Testimonials Archive 2007

December 21, 2007

December 19, 2007

John, Sharon and all,

The Parker 51 desk pens arrived and I'm excited and relieved to have them back.  They both write beautifully and will make my work more enjoyable.

As for the CFP Tea Time 2008, in a fit of self control I decided not to even open the box but instead to wrap it and leave it under the Christmas tree.  How's that for deferred gratification!

Thanks so much.

Best wishes for the holidays!
Glenn Lau-Kee

December 5, 2007

Hello Sharon and Jonathan,

I received the Tea Time Bexley today, and here is a pen in which everything came out just so right. The salmon-terra cotta color of the barrel is framed by a glossy black resin on both ends, and the gold trim is the perfect accent. The nib, which John modified to a cursive italic gives crisp width variation while writing smoothly in fine-medium lines and a nicely tuned flow that is just where it should be. It is much too long for me posted, but the pen looks great in the hand unposted, with black resin framing both ends of the barrel. And the nib is so elegant, isn't it?

I've bought enough pens now to know that at any given time one's 'favorite pen' tends to be the one most recently bought, and so it doesn't stay favorite that long. This one is going to break that rule.

Thanks for the fast turn around and the great work!

November 29, 2007

Hi Jonathan.

A quick note to say that my pen has arrived (Namiki Falcon) and that I am delighted with it. It behaves exactly as I had hoped, writing smoothly and offering a good deal of width variation. I am glad that it is possible to get a pen with these qualities, and would happily recommend your services.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much.
Dylan B., United Kingdom

Saturday, November 24


I received my pen and absolutely love the stub nib! It is so much fun to write with it. I'm so glad I decided to get the nib reground to a stub. Thank you so much for your great service.


Saturday, November 17

Hello, Sharon -

In August, I purchased 2 Sailor Sapporos…I received them in perfect working order and have been using them constantly. To give you an idea of how much I use them, I fill the pens 3-4 times a week and sometimes more. The EF nibs are surprisingly smooth; I was expecting much more scratch. They are wonderful pens, at any price. I'm more than satisfed with them and will use them for years and years, along with my Souverans, my demi Vacumatic and my Parker 51, all of whom are feeling very neglected these days!

What I appreciate most, however, is the unprecedented service and attention I received from you and your colleagues. It still amazes me that you asked me to specify ink-flow. That had never occured before. Of course, this is a very important question and I marvel at your thoroughness and your obvious care, even for someone who has just ordered two of the least expensive pens you sell. You've made a faithful customer. I'll be ordering again, very soon. I believe I'm going to take the plunge and go for an Omas. …

You guys are just great.

Chris D.

Thursday, November 15

Jon – the Pelikan 605 is awesome. It arrived today. Nice hefty feel in the hand and very smooth on paper. Lays down just the right amount of ink. …


Wednesday, November 14

Dear Sharon, Jonathan,
Today the Falcon arrived! …The pen writes wonderful! Of course I compared it with my Mont Blanc and Waterman pens, but the Falcon definately is the winner. I like a firm handwriting and inkflow, and the Falcon is well up to the job, even writing smoother than my (old) Mont Blanc.
…Again: thanks for the wonderfalcon.....

Best regards,
Ernest Peijnenburg

Monday, November 12 2007

Dear Jonathan, Sharon, and John

I must thank you for your fantastic service. I've got the pen today. It writes most beautifully. The ink
flow is perfect.

Best regards,
Ming-Fang Hsieh

Monday, November 5 2007

I would like to thank you for your excellent work on my pen [ed. Dupont sterling silver]. I waited a few days to respond, so I could be sure it was functioning to my personal preferences, given the difficulty of explaining writing style. You definitely have improved on the ink-flow problem, and it’s prior tendency to dry out while you were trying to write. You did an excellent job improving the flow consistency of this pen, and even made it write a bit more smoothly, which is remarkable, given how smooth it was to begin. …As you may also know, the manufacturer tried twice, and failed, to repair this problem. 
Hopefully all will continue well with this pen.


