Testimonial Archive 2004

Hi Pat, The nib arrived this midday........and this is the first chance I have had to open the parcel......Why does everyone want their pen repaired for Christmas! I am most impressed with the postal service...however words fail me on the nib! Will WOW do!!. It is Fantastic!!...I know my customer will be over the moon! You could start a business with this talent!... I bow to your great service/efficiency and courteousness. It should be an inspiration to all businesses.Have a Great Festive Season, and I hope a healthy 2005. Looking forward to more future business with you... Trevor (12/16/04)

Dear Pat, I was in San Francisco for a few days, but as soon as I returned yesterday I found my Omas Arco. Today, I used it all day long, and the flow and smoothness are perfect. I want to thank you and John to make it possible for me to have two beautiful pens that are not only beautiful to look, not only a pleasure to write with, but dependable writer's tools.
Have a merry Christmas...
José (12/20/04)

Dear Pat:

The Sailor model 1911 F/M point arrived safely today and it is absolutely perfect! It's just what you promised on the phone and the custom adjustment gave me exactly what I wanted. Thank you -- I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!

David Budde (12/22/04)

Dear John, Pat and Company:

Once again you have delivered exactly what was promised. Although my previously-owned Montblanc 220 is about 30 years old, it looks "just out of the box" fresh and performs flawlessly. Thank you.

Tim Vaughan (12/23/04)

Hi Pat, WOW, the OMAS Bronze Arco arrived today. This isn’t just a fountain pen; it’s a functioning work of art. I couldn’t wait to fill it with the OMAS Roma 2000 Blue I’ve been hording for a special occasion. The crisp broad stub nib is amazing, thanks for the suggestion. As always John worked his magic with the nib customization. Thanks again for your great service. It’s such a pleasure dealing with you all.
Thanks much,
Francis (12/23/04)

Dear John and Pat, 
I received two Namiki Falcons. I am very happy to have these two in my Falcon collection. Their extra flexible nibs are fascinating with each having its own distinct touch. I will long enjoy writing with them. Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Katsuhide (12/15/04)

Dear Pat,
I received the Falcon today. It is wonderful. I have been lightening up with all of my pens, and it makes a huge difference.Thanks again for all your help and good advice.
Kind regards.
David Forst (12/15/04)

Dear Pat: I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I love the Pelikan 600 with the Cursive Italic Nib. The pen fits like a glove and it's definately a keeper. I can see myself carrying this pen for years to come - which is exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks again,

Dear Pat,
I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I have been enjoying my Omas Arco so much that I can't put it down to get to the computer.
Really, it is beautiful and the most smooth writing, best-sized nib I have to date. It delivers just the right amount of ink (better than my fine tips) and is not too broad (as some mediums seem to be) for my writing in hospital charts and my Day-Timer...
Stephen (12/04/04)

Just wanted to let you know your package arrived today with the four pens you worked on, the Waterman 55, Swan twist fill, and the two Parker Seniors, flat top Jade Green and streamlined Burgundy and Black.
I also want to let you know how pleased I am with the results of your nib work, because without it, I would not have been able to enjoy any of them. It's like having 4 new pens to enjoy. The tips are incredibly smooth, and the ink flow is wonderful. I especially enjoy the two Parkers, and the Burgundy and Black is just my taste in width and ink flow. Thanks again for working your magic!
Lindsay (12/08/04)

Thank you for my customized Namiki Falcon! Its everything I'd hoped it would be! I just completed my first project with it and it was perfect--great line width variability without having to change pens or fuss with dip pens. You're right--crow quills and technical pens would still be necessary for the extremely fine or extremely wide (I'm not going to risk the nib by putting too much pressure on it) but it is much more responsive and yet easier to use than I expected. Its very smooth and never catches even on the upstroke. This is what I had always thought fountain pens should be like and yet had never found one! I'm going to send you my Waterman for customization but will wait til after Christmas to get on your waitng list. Thankyou also for your wonderful and clear communications and for your efficiency--I was amazed at how quickly my Namiki arrived! Thanks again! Karen Cleaver (11/28/04)

Hi Pat,

I have received this past weekend the bronze Omas Arco that John has modified to a stub. It is the most beautiful fountain pen I own and I appreciate the abundance of gold colors which show even under the dim lighting I work in. The ink flow is perfect even with Private Reserve blue ink which is pretty slow in my other pens. I love the alternance of smoothness and tooth of the stub nib. It makes for a quite addicitive writing experience and combined with the line variation it improves the looks of my hand writing beyond what I had thought possible.

I'd like to thank you both for this wonderful fountain pen. It has more than fullfilled my expectations and for the first time I feel like I have nothing more to desire in a fountain pen. I guess I have come across the holy grail of fountain pens, as some say, and I'm afraid it will turn out to be the last fountain pen I purchase for myself.

I'd also like to mention that your service and attention to detail is superior to what I have been used to. Quite, quite impressing in fact.

Gratefully yours,

Robert Raut(11/29/04)

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have been traveling. The pens did come in and please tell John the work is perfect. They write exquisitely! Thanks much for your work. I will be sending more pens toward the end of the month.
Happy Holidays!
Tim (12/1/04)

Hello Pat, I received the Vanishing Point pen yesterday (far earlier than I expected), and have been using it at work all day, aswell as trying it out at home last night. I'm very impressed with the nib, it's a smooth writer, with a nice line width variation. I think it's everything I dared hoped for, and I have no doubt that the pen will be my daily user for some time. I find the VP quite comfortable to hold too, even with the unusually placed clip...
Best regards from a happy customer, have a great week,
Steve (11/15/04)

Dear Pat,
Thank you, thank you, thank you to you & John! I love the Pelikan--the weight, the length, the color. Most importantly, I love the way it writes--like a dream. The ink flows smoothly and the width differential looks lovely. The nib writes more smoothly than I expected. It's exactly what I wanted. I've thrown out all of my ballpoints and will only write with fountain pens from now on. Thank you again. I will recommend you to my friends.
All the best,
Susanna (11/19/04)

