Artists and Writers Contributions


Born and raised in Menorca (1985), a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, Biel Cardona grew up with a camera in his hands. He later moved to Barcelona to work as a photographer. There, he met his passion for sketching, drawing, and watercolor. Now, again in Menorca, combining his work as a photographer with his passion for art, he produces beautiful work using watercolor and ink wash.
The discovery of a flex nib in the Namiki Falcon, in combination with a permanent ink –Platinum Carbon Black, produces the style he uses today, drawing first, and then painting with color (watercolor) or ink wash (indian ink). Biel Cardona is a member of Urban Sketchers. He often draws on the street in a sketchbook using two fountain pens: Namiki Falcon SF and SB (with flex). You can see his work and sketchbooks in the blog:
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Ed Lang is an artist and while attending a lecture at a pen show, he drew this portrait of John. To contact Ed, click here.
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This image is a detail from a cartoon from one of our customers, the Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman. He drew this image for us.

Nick Nixon is a fountain pen user and photographer. His works can be seen at Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco.

Hilary Brace, known for her charcoal drawings of other worldly cloud-inhabited landscapes. She keeps her fountain pen at her work desk, using it to make sketches and doodles as a way to clear her mind. Click here to see a larger image of her work.

Ward Dunham discovered calligraphy in the early 1960's while serving in Vietnam and by 1975 was on his way toward mastering blackletter calligraphy. Today, over thirty years later, Ward teaches and lectures throughout the United States and Canada. Ward usually requests a sharp two degree reverse oblique cut nib from us. However his customizations vary and can get quite complex, depending on the project. Below is an example of one of Ward's postcards to us. We love getting them! Please find his web site: atelier gargoyle.

Uli Meyer is an animator, illustrator, and director who lives and works in London. His studio has provided animation for projects including Warner Brothers' "Space Jam" and Disney's "Circle of Life," and also produced the award-winning children's series "The Lampies." We customized his Montblanc 146 to a fine flexible point with more generous ink flow and customized a Pelikan stock Italic nib that was part of our normal service at no charge.
To see a selection of the his work, visit
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Martha McEvoy works with her Sailor pen and uses watercolor washes in her Sketchbooks. You can see her work and technique on her site Trumpetvine Travels. To see a lager image of Happy House Rabbits (to the right) click here.

Linda Medley is an accomplished artist, illustrator and author. Click on the image at right to see the full page of "sketches" she did with one of our customized Namiki Falcon pens. Then visit her web site to see all of her incredible artwork, click here.

Tim Oliver has been providing us with a lovely collection of sketches that he has done with his Namiki Falcon. Check out his blog here.
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Artist Steven Light created the sketch at right using a Montblanc 149. His whimsical and colorful works are on display at

Morgan Spangle was trained as an artist, he worked as an art dealer for 25 years in New York City, working for Leo Castelli with such artists as Jasper Johns, Don Judd, Roy Lictenstein - all the well-known Pop artists . He now works in the non-profit world, the executive director of the Dedalus Foundation, founded by the artist Robert Motherwell, which supports efforts to promote the public's understanding of modern art. Click here to see Morgan's ink sketch of a monument in NYC, at 89th and Riverside Drive.

This is a drawing done by Dr. Torwong Chenvidyakarn of Cambridge, England, using an old-style OMAS Paragon with a 14K nib customized by us for "Spencerian" attributes (true extra fine point with extra flexibility). Please click here for the full sketch as well as a sample of Torwong's writing using this same pen.

Ed Weyman, copperplate master and Spencerian expert, created this feathered masterpiece. Please click here to see the entire drawing.

Jonathan Gesinski provided us with this drawing which he did using one of our needlepoint Pelikan M600 nibs. It shows what can be done with a lot of skill, a sensitive hand and an extremely fine point.
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Ginger Meidel is a calligrapher in St. Petersburg, Florida. One of her works was the winner of a juried book arts competition and is now in the Arthur and Mata Jaffe Collection of Florida Atlantic University Library in Boca Raton, FL.
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Matthew Klein has sent us this bowl of ice cream to demonstrate his need for a pen that has varying line width. This drawing was done with a vintage Waterman's artists pen. Please click here to see the full drawing.