Wednesday, October 31

Hi Sharon!

I am writing to let you know that the Novelli just landed, and has been filled..........thanks to the CD (I had forgotten, even though I have a Wall Street LE!) and is writing beautifully.

Please thank John and everyone - but especially John, who has, once again created a wonderful nib - perfecto!!!!

The pen is sitting here atop my little 'white' book that records every pen I have - and is glistening and glinting in the light of my lamp - tempting me away from watching the very last, but most important part of my new kitchen being installed - toffee-apple red glass splashbacks on an all white kitchen!!!

Chris - so very happy

Monday, October 29

Re: Pre-owned Namiki Bamboo, Blue – Fine point

For a fine point, it's smooth as silk but without "ice skating" over the paper. I don't know how you did it, but you helped me figure out how I want my everyday writer to be. You hit the nail on the head with this one. 


Lee Worsham

Monday, October 29

Sharon & John:

The EF is beautiful now--perfectly smooth. Thanks for your help on this. It is every bit as smooth as the Sonnet that I love, and a bit finer to boot.


October 27, 2007

Dear John,

I received the Sailor Moonlit Forest you modified for me. Ohhh myyyyyy. It is much more exquisite in "person" and the nib is beyond the beyond. It's like sailing on silk to write with it. Yesterday I saw a friend of mine who went to one of the DC pen shows where you modified a Vanishing Point for her. She is glowing about it.

Thank you for your mastery and your art,


Wednesday, October 24

Dear Friends,

You were right - the Sailor Colors pen is wonderful. The fine point makes every letter of my narrow spiky handwriting absolutely legible. The pen writes smoothly, one of the smoothest fine nibs i've used, and the bright yellow colour gets loads of comments, especially from my students.

This pen won't sit in a drawer, but now joins my Eversharp Skyline and Parker Victory as an everyday writer.
Thanks again for your advice and dedication,

Richard Fagan

Wednesday, October 24

Hello all,

I've just received this morning the black HT Paragon with the regrinded cursive italic nib. It's a a nice pen and a wonderful nib, exactly what I expected, and maybe a bit more ! The nib seems to have been done for my hand. I immediately filled it with Sailor blue-black ink, it's an absolute dream to write with.

Thanks to you all for the service, and special thanks to John for his fine job on the nib. …

All the best,

Jimmy Peguet

Tuesday, October 23

I’ve been traveling a bit and didn’t get a chance to ink up the Pelikan 800 until last night. I was so surprised! John was able to make a formal italic that is nevertheless a bit forgiving for my often errant strokes. It’s like John knows exactly what I can handle. I’m calling this pen my “gentle formal italic.” Tell John “thanks” for another fine job.

Guy Edson

October 19, 2007

Dear John, and Staff: 
Just received ST Dupont Fountain Pen which you retipped with Italic, and am thoroughly delighted with the write-feel and perfect width. Your superb workmanship is indeed a work of art. It is so nice to see Master Craftsman like yourself in this world of automated mass productions. Please keep up your valuable sevices.

Sincerely; William Tomori

October 25, 2007

Hi Pat,

Sorry the time has flown by and I forgot to thank you for the Sailor Naginata-Togi fountain pen, “WOW” is the only way to describe the way it writes (so smooth) and the tremendous design and feel (like it was made for me).

Thank you again,

October 25, 2007

Dear Sharon,
Please let John know that I am extremely pleased with the repair work on my Galileo Galilei. The pen looks almost like new and the stains are almost all gone. I am also pleased with how the pen writes. Great work!

Kind regards,

October 20, 2007

Jonella –

I am so sorry to be so long in replying...the replacement fine nib [ed. on a sapporo full size] is just perfect! It suits my meticulous handwriting, and I'm delighted with the hand-feel and fit of my first Sailor pen. Many thanks for working with me on this.

