Testimonials Archive 2002

(Ed: this arrived as a hand-written note)

If I could, I would sign this with musical notes - my song of praise for your wonderful work yet again. Instead, consider this a lot of hum...

Thanks again... Elliot (Abemayor, 12/14/02)

The pen arrived today. You guys are magicians. It writes better than ever - truly. The flow and feel is great. A joy to use....

Thank you so much.

Karen (Sikorski, 12/12/02)

Dear John:

I wanted to let you know that I received the pens today. I have to say that the quality of your work is of the highest caliber and you exceeded my expectation in every regard. Back when my son was a toddler, he bent the nib on the Parker Royal Challenger. I thought that it was beyond repair and that it would find its final resting place in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. A local pen shop took the first stab at the repair and the result was what you saw- a bubble on the nib and an ink flow that left blotches on the paper.

I am delighted that I found your company on the internet. You absolutely made the pen look like new, and the writing quality is spectacular.

I have to admit that I had reservations about sending the pens (especially the Parker) to a complete stranger across the internet. I don't know if you recall, but I sent you an email outlining my concern with doing so and you sent a reply that made me feel at ease. Furthermore, you set the expectation on delivery at the outset. You informed me of the backlog in your workflow and because you informed me, I was fine with it. The end result was that you had the pens back to me about 90 days before I expected. I am in sales management and you did what I always tell my team; "undercommit and overachieve."

To wrap this up, I just wanted to restate my extreme satisfaction with my dealings with your company and with the quality of your work. You obviously take a great deal of pride in what you do and how you do business. My best wishes for continued success. There is no doubt in my mind that your other customers feel as I do.

Best Regards,

Steve Blais (12/6/02)

John et al,

Not only is the Madrid Pelikan lovely to hold and see, it writes beautifully!

After years of writing with balky, crabby pens that leaked and dragged fibers from the paper, it is such a pleasure to have such silky cooperative nibs. Thank you for again working your magic to improve and refine another fine writing instrument.


Karen (LaFleur, 11/22/02)

As usual, the pens you sent are spectacular. I am convinced that my entire pen budget should go to you to improve my existing pens! Thanks again. I look forward to sending you more.

Barbara (Schone, 11/21/02)

dear john and pat,
took the B&E for a test-drive today.
smooth and fine.
everything it never was before.
very, very happy to have my favorite pen back.
i'm truly grateful for your work!
all best,
kevin (Kreiger, 11/20/02)


The three pens are a joy to behold, be held, and be written with. Thank you.

Alan(Ziegler, 11/18/02)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for..... my new Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen. As a former customer service manager - I know that customers are constantly looking for merchants who will listen and respond.... Other(s) should take lessons from you. The fine/stub nib is great, as is the "drier" inkflow. Well worth the investment.


Tim Vaughan (10/30/02)

Dear Mr. Mottishaw,

The Namiki Vanishing Point pen, two spare converters, and Namiki ink arrived safely. Thank you very much.

My first thought when seeing the new VP pen style in catalogues was skepticism. I thought the old, simpler style was about as simple & functional as one could hope for in a design. It has been my everyday pen for more than ten years. But, I was wrong. The new style is larger, as you said, and fits more comfortably in the hand- the lack of ridges is much easier on the inside of the middle finger for extended writing.. The extra weight, due to the new body, seems to ease writing. The Blue Carbonesque and Raden finishes are added bonuses. The new, twist converter seems to hold more ink....

Thank you for narrowing the medium nib, and improving the ink flow. Now the pen glides across the paper, and my grip is lighter on the pen.

The stub nib you made for me a few moths ago is a real joy to use. It took me quite some time to become accustomed to its virtues.

You have increased what had been a modest affliction for fountain pens, and perceived idiosyncrasy by others, into a full blown virus.

Thank you again,

Ivan Keesey

P.S. Do you fix cars? I have an old Saab....... (10/29/02)

It's beautiful. I've missed it but it was certainly worth the wait.

You guys are FANTASTIC. I'll dance at weddings, buy you all coffee, sing your praises anywhere, anytime.