Pat & John: just to let you know we received the package on the 18th, and ever since Ward has been in ecstasy. The first thing he does every morning is go to his drawing table and write (play) with these pens, and then he gives me a lecture on why these pens are wonderful and forces me to admire them, even when I'm trying to make coffee or brush my teeth. I think he could not be happier and has probably already sent John a postcard expressing this.
xyz: Linnea (for Ward) (11/22/04)

Dear Pat and John,
The pen arrived in great shape, and is as much fun to write with as I'd hoped! Thanks so much for your work, and for the quick and attentive service.
Robert (11/23/04)

Dear Pat,
The order was received with joy. Both nibs turned out great and were well worth the wait. The older black barrel brushed metal cap Lamy was transformed into something quite wonderful. That was an Ebay purchase which I was thinking was a mistake until it returned in its new reincarnation. What a joy to use. Now with the Lamy 585 nib made into a smooth italic, the Accent is artistically accentuated.
Thank you for the usual excellent workmanship.
Best regards, 
Rich Matthies (11/11/04)

Dear Pat and John, 
I've had my two customized Pelikans for a few days, and I thought I'd send you a report. My blue-striped M600 is a worthy mate to the red-striped M600 I bought from you earlier this year. The blue-striper (which I didn't purchase from you) is now 100% reliable, and the skipping is totally
gone. These red and blue stablemates will be my workhorse pens.

The green-striped M800 is really something! The new Bold nib is smooth as silk, and the ink flow is just right. This is a wonderfully expressive nib, proving that line-width variation isn't everything when it comes to expressiveness. I thought this would be a pen for signatures only, but now that John has worked his magic with it, I can't put it down. Thank you, John!

And thank you, Pat, once again for your friendly and efficient service, and especially for helping me decide what to do with my underused M800. It couldn't have turned out better! Til next time,
Best regards,
Carl (11/12/04)

Dear Pat,
Sorry for the delay in writing to you - the pens arrived over a week ago and I am pleased to say that they are both marvellous ! The Pelikan is writing beautifully with Noodler's Ink and is handling my scribbling very well. Joanne is equally delighted with the Namiki Falcon and is using it in her Filofax where its fine line is needed.
Thanks again for the superb service.
Faye Pearce (11/15/04)

Dear Pat,
The package arrived safely 2 days ago, impressive! Again, I am amazed by the high quality of the nibs each and everytime I write with them.The extra-flexible EF Pelikan nib is my current favourite and I'd find every opportunity to use it, even just for doodling. The nib adds subtle variations and actually makes my handwriting look much moreinteresting (at least to my eyes :) ). I haven't experienced much difficulties with this nib so far, probably because I use a light pressure on writing, and am enjoying the nice, soft feel when the nib glides across the page.

The VP EF point is the best extra-fine nib I've experienced so far. It produces a truely extra-fine line on paper while maintaing a fairly smooth feel. Most importantly, it doesn't skip.

Many thanks to you and John, and Danielle for your excellent work and service.
With Best Regards,
Celia Kuo (10/28/04)

(Ed: received as a hand written letter:) Thank you so much for exchanging the medium stub nib (for a Namiki Vanishing Point) to this Broad Left Oblique (BLOB :}) nib. It is working out great! I also like this black ink (Namiki Black) - I thought I was a blue ink only type of guy, but this is very nice to use. 
I truly appreciate the quality and speed of service, products, and communication that I have had with you. I will definitely let others know how great it is to do business with you - and I dare say that most of them know this already. Best to you! 
Brian Kim, Another Satisfied Customer (11/8/04)

Hello Pat: Just wanted you to know that the pen arrived a day late, but intact. I was amazed at the difference in the pen (Ed: Waterman's Serenite). This was a pen that I loved the look of, but hated to write with. After it was returned to Waterman twice for repairs that did not work any better, I almost gave it away. Now it writes exactly the way I want it to. Nice ink flow, a fine nib, just exactly what I ordered. Thanks so much for saving this for me.
Jon Ver Halen (11/8/04)

John, I received my red Pelikan 800 with its 14k medium oblique nib several days ago, and have been trying it out vigorously. You gave it a very nice ink flow so that the ink color is saturated and dense, as I was hoping it would be. I like the flexibility you gave it. It's taken me a while to get the hang of writing with it properly , so it shows the flair I was hoping to get into my handwriting. It's an inducement to make my penmanship worthy of the instrument!...
Best wishes,
Craig (10/17/04)

If it is possible - I think this nib is even smoother and a better writer than the original. I am extremely pleased!
Many Thanks!
Richard (10/18/04)

Pat: The nib arrived today, and works "perfectly." I'm suffering a classic case of "mixed emotions," because I've gotten used to the broad tip, and I really like the line it lays down. But---I confess---it's really easier to write with my old faithful fine point. So...at least I have a choice.
Thanks for your service...you can cite me as a reference!
Best, Bll Swain (10/18/04)

Hello Pat and John,
I've received all the pens and nibs from you and am very happy about them! The Pelikan nibs are good as usual and the Shanghai is brilliantly beautiful! The extra extra broad M800 stub takes some time to get uesd to-somehow I feel the sweet spot of the nib is quite different from others, nonetheless it is interesting and smooth. And the Omas Bronze Arco- is simply a graceful pen which I'm so happy to own. 
Again thank you very much- you offered the best writing experience I've had so far. 
Morgan Ching (10/20/04)

Pat, The pen arrived yesterday. I wrote with it for the first time this morning. Thank you for making it look and feel like new. The wait was worth it.
Jeff (10/12/04)

The Falcon has arrived. It's a great user, can write beautiful, charmful, so sensitive lines. What a suprise, of course, not because of my hand skill, you know. Every day I enjoy writing with it and am so satisfied with the conclusion. But I think "What should I do for my any other pens?"
Pelikan 100, 140? Montblanc 042? It seems I can't write with them without any modification after having a modified Falcon. They seem dull pens.... Anyway thank you so much for your help and please say hello and give my best wishes to John & Danielle.
I will look forward next purchase from you.
Best regards,
Daisuke (10/14/04)

