Japanese Fountain Pens

Japanese fountain pens have become internationally known for combining style, value, and exceptional writing qualities. While those new to the world of quality fountain pens may be more familiar with European names such as Montblanc or Pelikan, or with classic American legacy companies such as Parker and Waterman, Japanese pen manufacturers, many in business for a hundred years or more, have along established themselves as every bit the equal of their overseas counterparts.

This attention to quality begins with the nib. With a centuries-long tradition of calligraphy and scribal art, Japanese manufacturers pay particular attention to the nib as the most important element of any fountain pen. And while almost all European manufacturers now source their nibs from outside their own company, the Japanese brands we carry -Nakaya, PlatinumPilot-Namiki, and Sailor - all take pride in the in-house creation of their solid gold nibs.

Nakaya Portable in Shu

Pens produced include affordable entry-level models such as the Platinum 3776Sailor Sapporo and 1911 Mid-Size, and Pilot Custom 74Falcon Resin, and Stargazer series pens. Dependable mid-line series pens, featuring larger sizes and sometimes greater ink capacities, include the Platinum PresidentSailor Pro Gear and 1911 Full-Size, and Pilot Metal Falcon. Beyond this point, precious materials and hand-painted finishes begin to take precedence. Nakaya's extraordinary hand-finished Urushi pens are made from durable hand-turned ebonite hard rubber - offerings range from solid colors to layered tame-nuri finishes to intricate Maki-e designs. Utilizing artisanal production techniques and available through only a handful of retailers worldwide, these Nakaya fountain pens offer tremendous value, as well as an exceptional focus on combining unique design with superb writing qualities.

Sailor Pro Gear in Black with Gold Trim

Urushi painting and Maki-e designs are also available in the Platinum Maki-e, Namiki YukariYukari Royale, and Emperor series pens, as well as in Sailor's Limited Edition and King of Pen series writing instruments. Urushi and Maki-e are also the main focus of California-based Danitrio, a unique fusion of Asian, American, and European influences - Danitrio pens are designed in America, hand-finished in Japan, and feature high-quality European nibs.

Danitrio Genkai Bats by Hironobu

Innovation and excellence in Japanese pen manufacturing produces everything from the Pilot Vanishing Point, which matches the ease of ballpoint pens by featuring a one-click retractable nib unit, to Nakaya's natural wood Briarwood pens, to Sailor's extraordinary specialty nibs, which emulate the brush strokes of Japanese calligraphy through unique hand-crafted 21k nib units which can be seen as works of art in their own right.

Platinum Maki-e President

Whether you're looking for an everyday writing instrument, an exceptional gift item, or an elaborate hand-painted Maki-e pen, the Japanese brands we carry offer a wide variety of choices. And when you purchase from us here at nibs.com, you know that the pen you receive will not just be beautiful to look at, but will also be tested and tuned and ready to provide you with the best writing experience possible.

Pilot Custom 74 in Blue Tint

Feel free to browse our product pages, where you will find in-depth information and images for the many Japanese fountain pens we carry. When you're ready to order, you can order online, call us,  or order by e-mail. If you still have questions, or would simply like to be guided through the process of choosing a pen, just contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (323) 655-2641. We'll be looking forward to hearing from you...

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