Testimonials Archive 2005

Hi Pat,
Received the pens this afternoon. Both are just right ... when I buy from you the pens always write the way they should. Thanks for the quick service and have a Happy Holiday.
Vince Grosso (12/20/05)

I just wanted to update you and let you know that I received the modified nib and absolutely love it! I haven't even picked up my other pens since it arrived. I have terrible writing, and this nib *almost* makes my handwriting elegant. Thanks again for all of your help.
Happy Holidays!
Rich (12/23/05)

The Paragon arrived today. I could hardly wait to get home and fill it with some Aurora black ink! This is my first stub nib and all I can say is that I may never write with a standard round tip again! Even my almost-illegible scibbling looks fancy and stylish. Thanks for steering me towards the broad nib over the medium. The OMAS "broad" is perfect for my writing style and is not noticeably thicker than my Pelikan "mediums"....
Thanks again,
Mike Philpott (12/12/05)

Hello Pat
First I want to tell you, that I am very satisfied with the Music-Nib of my Sailor 1911. It is hard to find a nib with such a strong line variation. The Ink Flow also is good. So I can tell you, that I am really satisfied with the pen I got from you....
Regards and my best wishes for christmas and a happy new year. 
Hugo Giese (12/17/05)

Dear Pat,
The Pelikan flew into its home nest yesterday and, boy, does she ever skate like a princess on the pond of whatever pages I offer! John knew exactly the moves I wanted this Pelikan to be able to make and has done his usual superb job in making my writing life happier. Thanks and cheers and hurrahs all around.
The happiest of holidays to all of you at Classic Fountain Pens!!!!!!!!
Danny Marion (12/20/05)

Dear John.
Thanks so much for the repair job on my Parker 75. It writes more smoothly than new. I have used this pen for 35 years and have enjoyed it greatly, but other repairers offered no hope of fixing it correctly. I will now enjoy using it for many years to come.
Lyle West (12/05/05)

Dear Pat, Danielle and John,
Fantastic job. I must apologize for not writing sooner. The pens arrived late Friday afternoon, and I have been extremely preoccupied with the lunacy of life. I tried both nibs last night and found them wonderful. The writing experience is thoroughly enhanced, truly a great pleasure. The OMAS 360 no longer bleeds through my journal pages, and the line is distinctly that of an oblique fashioned nib! Armando Simoni would be quite proud, and I daresay wholeheartedly applaud your craftsmanship!... all the best, Harris Saltzburg (12/05/05)

I recently received my Pelikan Stockholm. Wow! So this is what writing with a good fountain pen is all about. The adjusted nib is great and I'm left-handed to boot. Thanks so much for your courteous assistance and professionalism in guiding me through the purchasing and personalizing of my new pen. I'll be back for sure. The best to you all for the holiday season.
Jim ODonnell (12/06/05)

Hi Pat,
Sure, you may use my message and name on your site as you choose. The testimonials are read by many of us potential customers and they made a difference when I was considering my order. It's good to see the positive feedback there. We all are quick to complain when we don't like something so it's great to see when folks respond to quality service as well. Thanks for such a positive experience.
Jim OD (12/06/05)

Thank you so much for all your help in choosing my first expensive fountain pen. I was looking all around and luckily stumbled upon your website. I was informed which pen would be the best for me and how you all would "fit" it to my particular writing style. I write quite a bit in my profession and the Pelikan Stockholm which I purchased is a remarkable joy to write with. Thank you again for such knowledge and assistance in my first serious foray into the world of fine writing instruments.
Ronnie Yeates (12/3/05)

Dear John,
My thanks to you for the fine repair work you did on my Omas Arco recently. When we met at the Ohio Pen Show, I left if with you with instructions to grind the nib to left oblique and add flexibility. What an amazing transformation you've worked on this nib--I loved this pen before your work, but now it's an entirely new experience to feel that springiness and watch those thick and thin lines swirl across the page. Magic, I would be tempted to say, but the truth is it was your incomparable skill and artistry in reshaping this nib for me that's made it all possible! You've made a great pen even better!
It was a pleasure to meet you and to talk with you at the show. I hope to see you again in the near future. Once more, thank you for the services you provide those of us who appreciate the capabilities of a great pen and nib.
Danny Marion (11/23/05)

Hi Pat/John,
What can I say except I'm really delighted with the pens!-I'm beginning to think you guys must be magicians,love all the pens but the Ercolessi..oh boy I really believe this is the perfect pen for me..its just got everything now that I wanted,the colour from the ink and the flex..total joy! To think I actually had this on ebay at one stage..what a transformation.....!
Thanks for all you've done and all the time you took to get me sorted out,its been great dealing with you and I hope to again. If you guys were closer the beers would be on me....
Best Regards,
Liam Sinclair (11/23/05)

Dear Pat, I have been out of the country and so apologize for taking so long to get back to you. The Sailor 1911 pen arrived safely back in Nov. and is a delight to use. It has become instantly one of my favorites for writing. Thanks so much for your help. I've never before enjoyed 
ordering a pen before so much. Have a joyous Christmas season!
Most sincerely,
Graham (11/30/05)

Dear Pat,
I finally retrieved the nibs from the post office. I must tell you that they are the smoothest nibs I can ever remember writing with. I just wanted to thank you for your help and the timeliness with which you processed my order. I will continue to be in touch.
David Frankel (11/15/05)

john and pat,
i am writing to tell you how happy i am with my pen. i am sure you have received many of these emails but i am truly stunned! it has given a man who has poor penmenship something to brag about. i love to write now more than ever. you should have seen my face when i finally figured out how much pressure, flow, and techinque i needed to write with this tool. made me so excited. this is a great product and i will be purchasing some more very soon for the holidays!
thank you for also being very friendly and helpful on the phone and through email. it makes a difference.
friend on the east coast,
yogi naraine (11/18/05)

John and Pat,
.... As for the nib repair that you did on my Ancora, you wrote "its never possible to return a damaged nib to exactly the way it wrote before." You were right. It writes much better now than it did before it was damaged.
Thanks for everything and stay well,
Alan Lew (11/22/05)

"Hi, I received my customized Pelikan cursive italic nib and have been using it for several days. Your suggestion to start with a medium nib to get a fine cursive italic was right on the money. The ink flow is ideal whether I write large (as I usually do) or small, as I do when making Daytimer entries. The appearance of the writing is exactly what I was hoping for,
The nib is perfect!
Bob Higgins"

Received the pen – what a true delight! The Sailor 1911 is a truly fine writing instrument – I have never had an experience like this with any other fountain pen. Thank you very much for all your assistance. Have a great weekend!
All the best,
Ted Margison (11/4/05)

(Ed: this arrived as a hand-written note:) Dear Pat and John, Just received my Parker in the mail and am writing this Thank You note with it. Thank you again for a wonderful job and repair. My little Parker writes better than a new pen. The ink flow is perfect. With warm wishes and appreciation, Ra Scavelli (11/7/05)

Hello, Pat.

