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October 1, 2010

Hi John,

The Pilot inks arrived - thank you. They are the best inks I have used to date. I have at least 350 bottles of ink so that should tell you something...


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October 1, 2010

John, Matt, & crew:

Just got back from a 10 day trip.  You guys did a great job and SUPER fast!  The black Vac looks so clean - I almost hesitate to ink it.  Even the brass hidden beneath the barrel tassie sparkles to Navy Standards.  The breather tube even shows when transilluminated!  Fortunately, the plastic shows it's age , and it has that KILLER EF nib - so it's destined to get inked and pocketed before the weekend.

Thanks again for the service that makes CFP famous!

Sam C.

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September 27, 2010

Dear CFP,

My Pelikan 320 arrived today, and I am most pleased with it. The pen writes just the way I like, and I want to thank John very much for his fine work on it. Your service has been excellent in every respect, and I am most appreciative.



San Antonio, TX

September 26, 2010

Dear John: 
Got my pens!!! THANKS so very much my friend.got to tell you-I hate writing through electronic medium.enjoy my pens and quality paper but the pleasure becomes manifold more when I get those pens back from you!!! You are just the VERY BEST! Thanks ever so much for being there to help people like myself. I am loving my pens now. I can never enjoy a pen until you've worked on the nib for me. 
Irvine, CA

August 24, 2010

My pen arrived today. I was so pleased when I put the pen to paper. That experience, that
sensation is what I've been wanting from a fountain pen! I am super-pleased by the Sailor quality and most definitely by the feel of the pen in my hand. What a wonderful ink flow that just glides across the paper. Thanks, I'm pleased.


Fort Worth, TX

August 2, 2010

To whom it may concern:

I just got my pen back and it is great!!!  you fixed the nib wonderfully - so it write just right - and you put it in a wonderful new pen-I love it.  I thought it would take around six months to fix-but you only took what seems like a few days.  thank you so much-I really appreciate all your work.  I will always send my pens to you-and buy new ones from your sit, too.  Thanks again.

Best regards,

July 22, 2010

Hi John, 

I just wanted to thank you for the recent (rush) work on my pens: stubbing the Omas Ogiva, Omas 360, Sailor PG KoP and the 149. I am very pleased with them and they are now terrific to write with.



June 30. 2010

I just received the fountain pens, and I would like to thank your treatment (Matt & Jonella) as well as the work done( John). It was exactly what I was looking for, both fountain pens write smooth and with personality. The Nakaya has a perfect fluid and a wonderful stub nib, and the Montblanc Boheme OB makes beautiful variations. Thank you.



June 29, 2010

Having been in management for several years, I am aware of studies that actually say that people that have problems with a product, and have an immediate and effective response actually have a higher opinion of the company than if they had not had an issue at all. 
This is what occurred here;  I ordered a Saffron Blue Omas, and it was perfect with the exception of a tiny leak from the section.  I contacted you, and I believe it was Sarah that said she was sure that she could repair it, but felt that with a 'pen this beautiful' she would prefer to wait a couple of days until John got back.   I said that this was okay.  
Time well spent (and this is no reflection on Sarah; I'm sure she would have done a fine job.  I just appreciate that she was so consciensious).
Needless to say, a few days later, the pen is back in my hands and appears to be perfect in the traditional OMAS sense. You willl NOT get this level of service elsewhere.
Thanks once again for superlative service.
New Mexico

June 23, 2010

If you ever want an enthusiastic endorsment for your cursive italic nibs, feel free to use my name. As long as I have a fountain pen, I,ll never give up snail mail for personal corespondence...


June 14, 2010

Hi Jonella,

I received the pen (a Classic Fountain Pens Mandarin Tea Limited Edition with rhodium trim) last week and it is more beautiful than I anticipated, and writing with it is a pleasure. Many thanks. I’ll be in touch about the Waterman nib shortly. Thanks again for all your help.


May 27, 2010

The Pilot Custom 823 arrived Monday. I inked it and have been using it at work the last three days. It's absolutely wonderful! Smooth and the flow is perfect. I just couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much!

Bill Sexauer

May 24, 2010

I received the Saffron Blue Omas today.  What can I say?  In addition to being beautiful (I've long wanted one of these), it writes very much like my two Nakayas.  It is hard to believe that John has never watched me write in person, since all three nibs seem tailor made for me. 
The days of anguishing over how a pen will write are over.
Another winner. 
Thanks again, 
Doug Cooper

May 18, 2010

My congratulations to John. What a superb nib the Sailor Zoom is; and John's master craftsmanship on that already superb nib! John, Pelikan, and I go back a long way. I met John at the Chicago show in the 90's when I was in graduate school at the University of Chicago. I have wanted to try a Sailor Zoom in the larger 1911 for some time. While the nib does not have the exquisite sweet tooth of the broad Pelikans it almost makes up for it in its versatility. The tipping seems to have a round character that allows the point to be smooth at off-angles of attack on the paper--angles that would cause other broad or stub points to drag.

Consequently, it writes quickly and its written line has immense integrity--no feathering as in some broad points. I teach, and so I usually have two or more pens with me as I have to grade papers, make comments, add grades, attendance, analysis, etc. on the University's documents. A broad point is usually the instrument for comments but will not work on attendance sheets; so a fine point is needed too. With the Zoom, I can do all three with one pen: broad for grading, fine or reverse point for ledger work and university book keeping. Brilliant.