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much my wife is enjoying the new pen (Ed: Pelikan M250). It writes like a dream, silky smooth just as she wanted and was reasonably priced so that she doesn't feel queasy about just dropping it in a purse to carry and use all the time. The Pelican inks are also wonderful, she prefers the turquoise. It's a great color, close enough to blue so that it can be used in the office but different enough to be very distinctive. I am a college professor and have found the green to be a great color to use when grading papers as no student does their work in that color. Thanks for a great pen.
John Coker (10/15/04)

The Parker is beautiful - It looks just as I had imagined it would - not new, but a maintained vintage pen from the 60's. You did a great job on the oblique point - writes very smoothly, with just the right amount of shading to make my writing more distinctive. 
I am very pleased with your talents and ability to keep your customers informed as to the progress of their pens. Thank you.
Alex (10/16/04)

Dear Pat,
I got the pen last Friday. As usual, its flawless. The nib has a little "feedback" which is typical of Pelikans. It is nice and light! This is now pen number 45 in my collection and the only one I will be using for a while. 
It is great to know that there are still people who take pride in what they sell and provide such great service.
Warm Regards,

(Ed: received as a hand-written letter, dated 5 October 2004): 
Dear John = Thank you for your diligent and successful work on my Omas 360. Comparing its current performance and line with the original shows me how great the improvement is. Your work has transformed a mediocre pen into an everyday star tool, so now I have the combination of the 360's beautifully designed body with a nib equal to my best dipping calligraphy pens. You've done me a great service for which I'm truly grateful! Best Wishes, Pamela Mullen

I received the nib (broad stub) for my Pelikan 400. This is the first stub I have had, and I love it. It writes beautifully so far, making even my handwriting look good. Well, at least more acceptable.
Tell John I said it was a job well done, and thank you.
Dale Hanks (10/8/04)

Hi Danielle,
I picked up the pens the other day and I love the way both of them write. What a difference John's skills make! Thanks so much for the great work.
Laura (10/11/04)

Just a quick note on the M600 I purchased from you early this past summer -- the more I write with it, the better it gets. No doubt something you've heard before! I was initially concerned that a Fine was not fine enough, but after switching from Parker Quink to Pelikan ink I am entirely happy with the fineness of the fine, smooth, wet line the fine nib provides.This is now the pen I am doing all my writing with -- a former favourite, a Parker Vacumatic, sits inkless (and cleaned out) as I convey this message.
Michael (9/23/04)

Hi Pat and John, 
The nib just arrived and it is really wonderful. I can get line width modulation while keeping to a modest width, making it practical for my day-to-day writing needs—I have to write sometimes in small spaces and a wider nib would not work well. Still the range of expression is entirely new, as you can imagine, since I have only had the 18K fine nib till now.
The ink flow seems just right. I don’t get any skipping on the big loops in my signature, which I still had with my other nib even after I made a point to “lighten up” on the paper. 
I’m really pleased with this whole transaction. Thanks again,
Jim (9/27/04)

Hi Pat:
Nib received and suitably awesome. Tell John that, just as ESPN says about Barry Bonds, the fact that his prowess continues to expand each passing year is simply terrifying.
Thanks again!
Will (9/29/04)

Dear Pat, John and Josh;
Thanks for the wonderful work you have done on this last batch of pens! They all came out in truely perfect shape and will be a joy for me to write with. Many, many thanks!
Steve (10/2/04)

Pat, I just received my Vanishing Point insert. Excellent packaging, super fast! Thanks for the material on pens, that was a nice addition. As for the broad stub nib, it was everything I was looking for but, nothing like I expected. As you may recall I was worried about the broad nib being too large, you convinced me that it wouldn't be once John cut it into a stub. You were so right!!! The nib is fantastic, it is exactly what I was looking for. The size and line variations are perfect for writing in my Moleskine journals. Now my handwriting (printing) has more flair!!! Thank you again for such personal service. I wish I was 18 again and just starting a career, I would be on my way to L.A. to beg for a place on your team as an apprentice. I hope you find that special person to learn this art... Thank you both again, it has been a wonderful pleasure!!!
RIC (9/20/04)

Dear Pat,
All three are magnificent. I remember how they all wrote before I sent them, and there's a world of difference. Each one is now a pleasure to write with. They will now be going back into the rotation. Thank you so much.
Best wishes,
Bob Bernstein(9/20/04)

Hi Pat and John, of course!...
The PEN is delicious - beautiful, amazing, filled with Omas purple and tried that nib - John, You Have done IT Again!! Then put the Pelikan nib in my 800 green demo and as I have run out of
superlatives - It is great, just great, and just what I wanted - both are - so Kudos to you both again - once more!!! I have lost count now of how many pens I have bought from you, new and vintage, but not one has been a hint of disappointing - quite the opposite - so I remain one of your very happiest customers, and friends I hope!!...
Huge hugs,
Chris (9/22/04)

Hi Pat. The Omas just arrived and it's gorgeous - absolutely transformed. I hadn't realised just how flexible the nib was before. The flow is perfect too. Now that's the kind of nib you really need for a pen of that quality - the plain vanilla medium just didn't do it justice.
Fantastic. Thanks so much!
KT (9/15/04)

Dear Pat, 

I apologize for the delay but the move from Houston to Atlanta didn't leave me any chance to report back to you about the enhanced flex Pelikan nib you sent me. I received the nib Friday afternoon in Houston and tonight had my first opportunity to write with it here in Atlanta. What a pleasure! It meets all of my expectations. Thank you, John, everyone in your team so much for the excellent work and outstanding service. 
Best wishes,
Elke (9/15/04)

I got the pen today. I love the pen. It writes great. The nib is the right width. I like the weight and balance. It is not scratchy (doing pretty good on the light touch I guess). It is stiffer than I was
expecting but I figure that that is the nature of the beast so I'm ok with it. I figure in a few days I'll be use to it. Thanks so much for your help in selecting just the right nib. You were the only folks I found who focused on the business end of the fountain pen.
Mat (9/16/04)

