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December 3rd

Dear people at Classic Fountain Pens, 

Today I received the Sailor 1911 with architect reground zoom nib. It took me right back to a much beloved nib I wrote with in my teens until I lost the pen. Have been on the hunt for a similar nib ever since. Now I'm 47, quite a number of years and fountain pens later and although I love them for their own character, this nib fits me to a T!

Many thanks for your wonderful service and magic nibwork!

As we say in Holland, hartelijke groet, kind regards,


Mike V.

Lexington, KY

November 22nd

Hi Michael,

I would like to thank you and everyone involved in making this purchase a satisfying experience, and my gratitude to John Mottishaw for the wonderful pen. Thank you, I am looking forward to future transactions. Wishing everyone at Classic Fountain Pens a Happy Thanksgiving.


Mike from Queens

November 18th

Hi Patrick, Micheal, John, and Jonella,

Hope all is well.

I inked the Ogiva last night and spent the next hour writing and sketching with it. I did the same this morning. Wow.

It's perfect. Its form, color, and balance are wonderful.

Your guidance about the nib was spot-on. Thank you.

Please thank John for his artistry. I worried about being too picky with my request. And then, John gives me exactly what I asked for with the nib. It's sublime. It's exactly what I need at the moment.

The pen kimono is terrific. I greatly appreciate you rounding up for me the Platinum inks.

Thank you all. Bless you, too.

All the best,


November 17th


I just received my sailor 1911 that I ordered from you guys a few days back. I felt compelled to send you this email regarding my satisfaction. I am absolutely blown away with the service that you guys provided. The pen is wonderful and has been set up perfectly to my writing style! I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future! Thank you again!


November 6th

November 3rd

Dear John,

Pen arrived! I went to Bittner's in Carmel and got a fresh bottle of yama-guri iroshizuku ink, Wendy showed me how to fill it... and I'm in LOVE with it! It's smooth, it makes fantasticly thin-thins and with little effort great thicks too. Incredibly smooth feel and even ink feeding, zero railroading.

It's going to let me practice more easily and more regularly and improve. I will send a sample soon.

Showing to father/Alan Adler tomorrow morning. The friend who got me started on calligraphy is coming for dinner, she can't wait to try it too.

You're the GREATEST, thank you!

Christine Baker

November 2nd

Hi Michael,

Sorry for this slow reply, but I would like to just confirm that I have received the Nakaya pen and it is writing perfectly. Many thanks for helping out with it and for arranging the nib repair/exchange; great service and communication.

Best regards and thanks again,

David S.

October 23rd

Hello, Nibs Crew!

I received my Spencerian-modded Omas Ogiva today and just wanted to say wow, thank you for the amazing nib work and great service. I'm in awe of how it writes.

The pen was purchased for normal writing (I write "traditional" cursive with a light hand) and ink drawing, and it seems perfectly suited to that. I've always loved the combination of ultra fine lines plus moderate flex in some of my favourite vintage dip nibs and this pen reproduces those qualities perfectly-- minus the inevitable wear and repeated dipping! Plus, being someone who loves larger-bodied pens with a bit of heft, I feel the Ogiva is a perfect match for me.

Thanks once again. I already know this pen will be a lifelong companion :-)

Best wishes from Singapore,


-Stephanie from Texas

October 11th

Michael and John,

I received my pen this week. While I haven't had enough time to write as much as I want to, it is certainly a wonderful experience.

With my left-handed and small writing, I know I am a "tough" customer. I so much appreciate your craft and professionalism. Thank you so much for making this adjustment.

Janelle S.

October 9th

Hey there Patrick, Michael and Jonella.. 

I've not touched the Cross yet.. It is beautiful though.. But I inked my new/older MB 146 with DC Supershow Blue.. The pen first of all is gorgeous! That little mar on the snow cap is really insignificant--even for a fusspot like me. I'm digging the fine nib and I'm usually a medium or generous fine.. But the flex fine seems wonderful. I think I got a treasure for $525 instead of paying $750 for a new one that does not have the bit of history to it. Thank you guys! I'll even play with my Townsend tomorrow!!

Beautiful Montblanc 146, and, it's mine!!


