Testimonials Archive 2011

Dec 26th

Dear Angela

My Omas 360 Vintage arrived. I opened it on Christmas Day. It is not only beautiful to look at but it is a superb writer. Many thanks. I am very satisfied. All the best for 2012.


Dec 28th

Hi Nibs

Just want to say thank you. My Pelikan and Ink (order # 34196) have arrived and they are perfect. Exceptionally packaged too.

Thanks again and I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Best regards,

Dec 19th

Hi Angela,

Your parcel arrived a short time ago. Wow. What a beautiful pen. The Heki-tamenuri is so rich looking. I love the depth and the break to celadon green. It will be fun to see how it glows through in time from loving use. The packaging is wonderful and reflects the Japanese sensibility. I have always loved and admired the way the Japanese present things from the simple wrapping of a package to their sense of design and care whether in surroundings and presentation of their food or everyday objects.The wrapping certainly lives up to that. I love the little kimono wrap. I did try the pen by just dipping it into a brown ink for now and it writes nicely. I can feel and also see its flex. The maki-e converter is very sweet. I think I may use it in my clear Motosu pen so I may see the wee goldfish. I like the pen pillow. I do have a question about it however. Is it usual that the edges of the indentation are a tiny bit rough and bubbly?

The pen is lovely. It is breathtaking. Thank you.

Best regards,


Dec 16th


My order, arrived today in perfect condition.

The Waterman Le Man pencil works properly and will go into the writing rotation.

The Sailor Full Size 1911 with a broad nib is a joy to write with. I intended to get a medium nib but decided on the broad nib instead. Given the narrowness of Japanese nibs, this was a good choice. I will get a medium nib on my next Sailor pen.

The Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire ink is a beautiful blue. The Pelikan 4001 violet is redder than my other purple ink, Waterman Purple. Variety is always good!

Have a happy holiday season.

Dick Loyd

Dec 14th

Hi Angela,

The Motosu has arrived, and my friend absolutely loves the pen. Please help to convey my heartfelt thanks, again, to John for his excellent work.

Heng Lee

Dec 6th

Oh. My....

Hi, John.

The red Piccolo has just arrived.

It. Is. Stunning.

I mean, I knew it would be a beautiful pen, but somehow, this surpasses my expectations. The color is amazing. And the kanji is just... such a perfect mark; it just makes it. Understated and perfect.

I feel as if I'm whispering....

I don't know what ink.... It has to be the perfect ink. No, it doesn't have to be perfect, because I can change it if the ink causes a disturbance in the pen's Zen, hahaha. I just... it's just so beautiful!

Okay. I'll try the Noodler's Walnut Mix. Hold on....

[Minutes passing.]


It's perfect!

I couldn't be more pleased!


Wow. So beautiful and perfect. Thank you!

This unpolished shu Piccolo... I can't stop looking at it. I'll admit that I wasn't sure if I was going to like the red -- there's such variation -- and this shade dilates my pupils, to get more of it into my eyes. Nakaya did a superb job with this color!

Thank you! And thanks to Jonella!

I hope your day is as happy as mine!


Nov 28th

Hi Angela.

I received my new Sailor pen over the weekend and it writes and looks great. Thanks for the recommendation. I love the blue ink also.

Thank you for the great service.


Nov 16th

I'm just writing to let you know that my custom nib has arrived in perfect condition. I just test wrote it and I am very happy. It is so smooth, but writes such crisp lines and it is very easy to handle. Now I'll be able to write beautiful calligraphy in my Christmas cards :) So thank you very much for that!!

Thanks & best regards, Franziska :)

Nov 3rd

Dear Jonella and Angela
I received your Pelikan turquoise pen with OM calligraphic nib.
It’s absolutely perfect writing as expected and requested.
Congratulations, it’s a pleasure to write with.
Thanks a lot.
My very best regards,

Francis Hakoun, FRANCE

Oct 28th

Dear Angela and John,

The pen has arrived today.

Everything is in order and thanks to John tuning the pen writes very very well and smoothly.

I am absoutely satisfied for the purchase and surely I will be back at your shop for further purchase.