Kristi Hernberg

October 19, 2007

Dear Sharon

The pens have arrived. I can cut the story short: All perfect! John did a real good job on the Montblanc 136 (it is really smoooooooth!) and on the Waterman as well. The slighty scratchy Wahl is much better now. Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland.


Thursday, October 11
Got the Namiki yesterday and am very pleased. it writes like a charm and has not left my hands all morning. It is set up perfectly and already has me wanting a second insert with an italic nib for fun! Thanks for the personalized attention to the order.

Tony Miller

Wednesday, October 10

Hi Sharon - for Danielle,

The Sailor Koi Supreme arrived Monday - in wonderful shape. Many thanks! I've been enjoying the pen and the Music nib since. It will take me a little time to get used to how the nib behaves and the easy flow of the ink – but I am enjoying taking the time. This is a GREAT signature pen/nibcombination. I am delighted how it feels as it travels over a page. …


Tuesday, October 9

Dear Sharon,
I got the pen [ed.Waterman's No. 52 1/2 pen in black chased hard rubber with our added flex Waterman #2 Ideal nib] this morning... Waow, what a flex !
I'm excited like a child and I think I'll have great fun trying to do something with this one.
Many thanks for your kind business.


Tuesday, October 9

Dear Sharon,
I got the pen [ed.Waterman's No. 52 1/2 pen in black chased hard rubber with our added flex Waterman #2 Ideal nib] this morning... Waow, what a flex !
I'm excited like a child and I think I'll have great fun trying to do something with this one.
Many thanks for your kind business.


Tuesday, October 9

WOW!  I love this Ogiva!  I'm not sure if John had to do much or anything with the nib, but it writes exactly as I wanted.  Smooth and great flow. And, what a beauty. Thanks again.  I can always count on the nibs.com folks for a job well done.

Fran DeRespinis

Wednesday, September 26


The Aurora safely arrived today.What an attractive pen!  I really like the rich green tones contrasted with the thick gold accents and the stock italic nib is perfect for my cursive italic scribbling.  (But I'm getting better!) Thanks for the great service. 

 Guy Edson

Tuesday, September 25

Dear John and Jonella:

My Martini Capless pen arrived on time, as promised. I have already had a chance to test it quite extensively (suffice it to say, 0.6 ml of ink has been used up). To begin with, the ink flow is perfect. And that sensation of effortless gliding across the sheet (of Hammermill premium laser paper, to be specific) is delectable to behold. My compliments! Thank you so much.

Best, Alex Golubev

This letter came with this great wax seal! (Note the singe mark above)

Just a note to say thanks for the great pen. It arrived Sunday, much sooner than I had expected! I've been using it a lot since then, and it is absolutely perfect, my new daily writer.

Thanks for such a smooth transaction!

Russ 9/24/07

The new pens are terrific.  The Omas demonstrator is already becoming my favorite: the pictures on your website really don’t convey the beauty of this piece.  The Bexley scherezade is also very nice, in a less lavish way.  It’s getting to the point where I can’t decide what pens to put in my shirt pocket.


Chuck Albrecht 9/17/07

Sharon and Jonella,

Thanks for the quick turnaround.  My Sailor 1911 (small/mid) red arrived last week, and it's a real beauty.  That is a gorgeous deep salmon red, isn't it?  And the 'B' ground to a cursive italic is just fantastic.  And that's the nicest sailor gold nib i've ever owned--simple, elegant, and just so nice looking with the red, black, and gold trim. very satisfied again,

jim 9/17/07

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my email. Here in Europe it is now almost 23:00 hours so I will wait until tomorrow before studying what you say in deatail.

I intended to write to you and John anyway because today I received the two pens you sent me last week. Of course they are beautifula and I am delighted with each of them, but specifically I wanted to thank John for the AWESOME job he did on the nibs! FANTASTIC!!!!!!! 
What a pleasure to write with, WOW!!!! I really want to thank you for the value added by the nib customisation, PERFECT. Thank you John.