Frank W. Bruno, Boulder, CO

September 30th

Dear John,

Thank you for another stellar pen. I don't think I have ever seen a pen quite so beautiful as this Koshu Inden, and I will definitely make sure that my hands are clean and I don't get ink on it. It writes like silk, of course, coming from you, and is the pride of my collection. In fact, all my favourite pens are the wonderful pens from you, and I am about to sell off most of the others, saving only a few vintage pens (mostly from you as well). Thanks for all the good work you do to make the lives of pen afficionados everywhere a beautiful experience.

Take care, 


September 24th

Hello all,

I'm just writing to let you know that I've been using the Aurora 88P delivered last week, and it actually has exceeded my expectations on every level. Not only is it in superb condition; it writes beautifully, and I love that Aurora piston filler.

So once again, thanks for the great selection and service.

David S. from Maryland

September 21st

Dear all at CFP,

Amy and I wanted to touch base with you following our receipt of the above order and to thank you again for everything you have done to enrich our lives.

Special thanks to John for the three nib regrinds: Amy is delighted with the Extra Fine on her Stresemann and will use this more of a daily workhorse at work and I'm particularly pleased with the result on the Bexley Elegancia - it's now much easier and fluent for me now that it's a 0.45 Fine. I must add that the Bexleys I have are amongst my favourite pens - a real joy to use.

The Sheaffer Balance pens are wonderful writers; very understated but beautifully balanced and the nibs are like silk. They've been a great find. Amy's 1936 Sheaffer has turned heads and hearts and she is pleasantly surprised how easily she accustomed herself to a smaller, lighter pen; she seems most comfortable with the likes of the Stresemann and the Taccia Savannah, of which she relieved me of ownership, such was her excitement.

Lastly, the 1920 Waterman: a beautiful old thing in great condition. The only problem for me was that I was unable to use it. I simply don't have the subtle control required for such a delicate, fine nib; I must have a much heavier touch than I thought I had. Amy tentatively gave it a try and within seconds had it singing like Callas. I was astonished at the the exquisite calligraphic work she could produce with it. No prizes for guessing where it now lives.

I'll send you another, separate email about a Nakaya I'd like.

With our very best regards,

Tim Crosby
Hobart, Australia

September 18th

I received the Nakaya. The work of John on the nib is absolutely perfect ! It's exactly what I expected.

If the meaning of Naka Ai is the middle way, it's also a good name for this medium nib.
Not too fine, not too big and with a beautiful caracter !

And of course this pen is a piece of art.

I think I just begin to discover it... but I have so much pleasure to write with it.

Thank you for all, John is a master and all of your prestations were perfect !

Best regards,


September 13th

A note to say the package arrived several days ago and the black piccolo writer (ef) writes like a dream. A job amazingly well done.

Thanks again for fine Nakaya pen/nib.



September 8th

Thank you, Michael, and please give John my hearty thanks. 

The formal italic conversions on the 4 nibs are marvelous. And you have brought my old Omas back to life. I appreciate the quick and careful work.

Again, my thanks.

Ian McCutcheon

September 7th

To Patrick,

Just to let you know that my PILOT 912 Pen & additional Nib arrived safely, today. Thank you for sending them so quickly !

I also wish to say that I am delighted with the SF + flex Nib, as it performs beautifully. The pen is comfortable & the nib is smooth, with good flex & flow. I have not had time to try the Spencerian nib yet but look forward to doing that very soon. 

Thank you again for your help & to ‘Classic Pens’ for the pen & nib customisations. I will not hesitate to return to you for additional pens or nibs in future.

Best wishes,

Faye, UK

August 31st

To my friends at Classic Fountain Pens, especially Michael and John. I received my Aurora back today. I filled it and, based I on writing with it this afternoon, you corrected the problem I sent it to fix. Thank you very much. I appreciate the prompt and courteous service and your expertise in repairing the pen.

I will be back as a customer.

Best regards to all.

Brian K.

August 27th

The nib arrived today. It fits perfectly! The nib is a wonderful writer.

Thank you for your help. The pen has a deeply special meaning to me and now it writes better than ever.

F. McGuff

August 14th

Hello, this week I could finally pick up the pen and start writing with it.
The package arrived in perfect condition and the pen writes superbly. 
I am highly satisfied of this service and the professionalism of you and your colleagues, it has been a real pleasure, and I am thrilled about the future pleasure this Sailor will give me!
Thank you very much indeed.