Best regards,


Oct 28th

Hi, John,

I received the Pelikan Green O' Green with the very special "crisp cursive italic" nib you ground for me. The time from order to receipt was amazing. UPS was at my door with the pen 27 hours and 9 minutes after I completed my telephone order with David. (That is a fact.)

I am delighted with the pan and am astonished by the nib. I hoped but did not think it possible to get such line differentiation and still have such smooth writing. The line width is just what I needed, too.


Oct 26th

Received my new nib a few days ago. Just wanted to say: Ahhhh, a smooth-writing nib again. Life is good!


October 7th

Dear Angela and Sales Staff,

Just received my new Sailor Pen and I had to say Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!  I LOVE my new pen and it writes so effortless and luscious on paper.
I barely touch the paper and my hand flys across the page.  Wonderful  and beautiful does not even begin to describe my joy.

Great customer service and many thanks.  Is it possible to love a pen?
Indeed it is.

Christine Lee

October 5th

I just received my pen back today. All I can say is WOW! The set up is fantastic. It writes like a dream. Please pass along my thanks.
John Reich

October 5th


I received the pens in the mail today. 

I really like the work John did on the nibs. Please let him know. I am especially impressed with the re-grind on the OMAS paragon.

Thanks to all of you there.


September 29th

Hi Jonella,

I just inked up the Homo Sapiens that John worked on and I wanted to say how incredible the difference is.  I did not know that pens could be this much of a joy to write with before this adjustment. John was able to bring out the true smoothness of the nib that visconti only claims with the palladium nibs.  So fortunate to have such a master in LA. 

I look forward to working with you guys again.


September 29th

Dear John,

I write after receiving my pen back from you, and completing a Jury trial with it.  After writing some 40 pages of notes over the course of two days, I am pleased to report the pen now works flawlessly.  Your work in adjusting it has been simply perfection.

It is a real pleasure to use this fine instrument in the course of my work, and your artisanship has created a compelling experience for me.  I have already recommended your services to others, and I do so with complete confidence.

My thanks for this very pleasurable experience!


September 20th

Dear Sirs, 
just wanted to say a word of thanks for the beautiful Bexley you sent. I received it this morning and am already writing - with great pleasure - with it. A most wonderful pen! 
Many, many thanks for your courteous attention and very efficient service. 
Best regards.  

September 18th

Hi Angela,

After a long wait in Israeli customs I just received the Omas. 

The pen is beautiful, and the nib is a stroke of genius: I have a few exemplary nibs ground by John and this one is yet another fantastic example! Please thank him on my behalf.

Best regards,

September 13th

Hi Angela,

Just a short message to let you know that I received the pens today. They look splendid! 
It was a pleasure doing business with you, very smooth buying process and excellent communication. Thanks. 

Best regards,
Joris Mateusen

September 1st

Just wanted to let you know my pens arrived safe and sound this afternoon and they are indeed wonderful.  Thanks so much for your great service and for getting them to me so quickly!  I deliberated over this purchase for nearly a year; I shouldn't have waited.   I could have been enjoying them much sooner. 


August 30th

Thank you so much for polishing and adjusting the nib on my Sailor Sapporo pen. It writes beautifully now! I sincerely appreciate it. All my fountain pen business will be going to you! Thanks again.

All the best,


August 24th

Dear Ms. Angela,

I have just received my beautiful pen.  Thank you very very much for making this possible.
I look forward acquiring future pens with you.

Yours truly,


August 19th

Thanks to all of you that helped with this purchase, the Nakaya Neo-Standard arrived Yesterday and I inked it up today and it seems to be everything I expected.  The Medium cursive italic nib has just the right vertical width and an amazing amount of variation.  The experience has sold me and there will be another Nakaya in my future.

-Paul F.

August 19th


Quick reply, I got my nib today. The nib is smoother then the original, considering it is a fine instead of a medium. I can't believe it. Once again, this pen is my favorite! John did a great job on the setup, and I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied. Great job!