Liam 9/17/07

This testimonial was received from Cleo Davidson on September 15, 2007

Sharon and Jonella,

Thanks for the quick turnaround.  My Sailor 1911 (small/mid) red arrived last week, and it's a real beauty.  What a gorgeous deep salmon red!  And the 'B' ground to a cursive italic is so smooth and provides great line width variation.  That's the nicest sailor gold nib i've ever owned--simple, sparkling, and so elegant with the red and black, with the gold trim. 

very satisfied again, John


Yesterday I received the pen I ordered (it looks like it had spent Wednesday night at the UPS facility in Los Angeles). It arrived in fine shape, and writes with a takes-your-breath-away, O-my-gosh-this-is-unbelievable! smoothness. Thank you very much for your help with this, and thanks also to Danielle for basically reading my mind and figuring out exactly what I was looking for.   
I look forward to working with you all again in the future,    
David Reiser (8/18/ 2007)

Dear all at Classic Fountain Pens,

I received the package last Thursday finally, filled the pen with Diamine's ink on the next day and tried writing with it. It was ... marvelous! 
The first stroke was enough to notice the difference. The nib runs on the paper so smoothly as if it skated on the ice. The ink flow and its line width were both perfect.

Sincerely yours, Masashi(7/29/07)

This is to let you know that I received my pen and it is exquisite. It is the best pen I have purchased from you and there have been several before. You set the pen up perfectly. It writes more smoothly than any pen I own. The sword nib is a wonder.

Thank you. Fran Sparagna(7/20/07)

Received the Sailor Nib Unit...When Sailor says 'Fine', they really mean it, don't they...<grin>...
John got the flow just right and it writes beautifully. Thanks again!!

Mike Gebhardt(7/20/07)

Dear John,
It was good to see you again at the Portland Pen Show.  I'm glad we actually had the time to talk this year.  I am still in awe of the Namiki Falcon I got with your modifications for full flex and XX Fine.  It is a superb pen that lays down a nice, wet line.  It has become my daily writer.  I can write in economy mode (normal cursive) for high ink mileage or supercharged (Spencerian) when I wish to sling ink with abandon.  I love this wet writer.
I have attached a picture from the Show.  I can't wait for the next show.  Maybe I'll even make the LA Show in '08.  Until then, I remain,
Your Humble & Inky Servant,

Dave (7/19/07)

Hi Pat,
I just wanted to send John a big "thank you" for the lovely cursive italic Pelikan M800 nib I got from him at the Portland pen show. I traded in my M nib for one of John's reground nibs plus a bit of cash...and I am very pleased with the transaction and the nib. Thanks for your help in this, Pat; I am sure the pen will be used a lot more often now that it has a "Mottishaw'd" nib on it!

Best wishes always,

(Ed: this arrived as a hand-written letter on 7/10/07): "Dear John, Pat, Jonella, Sharon, and all:
Thank you very much for this, my new OMAS 2000 Paragon, broad nib with some flex added. I love it and it writes beautifully, but it's a bit of a high-strung racehorse, isn't it? I shall need to tame it (and tame myself). But it's just what I wanted!
And this, the OMAS Blue Royale HT, broad nib with flex and cursive rounded left oblique. Even more so, I shall need to learn how to use it, but thanks to you, I can and will. These pens give me great joy. Thank you, so much!

Yours truly, Frank Artusio"

Hi, Pat... Pens arrived home safe and sound yesterday. Love the nibs. Many thanks all around.
Til the next "need"...
Every good wish and happy Fourth,

bw (07/03/07)

The 360 arrived early and I inked it up here at work--it's perfect! The ink flow is no longer like a fire hose and the fine oblique is smooth and subtle, just like a FO should be. Another in an endless series of wonderful nib fixes!... 
grins, Dan Carmel (0703/07)Pat, Thank you very much. Undoubtedly, Namiki is a truly work of art in a fountain pen, that Nightnline Yukari is impressive, I've never had a chance to see one before, only pictures on the internet. And the work that John has done to this NIB is another work of art. Please say thanks to him on my name. 