Thank you a thousand times over!

John Ben (Sutter, 10/23/02)

The pen arrived today, in perfect order. It writes beautifully. Maybe I will learn not to buy fountain pens from concerns other than John. They all end up going to him anyway, be it for repair or tune up. The man is a genius.

Again, thank you very much.

PS: could you stop making such an attractive web site, full of wonderful pens? No, I hope not.


Bill (Senn, 10/16/02)

I received the pens about two weeks ago. I moved recently and life is still less than organized, especially the pen part of it. I inked the jade Duofold. Well what can I say... I know why I am always willing to wait for John and Greg's wonderful work. It writes a wonderfully wet fine line. I do not particularly like fine lines except when they are smooth and wet which this one is. They have made a pretty but poor writing pen into a pretty desirable writer. I will be using this pen more often than I had due to their wonderful work..... Thanks for the sheer artistry.

Sincerely yours,

Ray (Okoniewski, 10/15/02)

I received my repaired Pelikan M800 the other day and have been enjoying it. Its amazing how far a pen can go downhill without one realizing it. The repairs and particularly the nib modifications are just great. I didn't realize just how flexible a nib could be made. This writes as smooth as silk. The same is true for the medium italic nib. This one is just fun to write with. All in all, its better than when the pen was new. My final thought is that while I own and have tried a lot of fountain pens, there is simply nothing like a good Pelikan.

Thank you. Robert St. Claire, 10/11/02

What can I say? Thank you, thank you. I am now in possession of a very rare bird indeed: an XF stub! It's just wonderful. I've been writing  with it for several days now, and the ink flow is just amazing--esp. given the tiny tip that must deliver it to the paper. Additionally, it is very smooth--again, esp. given the tiny tip. But, most of all, it fits my tiny script perfectly. The only funny thing is that I am now using this big, beautiful pen to take notes--not sign my name or write letters (where I use a broader nib so that others can see what I've penned). But hey, that's what I do the most of anyway.

The only additional praise I can think of is: It was definitely worth the wait! (Playful AND true.)

Thanks yet again for your wonderful work.... Take care.

Eric (Warshaw, 10/9/02)

Hi John, hi Pat.

What can I say? The Namiki Raden VP arrived today, and... well, it was like the restaurant scene from When Harry Met Sally. Now I've calmed down a bit, I'm coherent enough to say that this is absolutely the perfect nib, exactly what I wanted. And it's the prettiest pen I've ever seen. Right now, I'm not sure whether to write with it or just worship it for a while. I haven't been this excited about the contents of a parcel since I was a kid!

Many, many thanks. I don't know how you did it, given the limited and imprecise information that I gave you, but you did. Brilliant!

With very best wishes

Karen Traviss (10/4/02)

My PCA pen with your nib work arrived today. I should really have written a proper note of thanks with the pen, however I am way too anxious to share my elation with you.

I am almost at a complete loss of words to properly express how happy I am with the way the pen writes. I am finally in possession of a pen that is exactly what I want. The pen looks great and the nib write with an ease and style that exceeds my expectations.

I cannot tell you the number of pens I have ordered which look great in my display cabinet but are an utter disappointment once the nib meets the paper. In fact, last week I received a Parker Cisele with a medium italic nib which I had hoped would be what I was looking for. Unfortunately it is another writing disaster. The nib bleeds ink across the page, spreading and feathering it to the point where the writing is devoid of any style and almost illegible. When that occurred I began to feel that maybe I had made a mistake having you cut the PCA's nib into a medium stub. I tried to bolster my confidence by remembering the many testimonials on your web site, including some from executives of pen manufacturing companies.

Obviously upon inking the pen and putting the nib to paper my fears vanished and your work has made me quite a happy man this morning. I arose at 3:30 AM to catch a 5:40 flight back to Chicago and have been dragging myself through the day until the pen arrived. I have a boring conference call in about an hour but I am looking forward to taking many, many notes.

I am so very glad I found your website and have finally come across people who understand what the writing experience is all about.