General observations: I would recommend the larger 1911 or Professional Gear for most hands. Even though it presents like a Pelikan 800, it posts more like a 600. Above all, never, ever buy from anyone but Classic Fountain Pens! Your prices are as good or better than most discount houses and John's magic is more valuable than a price point could ever be. I thank all of you for a job well done.


Loyd Gin

May 15, 2010

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new Nakaya Piccolo I got last week.  The ink flow and nib are just what I asked for.  I think I have found a new favorite pen.  I know that I will be ordering another in the near future.

Norman Ansara

May 10, 2010

Dear Jonella: 

The subject fountain pen (a pre-owned Sheaffer) arrived this past Friday (right on time) and the packaging protected the pen very well. 

The pen is beautiful and fills and writes like a dream. Thank you very much for your service. Providing beautiful working fountain pens at a fair price equals good value. Add the excellent customer service and you have the formula for a very successful business. 

Also, there is the side benefit of knowing the joy you bring to fountain pen people like myself who do not have limitless budgets, but enjoy holding, admiring, using and just owning such a wonderful writing instrument. 

Thank you again and much continued success for your business. 



May 7, 2010

I am too long in thanking you all for this beautiful pen .  It is everything your write-up described.  A joy to look at, hold and write with. And thank you John for offering to switch out the "sword tip" nib with a medium if I was not happy.  Needless to say, you can't have the sword tip back.  What fun to write with.  So glad I didn't go generic.  

Janet Mittag

April 26, 2010

Hi Jonella (or Matt) –

Just a note to please thank John very, very much for working on this nib!  The pen is working tremendously well now -- no matter what ink or paper, there’s no skipping at all.  It’s perfect.  I’m so glad I asked him to look at it again.  Now I love the design of the pen and I love writing with the stub.  Great fun!  --Phil

April 22, 2010

Thank you so much for sending my beautiful Aurora Minima sketch pencil jewelry! I just received my trio today, beautifully packed and packaged. I know it's been said in your testimonials, but I'll say it again: I felt like a kid at Christmas! The colors are stunning and gemlike -- more beautiful in life than in photos. If it's true of the Mona Lisa, the same can be said of my Auroras. I'll wear and write with pride. Ciao bella!

With very best wishes, a happy customer,


March 26, 2010

Hi I just got the pen in the mail----WOW!! It is fantastic--I already did a drawing with it--the drawing is 19" X 24" and the thick lines work great for what I am doing. I also used a MB 149 B nib and a Waterman 52 for the writing. I am going to share Johns work on the FPN MB forum now. Thanks John, it is a dream and the exact tool I needed for these drawings. All the best--Steve Light

March 25, 2010

Hello Jonella,

Just a note to say Thank You to you and all at CFP for your excellent service. My OMAS Old Style Paragon Saffron Blue arrived yesterday - a beautiful fountain pen with real richness of colour; the nib is just so smooth; overall a great writing experience. Thanks for your friendly advice, great service and very prompt despatch of the pen. This is the first time I have experienced CFP quality and service. Believe me, it will not be the last !

Paul W


March 22, 2010

John, Diana and anyone else at Classic Fountain Pens:

I just received my Nakaya Decapod Kuro Tamenuri Cigar from my wonderful wife Beth for my birthday. It is just perfect! The cursive italic nib is exactly as I like it, line shape and ink flow are perfect. What a wonderful surprise, I had no idea she had arranged for this. Thank you all so much!

Kent Kochheiser

March 12, 2010

I just opened and inked my Nakaya this morning. Opening the box, I felt like I was seven years old and it was Christmas morning. This pen far, far exceeds my greatest expectations. It is absolutely stunning and like writing with warm butter. Thanks to Dave and everyone at CFP for your help. I know each time I pick up this pen I'm holding an heirloom. I could not be more pleased.

Bart McSpadden

March 4, 2010

Dear John,

Back around November, I ordered a Sailor 1911 Realo from you..I'm thrilled with this pen, and the way you set it up for my individual preferences and writing style. Side by side with a couple of 1911s from a fairly high-profile East Coast online vendor, the difference is quite noticeable. Don't get me wrong; all three of my 1911s have been excellent pens to begin with, but the Realo, as you set it up, goes above and beyond. I've been using fountain pens for several years now, but had never realised they are so responsive to individual differences between users.

When anyone expresses interest--or even sounds as if they're about to--I refer them first to Classic Fountain Pens and nibs.com. Many thanks!

Best regards,

John L.

March 1, 2010

Well, tell John he just knocked the ball out of the park with my Omas 360. He got the nib positioned perfectly, circumpherentially (sp?), for my writing hand position. What a great pen. It now rivals my Pelikan 1000 for my favorite.

You'all have helped me build a nice little modest collection, all great pens. The Omas, the Pelikan, the Bexley Mandarin, the Bexley Owners Club Orange, and the re-do on my Montblanc 149 nib. Chalk me up as a very satisfied customer.

-Mark Vorder-Bruegge, Jr.

February 24, 2010


Thank you for my wonderful custom OBB Pelikan 600.

As a watercolor painter, I love the juicy freedom of a good Kolinsky. Your nib, with its smooth grind and wonderful flex, gives this southpaw the same exhilaration. I find myself writing large and loose, smiling like crazy, while the silky nib challenges me to keep up! Pure, sensual pleasure.

Best regards,

Will Donnelley

Portland, OR

February 6, 2010


WOW, this pen (a Nakaya Piccolo Writer Heki with XXF nib) rocks! I can't believe i found a pen better than my sailor. Well, I still love my sailor, but it's different. You guys rock!



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