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Without prior written authorization from us, pens and nibs sent to us will not be serviced, and we are not responsible for their safe return. Do not send us your pen or nib without confirming with us first. Once you receive authorization, always ship your pens to us fully insured and with signature required.

To send a pen or nib to us for nib customization, please fill out the form below and wait one to five business days to receive written instructions from us on how to send your pen in safely. You must be signed in to a account to submit the form - if you have never had a account, or are having problems signing in to your previous account, click here to create a new account.

We are not able to repair damage or defects in pen caps, pen bodies, or internal parts, with the exception of Nakaya pens, for which we remain an authorized service center. If your non-Nakaya pen has some damage or defect in the cap, body, or internal parts, please contact your pen's manufacturer directly.

Other services we provide include nib tuning, nib swaps, nib customization, and diagnostics and troubleshooting of ink flow and other writing performance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long will my repair / service / customization request take?

We evaluate all repair and customization requests in the order we receive them.
The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the request, but usually will be around 8 weeks. A repair that we have to send on to the pen’s manufacturer, e.g. Nakaya, may take much longer.

2. What if I don’t want to wait that long? I just got my pen and I don’t like the way it writes!

We are a very small team, and the volume of service requests we receive outstrips our capacity to fulfill them. However, if you purchased your pen from us within the last 30 days, please write us an email to let us know ASAP. We will bump you to the top of our queue.

Additionally— your pen may not need a re-tune or repair to write nicely again! If your pen has been skipping or drying out, please visit our pen maintenance page to see what you may be able to do to solve the problem at home.

3. What happens after I submit the Service Request Form?

We will evaluate your request and write back within one to five business days to let you know what we can do for you, what the estimated costs are, and how to proceed.


Thank you!