August 16th


I bought a Nakaya Neo-Standard aka-tanemuri pen from you at the Washington pen show.  I just wanted to say "thank you" for your help.  I had you switch the nib to a two-tone broad and had Mike Masuyama grind it to a cursive Italic.  Not only were both of you very friendly and approachable, but your advice was extremely helpful in deciding what nib to get and suggestions for the regrind.


August 17th

Hi Angela

Just to let you know I received the pen in good order and I really love it! Really unique finish and it writes beautifully.

Thank you very much and kind regards

Daniel F. (Switzerland)

August 15th


Thank you for the speedy delivery of my new pen. I haven't had much time to play with it but I did try out both nibs and so far so good. Now it looks like I need to learn how to write all over again. Should be fun though. I will probably purchase a nib or 2 later on once I get going on my italics and calligraphy journey and figure out what I really need.

Thank you,

August 12th

Wow what a pen!  My Decapod order arrived late in the day today.  Yes, it's an expensive pen (by my standards at least) but it's clearly worth every penny.  The packaging alone speaks to the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and decades of experience of Nakaya.  The pen itself is flawless.  And I love the Cursive Italic nib conversion that John did.  Considering I've never tried anything but a "normal" medium nib before, what John did is just enough to give this pen a distinctive look without being too extreme.  I won't take your time gushing over this pen but to say it made my day is an extreme understatement.  Another pen to be treasured and handed down.

I have my eye on ONE more pen that I hope to order in a few weeks when I get paid for some TV spots.  Another Nakaya.  More about that when the time comes. ;^)

Thanks again for everything.  You have been a pleasure to work with.  Oh, attached are some photos of Key West.  These will eventually end up on the hotel website and brochure.


August 5th

To John Mottishaw, Angela, Michele, and the rest of the staff,

Just to say I received the Pilot Custom 74 Black Smoke with M nib today. I know you people are busy, but I just want to say thank you.

The nib is great! I appreciate the care and attention to detail that John takes in carrying out his work. Not many people do that these days. So thank you to him and to the rest of the staff for creating a smooth operation. Many thanks.

Dennis W Rowntree.

August 1st

To John and the rest of the staff,

Recently I had you regrind a Pelikan M800 medium nib into a stub.

When I first received it, there was definitely an adjustment period; the medium used to write very wet so it was unusual when the cross stroke was so fine.

However, in the last couple weeks I've been writing much more with this pen, and I've really come to enjoy it a lot.  The handwriting is so expressive, and I've been using the Iroshizuku chestnut (Yama-Guri) ink in it, which gives a very nice "old world" feel to the writing.
The Pelikan was the first nice fountain pen I bought myself -- I got it from John after completing my Ph.D. in 2004, at a pen show in San Francisco that John was attending.  It's always been my favorite writer for both sentimental and functional reasons, but I'm very pleased to say that this stub nib provides an even greater sense of satisfaction -- there's something very artistic about using the reground, handmade nib!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful regrind; your kind of business is becoming a lost art, so please keep up the great work!
Thanks again,

July 28th

Hi Angela and nib people

I received the extra fine Pelikan nib.  Its a pleasure to use, once I got used to it.  So much more delicate and precise than the broad nibs I have favored.  It reminds me of using the rapidographs of the old days.  Ink flow is perfect and I think the point is already conforming some to my use - and I'm being a light touch as best I can.


July 26th

Hi, Angela, this nib is really wonderful! Thanks for your service, I am very happy with my new fountain pen. 
If you ever travel to Santo Domingo, I will invite you a Presidente beer!

July 16th

We received the nib-swapped Nakaya yesterday. For John: High Five! Home Run {with the bases loaded}; 300 game - at bowling. Did I mention that it was perfect? Thank you, so very much. We can see how people could want more than one of these beauties.

The perfection of the pen is matched by the set-up and adjustment of the Master and we are very happy.

Joe and Sheila

July 15th

Hi there,

Just thought I’d let you know that the pen finally arrived in my sticky paws on Wednesday (after the UK customs sat on it for 10 days....!)

As ever, it’s perfect. Once again, many thanks to all at nibs.com for excellent service.



