happy with the 75 nib unit for the Parker 75. An absolutely excellent nib! Thanks!
john cline ii (10/13/01)

Dear John and Pat,

I have received my M600 and I absolutely love it! The wonderful nib shows off just what I've been missing in my writing. Every letter comes out more graceful and more flowing than I thought possible before.

Thank you very much,

--- CV (Constantine Vetoshev 10/12/01)

Dear John and Pat,

The pen arrived today and - no sense beating around the bush - I love it.  Such a decided improvement and a real pleasure to write with.  I have been writing with it all afternoon, and it just seems to keep on getting better.  You have turned the decision of which pen to write with into a difficult one indeed.  Without qualification, I can say it was worth the wait.... Thank you so much.

John Shumadine (10/11/01)

Dear Pat and John,

In a single word, "LORDY!!!!"  The three pens work and write great!   It makes me, once again, grateful to be able to afford such a wonderful luxury. My only complaint is that I can only use one of them at a time.


CCB (Craig Brandau, 10/05/01)

Dear John,

Thanks for the wonderful, precise and attentive work performed in customizing my Omas and Pelikan nibs. These now write as smoothly as intended, but as the "factory release" could never hope to achieve. Your work has greatly enhanced my pleasure in writing and appreciation for what these pens are truly capable of delivering.

Best Regards, Elliot (Abemayor, 10/2/01)

I would like to thank you all for transforming the three pens I sent from hideously dull and painfully plain writers into extraordinarily expressive works of art.   The Ogiva and Bibliotheque Nationale... are just as remarkable as your reputations led me to expect - if not far better... I have not written with a stub as smooth as the Bib's before..... The cursive italic has all the joys of the stub with that subtle hint of calligraphic potential... Thank you all so much - I have to decide which pen to send you next!

Best regards until then!

Dan Levine (9/28/01)

Just a quick note to advise that the new M800, 3B Stub nib arrived this morning and it is wonderful! Tnanks, Pat, for making this such a smooth and easy transaction; now I'm reallylooking forward to the re-worked Agatha Christie. With all best wishes,

Fritz (Kopeinig, 9/28/01)

Pat/John - I've been out on vacation and just now got back to find my Namiki VP package waiting for me. Just love it! The carbon fibre finish is quite nice but the italic nib is superb! I've had you folks work on some of my nibs before, but just restoration work, not flow/point modification. I may just box-up and send all my pens for a nib rework....
Thanks. (Brian Kerns, 9/10/01)

I received my pens yesterday and can't stop writing with them, especially the Ancora LE. When I gave you that pen in Chicago you expressed some reservation, but the results speak for themselves -- I've never used a more expressive nib in my life! You transformed a very boring broad nib into a magical stub/italic that lays down lines rich in character and grace. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it could be true. My only problem now is -- which pens do I send next?
Thank you again for working your artistry on my humble pens.
Most sincerely,
Terry Clark (9/8/01)

Pat and John --- to say that I am happy with the results is an understatement. I am delighted with your work on the nib. It now writes as it should. I am on the hunt for my grandfather's pen ... it was misplaced, but not lost (I hope) during a move. It needs a new nib. Thank you so much. It was worth the wait to have the pen back with such a wonderful stroke. John, you are indeed a master....

Carlos Piad (9/6/01)

Dear Pat/John,
The Penrite arrived today. It writes even better than it did before I broke off one of the tines. In fact it writes better than any of the other flex nib pens I have. Maybe I should send them all in for adjustment?....
Thank you very, very much!
Kay M Purcell (9/5/01)

Hi Pat & John, 
I like it (the Falcon, fine nib). I really, really like it. 
I received my new Namiki Falcon this past Friday, and immediately... spent some time composing a letter to a friend. I also scribbled here and there, getting to know my pen a little better. The nib produces an extra-fine line without hesitation, even with my left-handedness. And the feel of the nib on the paper is very smooth (and I'm not even using high quality paper). I understand the "wow" factor in this because I am left-handed AND I'm using what would be an extra-fine nib on any other pen.
My two other pens (that you fixed months ago) are working very well. Before I sent those pens to you, I never used the Waterman Rhapsody (broad nib) because the ink never came out. I always thought I couldn't get the pen to write because I was left handed, and because I used it so infrequently (as a signature pen). And I never used the Pelikan because even though it was a Fine nib, the ink flowed too freely and I always ended up smearing the ink while writing, or having to wait a minute or two before a line of writing was dry enough for me to continue.
Of course, you manged to fix both pens; changing the Waterman to a stub is fantastic for a signature pen! I can "do my signature" without first having to coax the ink to come out on many scraps of paper--the ink just flows (but not too wet). Thanks for suggesting the stub, Pat. And you know I like the stub so much that I want to get it on my Pelikan, too.
Actually, thanks for everything--your email messages, your updates, your answering of my many questions, your courteousness, your explanation of what you plan to do, of what was done, of what I might want to do next time.
Thanks again for your wonderful craftsmanship & customer service. 
Yes, you may post this email! 
Pei Pei (imagine signature with flourish) (Tan 8/13)

Dear Pat and John,

Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!! Ohhhh, Wowwwwww!!!

