Stored when not in use?

Store Pens Empty And Protected

If you are not going to be using your fountain pen for an extended period of time, be sure to empty it of ink and clean it to avoid having dried ink clog the feed mechanism - see our Pen Maintenance page for more details. Pen pouchescases, and display chests provide protection against mishaps and are often prized possessions in their own right. The original presentation box a pen shipped in can often be a good choice for extended storage as well.

Traveling With A Filled Pen

Though most modern fountain pens do not easily leak, if you are travelling or just going about your everyday business with a filled pen, store or carry it with its point up whenever possible - the clip on a fountain pen is of course designed to allow for pens to be carried tip up in a shirt pocket.

If flying, changes in air pressure and temperature can cause the volume of ink to change - see our page on flying with a fountain pen for more suggestions.. When stored nib up, there is less chance that ink will rise up into the cap. Even when not travelling, filled pens should be stored point up whenever possible.

Safe Storage

Store your pens in a cool, dry place, and avoid any location subject to extremes of hot or cold or that are exposed to direct sunlight. With a little careful care, your fountain pen can be kept safe and ready for a return to service even when not in everyday use. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at (323) 655-2641 or [email protected] - we're happy to help.

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