Many, Many Thanks,

Randy Ferris (9/27/02)

Dear Mr. Mottishaw...

This is just a quick note of thanks for the lovely nib for my Vanishing Point pen.... It is exactly what I hoped it might be and precisely to my liking!

Thanks... for the immediate understanding of my needs and the remarkably quick service.

I’m looking forward to working with you again.


Jon Aase(9/19/02)

Pat / John,
I received the Parker 51 Demi with BB nib over the weekend.
I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the pen and especially of the nib!!! I can't describe how much I am satisfied with this pen. It fits my writing style just right and the ink flow is perfect.
Thank you so much for the excellent service and buying experience.

Brian Lee
Plainsboro, NJ

Dear Pat & John,

I felt like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" as I was almost running around yelling, "my pens have arrived, my pens have arrived."

After yearning for a Parker Senior Duofold for more years than I care to admit, the Big Red arrived safely today. I filled it almost immediately, but I had to fondle it for a few minutes first. It is a dee-light to use. Very, very smooth. It is odd something more than 70 years old can give one such pleasure. Planned obsolescense wasn't part of the business plan at Parker at that time.

What a differance from the Esterbrook I first purchased back in 1973.

The new Namiki Stub nib is a treat. Smoother than the medium nib I replaced it with, and the ink flow allows for a much lighter touch.

I plan to get another Namiki from you, the Blue Carbonesque, later this fall. I believe they are the best everyday pen made and have been using one for more than ten years.

Do you fix autos as well? I have an old Saab . . . .

Many thanks,

Horace Keesey IV (8/29/02)


Got the nibs yesterday, and both are just swell! I'm mailing my son's Parker off to him today, and I know he's going to love having it back.
The fine grind you folks did on the Parker International medium nib is exactly the size I hoped for, and I'm tickled pink with it. Thanks very much for your prompt service and excellent craftsmanship- both are rare commodities these days. More nibs in need of repair will follow shortly.

Mike Stanger (8/17/02)

Hi, The pens arrived today, and just in time for me to take them home and dip test them during my lunch break. I can only say one thing: Wow! The nib on the Sheaffer looks fantastic, I can hardly believe its the same nib, the one that used to look like crumpled tin foil. And it writes so smoothly, just gliding and flexing across the page. Same goes for the Waterman. I love the older pens with flex nibs for personal correspondence, especially around the holidays. Already I'm trying to decide who should get the first letter. Gosh, I may even need to brush up on my handwriting a little. Thanks again, I'm very happy with the work.

Best Regards,

Ansel (Olson. 8/12/02)

Hi, John & Pat - just to say am really enjoying this pen very much - I have had a variety of Parkers: Duofold, slimfold, 75, Schaeffers, Mont-Blanc, Waterman, Conway Stewart..... but the Pelikan (ed. note: an M600) is the best, the nicest feel and weight. The fill mechanism feels good, the pen feels good in the hand, it looks good, it's well built, the nib unit looks sturdy and looks right - most of all it writes right... if you see what I mean.

I've never had a Pelikan before but I'm a convert now. I've never had a customised nib before either but Now I will - every time!!!

Thanks again

David (Wight, U.K., 8/10/02)

Dear John,

Thank you for another outstanding job! The Omas is perfect! It's as if you were reading my mind. And that Waterman #7 - Wow!! With these two pens I could almost give up collecting and be a happy writer forever!

Thanks, again,

Terry (Clark, in a penned letter, July, 02)

It arrived in perfect condition yesterday morning... (ed: a Pelikan M800)... The pen balances perfectly; the ink flows perfectly; the line is a perfect italic cursive (within the writer's limits); the nib glides smooooooooothly. No problems with up strokes. As we say here in England, "it's not bad". Then I had a look in the Oxford English Dictionary.

motti-shaw, verb transitive. To take common materials and to transmute them into precious objects; to make perfect.

motti-fact, noun, An object created to be totally fit for its purpose.

mott-astic, -acious, adjective. Having qualities of perfection.

motti-, prefix. The form denoting an object in its perfect condition, as in motti-car, a perfect form of transport.

