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We do sometimes take pens and nibs in trade for store credit or cash. We will usually only accept pens and solid gold nibs with a resale value above $100. We have a particular interest in acquiring rare vintage pens and contemporary high-end brands. Our primary focus is on fountain pens. We are not interested in ballpoints, rollerballs, or mechanical pencils.

If you have pens or nibs you would like to offer to us in trade, please submit details via the form here. You must log in or create an account in order to use this form. We will contact you with instructions on how to send us your items for full evaluation if they are of interest.

While the base trade-in value we will be able to offer you for your pen will be roughly half of what you might be able to receive if you try to sell it yourself on the retail market, the advantage of dealing with us is that we will make you a firm, fair offer which you can either accept or reject. We can also provide a twenty percent bonus over the base trade-in value if you choose to take store credit rather than a check.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at or at (323) 655-2641.