Kind Regards,

Sven Schoenaerts

August 6th


Just wanted to thank John for the beautiful customization of my Pelikan and Guy’s Omas. Incredibly smooth to write with, and the italic customization is a fantastic discovery and writing experience. (It’s my first anything away from stock nibs, not even a stub in my collection!)
And thank you all for bringing us such great experiences,

All best,

Béatrice and Guy

August 4th

Without John I wouldn’t have the best fountain pen I ever wrote with…Dare I say the perfect fountain pen. I recently bought an OMAS Bronze Arco Milord with a double broad nib and asked John to customize it to a smooth stub. It shipped extremely fast (I live in NY) and when I put the pen to paper, I was in awe. I was afraid the smooth stub wouldn't have enough line variation but it's perfect. You tell John what you want and he just delivers (and always makes it just a little better than you expect it). Also Michael is always very informative and offers excellent advice. John just gets it every time. Now two of my most characterful nibs were done by John. I had also sent him my vintage Mont Blanc 144 with a OB nib that he made into a cursive italic. The line quality is exquisite. I couldn’t be more grateful for John Mottishaw’s excellent workmanship and service.

Thank you John and thank you Michael.


Thomas DePierro

July 28th

Hi John, Patrick and everyone else at Classic Fountain Pens.

I received my order (#53718) of a Nakaya 17mm ao-tanemnuri portable cigar and a Pilot Custom 712 with Spencerian grind last week and am pleased to let you know that they arrived safely and I am very pleased with them. The service at Classic Fountain Pens is excellent, as is the packaging to ensure safe delivery of the pens.

I like the added flex and Spencerian grind John did with the pens and am sending you photos of me testing out the pens.

Thank you and I will be ordering from you again.

Best regards,


July 23rd

Dear Folks,

The pen arrived a few days ago. I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase. The pen is in beautiful condition.


Carol R. Schafer

July 18th

Hello. I received the pen today. Wow, what a great writer. Surprisingly, it writes a finer line than my Sailor which is exactly what I desired. I'm also glad with the sizing on this pen. Thanks again Classic Fountain Pens.


July 16th


I have been super impressed with the Sailor Pro Gear Realo anniversary pen and written about it on my blog here: http://eclectidbits.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/firstimpressions-thephotogra...

Thank you so much for introducing me to the Realo; and keep up the great work.


July 16th

Hello to my friends at nibs.com!

The mark of excellence is introducing a customer to a new experience with a great result. I was not a fan of fine point pens because I thought they made my handwriting look bad.

But what I call my “Mottishaw 51” has changed my view entirely. I took a risk, and it paid off tremendously. And now, because of the gang at nibs.com, I now like something I previously did not like.

Your world-renown reputation is well-deserved.


Bill Uemura

July 15th

The pen arrived today and is now my all time favorite fountain pen! That personal touch you give it made all the difference! Thanks so much.

Pat Spratt

Juy 7th

To the wonderful folks at Classic Fountain Pens and Nibs.com,

I would like to say a big thanks to everyone for fulfilling my recent orders for the Sailor 1911 Demonstrator EF and the Sailor Pro Gear Naginata Concord. I left for Hawaii yesterday evening and you guys were so great at processing my orders quickly last Friday and yesterday afternoon just in time before my flight.

I am now in Oahu and enjoying my fantastic pens! They both write smoothly and have the right ink flow just as I like! I am using them primarily as my creative tool for client illustration work and for my usual cafe sketching sessions. I completely admire the performance of the Sailor pens, and I am very much pleased by the service of everyone at Classic Fountain Pens!

Thank you for the great experience. Have a good week!


June 30th

My new Nakaya Neo Standard in Kikyo arrived safe and sound yesterday. The nib is wonderful. For general writing I prefer a Japanese M but I wanted the F for my calendar and journals which are Tomoe River paper, and it works great: fine enough for the ink not to spread, but smooth and flowing.

Thank you for a great product and spectacular service!


Annette in NC

June 22nd

Just a note for John:

I recently purchased on eBay a gold Cross Century with an 18K EF nib. The seller said he had purchased the pen some time ago from you, and that you had worked on the nib at that time.

