Testimonials Archive 2013

December 19

Hello Classic Fountain Pens,

I just received my Pilot Falcon yesterday and have been using it since then and it is a beautiful pen.

Thank you for customizing the nib for me (as a lefty) as the entire pen just sits in my hand wonderfully and glides so smoothly across the page. It is truly the best pen I have ever used.

Thanks ever so much for the care and attention you gave to my order for this exceptional pen.

Best regards, 

December 17

I just wanted to let you know that I finally had a chance to try out my new pen. This is my first custom nib and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I really enjoy the line width variation and I am already seeing some improvement with my skills. A new facet to my writing enjoyment has opened up thanks to you.
The pen itself is absolutely gorgeous and a joy to write with.
Thank You for taking the time to talk to me and find out what I really wanted.
You have definitely earned a loyal customer.
Best Regards and Happy Holidays,
Paul F. Michel Jr. 

December 5

Hi John,

I wanted to let you and your team at CFPs know that the Nakai-ai Shu arrived home this evening from its visit to California.

I have had the opportunity to try it.... Inked up with Sailor Epinard and gave it some exercise on several paper types...... The Nakaya B nib is a tiny bit narrower than the European Bs' but I really really like the line it lays and its perfect for my hand. The ink flow is also 'just right'. This pen is going to get a lot of use!... I am very happy.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you and team at CFP for sorting me out. The earlier problems I had with my first choice, the Mottishaw Broad Stub, were clearly self-inflicted. With service like yours no wonder CFPs are so highly thought of in the FP world. I have learned my lesson, in future I shall stick with what works best for me..... Mottishaw 'tuned Bs or BBs'.

A Joyful Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all.


December 4

John & Staff,

As always the service was perfect and the execution & delivery time unreal. It’s so nice to have anyone who answers the phone there to have the knowledge to really be helpful and inspire confidence in my purchase. 

John… Thank you so much for doing what you do so well and getting my order with requests and custom nib work out the door the same day! Not sure how you did it but your efforts and skill are greatly appreciated. 

I think you have a few more Nakaya orders today lol….

I got my review up and the blog written out as well.


Thank you again,


December 3

Greetings Classic Fountain Pens!

I am writing to let you know that I have been thoroughly enjoying my Sailor 1911 International that I purchased from you November of last year.  I know that I must have confused Jonella a heck of a lot during the order process.  Your amazing customer service was put to the test and I walked away a happy customer with exactly what I had wanted.

I have put the Sailor through its paces and it performs flawlessly.  Every time I pick it up it is truly a delight.  It is by far the most I have spent on a pen, but not a day goes by without my admiring it.

I would like to thank you for your superb customer service and wide selection of quality products.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Happy holidays,
Paul Senf

October 30

Dear John & Crew:

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it’s been the last few days writing with my new OMAS Vintage 360 “Smoke.” For a pen with an EF nib, it puts down a beautiful, wet line with just the lightest feathery touch. Perfection. As a lefty, I find my hand can glide across the page effortlessly, and my penmanship looks all the better for it. I wish all my fountain pens wrote this well. Thanks so much for your care.

Richard Foerster

October 24

Dear Team of Classic Fountain Pens,

Today the pen arrived.
I'm very happy. The pen is better as I could imagine. 
Thank you very much for this very good work.

Yours sincerely

October 10

Hi Jonella -

Just got back my Sailor 1911. I originally ordered it with a special nib
(broad in normal position and fine when rotated 180 degrees) but
ultimately determined that the use I'd envisioned no longer existed and
that if it could be italicized it would be more usable. John nipped and
tucked it into a Crisp Cursive Italic and I've been writing with it for a
day now. Fantastic job. It's just a bit smoother (and less crisp) than the
Pelikan 600 John had previously crafted into a Formal Italic and, as you
suggested, is proving to be an excellent nib. Almost as strong an italic
as the Formal but notably easier to use as an everyday writer. I've got it
filled with my current favorite brown ink (Diamine Ancient Copper) and am
happily putting ink to paper.

Thanks a bunch!


October 8

Dear John & Company...

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the beautiful Nakaya. This is literally a pen I've had my eye on for at least nine years, and it's all I hoped it would be - a pleasure to use as well as amazing to look at.

I don't know if anyone but me notices the narrow stub & subtle line variation, but I love it - smooth and perfect, as always.

I so appreciate the beautiful work you guys do and the consistent superb quality you offer. You guys will always get my business for serious pens.


Sonia S. in Denver
(Nakaya Portable Cigar, Kuro-tamenuri, very narrow stub. Gorgeous!)