July 14th

I just got back and am using the Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant pen I bought from you several weeks ago.  It is now in fine working order.  I feel guilty that you repaired it for nothing, because the original purchase price was so low.

Your customer service is outstanding, and I recommend you to those people I know who still use fountain pens.  Unfortunately, there are so few of us left.

When I was still in active medical practice, I had a little boy ask me why I was writing with a screwdriver.  I explained how a fountain pen worked, much to his amazement.

My 9 year old grandson got his first fountain pen a few months ago.  Perhaps he will carry on with that as he matures.

I used a Snorkel to take notes when I was in medical school in the late 1950s, and I am using the very same pen and other Snorkels to take notes as I take classes for fun now at Purdue University.  At 75, I can still take notes faster than my fellow students.


July 13th

I have to tell you; in this "internet age" I've become more and more appreciative of (and, sadly, surprised by) excellent customer service that exceeds my expectations.  It seems like as a society too many people seem to think they are "too busy" to take excellent care of their customers... that somehow price is all that counts.  It's refreshing to find people - like myself - who realize that "good enough" is NEVER good enough when it comes to customer service.  Life is too short not to work towards every customer saying "Wow, you are amazing!"


July 13th

Just got the order in last night and am so happy with the pen. Not sure how much help John had to give the sailor nib but it is so nice to finally have a smooth needle-point pen. I can write in my moleskines with any ink now with no bleedthrough. I thought any tip as small as this Sailor XF would be scratchy and catch fibers, but I guess not.  Yay.


July 11th

I just wanted to thank you for having the Pen Maintainence Page on your site.  I was able to unclog an Omas Paragon using the information presented, when I thought I was going to have to send it away.  Thank you for this service to the Pen Community.


July 12th

If you add a bottle of Black Aurora will that work?  I was also going to add this...John customized my Pelikan 800 nib about 15 years ago and it still writes perfectly, smooth as can be.  That's real quality and artistry in my opinion.


July 11th

Hi Jonella,

Just a quick note to say that I received the Nakata pen and I love the adjustment - it writes beautifully now.  Thanks again for great workmanship!


July 6th

Hi Angela,

Just a quick note to say the pens arrived today. I cannot be any happier - they all work so beautifully now! Please pass my thanks on to John and everyone else at the office.

With kind regards,


July 6th

My pens arrived today.  And looking at them (untried so far), they are beautiful.


July 5th

I received my Nakaya Portable Cigar in the Aka-tamenuri color with the two tone nib and it is beautiful. The pen writes beautifully and it is one of the few things in my life that actually exceeded my expectations. The pen is a work of art that gives me immense pleasure and is a constant reminder of my father who passed away recently. Thank you for choosing a beautiful pen--- it is a unique writing instrument and sits on my desk ready to write letters to family and friends. Thank you.
Be Well,

June 10th


I also received today the Pilot Namiki Falcon - in just one single word: it's great ! Thanks to you and to John for customizing and kind advice !

Kind regards


June 6th

Hi Angela & John,

Many thanks for the quick work on my MB Dumas.

I’ve been using it for letter writing since it arrived with MB Lavender and so far, it is writing a treat. Smooth, wet, luscious and just the way it was meant to be.

Kind regards, Kevin

May 31st

Dear People,
The repaired music nib Pilot just arrived. Filled it with favorite ink, touched it to paper, immediate flow. . .   Fooled around with it, what a thrill to have the joy of that nib back. 
Thank You.


May 27th

Hi Jonella,

The pen arrived in plenty of time and I absolutely love it.  You were right about the nib, and it arrived with still a few days of lectures here so I've been giving it a real test and it performs beautifully.  Thank you so much for all your help.  I'm sure you'll hear from me again as - another happy customer,


May 26th

Hello Everyone,

The pen arrived today and I am so pleased with the new nib action.  The nib now makes marks in any direction and has a lot of flex.  I thought I'd always have to live with the balkiness, but now it is the perfect sketch tool.



