Nib Tuning

Unless otherwise requested, every fountain pen and nib unit we sell is carefully examined, filled with ink, tested on paper, and then optimized for the individual writing characteristics and preferences of the writer before it is cleaned and shipped. We take care to make sure that the fountain pens you buy from us will not just be beautiful to look at, but will also serve you for enjoyable day after hand writing.

Optimization Or Customization?

This set up and optimization, sometimes referred to as nib tuning or nib adjustment, is provided free with every pen and nib unit purchased from us. It is different from nib customization, a service we provide at added cost. Nib customization is designed to modify a nib or nib point, usually with the intent of providing added line width variation while writing. Set up and optimization, on the other hand, is designed to simply make sure that the nib writes correctly in the manner intended by the manufacturer.

What Retail Stores Can't Offer

Most retailers, whether online or bricks and mortar, sell fountain pens out of the box, without any examination or testing. Even some of the best-known fountain pen manufacturers are known to sometimes (or even frequently) ship pens with poorly aligned nibs, scratchy tipping points, and other annoying but correctable flaws. Small defects like these can make what would otherwise be a wonderful everyday writing instrument into nothing more than a costly desk ornament.

Your Writing Characteristics and Preferences

With years of experience, we can optimize a pen for your usage on the basis of the information we gather from just a few questions. We ask whether you are right or left handed, and if you tend to use light, medium, or heavy pressure while writing. We will also ask you if, when a pen is writing correctly with no skipping, you tend to prefer a standard medium ink flow, or something on the dryer or wetter side of the ink flow spectrum.

If you are purchasing a pen as a gift or are not sure how to answer some of these questions, don't worry - setting up a pen for a right-handed writer using medium pressure and a medium ink flow will almost always result in a pen that works well for most users.

Left-Handed Writers

If you are left-handed, we will have a couple more questions for you - whether you are an over- or under-writer, and a hooking, pushing, or pulling writer. Don't worry if you're not certain - our left-handed writers page has photos, and you can choose the writing style depicted that most closely matches your own.

Complimentary Readjustments If Needed

The subtle adjustments we can make to the nib and feed will help maximize the potential for your pen or nib unit to be writing superbly for you from the moment you receive it. However, different inks, papers, and even weather conditions can affect how your pen works for you - you can always send a recently purchased pen or nib back to us for a complimentary readjustment if necessary.

Back in the Box

Once the testing and optimization process is completed, your pen is thoroughly cleaned, dried, and returned to its original packaging, indistinguishable from any other brand new pen. But if you are a collector who wants pens that have never been inked, or simply do not want this testing and optimization done for any reason, we are happy to waive this service for you.

Eliminating the Guesswork from Pen Purchases

Taking advantage of our set-up and optimization services helps eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty from your fountain pen purchases. Tuning a pen to the needs of the individual user insures that your investment in a quality fountain pen will provide for an excellent writing experience far into the future. Have more questions? Ready to place an order? Don't hesitate to call us at (323) 655-2641, or e-mail us at [email protected].