Please excuse my tardiness in writing to thank you and John for the wonderful work you did on the MB149 nib I sent a couple of weeks ago. It writes smoothly and easily, and is a real joy to use. The line laid down is distinctive but not too broad for regular use. 
Thanks and all best wishes,
Fritz Kopeinig (11/7/05)

Dear Pat and John,
I received the Parker 51 on Wednesday. While I am still evaluating it; my first impression is that it is absolutely perfect. I started with an inspection under a loop; very nice. Then a look at the pen itself; good. I then drew up some fresh ink,flushed it out, and then filled it. I have chosen some new Waterman Florida Blue to use. The first try was a fantastic broad and bold line; beautiful. The ink flow is great. And smooth; now this is nice.
Thanks again,
Robb Swenson (10/27/05)

John, after having been away from the office for several days, just returned to find my pen. You are a wonder! I of course had quickly checked out the photos on your web site but they don't do justice to the magnificent repair job (Ed: Bob is the owner of the Sailor whose nib is shown on our Before & After page, second row down: http://www.nibs.com/beforeandafter.htm ) . Thank you so much for saving a great pen. You've certainly earned a customer and a reference for life.
Best regards!
Bob Little (10/31/05)

I’ve developed ‘finger strain’ since getting my new pen from you. I simply cannot put it down. I sometimes have trouble sleeping and I find that doing some light hearted text ‘doodling’ with my pen really helps me relax....
Howard (11/02/05)

I received the Pilot VP nib unit in this afternoon's mail and have been using it for the past hour and a half. You have a very satisfied customer. Extremely smooth with quite nice line variation. No ink flow hesitancy. A winner. Thanks for all your help when I called.
Les Conner (10/25/05)

Dear Pat and John, I just received today your package with all the good things i asked, thanks very much. Everything is perfect. I hope soon contact with you for another order. Once again thank you very much.
Take care,
João Ramos (10/25/05)

Hi John,
The pens arrived today, and they are great, everything I expected. I do not know if you played with the nibs, but they seem excellent. The fine is fine enough for everyday use, but I would hope to have a chance to try the XF at some time in the future..... If this was an ebay purchase, your feedback would be Excellent++++ and Highly Recommended. Thanks again to you, Pat, and Danielle!!
Dennis Stouffer (10/27/05)

Dear Pat, 
We received the pens yesterday - everything's perr-fect. Thanks again!!
Antje Almeida (10/19/05)

I found my Sailor waiting for me on the doorstep this evening... it writes beautifully! I had fun amusing myself all evening with it. I paid the electric bill in my finest script. Very cool looking.

It's been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks for real great job on the nib. The cursive italic is just what I was looking for. I haven't mastered it just yet, but I'm sure my Christmas cards will be outstanding this year.

-Andre Vriesman (10/20/05)

The pen is here safe and sound. All I can say is WOW!!! You did a wonderful job. It really saddens me that the people at Mt Blanc could not repair their own product properly.
Again,Thanks for a job well done.
Bill Marr (10/10/05)

Well- I have broken the pens in and all I can say is wow!! They are perfect- both with different personalities but very nice to write with. Thanks to John for his hard work and willingness to do the needlepoints. I am another very satisfied customer
Warmest Regards
Rohit Talwani (10/11/05)

Just wanted you to know (somewhat belatedly) that the pen arrived and that I am absolutely delighted with the way it writes. As soon as my hectic pace slows a little, I have a couple of pens I would like to send to have "tweaked" to write as smoothly as the Pelikan you customized for me. Thanks so much. You greatly exceeded my expectations. 
Glenn R. Padgett (10/11/05)

Just back from extended travels. All pens arrived safely and work great. Amazing the reconstruction of the Dupont nib and the new iridium tip on the Dunn. The Sailor pens write beautifully and I am especially fond of the music nib ground to an OB which is a joy to use.
All the best,
Tom Hakes (10/2/05)

(Ed: this hand-written note arrived on 10/5/05) Dear John and Pat, I have spent about two weeks with the newest nib you made for me, and I must say this may be the best one ever. It is more flexible (thanks) and a little wetter than I expected. As a result, it is unsurpassingly soft and smooth, and a joy to write with. Thanks for all your help and wonderful service in my continuing effort to find that "perfect" pen. Regards, Larry Stone

Ed: this testimonial arrived as a written letter on 9/27/05: Dear Pat & John - I received my new M600 blue/black stripe today and love it! Thank you very much for the terrific pricing and workmanship. The extra flexibility has given this pen a wonderfil "feel" as I write. I am sure I will write through several bottles of ink with it! Barton

Pat,I think my e mail is working properly now. I received my falcon last Friday and it is brilliant. The only draw back is that I now have to save up and purchase some modified nibs for my Pelikan 800 and city pens. So that they at least write as well as the falcon. Once again thanks for your excellent service and although the postage was high I actuall got the pen the next day. Brilliant.
One more for the lefthanders.
Bob Thomas, UK (9/29/05)

Ed: the following testimonial arrived as a written note: Dear Danielle, I am really enjoying the Pelikan 400 fountain pen, in fact it arrived just in time for an examine in which I had to write 50 pages 8 1/2 x 11 in less than a week. My pen is my primary writing tool, so it is all in ink. Never have I enjoyed using a pen as much as this one. I have a Parker Sonnet (in for repair), a Montblanc Traveler (too much flow), an inexpensive Lamy, two Sheaffer Targa's no longer used, an old Pelikan 200 still used but not for long periods of writing. I commend you for your patience and thoughtfulmess in our telephone conversation. I did find my Noodler's ink to be just too thick for my needs and at present will use up my Omas purple.
Thank you for your help, 
Donald W. Dunn (9/16/05)

Received shipment today and once again, the Mottishaw magic prevails. Very sweet. Thanks so much - this was worth waiting for.
Dave Burnette (9/20/05)

I have used my new nib (Ed: a Pelikan M400 Fine customized to cursive italic; a very challenging point) for two days now and like it very much. It is smoother than my other one and, hence, easier to write with. I continue to be impressed with the fine level of service you and John provide along with the high quality product you produce. Thank you so much for getting this nib done so quickly and well. I look forward to many years of enjoying writing with it.
Take care,
Lance Andrewsen (9/22/05)


Pat -- The pen arrived yesterday afternoon, to a most-pleased reception. She's been using it, and enjoying it, and adapting to the nib, and working on her craft -- in short, enjoying it a lot. You folks are just magicians, when it comes to taking a good pen and making it great -- a nice thing to behold (and a pleasure to do business with). And you can quote me on that! Best, Paul Starrs (9/14/05)

The Pelikan arrived yesterday afternoon. WooHoo! Writing has not been this fun in a long time. The nib is EXACTLY what I wanted, yet lacked the words to articulate. This pen glides over paper with abandon, and playfully leaves a beautiful and expressive reminder of it's passing. Truthfully, this instrument exceeds my expectations.
Thanks again,
Matt Christian (9/15/05)