I can well believe it, because it is one of the two smoothest EF nibs (the other being an 18K Pilot VP), and the very smoothest Cross nib I’ve ever tried.

Thank you for doing a great job for someone else several years ago. I will think kindly of you every time I use this pen.


June 14th


I received my Izumo fountain pen, today. My first reaction was, “Uh-Oh, it’s going to take both hands just to lift this thing out of the box, let alone write with it!”

I was wrong and I never am - ask my wife! The size of the pen is deceiving. It’s surprisingly light for its size and fits very comfortably in my hand when writing. The nib is also wonderful, as I expected it to be. Although I’m a non-smoker, I think I have the perfect cigar box to keep it in, an alternative to an Airstream trailer. I’ve included a couple of pictures.

Thanks again for the excellent service,

PETER from Vancouver

June 6th

You have done a fantastic job regriding XF my "legacy" GOLD nib, I am totally satisfied and very happy.

You are a real master and nobody can deny this fact.

Faithfully yours,

One of your french clients.


May 30th

Dear Michael,

This is to report that Irish Green flows perfectly from the new Pelikan M300 and the
nib is even better than butter smooth. I think I have found my grail pen, thanks to
you and Mr. Mottishaw.

Moreover, it was the only green on view at the Blood Center where I donated two units
of platelets while watching “Amadeus.” Now I want to write a Brandenburg Concerto
with the new pen.

I adore this pen and have been writing letters to graduating seniors to include with their graduation gifts and the ink flows naturally, evenly ad enthusiastically.

Big thanks,

Jody Maxmin

May 30th

Fabulous pen!

Received it yesterday, took a moment to gaze at it before filling the cartridge with ink. My first use was on scratchy legal pad paper, so I switched over to a more enjoyable paper from a journal. That made a huge difference. Guess I'll have to recycle my few remaining legal pads and purchase some better quality legal pads. Hopefully someone makes a better quality legal pad! 

Anyway. Just wanted to thank you for the pen. It's been over 20 years since I've had one in my hands and it is incredible writing with a fountain pen again. The architect nib is different but I'm getting used to it and like it a lot. 

After writing with it awhile I might consider purchasing a second nib for the pen, perhaps a fine point. But for now, very happy!


-Matthew Arntzen

May 17th

Thank you so much! I truly enjoy my new Sailor Reallo. Very smooth nib, classic- just fantastic.

Of course, wonderful service.

A. Malaika Sharp

May 17th

Got the insert today. It is PERFECT!!!!!! Thank you so very very much. A highly satisfied customer. I had rarely used this pen which was a special gift because I hated the pen nib and pressure/flow performance. Now, AWESOME!!!!

-Jeffrey D.

May 13th

Hello, Patrick!

The package arrived safely!
The books are great and so is your excellent service.
Thank you very much!

Best wishes,
Dmitry Chunarev

May 12th

Dear Patrick,

Just a quick note to say I have received my Nakaya Neo Standard in Kuro- tamenuri. It really is a beautiful pen and the writing experience is superb. Many thanks to everyone at nibs.com !

Best Regards, 
Stephen Flood

April 30th


I received my Nakaya pen today and have only one thing to say. AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!! You did such a wonderful job with the nib - it writes like butter, just gliding on the paper. I’m so happy!!!!

Eileen Conaty

April 23rd

Hi John and everyone at Nibs.com,

I just received my Sailor with the fude nib, and it’s FANTASTIC! I don’t know why I worried about whether it would be smooth enough – it is definitely a beautifully smooth nib, even the reverse side. Thank you so much! I appreciate all the excellent and personal customer service I received from everyone there. You guys rock!

I just published a blog post about my new Sailor and my experience buying it from you guys. Thanks again for everything!


- Tina Koyama

April 17th

My pen or should I say writing instrument arrived and once again you folks have delivered beyond my expectations. Please express my thanks to the entire team. You folks are a prime example of the way customer service should function.

From a second time buyer.

Ben Apple

April 14th

I got the pens just now and, wow, they're stunning. The photos didn't do the bamboo woods justice, it's unbelievably gorgeous. From the photos, I was expecting something a bit subtler, so, wow. It's amazing. The nibs are great (on the Shu as well).

J. Leffert

April 10th


My pen arrived today. Sorry to have bothered you about the shipping date.

