What should artists know about using fountain pens?

Which Customization - Regrind Or Flex?

Artists usually want to get line-width variation with a fountain pen. There are two main ways to achieve this - through a regrind to oblique or italic, which provides line-width variation depending on the angle at which the pen is held, and through adding flex, which creates line-width variation depending on the amount of pressure applied to the point while drawing or writing. See our Nib Customizations page for more details.

What About A Regrind With Flex?

Combining flex with a regrind to italic or oblique can result in the greatest potential for expression, but will also result in a nib that is more challenging to use. The same applies to our popular Mottishaw Spencerian customization, which combines added flex with a regrind to needlepoint to allow for Spencerian copperplate calligraphy.

Contact Us For More Help

Every artist has her or his own unique set of needs - if you have questions about which customization or customizations would be best for you, or even if you need a customization at all, feel free to call or e-mail us for more information. We can be reached at (323) 655-2641 or at [email protected].

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