Can you tell I like it??? -)

Marie (Clapsaddle, 7/20/01)

I just got the new nib for my M800 Pelikan.  I think its great.  I have never had a calligraphic style (for lack of better terminology) write so well.  I can actually write as fast as I want and the nib keeps up without any scratchiness whatsoever. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Bob St. Clair (6/20/01)


I am a little late in writing, but better late than never. 
The 800 and 1000 stub nibs you sent are outstanding!  What a treat to write with.   I can't say thanks enough.
Now, if I can only keep them away from my wife (just kidding).  She loves writing with stubs.....


Don (Prentice, 6/22/01)

Greetings... I want to tell you that the Pelikan M730 I bought from you is absolutely perfect in every way. You did your "magic" on it, and I am a very satisfied customer....  I am so pleased with the 730, that there is NO WAY I will ever buy a Pelikan from anyone else... Thanks again,

Jeff Liss (6/18/01)

John & Pat -- Thank you so much for the work you have done on my great-grandfather's pen!  You did an excellent job repairing the cap, the blackening looks great, and the new original issue nib is so much easier for me to control than whatever that other nib was!  The ink flows smoothly and I love the "scritchy" feel of a fine point!  Now I'm looking for opportunities to write...!

But even aside from the fact of the pen itself is the little link I can claim to my past.  I never met my great-grandfather (he having passed before I was born) and as I understand he wasn't the easiest man to get along with at times.  Nevertheless, for whatever reason it was important to my own father that I have that pen.  So more for my dad than anyone else --  thank you.


Gregory Tuss (5/4/01)

Dear John and Pat,

Many thanks for the work on this pen. (Ed: this testimonial arrived in an actual hand-written letter.)  As you can see another wonderful restoration, for which I am extremely grateful.  With you 'chaps' there is no such thing as a 'broken' pen.

Thank you.... Gerard (Pereira, 6/9/01)

Dear Pat & John -

To say that I am thrilled with the work on my Edson is an understatement. Your craftsmanship is phenomenal. It is genuinely gratifying to see that master artisans still exist.

Frederick Wohlschlaeger (5/17/01)

Hi John,  Pat,

I received the pens.  One is more wonderful than the next!!

I believe the burgundy M250 is my favorite -- nice and dry with a good italic 'cut'.  It is going to be atough decision for me every morning when I have to choose my pen for the day.

Once again,  I thank you. 
Jason (Benderly, 5/21/01)

Dear John,

thank you very much for the repair. I'm very surprised at your marvelous work. My pens are brought to life!!! Best regards,

Kazuo Fugita, 5/17/01

Hi Pat,

WOW!  I inked my new Namiki/Pilot Carbonesque on Friday evening with my favorite Aurora black.  The modified medium stub nib is a dream.  I thought I should pen John an 'Ode to the Nib.'  I couldn't put it down, using nearly a full converter in one sitting.  Then later that night I put the Pelikan 14k nib (Spencerian modification) in my Sauverain 800 Green Demonstrator. Now I am confused.  Which pen do I like more?  Regardless of the risk, I brought my Carbonesque to the office this morning.  And the Spencerian nib lays such an exquisitely delicate fine line, encouraging an even lighter touch than I ordinarily use.    Such expression, with very subtle changes in pressure. (It will stay at home.) I could go on, but for now, just thanks. Again.

Rob (Martin, 5/21/01)

Pat and John,

My Omas (older Paragon) returned last night, and I wanted to thank you for such an outstanding job on the modifications.  You've unleashed the great pen that was hiding inside.  The reworked nib is smooth, subtle and very responsive. A small adjustment on my part was needed to allow the pen to achieve it's full range of expression.   Once I finally got the hang of it, I wrote and sketched for hours.  It's an absolute joy to have a pen that feels this good to work with.

Thank you again,

v (Vic Cevoli, 5/4/01)

Arrived home from my honeymoon Friday afternoon and by evening got around to trying the modified Vacumatic nib.  Buono!  Magnifico!  Stupendo!  Get my drift?