Dear Pat and John:
I received my Namiki Vanishing Point this morning with the cursive italic nib and it is wonderful. The touch and ink flow are just how I like them to be. The nib is not as flexible as my Omas Arco Celluloid but it is still very smooth and flowing. This will be perfect for an all around utilitarian pen to leave on my desk and much more satisfying to use than a rollerball.
You must be tired of all the accolades for your work but you certainly deserve all the compliments. Thanks for your help and quick service in filling my order.
Michael Palis (8/18/05)

(Ed: the following arrived as a hand-written note) John and Co. - I just wanted to thank you for your work on my Namiki Falcon. I love it! You should have seen me when it came, it was like a kid in a candy store. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you and I can't wait to work with you again. Benjamin Sanda (8/24/05)

Pat, I got my Sailor 1911 "Colors" about a week ago (via FPO to Hong Kong). It is truly a wonderful pen. Wrote perfectly out of the box. I have tried many fountain pens and this is hands down the best I have used. Thank you for the great service and advice on the phone. I will recommend your shop to others and I hope to have a reason to be a customer of yours yet 
Dave Meale, Hong Kong (9/4/05)

Pat - I just wanted to say - thanks - you guys have done a truly magnificent job repairing my two pens - "skippy" and "leaky". These now write according to my personal specs and flow like rivers of beautiful ink - just the way I like it - I have found the joy of writing again with these heirloom instruments - I will tell all my frinds and associates about your great work - job well done and thanks so much - your customer for life ... regards, Bryan Berndt (8/11/05)

Hi Pat - the pen arrived... and its John's usual stellar work. He is making it hard to chose pens to carry every day: I used to have just one favorite. Now I want to carry every one that he works on. Speaking of which, I have a Namiki Vanishing Point with a fine point that I'd like modified like the other two. Is that possible with a nib that size? If so, I'm going to wait to send it in until I have two pens to send at once: seems like that will save on shipping/paperwork. Barring any pen epiphanies, I won't be getting another pen for at least another month or two. Please pass along my thanks to John. Natasha Jones (8/15/05)

Dear Pat,
The reconditioned Wahl-Eversharp desk pen with the stub nib arrived this afternoon. Fortunately, I was off today, and at home to receive the package. This is one sweet pen. Kudos to John for doing such an excellently job of mottinshawing this pen. It's a joy to behold and to use. The stub nib, which as you know by now I am so partial to, is like butter. Thank you for another masterpiece. Best regards, Rich Matthies (8/15/05)

Hi Pat, Sorry for the delayed reply. I received the pen a few weeks ago, but life has been a bit hectic since. I'm very happy with the look, feel, and writing characteristics of the Omas Vision, and have been using it happily since it arrived. Thank you for another pen to treasure and gain pleasure from using. Biro scribblers really don't know what they're missing! 
Best regards, Steve Wood (8/18/05)

When I was in grammar school, I used to buy the cheap Schaeffer cartridge pens. No telling how many I went through. Not until I was in college and had an art history professor who wrote with a fountain pen did my interest renew. I bought a Schaeffer Targa and used that for a year or so. I got a nice Parker with a reversible nib (med on one side EF if you turn the pen over) from my parents for Christmas one year. This professor had the most beautiful handwriting I ever saw -- like calligraphy. And she always wrote with brown ink. I thought she had found a really nice calligraphy pen (I didn't know anything more that B - M - F and EF existed). I tried to get that same effect out of the Targa. Obviously that didn't go too far. Not too many years later, I laid my fountain pens aside. 
I bought these 2 Pelikan M800's a couple of years back. I really love them. They totally renewed my interest in fountain pens again with a whole new level of satisfaction. That's when I learned that oblique points existed. I got one and was disappointed that it didn't produce that same effect I had observed 28 years ago in my professor's handwriting.
After 28 years ... now I've got it! Sweet, very sweet!
I'm really pleased. It was well worth the 4 month wait. (By the way, the nibs arrived a day early on Wednesday.)
Thanks so much for fixing me up. I really appreciate it. W.F.W. (8/4/05)

Omas arrived. John is incredible. The nib is fantastic. Inked it up with Diamine Presidential Blue and have been writing ever since. I will drop a more formal thank you note in the mail later today. Thank you for the superb work -- well worth every penny. 
Matt Jacober 8/5/05

The cursive italic nib on this pen is almost enough to make me give up vintage flexible nibs. John did a great job. The line variation is remarkable and the ink flow is perfect for me. Please let John know how happy I am with his work.
jeff kantor (8/8/05)

(Ed: this testimonial arrived in a hand-written letter) Pat, Thank you so much for all of your help. My extra-fine extra-flexible Namiki Falcon arrived yesterday, just as promised. I could not possibly be any happier. The ink flow is very consistent even when applying almost no pressure on the nib. Although I do not currently practice Spencerian writing I do appreciate the very distinctive appearance it gives to my writing, whether penning a letter to a friend or taking notes at work. This nib does it all. 
I found your web site quite by accident. I am a very loyal shopper and was quite concerned because I was no longer able to purchase from my usual shop. I was instantly put at ease by your willingness to answer my questions and your enthusiasm regarding the topic of fountain pens. I can now say that you are my shop of choice and look forward to many more purchases.
Thanks again for your assistance in selecting this exquisite pen. 
Warm regards,
Tim Valley (8/11/05)

Hi Pat, The pen returned home today. I am happy to say that it is not better, it is perfect! Amazing, truely amazing. Thank you all so very much. Chris Burton (7/29/05)

Dear Pat, 
I received my nibs on Friday afternnon. I installed them. I wrote with them. They are like old friends at the tip of my fingers. I thank you so much. Here, now, is the commentary. The formal italic is very much what I expected. (I should be handwriting this note.) The M1000, which is a crisp cursive, I wish were the formal italic. However, this is rather greedy of me because I use that pen with red so that I can mark up architectural drawings for others to change. It works more than perfectly for that task because of the combination of the softness of the nib and the relatively easier writng attendant to its non- formal nature. Of course, now I want an extra M1000 body for my other nib, but to be honest, my desire for writing implements knows no bounds. I am very glad that I have found you. Thank you again.
Best regards,
Steven Elmets (8/1/05)

Dear Pat: The pen arrived safely and writes beautifully. I am very pleased - the old Meisterstuck has never functioned so well. Please let John know that his work was successful and that I enjoyed talking with him. If he ever wants to know anything about straight razors, he can give me a call. But then again, a person can afford only so many manias.....
Warm regards,
Miles Jacoby (8/4/05)

The Parker Victory fountain pen arrived this morning. Such smooth writing! Yet another superb job. John's previous work on the nib of an old Parker 17 for me was just amazing - a joy to write with. Please pass on my thanks to John and my praise for his skills.
Martin (7/28/05)

Pat, John, Danielle, I just wanted to thank you all for the continued excellent service. The two Omas Ogiva demonstrators that I recently purchased from you write so beautifully. The broad nib provides a superb ink flow and allows me to write with a beautiful line across the page. As you know, I am a huge fan of that Omas model (I hope so, given that you've sold me 4 of them!), but I am an even bigger fan of your professionalism, your courtesy, and your outstanding service. I will grade papers this coming academic year with more enthusiasm than usual given the pens that you have sold me.... 
Craig (7/29/05)