Pat and John,
I received my Namiki Falcon Friday and wanted to let you know that I am very happy with it. I spent way too much time and a lot of ink working with it this weekend. I am certainly no expert with fountain pens, but this oblique nib produces the best line control and feel of anything I have tried. I did find that it seemed to be a little easier to control the fine lines with Aurora ink than Namiki, but it was a subtle difference. I still think that I will probably send it back to you to add some flexibility in the nib, but I'm going to spend some more time with it first. Thanks for all of your help.
Steven (9/13/04)

I just wanted to take a moment and email you that I received the Sailor pen. It has one of the finest nibs of any pen in my "collection." Since I use all of my pens regularly, I know this one will get plenty of everyday use. I couldn't be more pleased. I would like to thank you for the wonderful
service and John for the terrific "set-up." Please keep me in mind when pens with such finely honed nibs come to your attention. I would almost always be interested.
Again, thanks.
Tom (9/13/04)

Hi Pat,
I received the pen last week, and, as always, your pre-purchase advice was spot-on. The 1000's flex makes it distinctly different from my two B-stub 800s, just enough to make it interesting. In other words, I am a very satisfied customer, which by now should come as no surprise!
Thanks again,
Dave (9/15/04)

I get the nibs from Katia .... They are great Thank you !! For the moment i'm testing (daily use) the architect nib ... Nothing but news from a Happy man
Eric (9/1/04)

The pen & ink arrived today and work like a dream. As advertised and timely delivery. My thanks for your courteous, prompt and up to date assistance. The Koi should be here on the 2nd." (8/31/04) (Ed: and then, on 9/3:) "Well despite a delay from a late train the pen arrived today. Wonderful. It works and writes like a dream and is a work of art, from the design to its function. Thank you again for your assistance and help. I am looking forward to many years of use as my favorite pen. 
John David Morse (8/31/04)

Hi Pat,

I have just gotten and inked my new Sailor. It works like skating on ice and moves smoothly on a paper without friction. I really enjoy writing with it.
I bought three fountain pens in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, only one of which works properly right out of the box. The other two needed sending back for factory adjustments. 
As I told you before, I really enjoy writing with the nib and the pen supplied by you. They just write smoothly right out of their boxes. No adjustment or run-in is required....
Take care and thank you very much.
CM (9/2/04)

John, I received my pen this today... I have used it a bit this afternoon: I am so pleased with the improvements! It flows ink when the cap is removed, the tip is perfect, writing is very smooth. What an improvement. Thank you so much. Cheers. H.S. (8/15/04)

I've been writing with my Montegrappa 1912 Classica for a couple of days. What an amazing difference. It no longer dries out, even when idle for extended periods of time, and it writes page after page without a problem. Writing with it has been transformed from frustration to joy. Thanks for your fine work.


Dear Pat, I have just received the nib and put it on my pen. It writes more smoothly than I have expected. I really enjoy writing with it. I would like to let you know that your service has far exceeded my expectation....
Thanks again,

Dear John,
I wrote through a reservoir full of ink before making a judgment about your work on my skippy Shogun. It's perfect; you've matched the job Nagahara did on an obstinate Waterman nib of mine; I'd have bet money against success on that level. You really know your stuff.
Thanks for your expertise. 
--Jim McCausland (8/7/04)

I got it (Ed: Namiki Falcon) today. Pat, it is just marvelous. I immediately filled it with ink. As soon as the nib hit the parchment paper, it was instant euphoria. It felt wonderful as the pen glided on surface of paper. Lite weight, smooth as glass, silky feel.

My compliments to you and John. You guys have never let me down ever since i started buying fountain pens several years ago. Please give John my warmest regards for his supurb craftsmanship....
Andy (8/11/04)

Hi John and Pat,
I would like to thank you profusely for your work on the Omas and the Waterman Lady Patricia. I had almost given up on the Lady Patricia, having had a reputable pen repair person try and fail twice to repair her. Now the pen writes extremely well for me. And the Omas! I think that currently it's the most fun pen in my collection to write with.....
Thanks again,

Hi Pat,
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I received the pen on time, and I can only say that it is another magnificent piece of work--just like all the others I have ordered from you. Thanks again!
Dave (8/5/04)

I received the Omas Scarlett Celloid today and it is fabulous and I couldn't be more pleased. Now I cannot wait to get the Sailor from you when the new nib arrives for it.
Thank you again.
Jeff Vaughan (8/2/04)

(Ed: then, a week later):
My Sailor Mosaic arrived safely this afternoon. It is a beautiful pen and it writes like a gem. When I bought the first Omas pen from you I thought it must be the pen that caused the ink to flow so freely and it to write so smoothly. Now, after my second purchase of a different brand pen, I have concluded that John has the magical touch with the nibs. I am now a customer ... and a fan! Keep up the good work.
Jeff (8/11/04)

Hi Pat, I did receive the VP this morning. As always with pens prepared by John, it's a really
enjoyable experience to use. Many thanks to you all at CFP for your work.... 
Best wishes.
John (8/6/04)

Hi John, Pat, Josh and Danielle,
Sit back and relax -- this is going to be an unabashed fan letter.
The latest shipment (Pelikan White Tortoise and VP Medium stub) arrived healthy, safe and sound. I've never failed to be delighted by the pens you send me, but this time I'm so impressed I just have to comment at length. Here goes.
First, the White Tortoise is absolutely lovely.(click here for his full description)
Second, about the VP . . . (click here for his full description).You have always seemed -- to me at least -- to have an abundance of gushing testimonials. I'm starting to understand why.
David (7/27/04)

Just received the new and improved "Bubbles" and partner. The Omas seems to write even better now...go figure?? In other words, love the work as you saved my little buddy from certain nib doom. The pelican now flows effortlessly also. Before it was rather scratchy right out of the box. But now, both pens are a dream. You guys do great work and deserve all the praise you receive. You are certainly worth every penny paid.
Yours Truly,
Darren McElfresh(7/28/04)

Dear Pat,

I am sorry for making you worry, as when I got home today my pen was here, having been signed for by my cleaning lady while I was out for the day. Everything is wonderful, and as usual John has done a superb job. I am happy with all, and look forward very much to seeing him at the pen show in D.C. next week. Thanks for all your efficient work as usual....