I asked you for a wet, flexible writer with all the gouges and bends taken out of the much-abused, stiff-writing nib. I got exactly what I asked for and it is truly wonderful.  I've spent more than a year reading people's compliments of John's work (on PenTrace) and now I'm one of those who are full of praise.  Thanks to you guys for providing such a high-quality product...


Fran DeRespinis (5/7/01)

Wow, you guys do FANTASTIC work!  Seriously, the epair/modifications took two pens that were at the back of my pen box/drawer and put them in to daily rotation!  Especially, the nib modifications - what a pleasure it is to write with this pen now - I highly recommend increasing flexibility.

....... Thanks again - Marie (Pusey, 5/1/01)

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I rec'd my ftn pens today. I am absolutely delighted with the results. Now instead of throwing another batch of pens in my shoebox, I can actually enjoy using something made especially for me. You all have been a joy to work with. The customer service was outstanding and the craftsmanship superb. Once again I thank you.

Lisa Stinson"(5/2/01)

Oh my goodness, Pat, what a writer this pen is now.  I'm sure you're used to hearing customers gush.  I've tried to curb my passions this time.  As I write this, it's been 18 hours or so since I put my hands on the pen..  Now that I've slept on it, so to speak, I've cooled off to controllable hysteria. The pen has the perfect paint-brush effect I've always craved.  The Old Masters could have happily drawn with it.   I could go on shamelessly, but please, just thank John for me....

Roger Williams, 4/26/01

Hi Pat and John!

Dave F from Thornhill, just dropping a quick note to let you know that the three repaired pens arrived today, and as usual, work maginicficently. How you got the smashed nib of the Waterman, which if memory serves me roughly resembled a treble clef from a musical score, into such beautiful shape still transcends my understanding of physics. I used it today in the office, and it worked first time, everytime, putting down a smooth medium line... Thanks again and

Best Regards

Dave Finkelstein MD (5/1/01)

Hi Pat & John...

I wanted to tell you how absolutely in awe I am over John's talents with nibs.  I had read about it many times, but the magic he worked with my Namiki is just breathtaking.  It is better than it was before, not just fixed!  If you want a testimonial, let me know.

... Thank you, thank you, thank you, again & again.  I am in your debt for saving me on the Namiki, and for the other wonderful magic you have preformed for me.

Very best regards--

Sam (Vincent, 4/21/01)

Hi John and Pat,

I arrived back form a trip to find my pen (Parker Lucky Curve #3) here in my office.  I didn't recognize it!!!  You have done an absolutely spectacular job in restoring the external appearance of the pen.  I then filled the pen and took it on a test drive and was even more amazed.  What you have done to the functioning of the pen is beyond belief.  I would be willing to wager that it writes better now than it did on the day it was originally manufactured.  You have truly done a remarkable piece of work and I am extremely grateful....

Again, thank you, and for whatever it is worth, I would without hesitation recommend your service to anyone whose pen needs work.


Gerard Pereira, 4/23/01

Hi John and Pat, 
I received the pens today.  As always, you have done a superb job!  The pens are great!!!!  The vac is smoooooooooooooooth.  What a pleasure to write with!  I now have a new favorite.... Thanks again.   

Best regards,

Sterling (Picard 4/18/01)

John-- I was pleasantly surprised to find my Bexley in the mail yesterday afternoon.  I took it out, inked it up, and I am extremely pleased with it!  I always liked the look and balance of the Bexley but absolutely HATED the stiff and impersonal nib, so much so that I barely used it.  I am sure it will become one of my favorites now....

Thanks again...

Mason Colbert, 4/20/01

John -

I'm very pleased with the way you restored the Swan Eternal I got at auction at the L.A. Pen Show. The nib work is superb - what a difference - it writes so smoothly - truly a pleasure to use. And you made it look so nice with the polish and all! I must say that you do truly fine work - you are a master.....


Dick Farrington (4/9/01)


They arrived yesterday. The work is wonderful, they are a joy to write with.  I can't believe how well the Aurora writes now, and with such beautiful line....I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic work....

Ansel (Olson, 4/10/01)

Pat and John,

Incredible!  I know I asked for it, but I never really believed in my heart of hearts that John could turn a firm new Bexley broad nib into a flexible World-War-One-era Parker italic.  I was wrong.  This nib is magnificent.  It gives me mondo line variation, it's nice and wet, and it handles splendidly.  I could not be more pleased.  My 5th Anniversary may never go back to its boring old medium nib, no matter that that one, too, has been Mottishized.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

=dick (Binder, 4/4/01)

"Hi Pat,

The Omas Arco arrived yesterday...  and I absolutely love it.  Tell John he couldn't have cut a better nib for me.  It is perfect.  The flow is also perfect--better than any pen I have.  It only needs to touch paper--no pressure at all--and writes effortlessly.... Thanks, Laura (Berkowitz)"(3/23/01)

Hi Pat and John

The three Crests arrived.... and work beautifully. You guys are magicians! Thanks so much... I've been using (them) all week, and they, without exception, write as smooth as butter. Magnifico!