Hi Pat,
The pen returned home today. I am happy to say that it is not better, it is perfect! Amazing, truly amazing. Thank you all so very much. 
Chris Burton (7/29/05)

Ed: the following arrived as a written letter: "Dear John, Apparently I'm about to write my first ever Dear John letter. (Hope you have a sense of humor.) As per your request this is to inform you that the pen has arrived safely. M600 with stub BB. I've received to my amazement exactly what I envisioned. I've never ordered a custom pen and was apprehensive that I ordered correctly. Everything is perfect! I will definitely be ordering another in the near future. Sincerely, J.A. LeFevre (8/1/05)

John and Pat,
The Omas arrived yesterday but did not get to our department office until after I left. After writing with it for oven an hour this morning, I am forced to take a break and use this short note to tell you how pleased I am. This modification is the seventh John has performed on my pens. Each time the result is better than the last, but this time John has outdone himself. The Omas will now become an every-day writer. Compliments received on my handwriting with pens John has perfected are passed on with my reply, “It’s all in the pen.” They would believe me if they compared it to my ball-point scribbling. Thanks again for your fine work.
Don R. Robinson (7/26/05)

I have the pen, and it is FANTASTIC! (Ed: Pelikan M605)
Yasho Lahiri (7/28/05)

Dear John and Pat,

The two Namiki's arrived this morning to my great delight. Its hard to say which one I'm more excited about. I deliberated long and hard about whether or not to spend the extra money on the Raden rather than one of the carbonesque models, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had done the right thing. What an exquisite pen. Greg was right; you can see flecks of the nebulae in the finish. And this is to say nothing of the nib which is exactly what I wanted-- a wonderfully smooth stub nib that adds loads of character to my rather drab and inadequate hand. And the Falcon is wonderful too. It does remind me of several of the vintage flexible nibs I own, but its much smoother and easier to control. Anyway, these are just my first excited impressions. Thanks again for these wonderful pens.

Alan (7/28/05)

Pat and John:
So this is what all the fuss is about ; I feel like a member of a very elite club ( not an elite member, however), that I happened to join by happenstance, only to wonder why with much regret that I did not do so long before now. The pen is a traditional beauty, and with the seamlessly ground
cursive italic nib working in conjunction with the smooth flow of a Pelikan, my handwriting is beginning to look much and much less like most of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence. There is something about being armed with a pen that has been perfectly tuned for me, that is both empowering, liberating, and challenging, that leaves me looking for excuses
to write notes, memos, letters, anything. I love the feeling that there is fusion of my ideas with ink and paper channeled through the nib.Thanks for the pen and the wonders you have done with it. In comparison to what I got , the purchase price was a small pittance for admission, and no,
I would not have said this were it not completely true. Michael (7/10/05)

Dear Pat,
The EF nib unit for my Waterman Le Mans 200 arrived safely last week, and I must say it is beautiful. I find it hard to believe this is a reconditioned nib because it looks flawless. It really is a pleasure to write with and has breathed new life into this favourite pen. Thank you for your assistance recently, and I'll certainly spread the word amongst my friends on your companies remarkable workmanship. Over eleven thousand kilometres between us, but it felt like being helped from next door. Stephen Walker (7/13/05)

Dear Danielle/Pat:
All the pens arrived safely. As always, John has done an outstanding job on these writing instruments. The 'new' body on the Parker 51 is indistinguishable from the original, the 61 writes wonderfully as does the Sheaffer 'Selangor.'
I really appreciate John's mastery of his art. He has given new life to a pen that belonged to my mother, and she used throughout her teaching career. Now, and thanks to John, I shall be able to do likewise.
Thank you all, and my best regards,
Bill Senn (6/22/05)

Hi Pat, Just wanted to let you know that the Ogiva arrived last Thursday, and I could not be more pleased with it - beautiful to look at, and it writes perfectly. Thank you so much for the superb service, and I look forward to ordering my next pen from you.
Very best regards,
Garrett Kyle (6/27/05)

Dear Pat,
My first Paragon has arrived yesterday. I'm SO pleased with this. I'm enjoy writing with this. The pen is so beautiful & the nib is great! And I prefer the size & the weight balance of Paragon, too. So far this is the best I ever had except a little expensive to me, maybe you think it's reasonable, don't you? Next time in near future I will have another Omas with your Medium cursive italic nib, I think.
Thanks a lot,
Daisuke (6/27/05)

(Ed: the following is in reference to a Pelikan M620 Shanghai:)
It arrived. Its great! It met my expectations completely! Thank you. Bill (6/13/05)

Hi Guys, 
Just wanted to let you know that since you straightened the tines and did your magic the pen has stopped leaking. Now it is PERFECT! I love it and now I see why its a little hard to use my Pelikan. Sigh....the italians really know how to make a great pen. Voila! Omas! 
Thanks again! 
Rik (6/13/05)

The pens arrived at my door today. They are exquisite, especially the maki-e (Ed: Namiki Yukari Morning Glory). It may be the most beautiful maki-e that I have been able to collect. There are few stores that carry that paerticular line of Namiki. I am certainly glad to have found yours. Your attention to the nibs is very much appreciated.
Oz (6/15/05)

Dear Pat, Got the pens. Fabulous! John's skills are just amazing! The oblique smoothness of the
Duofold is exactly as I wanted. Same goes for the crispness of the Waterman 56! Impressive too is how John was able to get the flow I wanted--not just the points! I am going to be enjoying these immensely... I am sure I will be back in touch with you when I come back from my travels in late fall. Have a great summer!
Konstantine (6/17/05)

Hi Pat, I received my Pelikan M700 Toledo with a BB-stub customization last week, and I absolutely love it. The nib is incredibly smooth and exhibits a very pronounced line-width variation that truly imbues my
handwriting with character. Coupled with the intricately beautiful, yet understated, Toledo craftsmanship, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for the excellent work-the phone consultation, the securing of the last M700 Toledo from your distributor, and, of course, the one-of-a-kind nib modification! Best Regards, Dave (6/17/04)

Hi Pat,
I received the Pilot Namiki nib you customized for me. I love it! I neverliked the original nib that came with the pen. As you know I tried to modify it myself to no avail! This new nib will make all writing more enjoyable! I might even look forward to scribing the grocery list now....Thank you so very much.
Sondra Edwards (6/8/05)

I received the pen today. I have to say that it writes soooo much better than before. Thanks very much for your good work. I always loved the looks of this pen but avoided it because it did not write well. Now that you have done your magic on it, I'm sure it will become one of
my favorites.
Kai Larson (6/10/05)

Pat & John,
Sorry it has taken me a while to confirm receipt of my Patrician. Just wanted to let you know there is a 100% improvement in the way this pen performs, and I am very happy with the results. From this point on, I'll send all my repairs to you. Thanks,
Ray Brunger (6/10/05)