Best, Susanne (8/4/04)

I received my pen about a week and half ago ( or so).... I've been writing pretty steadily since I've received it. It writes marvelously, a testament not only to Pelikan but also to the fellow who set up the nib for me. Thank you for your superb customer service. I'll look forward to doing business with you again, when I'm in the market for a new pen. Please feel free to use my comments as a reference should the need arise.

Keith Gillum (7/18/04)

Pat, I wanted to let you know that the nib arrived safely today. I inked it with Waterman Blue/Black tonight and gave it a spin. Like the other second-hand Vanishing Point stub that I have that was reground by John, the nib is an excellent writer, with no hesitation and great line
variation. I am completely pleased!

Thank you once again for the very smooth transaction.

Frank (7/19/04)

Received the Saft Green Omas today - it's beautiful and writes just the way I like it! Thanks for another great pen ... 
Take care,
Vince (7/22/04)

I received the pen yesterday (Ed: Montblanc Semiramis L.E.). It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much for your assistance with this....
Speak soon.
Daniel (7/8/04)

My wife purchased the Pelikan 805 for Father's Day. It has an OBB nib. I have been very pleased. It writes beautifully with wide smooth strokes. In the past, depending on the type of paper, my other pens with less broad nibs would skip. This nib works smoothly on all. Some paper seems to soak up the ink and others seem to repel it (but when dry will not smear).

I also like the feel and size of this pen. My hand does not tire at all...


Alan (7/9/04)

Hi Pat and John + Family,

My Omas is PURRFECT now! 
Thanks again for the wonderful service and quick turnaround. Its much appreciated. 
I thank the heavens that there are specialists and craftsmen still producing great work by hand.
You are truly artists!
Thanks again!

Rik (7/16/04)

Dear Pat

Received the pen today (Ed: Sailor 1911, Broad nib). Extremely happy with the nib. It has the smoothness in writing that I have been seeking (I need a smooth nib to be able to write quickly in court).

Thank you

Michael (7/9/04)

Dear Pat, Josh, and John,

I received my Sailor Mosaic yesterday evening and used it all day today at work. I am really impressed with how good it writes - almost by itself it seems. It's a real pleasure to use and a pleasure even to look at...

Thanks for such a good buying experience.

Larry Jones (7/9/04)

Bubbles has arrived. Sweet pen and boy does it ever write so beautifully. You guys do wonderful work on making sure your pens flow just right. Best writer in my collection period. I'm now a nibs.com slave!!
Tanks for the advice and help.
Darren (6/22/04)

I received the pen today. It really is beautiful, and it writes great, the fine nib is just what I wanted.
I especially like that the nib/flow has been adjusted to my writing style and the personal service.
Thanks again!
Dan Goldenberg(622/04)

UPS just delivered the Parker 51 and I'm very happy to have it back. I've been covering pages with nonsense just for the joy of writing with this pen.
Please give John my thanks for a job very well done; it's such a joy to work with professionals. But I bet everybody says that.
John (6/23/04)

Hello John, I just received the new nib (Pelikan EF, #7) and ink, and I'm astonished! The difference in feel between this and the stainless steel EF is many times more than I'd expected. It's a world of smoothness and flexibility I had not known existed. I'm sure this is old news to you, but it was quite a revelation to me. The ink flow is ideal, as well. I find myself writing more neatly, as I'm not >trying to rush ahead of the ink. I hadn't been aware of any of these issues with the old nib, but the improvement was apparent immediately. Excellent work! (I'm also surprised that it got here 
so quickly.) Thank you very much!...Maurice(6/16/04)

"To the Gang @ Nibs! Thank you for the wonderful writing Omas. It truly feels wonderful. It writes like Butter! I loved my first great fountain pen - the Pelikan 600 - but this pen is a whole different breed of animal. I have stopped emails! Only written letters! Just kidding! Thank you! Thank You! THANK YA! Rik" (6/15/04)

Pat, I received the pen, nib, and ink yesterday afternoon, all in good shape. The pen and nib both write extremely well. I am very pleased with your service. I'll show the burgundy Pelikan off in Monterey next week. Thanks very much. Harry Lesser (6/19/04)

Pat, I received the nib and the bill. I must admit that it was more than I thought I wanted to pay, UNTIL I wrote with my newly adjusted Pelikan M1000 nib. Two words: MELTED BUTTER!!! This is how a fountain pen is supposed to write, I just didn't know it until now. Tell John thanks for
me. It was worth the wait. 
Rick 6/20/04)

Dear Pat,
I just wanted to let you and John know that I received the red M800 and it writes wonderfully! The BB nib is very smooth, with just the right amount of flex, and the ink flow is great. Please thank John for another fantastic job!
Dave Webster (6/4/04)

Hello Pat and John....
Sorry for the delayed email concerning the latest work. I was truly overwhelmed by the fantastic work that you folks performed. The nib is amazing...PERFECT!
Thank you for making my day!
Talk soon...
Your friend,
Tim (6/15/04)

Pat, John, and Josh, 
My pen arrived today and it writes SENSATIONALLY. You have worked your magic yet again. Thank you, 
(P.S.)Thank you for your continued great service and professionalism. 
Feel free to quote that last line, too. 
Craig (6/16/04)

Hello Pat and Josh,

The package arrived last night, and I've taken every opportunity today to write with the OM nib. It is deliciously smooth. I can see it's going to take me some time to get the hang of this nib, but it will be fun. Thanks, Josh, for the writing sample showing the difference between the factory and the crispened nibs. There is no question that if I had gotten the factory nib, it would now be on its way back for customization!...The pen itself is beautiful. I was a little nervous ordering it without seeing it in person, sometimes things don't look as good as they do in a picture. But if anything, it looks better in person. I love how the colors shimmer and change when the pen is rotated. And the size/diameter is fine. 

Thank you so much for the care and time you took in helping me.

Best regards,

Dear John and Pat: "mottishaw" oughta be a verb that means "to perfect an object that was once
thought to be beyond repair," "to save the unsavable."
So this is a GREAT BIG "THANKS!!".... 