Best regards,

Dave Finkelstein, MD (3/16 and 3/20/01)

The pens arrived via UPS on Tuesday and I have been using one or another ever since. They all look beautiful and you've done all that I expected. The stub nib on one of the Parkers is wonderful. I may have that done to several other pens. My old Sheaffer, the one I lost in the tank in the 60s when I was in the army, now looks brand new.... Your work is splendid. I am delighted to have found this level of craftsmanship. It is a pleasure to be able to have a pen absolutely customized to one's particular wishes. There is so much compromise required of us today, that it is a relief to find one area where this is not a factor.

Best regards, 

Daniel Muchinsky (3/20/01)

Hi John & Pat,

 I just wanted to let you know that I received my pen on Thursday, and it is perfect! Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service. It is no wonder that you are spoken of so highly. Thanks to your skill I can now display and use my Duofold Jr. with pride (my pen friends are jealous).Sincerely,

Darren Golden (3/31/01)

Dear Pat,

The pens arrived yesterday and I am very pleased.  I'm particularly impressed with what you were able to do with the new Eversharp Skyline -- it feels a lot like my vintage Skyline that I like so much.  I know I'll be using both of these pens a lot more now that they have such nice flexible nibs...


Helene Shapiro (3/13/01)

Dear John,

I received the Aurora today, a bit ahead of schedule. As promised, the skipping is gone. Moreover, you have not just fixed the problem, but have dramatically improved the pen. It's now wonderfully smooth, and lays down a nice, wet line (but not too wet for my tiny handwriting), and there is even a bit of line variation! Thanks to you, I have a new favorite pen.

You can add this to your list of website testimonials. Meanwhile, I'll start saving my pennnies for a new Omas or Nakami from your shop.

You have exceeded my expectations. Thank you!


Harry Seifert, 3/12/01

Dear Pat,
All the pens arrived safely... and wow!  You have turned a collection of room decorations into a supply of writing instruments for me!  Thank you very much.

If I had known of John's skill and service ten years ago, I would never have become involved with the fountain pen community.  I would simply have bought a couple of pens that I really like the look and feel of and sent them off to be made into a needlepoint and a formal italic.  Then I would have spent the rest of my life writing happily with only those two pens.   Now look where I am.

Thank you and John for the superb craftsmanship and wonderful service.  You have taken very good care of my babies.

Kay Purcell, 3/9/01
satisfied customer

Dear Pat,
Of course you may use my letter... I have tested them again with more pleasing ink and I am even happier than I was.  That vac major with the snapped tine tip really had me worried.  I was afraid that it would come back with a wider line than it had before, but, no, it came back perfect <vbg>.  

I had written that Ancora off as a bad investment, but now it is full of Waterman red ink (what other color?); and when I touch it to the paper, ... it makes lines, nice extra fine lines.  I think it will be come my favorite for grading papers.  Another triumph.

The Pelikan used-to-be-O3B is now my envelope pen, and what a pleasure to use also.   I also have an EF nib for it, and you all will probably get that in next year's package to make it into a needle point.  

As you said at the bottom of your invoice, each of the pens has its own writing personality, and that Montegrappa now writes the crispest Italic of any pen I own, even the original Pelikan 120, to which I compare everything else.

I feel like it is Christmas in March.  Thank you very much.

Kay Purcell, 3/11/01

Hi Pat,

... I thought John might like to hear this.  I brought my Aurora to my local pen shop in order to show the work that had been done on the nib and the owner there was more than impressed by the quality of the work John had done.  He looked at the nib closely with a magnifier and he said that... he had never seen a stub/italic that smooth....


Dominick Langlois, 2/22/01

John: Thanks for the good work on this one (Ed: a Mont Blanc Agatha Christie)(the first I have tried from the recent batch). I have just taken 10 pages of notes at a conference with great pleasure. Before it was unusable.

David Grais, 3/1/01

Subject: John Holland #8 Oblique

Dear John & Pat,

I am so pleased with the results of your work on this beautiful nib.  I've been trying to sit down and write you about it since it arrived last Friday.  But I just couldn't get to the computer long enough to write a letter that could adequately express my excitement and pleasure over this nib's rebirth.  "Things" are only things, but gosh, this is a beautiful thing.  And now, when it moves across paper, it feels as sensuous as it looks. Thanks so much....