May 25th

Dear Mr. Mottishaw and company,

I received my pens back today, and at the end of the office hours, I had a moment of quiet time to look them over carefully.
I must say that I am extremely pleased with your fine craftsmanship.
The pens that I sent over (Parker Duofold, Waterman 52), I recall had  lot of “issues” that made them fairly unsatisfactory in one way or another.
You’ve remedied all their flaws, and now they are beautiful treasures.
They look exquisite, and the nibs feel great!

Thank you for your hard work.  It is much appreciated.

Robert Lai, MD.

May 19th

Hi Angela,

Just a quick note to say the pen arrived today. It surely is a sight to behold and the nib performs flawlessly, better than I had hoped for with such a fine tip. 

I'm not sure whether I should be happy or disappointed that John and Richard Binder are taking up all my disposable income with their work!

Thanks again,


May 16th

Well, what I can say…pens are so good that I forgot those 200Euro. 
They write in a fantastic way…and nibs are perfect….. 
Thanks and talk you soon for another Nakaya….Saverio   

May 12th


This pen is fantastic – I used to think the Cursive OM was fun but this BB Italic is just amazing.  It took me a day or two for get used to it and get the right ink (Mont Blanc blue) but once I figured all that out I can hardly wait to justify the 1.5mm IT.  As always thank you ever so much for the advice and the care you take setting these pens up properly  

Derek Hill

May 10th

Just got my Michel Perchin pen back from your repairs and i wanted to thank you for bringing it back to life. the pen writes better now than it ever did when it was new
You are true Artisens.

-Richard Sherman

May 6th

Hi Angela,

Since I cannot be without one separate XF nib for my checkbook and bank ledger, (I use the Sailor Kiwa-Guro Black Pigment ink exclusively for this) to make things go quicker, I will order new, one Sailor Sapporo Clear Demonstrator Pink Color, with the same whatever wonderful :-) Extra Fine Nib, that John did to this one, then after I have that pen I can send in the one that I got from ebay for the same adjustment :-)

I put this new one on the Purple Sparkle that my sister got me that had came with the MF nib...now, what to do with the MF nib LOL since I will never use it again...
My pen is now two toned LOL Rhodium and Gold LOL because I did not want to take the nib apart to just replace the nib because I was too scared that I would break something....

So, one invoice please for the Sailor Sapporo Clear Pink Demonstrator in XF for my left handed underwriting #5 :-)
I will pay the invoice sometime next week with Paypal, not sure of the exact date because I am awaiting another deposit ... but it might be after Thursday of next week; and I will FOR SURE get this pen ordered!!

After using this new nib for awhile, I am in LOVE !!! I truly never imagined that an XF nib could be so smooth and even flowing!!!  I seriously doubt that I will ever buy or get another pen from anyone else unless I just have to have some special edition one that you do not carry LOL

Deb Thomas

April 27th

Hi John, and greetings from Perth.

I have received the pen today (Sailor Creatures of the Deep with Music Nib).

I gather from your previous communications that you enjoy receiving feedback on your work.  As you know, I can be a somewhat demanding customer, but when you are dealing with the best, you expect the best.

I delighted to report that you have done a first-class job with this nib modification.  I am very impressed with the skill you have employed in modifying the nib to be more forgiving to my writing style, yet retain most of its “Music” character in terms of line variation.  The nib is still slightly challenging to write with, but that is the essence of the this nib style, and your skill has retained this quality.  The last thing I would have wanted in this circumstance was a “vanilla” cursive italic, if you take my meaning.  The pen continues to give me a very juicy ink flow and similar line variation when used in vertical and horizontal orientations, but is now closer to a broad in terms of line thickness, and the skipping problem is gone.  In other words, exactly what I requested!

My sincere thanks to you, Jonella and your team for this fine example of both service and workmanship, and I look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Gibbons

April 24th

Hi Angela,

Once again I managed to be away when the pens arrived and so had to visit the local Post Office some time afterwards to "claim my prize."

They have met all expectations, including the very smooth feel of the nibs even on a "dry run". I am hoping they will exceed expectations next week when I return to work/school and start putting them to the test!

I appreciate the patience, care and efficiency shown in delivering these marvellous pens to my door!



