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December 30th

December 8th

The pen arrived today: fast delivery;  layered packaging, exquisite in every element. The pen, itself, is elegant functional art. It also truly exudes the warmth you talk about in your catalog description. The wood, the grain, the finish! This particular pen out of your stock that you've sent this way has a great aura; it casts a very nice, sensuous spell. It's good to be in its presence--in much the same way I would say to the artisan(s) who made it, "it's good to be in your presence."  The nib is beautifully rendered. I've yet to dip it.

Incidentally, I'm now writing with the pen. The 'feel' of the nib is sublime, really. The touch the pen elicits from me is so feather-light and delicate that the smooth, judicious, dependable flow of ink issuing forth from the nib and feed always comes with amazement. Fountain pen writing wins its spirituality with the instrument you make, fine-tune, and market. You (Mr. Mottishaw? Each of you?) seem to give high place to intrinsic values infused throughout your work.  My pen is the harmony of instrumental and intrinsic  good. Right now I look at it, and hold it, and use it just for the sake of the joy that happens.

Peace, Tom Slaughter 

December 2nd

Dear Mr. Mottishaw:

Just opened the package, wrote a few lines with the Sailor 1911 Realo you customized (cursive italic) for me, and I had to stop right away to let you know what a fantastic job you did with this nib! Certainly this is the best fountain pen I ever had, writing like silk, right from the beginning. I do hope to collect some pens and will ask you to customize nibs for me, as I have seen how much better my writing can be with the wonderful work you do.

Thank you! Arlene Sanders

November 23rd

Good evening kind pen experts, 

I've been writing with the Neo Standard for the last few days. I'm extremely happy with it. It's the all-purpose medium italic I wanted, and as smooth and easy to use as any I've had. The cross line is fine enough for tiny writing, and plenty of line variation - like a full italic. I've been writing with it as fast as I can, and all day, and get no skipping, no missing, yet it's not overly wet.You've done a brilliant job on this nib. Thank you very much. The Neo Standard fit's my hand so well, it's so nice and light, the engraved texture has such a nice tactile feel, and the pen is just beautiful. And with such a good all-around nib I'll be keeping this one inked every day.

Best wishes, Craig

October 20th
I was in the local pharmacy the other day, signing prescription slips with my small Eboya and then making a short shopping list while the woman behind the counter was serving someone else. When she returned to serve me she said, "Ooooh, you've got lovely writing." I picked up the biro from the counter and wrote a couple of things with that - it was to all intents illegible. I answered, "it's not my writing that's good, it's the pen which makes it so." It was at that point that I realised that had I not bought a fountain pen four years ago (a Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Chevron with Medium nib - a short stop-over at Kuala Lumpur airport) in order to satisfy a long-felt urge to have a good fountain pen, then I wouldn't have caught the bug that has allowed me to continue experimenting with the art of writing. The corollary of this, I now realise, is that had I not had a number of very good quality at my disposal at the time I had my stroke then I would probably have found writing of any kind an unbearable, thankless chore. As it is, it is one of the great pleasures of my life.

This is is no small way thanks to the great contribution that John, Micheal, Patrick, [Laurence], Missy and others have made to encourage, assist and support my hopes and wishes. You have been a very significant part of my life during the past four years and it delights me too that my dear daughter Amy has joined me on this path of discovery.

Tim Crosby

October 10th


September 14th

June 24th
To John and staff at CFP.

I have been writing with my latest pen from CFP, a Sailor Pro Gear 2 Realo, for a couple of weeks now. I must congratulate John once again on a job well done! As always, his nib work is top notch. The oblique customization is performing wonderfully. The pen itself is a very nice looking example of what Sailor has to offer. Simply beautiful.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Always, a return customer,

June 14th
Hi Michael,

I received my pen yesterday and it is perfect! Please pass on my sincerest gratitudes to the nibmeister who worked on my nib. John's apprentice did a phenomenal job and I really appreciate everything you guys have done to get my pen in working order (and quickly too!).

Frank R.

April 22nd
My Nakaya Hannya Shinkyo pen arrived a few days ago, and it is magnificent. The craftsmanship of the pen body is superb: the brushed characters take on a gorgeous luster in the light, as if underwater. John's .65 cursive italic writes as smoothly and effortlessly as a stub, but creates the clean, sharp lines of an italic--a really wonderful nib. I sold off a few nice pens to finance this purchase, and am thrilled I made that decision. Thanks again for such excellent quality and service!

David S, Maryland

April 19th

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