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New Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color Series

Visconti introduces its new 14k solid gold in-house nib with the Homo Sapiens Lava Color series, available in white Blizzard, red Inferno, and yellow-brown Sandstorm.

Pilot Introduces New Vanishing Point LS Series

Pilot literally adds a new twist to the classic and innovative Vanishing Point with the new LS series. The Vanishing Point has long been popular for its innovative ballpen-like click mechanism.

New Sailor Pirate's Life Special Editions

Just announced by Sailor and expected to arrive by the end of this week, the new 1911 Full-Size and 1911 Mid-Size Pirate's Life Special Edition fountain pens serve as a wry homage to the legends and folklore of sea rogues.

A Special Notice To Our Customers

We're reaching out with this special update to let customers know that we are still open for business here at, though on a more limited basis than usual. 

Specifically, we are prioritizing orders for Nakaya brand pens – as the only North American distributor for these unique ebonite urushi pens, we feel a special responsibility to make these available. Nib tuning and customizations will be performed to our usual standards.

Sailor Naginata Togi Nibs Are Back!

We're happy to announce that after years of being unavailable, Sailor Naginata Togi nibs are now once again being provided for purchase on two very special pens.

Introducing Scribo Fountain Pens - Sophisticated Style From Bologna, Italy

Founded by former employees of the much-missed OMAS Pen Company of Bologna, start-up manufacturer Scribo looks to maintain that venerable Italian company's reputation for sophisticated style and writing excellence.

Valentine's Day Special on Aurora Hastil Limited Edition – Additional 10% Off–

With Valentine's Day just one month away, we're happy to be able to provide a special offer on one of the most beautiful, stylish, and romantic writing instruments we've seen in recent years. Exclusive - Naka-ai Tamesansai-nuri Limted Editions

While the recent 25th Anniversary pen produced for us by Nakaya of Tokyo is already sold out, we still have a very small number of limited edition pens originally produced for our 24th anniversary in 2019. The Naka-ai Tamesansai-nuri, produced in just 24 total pieces, is available in both clipless Cigar and with-clip Writer versions.