October 7

Dear Jonella and all,

As you know, I am now the proud owner of four Pelikan M800 fountain pens (a brown tortoise shell; a black on black; a red stripe; a blue stripe), all purchased from you. I would never buy them from anyone else given your magnificent and professional service and John's excellent and precision fine tuning of the nibs and the flow (I like a wet flow for the grading of student papers and for taking many notes on books that I read as well as letters of recommendation that I write). All four of these Pelikans are spectacular writers and I will never own a fountain pen made by another company. I write with all four of them daily.

I also purchase all of my inks from you. Given the above, I have decided that waterproof or water resistant ink makes the most sense for me. So, I use Pilot Blue ink in the Pelikan 800 blue stripe and Sailor Kiwa-Guro Black in two of my pens (the Pelikan 800 black on black and the Pelikan 800 red stripe) and Sailor Sei-Boku Blue/Black (in the Pelikan Brown Tortoise Shell). All of these inks perform flawlessly and I don't have to worry about water damage at all.

So, I am very grateful for your outstanding service and professionalism over the years and I would recommend your fine business to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a fountain pen and/or ink.

Thank you for everything,

Craig A. Rimmerman
Professor of Public Policy Studies and Political Science
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

September 30

Dear John,

My Nakaya Portable Cigar arrived just before the weekend. You had set up the nib to give a more juicy flow - and I have to say I am delighted. It was a favorite pen - I love the finish & the nib width - but I needed more ink. I am really happy with what you have done.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen in the UK

September 26th


Belated thanks for the wonderful work you did re-grinding the nibs on my Parker 75 and Omas Bologna pens. My extra, extra fine nibs are perfect – smooth flowing and just the right width. I have used them both through several fillings and I could not be more pleased.

-Joseph Small

August 31

Mr. Mottishaw,

My name is Aleks G. and I recently purchased another of your beautiful pens; thus I'd like to extend my gratitude to you and your staff for the prompt service and wonderful work on the nib. Looking forward to making business again.


Aleks G.

August 14

Hello CFP,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I've been enjoying the Pilot Falcon Sapphire I received from you last week. It's not only a beautiful pen (pictures do not do the sapphire finish justice), it perfoms at a very high level as a writer. The nib is very smooth and flows really well. I haven't stopped using it since I got it. Highly recommended.

Thank you,

John Batinovich

August 2

Dear Mariana,

The Nakaya is beautiful. Truly. I especially love how the kuro tamenuri urushi changes with the light. In doors, it has a rich and subtle luster. In the sun, the submerged red seems to glow through the outer dark with a captivating inner light. Remarkable.

You were absolutely wonderful throughout this entire process, Mariana. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Mottishaw,

Your nib is a marvel. I do not understand how it can lay down such an expressive line even in my novice hand. Masterful work. Thank you.

Yours truly,


July 22

Dear Mr. Mottishaw,

I recently bought a Nakaya Naka-ai aka-tamenuri (or perhaps more
accurately, put in the order a few months ago and it came in
recently). First of all, the pen itself is even more beautiful than I
had hoped for based on the photographs on your website. But even more
than that is the nib--I had asked for a cursive italic/stub that would
be comfortable to write with at a low angle. The pen is indeed a
dream to write with. I smile every time I pick it up. Thank you so much.

Yoon L.

July 19

Hello there!

I have had my Spencerian customized Namiki Falcon for a week or so, and I can´t get it out of my hand. It is so lovely!
Thank you John! I think you are a genius! And my Copperplate handwriting is really improving.
I like the pen so much that I even want to use it as a daily pen. 

Yours sincerely 
Jan Holmquist

June 25


Jeff B. here- a very recent, and very satisfied, customer.

I ordered a Nakaya pen from you guys last week.

I had lots of questions about nib types, lengths, inks, and so forth. They were all answered by David, a fellow left-hander, who gave me excellent advice and was just an all-around pleasure to deal with.

The pen, a decapod, arrived here a couple of days later. It is terrific.

Thanks to you, I now have another costly addiction to contend with in my life.

Seriously: you guys are great, and you will hear from me again.

Jeff B., Texas

June 22

My Luna pen arrived yesterday. It's lovely.
A pleasure doing business with Classic Fountain Pens.


June 20

Dear John et al:

I just refilled my black Pelikan M800 fountain pen, and it occurred to me you might like a "customer comment" after long use, rather than immediately following the purchase.

