How do I achieve a specific style of writing that I have seen?

This is both a matter of the time and energy you are willing to put in to practicing a technique and graduating to a more advanced or sophisticated style. To achieve a specific style of penmanship that you may have seen, unless yours is very close to that style to begin with, you might want to treat writing as a practice from now on.

If you want an exotic nib, you need to work to accommodate and learn how to use it.

It takes time to hone an advanced technique with a very particular and sensitive pen. So we recommend for beginners to start out with a fountain pen that gets them used to mindful writing without too many variables to keep track of.

In this case, we feel something comfortable with a nib that is wide enough and rigid enough to allow for a margin of movement and pressure error by the user's hand. A wide nib will accommodate a bit of tilt either way and the resistance of the rigid tip will lend feedback to the hand 's pressure. Compare this to a flex tip that will not resist when the beginner puts normal pressure on it. It can already be too much for easy fountain pen writing.

Both finer and flex tips can scratch with too much pressure, and again this is typical for a new user.

After some time writing carefully and slowly with this first type of nib, you will have a better idea of the touch required, as well as the types of lines you will be able to manage in the next phase.

We suggest moving in to new features gradually. Italic cuts and Flexibility should be tried out one at a time so that you can sense how each will react to your touch and affect your style. Adjusting both the pressure and slowing your writing to sense an advanced writing tool will yield rewards, including faster writing speed and a more enjoyable experience overall, but only over time and with practice.

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