Steve Calwas, working and studying in Spain, sent us this drawing he did with one of the vintage Waterman's extra fine extra flexible nibs he bought from us.
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Brian Segal, a freelance cartoonist in Nova Scotia, sent us his most recent contribution to the political scene.
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Penman Gary Blehm has contributed his drawings to Stylus and Pen World Magazine. Click here to see his website, PEN MEN.

Neil Watson uses one of our customized pens for his musings and sketches.
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An artist and art teacher in the San Francisco Bay area, Rebecca Alzofon sketched this tree with a Waterman's #7 Pink pen and flexible nib which she purchased from us.
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Novelist/Historian Len Deighton has worn several hats in the course of his long career. As a young man he was a photographer in the RAF after which he took advantage of the British equivalent of the GI Bill that enabled him to study art. Len spent three years at St. Martins in London and then won a scholarship for three years at the Royal College of Art. He went on to work as an illustrator in London and New York before eventually becoming a writer. His first book the Ipcress File was a raging success.
The drawing to the left is one Len did which became the cover of Bud Schulberg's wonderful book 'The Disenchanted' that fictionalized final years of of F Scott Fitzgerald's life. It's a wonderful book and played a part in Len Deighton wanting to become a writer.
We found a fun independent website maintained by a true Deighton fan:

Poet Jim Ferris writes with a vintage Waterman's flexible point fountain pen. His poetry can be seen in the following places:
The Hospital Poems
The online edition of Ragged Edge Magazine 
Poems with Disabilities
And the essay


The Tattoo Encyclopedia: A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo - Published by Simon & Schuster in the summer of 2003, the book was already in its fourth printing only a year later. Yeah, I'd say people are interested in tattoos.

And then there is Terisa Green's latest book, Ink which came out in June of 2005.

Dan Gerber has been writer-in-residence at Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won the 1992 Michigan Author Award. Dan's books can be found at Amazon. com or Copper Canyon Press for his new release, A Primer on Parallel Lives (click here for CCP). For the press release click here.

Britt Leach has been reading "Pelikan Writing Instruments 1928-2004" and sent us this poem.

Jeff Daniel Marion is a published poet, editor, printer, teacher and lecturer who grew up in Rogersville, Tennessee, a town featured in much of his work. 
His newest work, Winner of the 2009 Quentin R. Howard Poetry Prize, "FATHER"  came out just in time for father's day 2990. You can get it on Amazon.
Mr. Marion is currently serving as poet-in-residence and Director of the Appalachian Center at Carson-Newman college. He still lives in Tennessee with his wife, Linda. His books "The Chinese Poet Awakens" and "Letters Home" are available through Celtic Cat Publishing.


Jim McCausland is a Seattle-based senior writer for Sunset Magazine. He just finished working as a senior editor on the 8th edition of Sunset's Western Garden Book, which was released earlier this month. His first fountain pen was a Parker 45 purchased at the Eliot Junior High School book store in Pasadena; his current favorites are a Pelikan 700 Toledo and a Louis Cartier.

Buckner Melton has penned several books using our fountain pens. His latest Sea Cobra: Admiral Halsey's Task Force and the Great Pacific Typhoon is slated to be released December 2006/January 2007. Mr. Melton also published A Hanging Offense: The Strange Affair of the Warship Somers in 2003. Both books are available at Please click on the book titles above to view their image, and information, at Amazon.

Karen Traviss has used our customized Vanishing Point pens to make her notes for her new book, Crossing the Line, as well as City of Pearl

David Willis composed and penned this poem and calligraphy sample for us.
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Writer Dharma Windham, a vintage fountain pen enthusiast, has just published his first novel, The Reluctant Goddess. His novel can be found on his website (linked above) and at