As you know from my earlier comments, I went through many brands of fountain pens before I tried the Pelikan. As I recalled, you recommended the Pelikan because of its good design and proven reliability (I had had some nasty experiences with pens leaking in my shirt pockets). I purchased the M800 because of its ample ink capacity and changeable nibs, and you custom-ground a BB nib for a cursive italic hand. I have used this pen exclusively, every day, since I purchased it perhaps 10 or more years ago. After a short time using it, I purchased a second M800 with an identical nib to lay away, in case I had to send the first one in for repair, or lost it. The "back-up" pen and nib are still in the cabinet, never used. The original M800 has worked with unfailing reliability on the ground and in flight. As my handwriting evolved, based on studies of Italian Renaissance hands, I recently asked you to grind a BB nib for a full italic hand, and that nib is now married to the original M800 and I continue to write with great pleasure and to receive many compliments on my handwriting.

My ink of choice currently is Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro, which flows freely yet dries swiftly, leaving a strongly pigmented, crisp line in a deep, serene blue-green.

My experience with Pelikan, and with the wonderful service provided by you and your staff, have led me to purchase other Pelikan pens, including a 1935 jade reissue. I am attracted to other pens from time to time, but I'm so happy with the Pelikans, and particularly the M800, that I simply lack the motivation to invest in other brands.

Please extend my thanks and best wishes to your colleagues at Classic Fountain Pens.

Kindest regards,

James Lehrer

May 30

Good morning,

I wanted to write type you a quick note of thanks. I received my briarwood back this morning and it’s just like brand new.
I’ve been using my new falcon for about a week now and it’s amazing what can be done with it. Even with my hand. You guys do wonderful work, from sales, support, service… you are all amazing and I thank you very much for making the whole process enjoyable and worthwhile. I wish all companies ran the way yours does.
Once I’m sure my wife won’t kill me for buying another pen, you can bet you’ll be hearing from me J. Until then, a guy can always use more ink ;)

Eric from Alberta, Canada 

May 23

Dear John

Thank you for customising the Nakaya BB calligraphy nib. It's wonderful and breaking-in very nicely.

I'd be honoured if you use script as an example.

The nib is behaving extremely well from the first stroke (from uncapping). No skipping; no scratching; despite nib's considerable width. I wonder if there is any room for improvement over the next months. You are a true master of your craft.

I've taken the liberty of writing your name in 3 fonts: Diwan (artistic); Naskh (formal) and Riqa'a (contemporary).

You may use either or both for nibs.com; it'd be my pleasure.

Much obliged.


May 19


Thanks for all your help. Great service. (Thank John too.)

The pen arrived safely Friday. I was out at the local nature center sketching (with my Sapporo extra-fine nib), so my daughter came to pick me up and brought your package.

The new fine nib writes beautifully, as expected. This afternoon I sat on my porch and sketched a tree with this pen. It glided over the sketch paper (slightly textured) super-smoothly. I have also used it to write notes on cold press (medium texture) watercolor paper--again nicely smooth with a non-skip juicy flow. So I will likely use this pen for sketching on watercolor paper. 

The extra-fine nib is good for when I want to sketch small and get a really thin line. As well as general sketching on journal and sketchbook paper.

I'm really glad I made the switch (broad to fine). Now I have two exceptional field sketching pens.

Regards, Bill Polm

May 18

Jonella:  I have been using the Nakaya for a week -- writes like a charm!  I just inked up the Sailor this morning and I think it will write likewise. I am very happy with both pens. Thanks again for your help.


April 11

Hi Jonella..
Thank you so much for the repair on my vanishing point. John renibbed the pen to a triple broad and I must say I am in love. Oh my..lovely. I just inked it today and it is oohh so smooth. Thank you soo soo much. Your forever fan, Shelley Susman

April 1st


Just received my Namiki VP IC nib. It is fantastic! It will certainly become my "go to" pen when I am running from place to place. It writes small so is perfect for my Rhodia notebooks and is great for underlining text in documents.

I would recommend that you bring more attention to this offering on your website so others can enjoy this fine nib.

- Ron Warnick

March 29th

Thought you might get a kick out of my happy post (with pics) on FPN: click here!

- Susan

March 25th


I am not worthy. The Naka-ai. I do not transcend; I do not yoga. Of Buddhism and its ways I know no middle-- I am more My Way or The Highway, more Hollywood Way. But I love your pen, your design; and I will not give it up to anybody more worthy. Deepak or Dr. Phil.

Beautiful pen.



March 24th

Hi Mariana

Just a note to let you know that I received my pens OK.- the packaging was excellent !!

I am delighted with them and am very happy with my purchase !! It was a pleasure to deal with you - very fast response / excellent customer service / would highly recommend you to others looking to buy.

Warmest regards.


March 15th

I received the nib that you repaired.

I find that I like writing with the pen now even more than I did before I dropped it. You did an excellent job of repairing it - 
Thank you - it is like having an old friend back.