Hi Pat and John,
My MontBlanc arrived safe and sound. That is a great job. The nib works well and the ink flow is just right. Thank you for your excellent service and workmanship. My family and friends were pleased to hear that the pen is now "out of the hospital" and has made a full recovery.
With best regards,
Richard Tobin, Ph.D. (6/10/05)

Dear Pat,
I got the package this morning. Thank you very much for everything. The pen and nib work very well. I am very happy. your works are excellent.
Best regards,
Nam (6/12/05)

Hello Pat,
This is to report I received the nib unit for my Parker 75 today and now my "old trusty" writing companion is back in business!
I cannot find the words to describe how happy I am with my "new" pen. It writes beautifully and according to my specification. I am also overwhelmed with the speed, quality, and personal attention that are all a part of the service you give. I will certainly look first to your company should I require any further servicing on this or any other pen in my collection in the future!
Richard Kallio (6/8/05)

Hello Pat and John,
I just received the Omas pen back this afternoon and fired it up. IT'S PERECT!!! As usual, you folks did a great job. It's exactly what I expected. It writes like an Extra Fine and quite frankly, I did not notice too much of a compromise in smoothness.
Have a great Summer!
Tony Spina (6/9/05)

Hi Danielle:
I received the pen today in perfect shape. It writes exactly as I hoped it
would. Thank you and thank John.|
John M. Kelly (6/9/05)

Beautifully done, as always. Many thanks - you are "The Man"
Dr. Cohen (6/9/05)

Dear Danielle,... I wanted to say thanks again, in print, for the Omas Arco. I think somewhere among the testimonials on your web site someone is quoted as saying that the pen writes "like butter". That's something like the sensation I get when I write with mine. I remember having years ago several pens that I had all kinds of trouble with, mostly involving erratic ink flow, scratchy nibs, etc. I used to dream of pens that wrote as well as the Omas I ordered from you does. 
Thanks again, 
---Doug (5/31/05)

Hi Pat, 
The Pelikan (Ed: M1050) arrived on Monday, and I tried it out that evening. It is great---a nice fine line, and very smooth. I am delighted with the pen. It's even more impressive-looking than I thought it would be, too. I do a lot of writing at home so both this one and the Arco are being used a lot every day. I carry the Arco around sometimes, but never the Pelikan---it looks too formidable! Thanks again for all the great work. 
---Doug (6/8/05)

The Aurora Optima arrived on Friday, and I've been using it ever since. I'm happy to tell you (though hardly surprised!) that the ink flow stoppages are a thing of the past. What's more, John
obviously paid close attention to my writing samples, because the pen now has the exact flow characteristics I was hoping for. It's a very sweet writer that will become one of my most-used pens. Add in delivery well ahead of schedule, a great price, and your attentive service -- once again, I'm a VERY satisfied customer. Thanks so much!....
Til the next time,
Carl Distefano (5/31/05)

Dear Pat,
Firstly I would like to tell you that the book has arrived (Ed: signed/numbered Pelikan). Secondly thank you so so much. I am speechless myself regarding the book. I think that it will be a fantastic gift for my husbands birthday, he has a little obession when it comes to Pelikan Fountain Pens. I will keep my eyes peeled open, and I might buy his next gift from you again as I had an excellent transaction with your company. Thank you for the exceptional customer service you provided and the communiation was excellent.
Thank you once again,
Edyta (6/1/05)

Hi Pat,
You and John out did yourselves again! The nib on this little Omas Dama is a real dream to write with. I used to cringe when I picked up this pen due to having such negative writing experiences with it before I sent it to John. I'm enjoying it so much now that I will use it tonight to catch up on all the letters I owe people. And guess what--it arrived exactly on my birthday. Great job on the nib and great timing, too!
Laura in Fairbanks, AK (6/7/05)

Dear Pat and John:
I just received the Sailor King of Pen, and put it to test right away. HUGE nib (just right for my style of writing). And the nib is actually quite different from the cross emperor on the 1911 - larger, without the collector on top, with the cross slit sitting on, what appears to my untrained eye, seperate piece of tine - fascinating. Just dipped it into a bottle of ink, and wrote a full page with it.
And as far as the performance right out of the box, I have run out of superlatives for you folks - I just searched the thesaurus and found that I had indeed run out. So I will stick to fabulous. You already had a customer for life, but this just reinforces it.
Warm Regards
Moorthi (5/26/05)

Pat and John
The Caran D'Ache writes like a dream. Thanks for your professionalism and great craftsman/craftspersonship. I’m looking over the Pelikan M800. ( some day). I will keep in touch. Thanks again.
Mike Alter (5/27/05)

Dear Pat and John,
I have been using my Pelican Souveran with the new EF nib all day yesterday and this morning. John did (another) fantastic job: it writes exactly the way I like. Thank you both so much for your expertise and attention to detail. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed writing with the pens that have passed through Classic Fountain Pens, especially this one.
Al Vitter (5/28/05)

(Editor's Note: we received this testimonial as a hand-written letter): Dear John & Pat, Thank you so much for the new Pelikan pen (Ed: M250 Burgundy with a customized BB cursive italic nib). The nib works really well. Much better, even, than I expected. I am thrilled with its smoothness and the beautiful lines that it produces. There has been very little learning curve. Worked well right out of the box. Many thanks again. Yours sincerely, Jeremy Ransom (5/24/05)

The beautiful Sterling Silver Sailor 1911 pen arrived and is wonderful. It's beautiful! gorgeous! and so wonderfully smooth. The music nib is perfect. You steered me right on it. I thank you! Writing with the pen is so marvelous -- its "sweet spot" feels just as smooth as ice -- glides across the paper. 

My handwriting has improved -- no more chicken scratch. The appearance of a mere grocery list just about knocked my husbanded over: "Look at those rr's, look at that t . . ." he said walking out the door grinning, amazed. Usually its "what's that word? I can't read this one either, . . ."
(Linda, 5/24/05)

Just incredible, I'm speechless. It might be my favorite Omas. I love Omas as you know and of the 6 I own, this may well be my favorite when all is said and done. John is incredible and so are you. Your perfect record is intact.... (Ed: and then, in response to a request for permission to quote:) Absolutely, anytime, John and you have the highest recommendation I can give. Really, the work you do is like a walk through one of the finest Art Museums. Nothing short of incredible. Best, Mike (5/25/05)

(Ed.Note: we received this testimonial as a note written with the subject pen/customization) Hi John & Pat: I owe you a major apology. My initial impressions of this Pelikan 250, Oblique flex pen were harsh and unfavourable. I'd never used one before and it seemed scratchy and delicate. Pat, you were very patient with me and our mutual friend Danny Marion was a great help in guiding my understanding. Let's just say that in two weeks of using this pen I have become a convert! I've already filled it twice and I can scarcely resist the urge to keep writing. IT IS THAT PLEASUREABLE! Your assessment of what pen would best suit my hand is spot-on! I won't hesitate to send you other, more pedestrian, pens for modification. This is bliss! I've never had a pen that so beckoned me to the page. Not only have you made the process of writing fun but by writing more I will lift my creative game to the next level. Put THAT in you testimonials! Thanks again! Morgan McArthur