Thanks so much. Steve (5/26/04)

Greetings Pat- and now Josh
Well done! I may not be your oldest customer, but I'm sure I'm sometimes finicky.
I think that Josh did a lovely job with this Omas pen. It's currently writing smoothly and wet( ly ). Your judgement on the feed was on target.
Thanks so much yet again... I suppose I could add on the kudos, but I'm sure that they'll fall flat relative to the excellence of the job done.
Elliot (5/28/04)

The nib unit arrived (Ed: #7 BB with out cursive italic customization) and it is now securely screwed into my 1935. Absolutely fantastic. Just what I wanted. Smooth as silk.

Always a pleasure, Bob (5/13/04)

I've been travelling the past several weeks, but have now had numerous chances to write with the M600. It writes wonderfully. I had wondered about the fine point, as opposed to the extra fine, which is closer, I suspect, to my vacumatics, but I am really liking the way the M600 writes with the current nib.

So I am happy, happy, happy. Thanks for being a source of dependable fountain pens in a world of uncertain consumer goods, including many "high-end" fountain pens!

all the best,

Michael (5/21/04)

I just received my new Pelikan M405. I want to thank you for your prompt and courteous service and most importantly for the excellent set-up of the pen.I took it out of the box, filled it with my favorite ink and it functioned perfectly. My grateful thanks!...David (5/4/04)

Hi Pat and John

...well firstly I need to give 100% to the USPS ! Sent 2 days ago from California, arrived before lunch here in England.....trust me, if you'd posted them in London they would not have arrived by now ..amazing !

Very pleased with both Pens (Ed: Sailor Naginata Togi and 1911 with Zoom nib) thank you....great service from you as well ! Filled both with PR Tanzanite and really happy..especiallly the Zoom nib 1911(I think I'm supposed to prefer the more expensive pen !)...that nib is great fun. ... The Togi too has been set just right (I'm no expert however!) and I will enjoy taking both on their first business rip, tomorrow in London and then Stockholm, Sweden on Monday....hopefully get some envious looks from colleagues !

Thanks again for such a great, friendly, personal and professional service...

All the best

SImon Burgess (5/6/04)

Just writing to let you know that I have received the M805 and it is truly a beautiful pen. I have already written a number of pages with it and am delighted with its size and flow.... Thanks again for all your help and amazing service. 

Just received the pen; immeidately inked. writing checks with it this afternoon. Tell John I am IN LOVE !!!!!! with this pen. Absolotely smooth and I can do a lot with it. BEAUTIFUL>>>>>just gorgeous writing. THANKS, again and again. VERY pleased. Nellie(4/28/04)

Pat, I got it! Even took my lunch late because I knew the UPS guy was in the building...Didn't hop up and down, but I did phone the mailroom about three times this morning. It's the best writer I have -- the reason I don't use anything but John's nibs anymore. Good thing I have about six of his nibs on my pens... I'm working on a couple pieces of fiction right now, and I'm planning on having this pen write the entire first draft of my novel. A dragon should be appropriate for that, don't you think? Thanks again! Mary(4/29/04)

Pat and John:
The 1911 with EF nib is terrific! The slightest touch puts ink on the page ... smooth, no skipping ... feels good in my hand; what else there to say? Oh well, Thank you!
George (4/29/04)

Dear Mr. Mottishaw, I've been writing with my M250 Pelikan with the M400 nib for the last two hours. So smooth, feels so good in my hand! Puts down a very nice line... you now have a loyal customer, soon as I can put some of my [limited] collection [remember I just started] together, I'll send them in for "nib work" smoothing, well you understand... Now I know the difference between a John Mottishaw Fountain Pen and what I thought was excellent...like day and night!.... Once again, thank you, thank you and thank you, Fred Ackerman(4/13/04)

"Pat -- Received the Sailor 1911 (Ed: Blue with EF nib) on Friday - excellent service as always. The pen is wonderful and perfect for using with Moleskine journal narrow lines. Thank you for again a pen that writes the first time exactly how I expected it to perform and continues line-after-line. I will include the Sailor 1911 in the article I am writing about Moleskine journals and of course will mention the Sailor and CFP. Thanks! -- Craig" (4/19/04)

Given the inherent ambiguity of language, no thinking person should expect to receive a nib that is ground exactly the way s/he tried to describe his/her preference. Miracle of miracles! You did it. Not only is the nib exactly what I had in mind, the pen is beautiful and the nib is smooth as silk. Many thanks. Fred (4/19/04)

There are people who can't charge more than they think is "justified," and then there are people who think their services are impossibly valuable. Definitely nicer people in the first category! From an economic standpoint, pen repairers ought to charge enough to keep the queues down, and the higher income would encourage other people to become repairers, too. More repairers would begin to offset the high prices and ultimately customers would be better off. Of course, John has a rare talent and probably could always charge more. Then you could hire someone to learn, and pay them more than peanuts. Obviously the market isn't working that way, so in the meantime, I'll... get in line. It isn't as though I will run out of pens to use :-). 
I'm off to teach an econ class. Maybe I'll use this as an example! 

Take care,
Kim (4/20/04)

I received the pens on Wednesday 4/7/04 and they are wonderful! The nib customizations are fabulous - Getting the stub retip on the 875 Sheaffer was quite amazing - and it is silky smooth. Thank you for your exceptional and prompt service! Thomas Scott (4/9/04)

John / Pat,

The OMAS has landed, the pen is a viewing pleasure. Pat you did not tell me the pen would glide across the page! Sweet. There is no effort from hand to paper. Barrel is larger than I thought would fit in my smaller hand, was pleasantly surprised how it did fit (this is a good thing). Will have to rethink pens sizes. The ink flow is wet & even under my light touch. Now I have a small idea why these pens are held in high regard. As always excellent workmanship and customer service. Looking forward to my next order, (next quarter... Sailor and/or VP w/nib in cursive italic? decisions to ponder).

All the best.

Thanks! (A.DeR., 4/12/04)

Dear John, Pat, Josh!