Thanks again for your kindly attentions,
Rafael Harari (07/03/07)

The nib arrived this afternoon. This thing is wonderful. As usual, I am much more than pleased with my purchase.

Rich Canova (06/26/07)

Pat I just wanted to tell you that the pen and nib arrived today and they are both awesome!!!! I am so happy.
My thanks you to all of you at Classic Fountain Pens, Inc.

Very Sincerely yours,
Jean (06/27/07)

Hi Pat and John;
I received the pen (Ed: Pelikan M620 Niagara Falls) at 9:30 am this morning. I like the presentation box and I hoped that it would write well also. Wee...it certainly met my expectations: writes smoothly and the ink flows beautifully. This pen fits my hand very well, it is comfortable to write with and I would recommend to anyone; ergonomically designed very well. Of course the important part is the nib and it is simply great. 

My best to you both and thank you.
Hal (06/28/07)

(Ed: we received this testimonial as a hand-written note): "Pat & John - I was going to send a reply email to tell you my pen arrived safely home again. Then I stopped to think... what's the point in that? It's all about the fountain pen. So you can see it works just great! I don't know how you fixed it so well and so economically, but I am as happy as I could be.

Thanks, again. Mark" (6/13/07)

Hello Pat, Sharon, John.
After three months of lost hopes the pen (Black/White Sailor Pro Gear) has arrived to my door. I really couldn't get any answers from the local post office, so just in case you send pens to Israel next time let the customer know that it could take quite some time if the pen is shipped regular way. I really lost all my hopes waiting for it and thought that it was lost. I was really amazed that it has arrived after so much time without any visible abuse to the package. The wrapping is simply top on the notch. Now to the best part. After unwrapping the package and finding the pen I couldn't wait to begin using it. I was simply blown away by the way it writes. Solid constant flow (even with my jumpy writing style), really nice fine lines. My English simply doesn't provide a way to describe
how happy I am to have such writing instrument in my hands.
Many thanks to John for setting up the pen to suit my writing style. Pat, thanks a lot for your help. Thank you all and I will gladly provide recommendations (not that you really need any) to any Israeli customers you will have in the future.

Thanks a lot.
Stas Pirogov(05/27/07)

Dear Pat,
This is unforgivably overdue, but I want you and John to know how delighted I am with your repair of my Sheaffer pen. The workmanship is just beautiful, and it is so good to be able to use it again! Thank you many times over for restoring my old companion to me in fine fettle.

Ted Brown (06/05/07)

The pen and cases arrived this morning. As for the pen, in addition to being even more impressive in the hand than it is in the photo, it writes beautifully. Please convey my compliments to John for the nib work. And thanks to all of you for a pleasurable buying experience.

Kind regards,
Marc (05/08/07)

Wow, it's here a day early! What a lovely pen (Ed: Wahl Eversharp Doric). Who could imagine it being almost 70 years old, just looking at it? The celluloid is perfect and I've never seen anything like it in a modern pen. It does look like mineral structure, I can understand Sharon's attraction. I've filled it with Waterman Blue Black which gives a nice, vintage look to the writing. That semi-flex fine nib is just about perfect for me, if I can't have one of John's italics.

Thank you all, and especially Sharon, for letting me be the custodian of it for the next generation.
Kent Kochheiser (05/16/07)

Hi Pat,
The Namiki Falcon has arrived! You have done a perfect job. It writes just as I hoped, smooth, with a good flow, little responsive and with enough line variation. Thanks again. When I have another "nibjob" I will let you know for sure.

Best regards from the Netherlands,
Michael Sliedrecht (05/23/07)

Dear Pat (and John!) 
The Red Ripple came back yesterday! I was so excited to see it and amazed at how great it looked. I sat down to write out a thank you note--only to realize how awkward & wobbly I was with my very own pen. 
Not that I wasn't able to use it--more like for the first time I actually COULD use it! I knew in the beginning I'd be taking a chance with anything that had already been around 80 years, but I thought it would be worth it in terms of potential. I'm just now starting to see that potential. 