Hi Pat! ... the pens arrived safely on Friday and as always they were more than I could have expected. I couldn’t put the demonstrator down all weekend... As for John’s actual work, it just seems to get better and better, and I feel privileged to be able to write with these pens. The Right Oblique nib for the demonstrator is a particular success—you may convert me to the 14K religion yet! As I surmised, it’s really the perfect pen for my Moleskine. I should really do some sort of ad campaign on that, shouldn’t I? Anyway, apologies again for the belated but enthusiastic thanks and you know I’ll be in touch as my circumstances permit! 
Best to all, 
Jim Cappio (5/19/05)

I've been using the Bronze Arco for about a month. It's gotten a number of comments from the other fountain pen users at work. I'm quite happy with both the look of the pen and how smoothly it writes. If you do come across a "medium-sized" Bronze Arco, let me know as I would consider purchasing one with a slightly smaller pen body. Thanks again for a fantastic pen!
Bruce (5/16/05)

Hi John,
I just returned from vacation thus the delay in answering you,but the package was awaiting me. Today I pened it and tried the pen. It was exactly what I was hoping for,both in its writing ability with an extrafine nib as well as the repaired filling mechanism which works beautifully. So in short
I'm thrilled with the pen and congratulate you on the workmanship--the best I've seen from any repairman.
Best regards,
Burt (5/4/05)

Parker 51 Pen RECEIVED-WOW
Pat, John, it is as you said, I fell in love at first use. It is marvelous, ultra velvet smooth with
spectacular ink flow. Almost fluid. Very beautiful looking. I will enjoy using this pen at work to do my Lab entries. Regards of the highest magnitude to you and John,
Andy (5/6/05)

Dear Pat,
The Ercolessi arrived today and I am very happy with the results. John got exactly the width I wanted in the nib while maintaining a smooth feel and an even flow of ink. It was like he read my mind... Thank you again for doing such great work on my pen. I can see why you were recommended to me. I hope we have the chance to do business together again. Until then, best wishes with all of your projects.
Carl (5/12/05)

John and Pat, 
I received the pens, books... in good order. 
I have the Gaudi in my pocket today. 
Thanks for all of your help. In the words of your esteemed Governor "I'll be back!" 
David (4/27/05)

Dear John, Pat,
The pen arrived safely on Monday. I am very pleased with the adjustment; I feel that the nib has
been adjusted to exactly what I had imagined-slightly more flexible than my M800.
Thank you very much for the wonderful work.It makes me want to send you more pens for the adjustment. It is seriously addictive.
Have a nice weekend!
Tetsu (4/29/05)

Just wanted to tell you about my experience with the new Omas Bronze Arco. First off, I am extremely pleased. I have purchased many fine writing instruments in the past, but never one that had been inked and tested prior to shipping. There have been bad experiences, and I can't tell you how comforting it was to have an expert test it out first. You may have spoiled me for buying pens anywhere else.
The Arco writes beutifully. I have had a busy week seeing patients, so the pen has had a good trial. I found that Private reserve black velvet ink (despite its reputation as having good flow) seemed to slow the pen down. But switching over to Aurora Black made all the difference. I haven't skipped a line since and it write's beyond my expectations.
I wanted to say thanks. Your thoughtful questions about my writing preferences were spot on, and you delivered a pen that functions exactly as I would want. 
I am sure I will be speaking with you again about other pens!
James (5/3/05)

Hi Pat, 
So, how can I describe this new nib of mine? On this blustery ? spring day, what comes to mind is noon on any day in the middle of August, a bright hot shining sun and a tall,cool drink of water or tea with some ice cubes after walking for a few hours or working outdoors. It's that satisfying, complete with a smile and ahhhhhhhhhh, especially after its failed fine/scratchy predecessor.
Thanks again to you and John, until next time.
Elliot (4/22/05)

Dear Pat,
Just got the pen. The nib is fantastic! Fabulous! Up to now, I've always been a bit unsure about my nibs. This one is just perfect! It seems I finally figured out the right combination of features--thickness, line variation, flexibility, flow. Thank you for helping me determine what I actually want my nibs to be! If you keep a file on me, please record the parameters of this nib in it as I envision sending more pens to you for alteration. 
Thank you, guys, very much!
K. (4/22/05)

Got it today. I would never have believed that such a good result was possible, given the mangled piece of junk I sent you. Thanks! D. (4/25/05)

Dear Pat and John,
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you!
I'm so very happy with the results! I just got them from UPS, two hours ago and have been playing with my babies' since then... John, you are truly a genius and you'll never know how deeply this has affected me! When you do a job, you do it RIGHT!... John, from now on when I can afford it I will be sending you more pens and I want to thank you again for the magnificent job you did with my pens!
Dennis (4/14/05)

Hi Pat,
I just had a chance to try the Nakayas that John fixed. PERFECT…. there is a huge improvement in my opinion. Now they write as I had originally expected from Nakaya.
Thanks again for the great service and great work. Looking forward to future business.
Fran (4/21/05)

Good morning Pat,
The Pelikan 600 came yesterday and I have a new favorite pen. The double broad is soooo sweet. John must have worked some of his magic on the nib because it is perfection even by Pelikan standards. Pelikan is the Sovereign and Nibs.com is the Prime Minister! 
Kind Regards, Loyd (4/22/05)

Pat/John/Danielle (in no hierarchical order at all), 
I got my pens back today and was very pleased, of course. The retips are great and--best of all--you succeeded in retipping that HR Safety while absolutely preserving it's writing character! Not a great nib or a fancy pen, but one I love a lot. I guess it's all in a day's work for you, but very impressive to me!
Thanks again and be well,
Dan (4/5/05)

Dear Pat and John,
I received the package today and have been enjoying both the Waterman and the Pelikan. I'm absolutely happy with both. So happy I don't know which to use! I have decided to use the Pelikan for now, I do like its feel, its smoothness. But I like very much the needlepoint of the Waterman: very much like my old cheap and sharp steel nibs.
Thank you for everything.
--Gildas (4/7/05)

Hello All,
I just wanted to let you know that the Paragon arrived. Keep that writing sample on file! Like the other Omas pens I have purchased from you, this one is set up perfectly for my writing preference. In fact, I think in the future I will switch over to medium nibs now that I know they do not have to write like a flood. Thank you again. A customized pen makes the writing experience even more delightful than normal.
Regards, John Cullen (4/8/05)

Pat, John, et al.,
My little pen has been here for about an hour now. I just can't believe the difference nor can I say enough about how happy and enthusiastic you've made me. The guys at Fountain Pen Hospital are right -- you are the best!... David (3/22/05)