Perhaps that explains it... I've just got me a motti-pen!

Thank you very much.
Tom Piercy(with, we trust, his tongue firmly planted in his cheek) (7/9/02)

I got the pens today, and they are awsome! :) way better than what I was expecting. The widths of the medium and Xfine are perfect, and they feel great; very comfortable! Be sure to thank John for his groovy work on the extra fine nib!!

Thanks again,

Cassidy(Scott, 7/8/02)

The big boy arrived safely! The infamous M(iles)-1000 is now inked and goes with me everywhere!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot say that enough! The pen is fantastic! You did a great job. Now, I can use it without the "river of ink" it used to lay down. And what's even better, with the flex of the nib, I still can put down a "river" if I want to!

Again, thank you for the fantastic work!

Miles (Turner, 6/29/02)

I've had some fairly expensive modern fountain pens in my collection in times past, including a MB Lorenzo and a Hemingway. Until today, however, I had no clue a fountain pen could write so well and feel so good on paper. THANK YOU!!

Needless to say, I received the Pelikan broad, stub nib today, and I brought the pen with me to work this morning just in case it arrived. I filled the pen with the Herbin ink I received in the mail yesterday, and I am a very, very pleased customer. What a difference Mottishization does to a nib!

Kudos to you guys down there! I am truly amazed.

Trent (Amonette, 5/16/02)

I wanted to let you know that I have received the pen and just now have gotten to test drive it. I had to get used to writing with this nib before I was able to get the writing to flow uninterrupted. Now I am so very happy. Finally, I have a pen that I can use for the purpose that I had initially intended it for. Again, your craftsmanship has brought out an instrument to be used and not placed in a drawer only to be forgotten. Sometimes I can just imagine what my estate sale will be like. :-)

Best regards,

Ed (Estoye, 5/15/02)

Thank you for sending my new Namiki Falcon fountain pen, with a soft fine nib. I received it exactly on time. I didn't know that a pen could write
so smooth, yet with a very fine, flexible line. I love it......it's like having an artist's sable brush in a nib!
Never have I experienced the level of service and the meticulous care that your company has provided during this purchase. You have my business for life.

Steve Meunier (5/13/02)

The pens arrived here as expected yesterday... I am absolutely stunned, each one is absolutely perfect, exactly what I had wanted. I cannot really praise them highly enough. My only regret is that I can’t use either one in an email. Anyway, very many thanks again, it was a pleasure dealing with you and I am very glad we could get all this accomplished via email and am just simply blown away by the craftsmanship that went into the customizations I ordered – it’s easily of the highest order. Next year, probably at about this time or slightly earlier, I hope to be able to order two more.

Great job! All the best.

Mick Clarke(5/10/02)

The pen arrived back last evening. The conversion from broad to med stub nib is perfect. It writes exactly the way I had hoped -- very smooth, very consistant, just the right ink flow. You did a great job! I can now enjoy a pen which I thought would never be of much use. 
Thanks for the prompt service and friendly communication.
Best regards,
Dale Feist (5/3/02)


Thank you so much for smoothing out the M800 EF flexible nib for me--the nib now draws like its silky twin. I've never drawn with a nib so responsive as these two ultra-flex nibs you've made for me.... I don't know of anybody anywhere who is doing the kind of work you do.

You say on your web site that you are a "lapsed metal sculptor." "Lapsed"?--or simply working in a new medium? By my lights, the magic you work on little bits of gold--coaxing them to talk and sing with ink--embodies the highest ideals of both craft and art.

Thanks again...

Dale Roberts
Asheville, NC (5/2/02)

The pen arrived last Thursday.... After writing with it for several hours I can say unequivocally that it’s perfect! Once again you amaze and spoil me by letting me have exactly what I wanted.

Take care. Thanks,

Lelan (McLemore, April 21, 02)

To: John Mottishaw
Subject: They Arrived and We are in Hog Heaven

Thank you for all your work - John on the pens and Pat to keep up with us. :) The pens are all wonderful and we have already begun to show them off on a regular basis. People really are amazed at the difference between a plain old nib and a MOTTISHAWED nib. Even non-pen collectors can tell the difference and are duly impressed. My 360 ink is flowing just the way I like it too, smooth and free. Ahhhh. And Arvin's two are just as he likes them too. Thank you so much!

