June 26th

I wanted to thank you for contacting me with advice before filling this order. I am very, very happy with the Medium Fine Soft and the excellent Cursive Italic customization you performed. After using the pen (Nakaya Long Cigar Aka-tamenuri), I know you were right that the fine nib would not have given me the performance that I wanted, and this certainly does. The pen itself is beautiful and fits my hand exactly as I want.

Thank you,
John L.


April 17th

Just a word to say thank you for your fast and quality service. I received my Visconti Homo Sapiens yesterday and it is a beauty that writes like nothing else.
Thanks again, and hope to do business we you again.
Mark Prentice

September 16th

August 25th

August 18th

Thank you John,

My new M 1000 arrived and I have started writing with it. The nib is a joy to use so I must thank you for your customization. You have now prepared a Cursive Italic nib and a Left Oblique nib for me and these are the two smoothest and best nibs in my fountain pen collection.

You have every justification for pride in the work you produce.

Yours in appreciation

August 17th

To the team of Classic Fountain Pens,

I write to you in order to express my gratitude. I've received the pen I orderd and it is more beautifully than the photographs on your website sugested. Its aglow with a fire I never thought possible from wood. And also a wetness to it, as thought it were recently drenched in water. I'd liken it to the brilliant fires and cool waters of a diamond. 

I showed it to my coworkers, and they expressed their admiration at its beauty, and bewilderment when I revealed its price. Not everyone can appreciate a fine pen, when so many cheap variations are so readily available, but I like to think that for a moment they imagined what it would be like to delve into the world of fountain pens. They've asked to write with it, which I refused, because of its modification, which I have yet to try out, and will when I get home. 

I am glad I came across your site after having had desired a personal fine writing instrument for many years, this is truly something I will cherish for as long as I live! 

With warmest regards, 


July 24th


I recently purcahsed a Pelikan M1000 from you with a Broad nib customized into a stub, and I have to say, you really nailed exactly what I asked for. The nib is absolutley exquisite, it writes exactly as I asked for: smoother that I beleived possible and with the perfectly wet, juicy flow I wanted. I couldn't be happier with my purcahse, thank you so very much for creating my dream pen and nib. The shipping was quick and the pen was pacakged great. Will definitley be a return customer! 

Thanks again, Nick

July 3rd

June 28th

June 20th

I want to pass along my thanks to John or whoever on his staff repaired my MB 149. I received it a couple of months ago and it has been worknig flawlessly after a long life of problems. I was prepared to retire it after years of frustration and no results with other pen repair professionals but now it is my aily use pen. 

Marc Y.

June 20th


May 24th

Just wrote with the pen for the first time since the tune-up. Awesome! This is how it should've been writing since it was new. I will never buy a pen off the shelf again, regardless of price. The tuning is a necessity. 

Thanks again, Scott

April 20th

Diane F.

April 19th

Thank you for sending my order for a Pilot Falcon EF nib with extra flex SO promptly! It hasn't been out of my hands since it arrived last week. It's pefect. It's wonderful. The nib suits my handwriting to a T and a P and a Q...For the first time in my life I've met a pen that magically encourages me to write in my own true hand - one I'd never had the chance to meet before. I draw with it, journal with it, write grocery lists with it and even, unbelieveably, that you notes. Although not this one, because I wanted to get my thanks to you faster than Canadian mails presently allow.

Thank you again for creating such a fabulous writing expereince and a most excellent, fine, happy, and playful pen nib.


Olwyn M.


April 8th

February 12th


January 30th

Dear Mr. Mottishaw , 

I wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly delighted with my Pilot Custom 912 with Spencerian nib modification. I love everything about the pen, and the modified nib is a dream, it far exceeds my wildest expectations. 

I've got my eye on a couple more of the pens listed on your website. You'll be hearing from me soon with another order. 

I truly respect and appreciate your superlative skills as a Nib Master and the exemplary customer service provided by you and your staff. Michael (I think that's his name) was particularly helpful when I called with questions when I placed my order.  Keep up the good work!

Warm regards,

William Douglas

January 18th

Hi, Shep!

Just wanted to let you know that everything has actually turned out great.  I tried a different ink in that Aquamarine Pelikan with the M405 Stub nib that y’all ground for me, and now it’s writing like a champ.  It just needed a wetter ink.  I previously had a Diamine ink in it, and now it has an Iroshizuku, so it’s writing smoothly and beautifully.  It’s one of the nicest stubs I’ve ever used.  I’ve learned recently that a different ink can make a BIG difference in how a pen writes, so this just illustrated it further to me. 

I wanted to also let you know that yesterday I received the Platinum Century Nice that I asked y’all to grind into a stub for me.  I didn’t think it was possible, but this pen writes even BETTER than the previous nib I got from you!  Of course, it’s only marginally better, because they’re both fantastic, but I am super pleased with this newest stub nib that you’ve ground for me.  And the pen is just drop-dead beautiful; I’ve been lusting after this pen for quite a while.  

I’m very pleased that I have found in your company a place where I can buy my “grail” pens and also have them customized.  I’ve been looking for that for a long time.  I plan to make most (if not all) of my fountain pen purchases through your company in the future.  

Thank you from a completely satisfied customer.


January 17th

My pen arrived today! And all I have to say is.............

Wow, I have only spent this much on a fountain pen once before... but I have been on a hunt for the perfect flex pen at a reasonable price... and while I know that there are probably antique Waterman's, etc., that may rival and/or beat the flexibility of this pen, nothing I have found can beat this on quality and price. I love Pilot pens overall and I think they are generally of excellent quality... 

That being said, the Spencerian Customization on the Custom 912 FA is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. I own a Pilot Custom 912 PO nib which is the only other pen in my collection that matches the hairline I can get consistently with this pen. And the line variation is out of this world. No other modern flex pen even comes close. I do own a Pilot Custom 742 FA without any customization and until today I thought it was probably the best modern flex available, but I am honestly beside myself right now. This pen is AMAZING. 

My only question is: how long can I expect this thing to perform this well? I am very careful not to over-flex it. Assuming an average or below-average amount of use (I have a lot of pens after all), will this thing get worn out? If so, I want to look into stocking up... I don't know how long Mr. Mottishaw will be doing these custom grinds and how long Pilot will keep this pen in production, but I want to have it around for the rest of my life...

Seriously, thank you guys for making the product I've been dying for,

Tom Atkinson

January 2nd

Dear Nibs.com:

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with an order I received from you recently.  I ordered a Pelikan M405 nib, 14K, and asked you to make it into a stub.  I requested several characteristics, which were all accomplished with flair and precision.

The nib is just as wet as I asked, a little more than medium, and not too sharp, as I requested.  It’s smooth, with just enough feedback, and it is a joy to write with.  I put in onto my Aquamarine Pelikan M205 and inked it up with De Atramentis 225 Years US Constitution.  And that little stub nib has that ink shading all over the place!  I am super pleased with my nib.  It has turned my M205 into the grail pen that I had imagined it could be.  Of course, the nib cost more than the pen, but the nib is the soul of the pen, so that really doesn’t matter.  It has become one of my favorite pens; right up there with the best I have, and I do have a few really nice pens.

Please pass this on to the person responsible for this nib.  I think they should be complimented on the excellent job they did.  

I will use your service again.  Thank you for your excellent work on my beautiful stub nib.


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