Fountain pens recommended to artists?

Choices For Line-Width Variation

Most artists are looking to achieve line-width variation with their writing instruments, and any pen we sell can have its nib customized to italic or oblique points to make this possible. Most pens with 14k nibs have the added advantage of being customizable for added flex as well. Some pens, such as the Pilot Custom 912Falcon Resin, and Metal Falcon series pens, come standard with soft nibs that are already semi-flexible - with John's customizations, these can be made even more so.

More Possibilities

Any Nakaya pen can also be equipped with a Soft Fine or Soft Medium nib that can also be customized for added flex. Artists also tend to like the Sailor 1911 and Sapporo series pens for their durability and great value, while many others favor the Pelikan Souveran series pens due to the high capacity of their piston-filler ink systems. In sum, most any quality fountain pen can be made to work for you as an artist...feel free to call or e-mail if you have specific questions based on your own particular needs and budget.

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