Ann & Arvin(Chaikin, 4/20/02)

John, Pat, Sarah & Greg,

As you know, we 'Bexley Boys' are incurable pen enthusiasts. So, it's no surprise to find me writing with a beautiful vintage pen, or with one of our competitor's pens, as well as a Bexley. Just received my vintage OMAS desk pen, and my Pelikan Toledo, back from you. The nibs now have a wonderful flexible smooth feel. Your work is absolutely first rate!

I'm looking forward to writing with my Bexley Deluxe & Gold Line pens  once you've tweaked the nibs!

With hearty thanks,

Jack Leone
Bexley Pen Company(4/11/02)

John and Pat, this is again full success! My pens are like never before. Omas T-2 with a B-nib modified to an italic F/M point writes perfectly and so wonderfully smooth. The vintage MB146 which I have been hardly using before, is amazing now. Again smooth, with a good ink flow and a beautiful line variation. My "Big Red" has improved considerably too.

Frankly speaking, I truly regret that my English is insufficient to find the right adjectives that could properly express the pleasure of writing with these pens right now.

John and Pat, thank you so much for your perfect service.

Kind regards,

Kasia Leijten-Nowak, The Netherlands(3/18/02)

I received the Pelikan Red M800 with O3B Nib and the Parker 03B Nib today. I immediately put the Nib easily into the Parker 75 Pen I own from way back, and proceeded to write with both Pens. The Red Pelikan is a beautiful piece of workmanship, and fits so nicely in the hand. And, the nib is nothing short of spectacular. I really like the ink flow and the variation in width of this Nib. To say it is wonderful is an understatement.

The new Parker Nib has brought new enjoyment to a Pen I haven't used since the 70's when I was in Medical School. It brings back fond memories, with a smoother, nice writing Nib.

Thanks so much for the great service, I don't think there is anything you neglect to think of in terms of excellent customer service...

Jorge Camara(3/18/02)

Dear John, Pat, et al.,

The pens arrived safely today. It's hard to describe my satisfaction with your work. After owning the Parker 75 for the better part of two decades, I finally know how it should have been all along, which may explain why the original owner parted with it. In addition, the Lady Skripsert is working flawlessly and amazingly smooth for a nib that is that fine. I can't even see where the missing tine was replaced! Thanks. You'll be sure to get any future work from me.

Mark Z. (3/18/02)

Just a quick note to say that all the nibs arrived safely today, delivered to my door. My warmest congratulations for such a fine job:

- the Vanishing Point nib is truly wonderful. This won't be the last one I'm ordering from you!

- the M1000 M is way better than the original ever was!

- the CS and the Stipula are perfectly smooth yet with lots of line variation.

- the 4 Waterman Mans: they finally work after 20 years of frustration! They not only work, they are extraordinary!.

Thanks and very best wishes to your whole team, cheers, Michael (Scharf, U.K., 3/12/02)

My fine italic Pelikan arrived today... and it's superb! 
From the first few words I wrote I could tell that this was the nib I'd needed for a long time; similar to a Swan Calligraph but with a more predictable line and a better ink flow. My writing has become far more legible at a stroke.
Many thanks for your prompt attention and for the supreme workmanship.
Use me as a testimonial if you like!

Best wishes,
Dave Shepherd (U.K.)(3/11/02)

Couldn't resist temptation. Put my work aside to tear open your package and try my new nibs. They are very fine indeed. You work miracles out there. My thanks to John and Pat and anyone else who had a hand in the transformation. 
LL (Leone Lewensohn, 3/8/02)

Thanks very much--it is my fist really nice fountain pen and I am enjoying it immensely. I was in need of some inspiration. I had switched to handwriting my dissertation because I need to be able to see lots of pages at once (something impossible on a computer) to organize my work, and, believe it or not, I believe I think more clearly with a pen in my hand, over a keyboard. In any case, my script is cleaner, more uniform, and writing easier. I think I guessed right with the oblique too.
Thanks for your craft; I will try to match it.
Best Regards,
David Goodgame (3/6/02)

I have just received the pens back and what delights they are! The Sheaffer writes like a dream, I could not imagine a more perfect nib for my florid style of writing and the Montblanc, though less responsive, will I am sure with use, become a regular.