John, Pat, and Danielle: The 600 size nibs I ordered yesterday arrived today. It is with great regret that I find it difficult to describe their performance without resorting to what some might construe as hyperbole. To avoid excessive praise, I will say that others might find the medium stub to be extraordinary, but not me. I will have to call it acceptable. The flexible oblique can also be termed acceptable. Acceptable includes instant starting, smooth wet line with no skipping in response to my light touch. This, a coincidence I believe, meets my requirements. I hope this response will soften my careless use of such terms as wizard in past communications. After all, we don't want pen lovers to harbor outrageously high expectations!
Sincerely and with appreciation, George (3/23/05)

Hi Pat,
I am finally able to send you an e-mail after rejuvenating my computer. The Bologna Autunno arrived last Fri evening on schedule. Everything about it is outstanding! The color reminds me of golden birch and aspen leaves floating at different depths in fall water or of golden leaf litter on dark autumn ground – so enjoyable to rotate and admire in the light. The nib is exactly what I wanted – very smooth, good ink flow, and just the right definition of broad and fine lines. Thank you for recommending the broad nib altered to a cursive italic and thank John for his usual high quality technical and artistic work. I really appreciate your typical courteous, quick, expert service. I can’t imagine buying a pen from anyone but you folks. I’m already dreaming about another OMAS from you.
Best regards,
Dale (3/29/05)

Dear Pat, The pen arrived this morning! I was downstairs at lightspeed the minute I heard the doorbell go, and practically ripped it out of the postman's hands. It's gorgeous, and the nib is perfect - I've never written with anything specifically designed to fit my way of writing before, and I keep wondering why it feels so smooth and I'm not having to keep turning the pen around to get a better angle. I should be sending this as a proper, ink-on-paper letter to demonstrate, but I wanted to gush immediately, so e-mail it is. The only problem now is that you've spoiled me for uncustomised nibs (not to mention that, now I know what you can do, I'll be wanting to experiment with different kinds). Hey ho; there goes my bank balance...Thank you (and John, obviously!) so much for all your help, friendliness and craftsmanship; I can't remember the last time making a purchase was so much fun.
Amanda (3/14/05)

Got the Nakaya, Pat, and it writes like a dream. I'm beginning to think there are only two types of fountain pens in this world: those touched by Mottishaw, and those not; and that the difference is absolutely everything.
David (3/14/05)

Dear Pat:
I picked up the nib from the PO last evening, and have been using it since. I am running out of superlatives for John. I just learned that I really like using pens with light rather than medium pressure (Could you please update this in your database as well?) The nib has a nice flex and is fun to write with. I also found the Mont Blanc Tela color ink to be pleasure to use. And their stationary is superb. I have been trying MB and Clairfontaine and both are superb. I have also tried the 3B M1000 on Canson sketch sheets (50Lb stock) - the pen literally floats across the paper. So Stationary does make a difference huh....
Moorthi (3/16/05)

Hi Pat, The Penol arrived today and I am more than happy with the it. The pen
is fantastic! Beautiful work.
much thanks,
Chris (3/9/05)

Dear Pat and John,
I just received the pen. And I don’t know if I can describe how happy I am with this Pelikan 800. I just filled it with some Amethyst ink and it just flows. This is my first cursive italic and I just love it. the line variations are just amazing. I thank you so much!!!...
Thanks again Guys, You’re the BEST 
Felix (3/10/05)

Dear Pat & John, I received the pen on Tuesday and I've now been using it for a day and a half. It's better than I believed this pen could ever be and as good as my wildest dream! It writes exactly as I wanted it and it hasn't skipped once, not even after being left uncapped and unused for over
five minutes - simply a perfect writing instrument. With such reliability and pleasure of use, my productivity at work increased :-) Now I know what people mean by "mottishawed" pen.
Thank you, it was worth every penny!
-- Matteo (3/10/05)

Dear John, Danielle and Pat, 
Thank you for the pen and its prompt shipment. It writes just grand! If anyone I know voices interest in fountain pens and the like, I shall most assuredly recommend them to you.
I wish you continued success.
Louis (3/2/05)

Pat, Sorry to report that so far I am happy with the crooked stub Waterman. I will try again this weekend to fine some fault with it. Of course, I don't know what I am doing. But, as far as I can tell, it writes smoothly and in a reasonably attractive fashion despite my poor handwriting technique. I will feel compelled to improve my handwriting so as to be able to take advantage of the pens potential....
Thanks again,
David (3/4/05)

Dear Pat and John,
The Falcon flew into Provo yesterday, and I found it in my mailbox this morning. My first reaction is very positive: it makes a mark on the paper every time, with even the slightest touch. No need to coax this pen. I love the flexibility, which allows me variation in line. It is comfortable in the hand. The ink flow is even. I suspect that this pen will be the one I always carry with me. Don't worry, however, it won't keep me from acquiring further pens from you. I am very, very satisfied.
With kindest regards and appreciation,
Walter (3/5/05) 

Dear Pat,
Last Friday I received the pens in perfect conditions. I'd like to emphasize the very good work done with the Hemingway's nib (it's very nice to feel its smooth writing touch, I love it).
Be sure you've got a new and happy customer...
Best regards,
Indalecio Gil (2/15/05)

Dear Pat,
Just a note to say that my pen arrived Fri afternoon. So firstly, thank you for the care in packaging it...I could tell it was packed with great care.
Also I would like to express my thanks to Danielle for her help and advice which added greatly to my whole experience of purchasing. It was a joy working with a professional!
I have just tried out the pen and so what to say? Hmmm...perfect is the only word. The choice of EF was the right choice and my requirement for a smooth flowing pen is perfectly met. What I also really enjoy about using this pen is that it is so light in physical weight.
Many many thanks to all,
Kenn (2/18/05)

Dear John and Pat:
The Namiki, Bamboo arrived today and it couldn't be better. It looks beautiful and writes smoothly with a very clear and crisp line. Once again I depended on you folks and you came through for me. Thank you both. I can't tell you how grateful I am that there are still good old fashioned, honest and competent artisans and technicians out there. You guys really provide a necessary and valuable service.
Best regards,
Joe Burruso (2/28/05)

I received the pens yesterday. I do not think a short e mail would do any justice to the pens or the service. The items were wonderfully packed, with layer after layer of protection (I almost felt like a kid opening a birthday present).
I immediately pounced on the Sailor 1911 with the Emperor Cross nib - OH MY GOD!!! There is only one way to describe the flow and writing - like a warm knife slicing through butter. So smooth, with an EXCELLENT ink flow. I started writing and have not kept the pen down. So much so that I have not even tried the Togi Emperor unit that you had sent along. The pen has a nice heft to it and the material just looks and feels luxurious.
As for the Pelikan M1000 - I have found the daily use pen of my dreams. I like heavy pens, and this is just about right for me. The nib is beautifully flexible, and just by varying the pressure a bit, I could vary the width of the up and down strokes, and my already decent handwriting looks like calligraphy.
And the best part of the experience is the service. I found dealing with you and Pat very very enjoyable. Both of you were very responsive, prompt, helpful, and pleasant. So much so that I am not buying another pen without talking to you first. And Kudos to Pat for her diligence (She returns e mails in the blink of an eye). Overall a very enjoyable experience.
Warm regards
Moorthi (2/14/05)