Last night I received the 14K single-tone Medium nib unit for my Pelikan
M400. The increased flexibility is exactly what I was hoping for! The flex is perfect for my everyday writing in the lab (I am a microbiologist) and around the office. One of the aspects I love about fountain pens is the ease with which they glide across the paper, no iron grip needed, and no cramps after half an hour. The nib you sent me is wonderfully smooth and responsive, a joy to use.

I very much appreciate your excellent work and the great service you
provide. Many thanks to your whole team!

Best wishes from a very happy new customer, Elke (4/13/04) 

I received the Namiki Falcon with the modified extra fine, extra flexible nib. First, thank you so much for such timely next-day service. Second, thank you for the outstanding nib. It is exeactly what I wanted, and it certainly performs like a great XF flexi!! Best of all, I am amazed at how smooth it is! I know that making an XF, extra flexible nib perform and be smooth is next to impossible, but you did it!! I am grateful.
Thank you again, John, Josh and Pat for providing me with an outstanding product and providing equally outstanding service.
Regards- Kirk H. Edelman (4/3/04)

All the nibs and pens have arrived ; and I have even pinched Pat's lovely emerald green ink; it has already drawn comment, from some judges and other divorce lawyers... I would like to express my appreciation at all the time Pat... took to assist in choice of pens and nibs. It seems that the 800 with B or BB - Pelikan, may be my staple. Will settle in before looking at stubs in some months time... Thanks again for all your time and assistance and care must be taken to ensure the ongoing survival of the John's craft skills which take me back to the time of guilds and groups of artisans in England some centuries ago.
Please feel free to use this as a testimonial should you so choose; however that was not its intended purpose,
Robert Cudlipp
Melbourne Australia (4/5/04)

The Omas arrived yesterday... Thank you very much. I don't think I have ever had a pen adjusted to the way I wanted it to write before. It's everything I had hoped it would be -- thick line, and lots of ink.
Thank you very much.
Father Robert Mock (4/1/04)

Dear John, Pat, Josh,

My shipment arrived yesterday afternoon, and I have to report that the work you have done has surpassed all expectations. The .4mm italic is wonderful -- quite sharp, yet also somehow smooth, even when pushing across the page. As for the needlepoint: while the ideal for me is a near-invisible line, this comes pretty close. Quite a change after using the 6x0 rapidograph; while it only took me about an hour to get a feel for it, it will probably take weeks, if not months or longer, to master the touch. But the advantages are already evident.... Thanks to all of you for your skill, and for your patience with my interminable questions about the job.... Sincerely, 
Peter Cressy 
p.s. Feel free to edit this message and tack it on to the endless webpage of positive feedback (4/1/04)

I'm quite pleased with my new Pelikan M805. As a jeweler, I certainly would rate this pen as flawless. Anyone buying or sending their pen elsewhere would be a fool.
Thank you ALL very much,
FrankC. Zener(4/1/04)

John, I received my Namiki VP nib today. It is fantastic. You made it half way between a stub and a cursive italic and I think it is perfect. It is incredibly smooth and my handwriting has improved greatly with this nib. Thanks for helping me figure out exactly what I wanted. I don't think I will ever buy another FP without a custom nib. Thanks! Dave Berke (3/15/04)

I received the Sailor today and have not been able to stop writing with it--and it's well past midnight here now! This is my first expensive pen, though I've been writing with fountain pens all my life. You folks did an absolutely wonderful prep on it. It's exactly what you discussed with me on the phone. The nib is like butter. The care and attention you folks showed me in my first purchase from you has won a loyal and repeat customer. I already am setting aside some money for my next one. Nice pens are really addictive!

Thank you very much indeed.

Paschall (3/16/04)

John et al.,

I've received the Aurora 88 Demo back from it's second trip. It looks like you guys worked out all the kinks! It now writes EXACTLY how I was hoping and you even managed to remove that squeeking sound from the nib/feed! I really couldn't ask for a more perfect cursive-italic. Adding that to the other two pens you have perfected, I must say I'm extremely impressed. I've done business with many other 'big-name' pen repair people, but the quality of communication and service you provide surpasses all my past experience by leaps and bounds. If I shall ever need a repair/customization in the future (which is almost indubitable), I most certainly know where to turn.

Thanks once again,
Wesley (3/17/04)

I'm going to send a couple of pens back with my dad (Ed: from Paris, France), to be sent to you, too. One that needs some repair attention and another couple to get the Mottification treatment. In the meantime, I'm so looking forward to experiencing the Wahl and the new Pelikan nib. (3/4/04) (Ed: in response to our request for permission to quote:) Be my guest. If the three of you went mountain climbing and got caught in your ropes, would that make you the dangling Mottifiers? --h (3/5/04)

Dear Pat,

Just wanted to say that I've been using and enjoying the M250. It writes beautifully. If the San Francisco writes like cream, the M250 writes like butter. I am very pleased. Am so sick of converters--maybe I should use Pelikans exclusively!

All best to you and John,

Elizabeth (3/11/04)

The pen arrived this morning, amazingly quickly. I'm really ecstatic with the way it writes. Thanks so much to you and Josh for troubling to pin down my preferences and for so perfectly implementing them. Every aspect--line width and crispness, thin/thick contrast, ink flow--is just as I'd hoped.
Marty (3/11/04)

"Hello John, Received the Sailor 1911 w/zoom nib and it was a great recommendation! The nib is smooth beyond description and is set up perfectly. I can't imagine a finer writing feel than this Sailor. Thanks so
much again for all your help and best regards, Howard Blumberg"(2/24/04)

You did an amazing job on my Omas! It is PERFECT!!! Thank you so much for working with me and getting the perfect nib for my work (Ed: an architect/draftsman's point: broad cross strokes, fine downstrokes). you are truly a blessing. Miguel Saucedo2/19/04

Hello John, Received the Sailor 1991 w/zoom nib and it was a great recommendation! The nib is smooth beyond description and is set up perfectly. I can't imagine a finer writing feel than this Sailor. Thanks so much again for all your help and best regards, Howard Blumberg(2/23/04)

HI John! Hi Pat!...