April 24th

Dear NIBS friends:
The Pilot custom 74 with medium nib is terrific - Great value and as I hoped the medium nib is much stingier on ink use - bet I can go a week easy without a refill.
The set up is perfect - no skips or any trouble with ink supply.
And the funky blue C Thru look is pretty great as well - not the solemn / big deal pen vibe.

April 21st

Dear John,

I received the Omas 360 LE today and was compelled to write a thank you note for the superlative service and customization work you have performed on it. The smoothness of the nib and the line variation have greatly exceeded my expectations. Considering that I wanted a rather sharp italic with a smoothness of a cursive, you have done a magnificent job. As a side note, I should also let you know that the nib position is perfect for me as it is, therefore, there is no need to send the pen back for any adjustment.

And a BIG THANK YOU  to the whole Classic Fountain Pens team. You have all contributed to this wonderful experience with a high level of professionalism and customer care. 

Best Regards,


April 18th

Dear Classic Fountain Pens,

It's been roughly a week since my new Pelikan Souveran M400 arrived and I must say I am absolutely delighted by the writing performance.

I would like to thank you guys for the great service along with John's superb craftsmanship, he tailored the pen to my specific needs perfectly.

You can expect to hear from me in the near future.



April 15th


Once again John was correct; 
I was uncertain about which nib to choose for my Pelikan M101n.  I orginally thought a medium since my Toledo, White Tortoise, and 605 (all purchased elsewhere) all seemed to write much the same.  
When I described my concerns, he overrided me (is that a word?) and thought I should go with a fine.  A fine choice it was. 
It is perfect, and in line with the Omas Paragon Saffron, Nakaya Decapod and Piccolo nib update that I have received from John, it is perfect.
How does he do this stuff????
Albuquerque, NM

April 14th

Dear Classic Fountain Pens:

I got my Sailor 1911 mid-size in the mail yesterday and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it.  I had a Sapporo a while back, but found it too small.  This is the perfect size and weight for my hands.  Also, I don't think I've ever used a point this fine that was this smooth.  And the red color almost glows!

Thanks for providing me with a beautiful and functional writing instrument at a great price!

Ron Gilmour

April 13th


Just received the VP Matte Black.  This is a very nice looking pen! No flashy at all.  You can take this pen anywhere and not attract undue attention. Very well made! Excellent fit an finish!  The 0.5mm cursive italic nib that John custom ground for me writes very smoothly with great line variation.  Thank you for the wonderful service you provided!


April 12th

Dear John & Staff;

Just had to let you know that I got home about an hour ago to find that my Nakaya 'Cat & Moon' pen had been delivered earlier.  Needless to say I couldn't wait to open it and use it.  Although it was a bit darker than I had expected, holding it in the sunlight brought out its subtle coloring and neat images!

Finding the right ink color that the pen finds acceptable is one of my first rituals in inking a new pen.  I thought that the blacks were rather unimaginative so the first color that jumped out was Noodler's Cayenne, which would have picked up the burnt orange color in the moon.  But the pen seemed to want something darker so we looked at Noodler's Nightshade but finally settled on Private Reserve Black Cherry.  The pen seemed to be happy with that, and indeed the first line I wrote with it was perfect!  So buttery smooth with a perfect broad stroke containing lots of color.

I thought I might like to have you customize it to a cursive italic - had purchased a pre-owned blue marble Montegrappa Symphony F some time ago that evidently you had customized to a cursive italic and that was such a stand-out writer I thought the customization would be great on this one, too, even though it would have a little broader nib.  But this writes so perfectly as is, I don't think I can part with it.

All of your pens have been such wonderful writers.  I am a 'new' fountain pen collector, only having been at it seriously for a couple of years.  I was so taken with a Wahl Skyline Moire purchased from you quite awhile ago - its elegance and how well it wrote - that it started me on the path of exploring pre-owned and vintage pens.  I have since purchased pens from other sellers, but none have approached the quality and writing consistency of yours.  Living in rural America and being confined to buying pens on line, I have also learned that just because a pen looks great on my monitor, it doesn't mean that it will write great when it finally arrives on my doorstep.