Thank you, the long wait was well worth it.


Tony Cassie (3/5/02)

Received the Pen shipment today. AWESOME, ELEGANT, SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE, SHEER DELIGHT, A great joy to use. Beautiful work. My compliments to you Pat, John the whole gang.

Am greatly pleased with the beautiful pen and nibs...

Regards, Andy (Morales, 3/4/02)

Hi John and Pat,
I got the pen yesterday and as usual, it is a beautiful repair! You took the most common pen around and made it into a most desirable one. The nib really suits my taste. Thanks so much I am very, very pleased... 

Best regards, Sterling (Picard, 2/21/02)

I arrived home from a trip to find my beautiful new pen. Your suggested specifications for the nib seem perfect - my mundane handwriting looks (almost) distinguished. The pen has inspired me to look for a "proper" ink and equivalent paper.

Thanks for your precise, professional, and most pleasant assistance.


Rob (Greer, 2/18/02)

Just a quick note of thanks.... All over the Internet I see people arguing about what pen or nib is the best. As far as I am concerned, this is a ridiculous discussion. No two people like the same thing, or write the same way. The best you can say truthfully is that this or that works best for you. Which brings me to my pen...

It took me a while to articulate what I was looking for... what impresses me about your work is that you were able to translate my desires, most of them inchoate, and transform them into a nib and pen that write the way I want. No easy task!

Well, if the proof of the pudding is in the eating, you are looking at one well-fed customer. Thanks for your great work.

Adam Rodman (2/5/02)

I am simply stunned at how well the Dandy and Parker 51 turned out!... You 'mottified' them both to exactly - and I do mean precisely - the specifications that I had requested. The Parker 51 which you modified using my Great-Grandfather's nib means so much to me and you got it so incredibly smooth and expressive that I truly look for any excuse to write with it. I will treasure this pen for as long as I live and it will mean so much to my son, as well, when he is old enough to use it. I really can't thank you enough for that alone. The Dandy project was one which I really didn't think anyone could do right, but you did it just as I had requested and it is a pure delight to use. .... I am so grateful that we have such an absolute artist such as you and your incredible staff who can truly make the most bewildering request possible. You are truly miracle workers! Thank you all so much!


Dan (Levine, 1/26/02)

Dear John,

All four fountain pens arrived safely. Each has its own definite writing "character" now. I'm especially pleased with the Parker 75 and the steel nib pens. To my "untrained" eye, the Parker (although you classified it as "near mint") is perfect. The steel nib pens are the smoothest pens that I've written with, outside of the gold nibs you've done for me. My order was well worth the wait.

Best regards,

Timothy Vaughan (1/26/02)

Hi John,

BOB Cohen (1/24/02)

Dear Pat (for John):
I received today two pens that you modified.... for which thanks. I now have a series of pens and nibs whose points have been superbly crafted by you, and I must tell you that as I use the pens my mind often turns from content, what I write, to form, how it is written, and the latter always causes me to send mental thanks & good wishes towards Los Angeles. So I take this occasion to convey out loud, as it were, gratitude and thanks for your very good work.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Argetsinger (1/24/02)

Dear Pat & John,

Thank you for sending the "improved" Pelikan 1000 so promptly. To say that I am pleased is an understatement. The first few letters have emerged from it to tell a tale of a nib as silent and supple as a jungle cat: elegant, graceful; I like it. I'm only sorry I have waited so long to decide to get it. To polish the miracle, I find that the total cost in time and funds ends where purchasing the pen from another and sending it on to you for modification would have only begun. Well done.

Michael (Munro 1/14/02)

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