Dear Pat...
I received the pen in ship-shape order, which is appropriate for a Sailor 1911... It is prefect. Your advice was spot-on, and the pen, loaded with red ink, is now my preferred instrument of torture for correcting my students' essays...!
Many thanks once again for all your help, and more importantly for all your (correct) advice...
Lorcan (2/15/05)

. received package. problem is that only once in a lifetime will i need a nib.and only once in a lifetime will i be able to deal with such an effient firm as yours. bottom line is that i should live more than one life! thank you.
james schilt (2/4/05)

I received my Nib today in mail. I promptly filled the pen and it was ready to go right away. Wow! What a difference. I used light pressure and that felt great. Thanks so much for saving this pen. It was never this good even when I first got it.
You are the best!
Todd McNeilage (2/7/05)

Dear Pat and John,
I have just received the Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell and it is even more gorgeous than I could have imagined; and, what to say about the re-ground OB nib? Well, it’s wonderful: it writes really smoothly and with a very defined line width variation.
I do appreciate your advice, the fine work with the nib and, specially, your excellent customer care. I have to say this has been one my best “customer-experiences” and I will surely repeat it.
Best regards from Spain.
Alfonso Cossío (2/7/05)

Dear Pat, I received the lovely Sailor koi pen yesterday and it meets my expectations perfectly! The beautiful shape is hard to image until you see it in person. I know my husband will love it!

Thanks so much for all of the care you took in discussing pens with me and in arranging the best
shipping schedule for me. Not only are you folks consummate professionals, but you also offer
exceptional customer service. Thanks again to John for tweaking to perfection the little Pelikan I purchased earlier....

Warmest regards,
Neta (2/3/05)

Got my pen back and it writes superbly. It's well worth the extra expense to get this level of performance. Thanks.

Ned Wolfe (2/3/05)

Dear Pat, Thank you so much for the VP nib unit. The bold stub is smoother than I expected and really enhances my otherwise awful writing. My thanks go to you and Danielle for a delightful and personal customer service experience. Please give my regards to John for creating such a fine product. I'm sure I'll be in contact again in the near future.
Jamie Molaison (2/4/05)

Hi Pat, yes it arrived safely yesterday. Although I bought it on the spur of the moment, and would normally never have considered spending so much on a pen (Ed: Pelikan M400 White Tortoise), I'm absolutely thrilled! It is a really lovely piece, and it writes like it's always belonged to me. I think I may become a serious collector...
All the Best

The Wahl-Eversharp Signature (coral) and Streamline Parker Duofold (lapis) arrived today, and I am delighted. They both write as smoothly as when I sent them, both have perfect ink flow, and the welds are absolutely invisible...awesome!
Fountain pens are a joy--thank you for the joy you give to all of us.
Best wishes,
Bob Bernstein (2/2/05)

Pat and John-
I just received the Parker 75with the broad left oblique nib. The pen is beautiful and writes as smooth as butter. As always, many thanks for a wonderful pen.
Nick Marcantonio (2/3/05)

Hey Pat, Ok this is definitely a quote for the web site that you can post at your convenience:
The Pelikan M805 is the closet thing to heaven in a writing instrument this poor sinner is ever going to obtain”. As for the Black M805 – the minute you get one of them in – send me an invoice so I can approve it. Set it up exactly the same way you set up the blue one... Talk to you soon. And thanks again for providing a great service.
Jeff (1/25/05)

Dear Wizards,
Thank you for quick delivery of my recent order. The nib went in easily and gave me the style I’d always wanted. You’ve got me hooked; I want a nib like it for my Pelikan Shanghai (M6200?). Same address and billing…
David Barnes (1/25/05)

Hi Pat,
Pen arrived on time and is an outstanding writer out of the case -- whatever you did to "tune it up" certainly worked! Many thanks!
VR-Dave (1/26/05)

The pen arrived, and, as I anticipated, it is spectacular (Ed: Omas Celluloid Saft Green Hi-Tech). It is in fact a jewel as all the Omas celluloid pens are. Now if I can just hold off buying another for a little bit! Of course, the nib and ink flow are superb... fantastic. Thank you very much.
jg (9/16/05)

Ed: we received the following in a hand-written letter: 
Dear Pat, Just a brief note to let you know (and show you) that the Pelikan 250 I ordered made it half way around the world and writes perfectly! Any concerns I had about it being too "wet" writing are confounded, even on the 3rd World paper we have here... I really appreciate your helpful advice in choosing the right pen and set up. It's rare to see that kind of customer service today... Sincerely, Randy (1/19/05)

Hey Pat, All I can say about the way this pen writes is “WOW!!”.
Thanks again for the attention you gave me during the order process.
I will be ordering again and soon.
I do have a question – do you have any of the Pelikan Soverãn M805’s in solid blue and black left? Thanks.

"Hi Pat!
Got the pen and love it! It feels and writes great. Just for curiosity sake I may have to send it in for a more flexible nib someday though. ;-)
Thanks for the wonderful service!...
Casey Schaefer (1/7/05)


I have been a Quality Assurance Specialist for the biggest part of my adult life. As part of my job I have researched the Quality Control Systems of many companies. The fountain pen industry, unfortunately, does not have a really good record for Quality Control. Even Pelikan, which has one of the best records of Quality Control, still has occasional problems which I have personally experienced before doing business with Classic Fountain Pen and John Mottishaw. Over the last year plus I have purchased a goodly number of fountain pens from John and crew. Each and every pen has functioned perfectly right out of the box. My new Omas Bronze Arco which I received yesterday afternoon is no exception. It is a beautiful pen and as usual the custom broad stub nib writes superbly right out of the box. I would never have purchased such a high end pen if I was not convinced that it would function perfectly. Thanks again John. I am looking forward to receiving my next order.

Don Smith (1/14/05)

Dear Pat,
Let me first give you, John and Danielle my best wishes for New Year. I hope you will experience only happiness.
I am sorry for replying to you only now but when my pens arrived to the Netherlands I was already away for my Christmas holidays. I received the pens after my return.
I am very happy with both pens. The round stub nib of my new Pelikan 800 is really nice and is what I was hoping for. I am also very nicely surprised with the Sailor pen with the modified stub nib. It writes very smoothly with the amount of ink flow I like. Both pens give very nivce writing characteristics.
Thank you for this great job. Again!...
Kind regards,

Dear Pat, I have postponed writing you until I cannot find any other excuse not to tell you my experiences with the pen I ordered from Classic Fountain Pens. I still cannot believe how pleased I am with this simple purchase. This is the first custom nib I have ever owned but my experience with it makes me think it is an old friend I have had for years. I can only credit your responses to my needs and the fine work all of you do every day. I cannot be more pleased with my purchase and the customer service that has already been extended to me.
Good things,
Bill T. (1/4/05)

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