-Dennis Klinsky

March 15th

I have received the Nakaya Portable Kuro-Tamenuri with medium nib cutted to a Medium/fine (invoice #39666). What a wonderful work, John! It is incredibly smooth, the width of the line is perfect and the Nakaya is beautiful. Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Juan A.

March 13th

- Juan Felipe Fajardo aka Lince

March 5th

Just wanted to say WOW..got my new pen and inked it right away...absolutely lovely! The double broad nib rocks like a BIG DOG. Will have to send you some pens to re-nib for me! I am your forever friend!! Thank you soo soo much! 

One happy customer, Shelley Susman

March 5th


I just had to say that the OMAS arco is wonderful! It absolutely does not skip, yet the nib is so unbelievably glassy smooth it is now my best writer.

Can someone please let John know the pen is now even more delightful?? :)



March 5th

I picked up my pen today, inked it immediately upon returning to the office and it writes beautifully!!! it's PERFECT! Thank you SO much for providing excellent customer service and lightning fast turnaround. 

Thank you!
-Catherine Delsol

February 25th

- Dr. Sherrie L. Sneed

February 21st

Your package arrived a couple of days ago. 
The Mini is a wonderful little instrument that will be reserved as my travel pen.
The 0.9 mm CI nib that John created has been installed on a Brown Marble Profit Mozaique (little smaller than your ProGear version, but the same machined acrylic).

Oh my....what a nib! 
I've now been writing with this nib/pen combo since Monday & I'm incredibly impressed. 
John's nib has achieved the perfect balance between "ease of use" & a distinct line variation. It's the best nib he has made for me...to date.
Please heartily thank him for me.

István Nemenyi

February 19th


I just got my new Sapporo with a Zoom nib and I couldn't be happier! Your shipping department was so quick, it only took 3 days for my order to process and be delivered to the boonies of way-north Idaho. The pen with the cap posted (I think that's the right word) nestles into my small hand perfectly without being top-heavy, and the nib is amazing. It's smooth as a ballpoint pen, if you will forgive the comparison. With just a few minutes practice I was able to vary the line size in my writing. I have half a dozen other fountain pens, including a Mount Blanc and a Waterman, which I'll be retiring immediately.


February 23rd

(sketch done by John Emmerling, New York City, using Aurora pen worked on by John Mottishaw)

February 1st

Hello guys!
I realize that with you being a stationery company and all, that a handwritten note with my new pen would have been far more appropriate, but, alas, this is the digital age and I hope that this email will suffice.

I just wanted to thank you for being so understanding when I found that my newly purchased Namiki Falcon (sadly) didn't work out for me. The returns process one of the most painless retail experiences I've had to date and my replacement Pilot Custom 74 is a dream-come-true. I absolutely love it and I am very appreciative of your advice and recommendations on this writing instrument.

Your company is run the way all companies should be run, and that is with the customer as a first priority. I have never felt more important or respected when dealing with a business as I did with your company. All of that despite the fact that my purchase was a relatively small one. For that, I extend my gratitude.

I will return to Nibs.com in the future for many more stationery needs. You have a customer for life. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to call on me.

Kind regards, 

January 22nd


The Sailor Nib arrived yesterday. Thanks for the great service because the nib is just wonderful and looks great too. I'm using the Sailor black Nano ink and this nib writes beautifully. I couldn't be more pleased. Attached is a sample of how it writes (but you tested it, you already knew that). I wish the PDF showed how nice this really is. Thanks and please thank John for his beautiful work.

-Bob St. Clair

January 18th

Hi Mariana,

I picked up the pilot 823 last night,.... You guys have set a high standard... Quick delivery, excellent service, and fantastic pens,...BUT

This time you have surpassed it! The in regrind and extra flex is absolutely perfect!

Please pass on my thanks to Mr Mottishaw for his master craftsmanship!

Thanks again,
Scott from Vancouver, BC

January 17th

-Madeline Chang

January 14th

Hello Jonella.

I received the Talentum late last week. It's a beauty and the added flex was just what I wanted. I've tested it and my biggest decision now is what ink to use: deciding between Private Reserve Plum and Mont Blanc Bordeaux for calligraphy work. Many thanks for your help and of course many thanks to John for his craftsmanship, and his willingness to take my old nibs in exchange for 2 hand crafted pens.

-Bob Cody

January 7th

Hello good folks at Classic FPs. My Omas Bronze Arco with the new stub nib landed and it's as good as it gets.

As always I appreciate the great customer service and the work.

Take very good care and continue having a great New Year.

-Jim Sanders

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