This pen was a 'splurge' for me.  Couldn't resist the images - I love to star-and moon-gaze and have a houseful of cats due to volunteering at the local animal shelter (and one geriatric chocolate lab rescued from a neighbor). Have even had pet mice and rats (before taking on the cats).  It also reflects my changing philosophy to try to explore and purchase higher quality pens, much to the chagrin of my budget!  

I love your pre-owned pen section in that the prices tend to be much more affordable than new retail.  It provides opportunities to acquire a wider variety of pens, many of those of higher quality than I could otherwise afford. 

Thanks again for all of the great pens!  Have not always taken the time to say thanks as each package has arrived, but each pen received from you has been great fun and all have been superb writers.  Hope to see lots more pens on your pre-owned section in the future!

Kind Regards, 

Jody & Cats & Dog

April 11th

Hello John and Angela
My two Pilots (a Falcon and a Sterling collection Pen) have arrived and they are exactly what I expected.

Finally a pen with a rich inkflow and a flexible nib. The fine point of the Falcon and the added flex make that pen for me a perfect tool for writing german "stenographie". 
I always needed to use vintage pens for this purpose and John made it possible to use a fine and new pen. Thank you.

The sterling with the stub grind also is perfect. I expected a little broader nib, but I know that japanese pens tend to be more fine than europeans. 
And then I wrote with the pen and no pen is as smooth working as this one.
So the line width was forgotten at the moment the pen touched the paper and it is a pleasure to use it.
The stub effect is visible but writing still works easy, fine and smooth - exactly what I wanted and hoped to get. Also a perfect inkflow for my light hand.

So you all did a great job.

Thanks and regards from germany.


April 6, 2011

April 5th

Hi John, Jonella and Angela,

I received my new Nakaya Neo Standard Writer today and I would just like to say a big thank you to you all! This is my first customized fountain pen and I was a bit hesitant in ordering it. Well I had absolutely nothing to worry about. The pen is beautiful, but the nib far exceeded my expectation. It is smooth with great flow and line variation. Thank you to John for his superb craftsmanship, and to Jonella and Angela for their prompt and friendly customer service.

Best wishes to everyone at CFP and thank you once again!

March 28th

Hi Angela/Jonella,
Nib arrived today.  First class job.  I must be the worst leftie but the reverse right oblique is the perfect solution.  What have I been doing all these years?.

Best regards to John for his skills.  First class service.


March 17, 2011

Dear John and Angela,

The Nakaya Shobu portable writer arrived and it is PERFECT.

The nib is beautiful, and has just the perfect amount of flex for me...any more and i would lose control. 

The color is deep and subtle and and serene and luxurious without being flashy. It is just perfect.

I love that most people will think my pen is molded acrylic and it's preciousness will remain a private joy.

Thank you so much for bringing this into my life :).

This is one of the few pens that will be inherited from me :)

Ting, Manila

March 12, 2011

Dear John:

I received the Nakaya yesterday - great pen!  The nib is exactly what I have been trying to find!  I have been using fountain pens for many years, and i can already tell that this will be a favorite!  Thank you again for all of your help.  


March 10, 2011


Received the pen yesterday afternoon, as scheduled.
I inked it right up and used it all evening.  It is great.


March 8, 2011


I received the Sailor 1911 and Pelikan nib yesterday and have had the opportunity to test the Pelikan nib on my 805 - truly wonderful.  The medium nib, smoothed with John's skillful hand, is an amazing improvement.  I had to stop myself from inking the Sailor as it is a gift...

Many thanks again.  I look forward to my next order in the near future.



March 3, 2011

Hello John,

I am really enjoying this 400...I've been using the winter grey ink, and it is soothing somehow.  About the season, about my season in life, about patience and calm preparedness.  I had no idea a pen and ink could affect my state of mind like this.
So huge thanks, and for putting up with my rush.  It is so I could get there when I needed to without knowing.


January 27, 2011

Hi John,

A quick note to say the pen was received a couple of days ago, ink flow spot on, nib is great with excellent thick/thin definition whilst retaining the smoothness of Pelican.

Thanks for a first class job done.

Kind regards,

January 22, 2011

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