I wish you would tell John that his craftsmanship is absolutely superb! He turned a pen that I couldnot use for drawing into one that will give me years of pleasure. It is perfect for my work.

And thank you for guiding the process along.

Thanks again,

John Mori

April 9th


I am writing to let you know that I received my Sailor 1911 Regalo Fountain Pen that John tuned.

After trying it out, all I can say is WOW. It is like owning a completely new pen perfectly matched to my tastes. 
The man is a magician.

Thank you for

a) the outstanding level of communication you provide
b) the quality service
c) whatever voodoo you do to make a pen so perfectly match my writing style.


Scott N. from Arizona

April 8th


I received my Parker MacArthur pen in the mail today that I’d sent you for repair last month. I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve never been entirely happy with how this pen writes and I’m so happy I sent it to you. For the first time, I’m actually in love with the pen.

Thank you!


March 16th


I received my Naka-ai today. As always, it’s a beautiful pen and I’m very happy.


March 16th

Hello John and Michael,

I’m very happy to report that my pens and nibs have all arrived!

The pens and nibs are lovely. Especially the Pelikan nibs that John customized - they lay down wonderful lines, so very similar to the vintage ones I own. They have more feedback than I expected, but that is due to my lack of experience where my only reference until now have been modern Pelican nibs and the vintage ones. Perhaps too, my pressure is not quite as light as I indicated. But no matter, I am getting used to these, each writes beautifully and each one with its own character - fantastic!

The Pelican Tortoise/Red M101N is enchanting, and the line of the oblique nib very elegant. The italic nib with added flex is wonderfulI love the way it feels and writes and now know that this will be a preferred type of nib for me.

I am thrilled to have these and still marvel how you, John, were able to decipher the type of nib from my handwriting and producesuch sensitive customizations.
Now I can order nibs from you giving a specific reference to the ones I have.

With many, many thanks and best regards,

Izabella K. 

March 11th

Dear All

Just a quick e-mail to say that the Portable Cigar Midori was delivered safely on Monday. Thank you all for your help, advice and exemplary service that made the whole process of getting the pen from you, a real pleasure.

The rose-gold nib makes a whole visual difference and it performs exactly as I thought it would. I'm using Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite in it at present but will possibly 'swap' to one of the Iroshizuku or Sailor ones soon.

Once again, thanks very much and with my best regards.
Nigel? Strachan
United Kingdom

March 11th

Thank you for your services, like the people say, you rock!

The nib is smooth and writes exquisite.

This will not be the last time that I purchase more from you.

Pedro A Vazquez-Casta
from Puerto Rico

March 8th

Hi Patrick

Just to confirm the pen arrived yesterday, in great condition!

Thanks very much for your support and assistance, I'm sure I'll be returning soon for something new - a great experience!

Best regards
Will Mackereth

March 7th


Received the pen today (a relative brought it back overseas from the US to Israel).

Wanted to share my immense happiness with the job done. The nib is smooth, wet and - perfect!

Thanks for allowing me to re-fall in love with this pen.
All best


February 5th

January 22nd

Hi John and all the folks at Nibs.com !

The Nakaya Piccolo Titanium arrived in excellent shape. I couldn't be happier ! The medium broad nib cut to a left oblique around 15 degrees writes ever so smoothly, and has that pleasing contrast; thick to thin line. I cannot imagine wanting anything that writes more smoothly, nor with more pleasant grace. Thanks John for taking the care and producing these customization !

Best regards,

Prodyut Banerjee - Singapore

January 21st

Hello Michael

The pen arrived yesterday and I wasn't home, so I collected it from
the post office earlier this afternoon. The time it took the parcel to
arrive from the US to here was really fast. No different from FedEx or
UPS, and a lot cheaper too. I didn't pay any tax (GST) because the
customs here often take things easy when dealing with the postal
services, but super strict with couriers and freight forwarders.

All in all it was a great experience dealing with your company. I
haven't open the package yet; I (or we) kind of superstitious opening
nice things after sunset. I'll wait till morning.

kind regards

January 20th

I got the pen today and it's a joy to write with; beautifully
expressive and wonderfully responsive. I can pull great lines without
difficulty. Your setup makes a real difference.

Thank you so much,

Linda Miller

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