Just an "UPDATE" "UPDATE" on my Vaniship Point. Very simply, in my 42 years of casual Pen Collecting I have never had such a perfect daily writing experience than I have since I received my "Mottishized" pen... Frankly, the next "real" pen I purchase would only be from you.....maybe a Pellican beauty! Again, the entire experience has been rewarding and I look forward to my next purchase. Regards, Stan Goldstein (3/9/04)

"John -the Pelikan M250 you sent me surpasses all expectations. You leave me no choice but to write a gushing thank you note. This pen writes brilliantly well, and after more than a month of exclusive use I still can't put it down. Most of that is down to you acting on the answers to your expert questions posed at the time of the sale. It appears that all left-handers should order pens from you - what a difference. Many Thanks, Matt" (3/11/04)

(Ed: this was received as a snail-mail letter:) I wantd to write to you properly to say thank you for the excellent service I have received from you - it was a pleasure to deal with folks who took a real interest in now I write, rather than just wanting to sell a pen.

The red Pelikan M600 is wonderful, and filled with some of J. Herbin's Lierre Sauvage it leaves a wonderful line.... It feels like everythng a good pen should be..... Michael Mable(2/18/04)

(Ed: this arrived as a hand-written letter also:) I thought I would drop you a short note and let you see how your handy work has affected my pemnanship. All these years I thought I was a fine nib person. My first clue that I may be wrong was when Pat talked me into trying a vanishing point pen with a custom broad stub. I fell in love with it and felt an M800 Stub must be even better. This is definitely me. I can show ever so much more emotion in my writing and the stub glides across the paper smooth as silk. Yep! This is me ok. Keep up the good work, Don Smith(2/20/04)

Dear Mr.Mottishaw,
I just wanted to thank you in writing for the excellent work on the Namiki Vanishing Point. I am enjoying the pen immensly. It is quite frankly one of the best writing pens I have ever owned.
Best wishes and thank you again for the excellent work!
Anton Alerte(2/23/04)

I just received the Pelikan 250 stub. I like it. It takes a little getting used to, but I really like the character the different line widths impart to my writing style. Thanks for all your help and encouragement. 
Todd Thoman (1/26/04)

oh baby! what a mutha of a pen!! sho do luv dis one, too!!!! well tell the truth, will an omas let me down or put me in the stratOshpere. something 'bout those green celluloids... catch my eyes everytime. mmmmm, mmmm. and on a more serious note... thank you again.
john g. courtsunis (2/5/04)

Just wanted to let you know I received my modified Sailor (cursive italic) and I adore it. Now it REALLY sails!
Many thanks to you and John for your wonderful work,
Ann Massion (2/19/04)

Hi There 
I received my green 850 with the broad italic nib in November but as It was a birthday present it has only had one months daily use. I am so pleased with the way that it writes, it is just as I expected - only better.My clients at work often comment on my lovely pen.
here's a little ryme;-
Dear John,
You've fashioned my nib
In such a way
The flow of the ink 
Inspires me to say
" Just Write "
Please excuse the pun
Thanks again
Trevor Morton (2/1/04)

Thanks for the VP. It arrived in Britain on Thursday and at my doorstep yesterday. Typical UK post office sloppiness... But I musn't gripe. The pen is extremely nice in every way, and hasn't been out of my hand (which can be awkward at meal times). I'm glad you warned me about this model's inherent dryness, because I think I would have been disappointed. As it is, I really like
its writing qualities - it's only a little short of the ideal wetness for me, and absolutely great on most
papers. I'll be back for a Paragon in the near future (he said optimistically). I really wouldn't think of going elsewhere. Thanks for all your help, and best wishes. Martin Williams (2/3/04)

Hi Pat,

my pen just arrived!!!!
it's perfect, absolutly perfect!!!!!!

i've been writing, printing and sketching like crazy.
and it's smooth and silky on every angle!!! including upside down and
just awesome!!

thank you, and please thank John for a wonderful set up on my pen.

you guys are the best.


vic (2/4/04)

Hi John and Pat, I thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know how much I am enjoying my new Toledo!! The stub nib is exactly what I had in mind. It gives some character to my writing but it is not at all fussy or positional. The pen itself is beautiful, and that combined with the nib has made this my favorite pen ever. I could not be more pleased. Thanks very much!!Mary Levenson (1/29/04)

Dear Pat and John,
Oh my gosh! I just posted to the Zoss list about the wonderful work you did on my two, P51's. They are so smooth! I am anxious to put my grandfather's P51 into my rotation. I am 100% thrilled and satisfied with the work and service, thank you....
Kindest Regards,
Hunter (1/10/04)


Thank you so much for all you have done....and for all John did. I received the package on Wednesday afternoon and I don't know that I have put down my Sailor pen since. I absolutely love it. It is perfect for what I wanted to use it for and I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied.

Thank you all so much.

Mark (1/16/04)

(Ed: this arrived as a handwritten note:)

Thank you, the nib arrived today... I screwed (it) into my Black 600 and filled up with Midnight Blue. I an writing with the pen right now. I know for a fact this will be the most used Pelikan in my flock. I am very impressed at how the nib lays down ink, you got it totally right on. I think I will be buying my Pelikans and Omas through Classic Fountain Pens in the future. I will also be telling others about the pen and nib unit side of the business. Your reputation for nib repair need not be repeated. Again, thank you. Bill Smith (1/20/04)

."Hi Pat, This is Kane, who ordered Pelikan Souverän M250 last Thursday. First, thank you for processing the order so quickly. I received the pen only two days after (Saturday). It writes very well. The width of the nib and the amount of ink flow are just as I wanted. I mostly collect full-size fountain pens, and I did not realize until I tried M250 that standard-size pens (or a little bit smaller) are easy to hold and actually very comfortable. I like my new M250 a lot. Considering its quality and price, this is clearly the best pen that I have ever purchased. Thanks again. Kane" (1/20/04)

John and Pat,

The Pelikan arrived today and it is wonderful. I never would have chosen a stub for my foray into customized nibs without Pat's patient advice, and I'm so glad that I did. The write is smooth and even, but with significantly more character than a regular medium nib. The ink flow is immediate, but without soaking the paper. You can be sure you'll be hearing from me again when the time comes to further my collection.

Thanks again,

Russell Heath(12/12/03)

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