Bill Hall, 2/21/01

John, Pat, Greg

Yesterday I received the pens I recently sent you.  As you know now I am a left-handed overwriter who refuses to surrender in my quest for a pen that will give the character to my writing that any right-handed person can get with the most ill-formed flexible fine point ever made. Today I am splashing in that lost and fabled fountain of ink.  These pens glide across the paper in a rich, luxurious flow of ink that is so smooth I cannot discern that the nib touches the paper.  I have written at least 50 pages with them by now just marveling at the results, especially since the memory of how they were just a week ago is still in my head. I thank you deeply from the bottom of my inkwell.  More pens are forthcoming. Regards

Lemuel Stephens, 2/23/01

Well, I have filled the Waterman with Levenger's Blue Bahama ( a most beautiful color ) and I have written with it.  I simply love it.  The cross strokes are fine, and the down strokes are wonderfully broad.  Surely John must be the reincarnation of the great Merlin.  Even though I think the broad stub on the Duofold is excellent there is surely no greater writing pleasure than that to be found in writing with a flexible nib....

Best regards,

Charles Guest, 2/19/01


The refurbished pen was delivered this afternoon. It is beautiful and it writes magnificently.

I have the opportunity to think of my mom whenever I use this pen. She used it at work in the 1930s and 1940s... Your care for this keepsake was exceptional ...

Thank you again.

Ed Hums, 2/15/01

Hello Pat,
.... I wrote with the Duofold today.  Even though I had nothing really to write I simply wrote nonsense for the pleasure of writing with that wonderful nib.  As you already know I am not a big Parker fan but John is going to convert me with those stub nibs.  I dipped the Majestic last night and scribbled with it a bit.  I am pleased with that one, too.  I haven't tried the Waterman yet.  It's almost too pretty to handle, like something requiring a ritual bath before using it.  When I get the courage to fill it and write with it I will let you know.......

Best regards,
Charles Guest, 2/14/01

Hi, Pat...

The Omas Articula's skip has vanished... The Montegrappa Extra's clicking noise has disappeared... What a great, springy nib!....

As you predicted, I'm very pleased with what John did with the formerly "blobby" medium nib on the Mont Blanc Dumas.  It's now a very nice, well-controlled italic.  What a wonderful feeling to know that from now on I can actually USE the pen as well as admire its looks!

I saved the best for last--the Parker 51.  What a dream!!  I can't believe it's the same pen.  I can't imagine what kind of magic John worked on the fine nib to turn it into that wonderfully smooth medium italic, but I hope the spell doesn't wear off for at least 100 years....

Marie (Clapsaddle), 2/13/01

Dear John (or Pat),

I am writing to let you know how much I am enjoying my Parker pen, which you repaired.  Considering that no one else was willing to touch it, you are a master!  Everything is wonderful and I do think that it is smoother now than when it was new.

Thanks again,

John C. Fleming, Jr. (2/7/01)

The pen (an Arco) is utterly lovely, with a delightful line, and a sweet flex. Well worth the wait. There is another pen fancier at work, and I'll take it in and show it off. :-) 

Verna Knapp, 2/7/01


I receive OMAS & MB149 today.


Thank you.

Yasuyuki Iguchi, 1/25/01, Chiba, Japan

Dear Pat:

John must be made aware (maybe he is already) that he is  running a highly addictive operation.  Once one writes with a Mottishaw"ed" nib, you CANNOT GO BACK.... Nothing else writes like it......

Bill Senn, 1/25/01

"Dear John & Pat,

Thank you for your excellent service and work on my Omas Arco fountain pen. This is the pen that I have desired for many years. Not only is the pen beautiful, but the work that you performed to create a very smooth writing italic nib is fantastic. I love the flair that it adds to my handwriting with the variation in strokes.
As you know, at first I was concerned that perhaps the downstroke was a little too broad for my handwriting style. Now, after using the pen for a couple of weeks, I realize it was just a matter of not being used to the appearance that this nib provides.
I look forward to ordering more customized pens from you. Thank you again for the excellent work and communication. I can highly recommend your shop.
Michael E. Palis (01/21/01) and an email message on 1/24/01: ".... I find myself looking for excuses to write things just so that I can use my pen. Thank you again. Sincerely, Michael"

Fantastic job on the pens, as always. The Sheaffer's jade-green Radite balance writes like butter and the broad Duofold--wow--I reassembled the pen and it's my new favorite of the collection.....

Thanks again & nice job.

Don Fluckinger, 1/17/01

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