Thank you so much again and a world of appreciation for all of your kindness and help! 
-Margaret Mroczek (05/03/07)

Dear Pat,
Am I to write with the pen? Or just sit back and contemplate it?
Thank you ever so much for what you've done. It is really wonderful to be able to make such a quick and pleasant purchase from far away - and get what one wanted in such a short time!
I'm afraid you will be hearing again from me sometime soon...
Best wishes,

Pedro Mendonca (05/03/07)

I received my Namiki Pilot Falcon FP today and absolutely love it! The customized nib, tailored to my writing style, makes using the pen a smooth, enjoyable experience. I have never written with such a fine instrument as this particular pen. 
Thank you for providing such fine craftsmanship. I intend to make future purchases from your company.

Edward A. Hawks (05/05/07)

My Omas arrived today, and it is wonderful, light weight and beautiful. The nib is luscious, it will become my favorite I'm sure. Thank you again for your great service and let John know that the nib is perfect.

Thank you,
Robert Gamburd (05/07/07)

My Pelikan M800 arrived without incident. It’s great to have “old faithful” back! It writes better than ever – the customizations for my writing style make all the difference in the world. Thank you so much for your outstanding work.

Jaimie Henderson (04/30/07)

Last week I received the Conklin Endura pencil in Lapis – it’s very beautiful and it is a pleasure to use! Discovering your web-site was like turning down a side street and discovering a wonderful little shop with delightful people! Talking to you was a pleasure; your entire ordering process should be an industry standard...

With pleasure,
John Zientowski (04/30/07)

John, and everyone,
Nibs arrived promptly last week; beautiful work as always; everything fits and writes beautifully.

Ernie Drown (05/02/07)

Hi Pat, it’s here (Ed: OMAS Ogiva, Black/Guilloche). I just inked it up (brought a bottle to work with me for the occasion). It is perfect. Lovely smoothness and wetness. Thank you for taking such care!

Karen (05/02/07)

I just returned from Toronto this afternoon and the Lamy Persona was waiting for me upon my arrival.I really love the pen.It writes beautifully and I really enjoy the weight and size of the pen.I am so thankful that I went ahead and had the nib ground down.Please express to John how thrilled I am with the job that he masterfully performed.I want to thank everyone again.It is an absolute pleasure dealing with all of you and especially with you Pat!

My sincerest regards,
Rob Redlich (04/25/07)

Dear Pat,
I have been quite remiss in not writing sooner. My vintage 1939 OMAS Extra Lucens is simply wonderful. The ink flow is perfect and the reground modern OMAS 18k stub nib precisely to my liking. Thank John so very much for once again proving his amazing attention to detail and craftsmanship! Writing is a major part of my life, and to do so with a pristine vintage OMAS is very special indeed. All the very best,

Harris Saltzburg (04/27/07)

Dear Pat,
I received the pen today! Thank you very much for an excellent job! The pen is 100 time smoother than before! The ink flow is JUST RIGHT! The nib writes flawlessly and smoothly and solidly on a yellow pad I use daily. It's a keeper for me! The lines produced are gorgeous! Once again John did his magic! Please extend my sincere appreciation for his excellent work!

With sincere appreciation,
JK Kim (04/16/07)

Hi Pat,
The pens arrived yesterday. Thank you so much. They are both beauties in their own way, although they couldn't be more different--opposite ends of the fountain pen specturm really. Yet they are both wonderful writers. John's nib on the Lamy is great as usual, and the Conklin writes beautifully-- smooth as silk and just enough flexibility for my lumbering hand. 

Thanks for everything,
Alan (04/18/07)

Pat: My "Sailor" with music nib was delivered in good shape about 15 minutes ago (a day ahead of schedule) Very well packaged. I just tested it briefly (with a cartridge) to make sure everything was working properly. It was! Requires only the lightest touch ... good ink flow, and superbly smooth. I'm really going to enjoy this! Now you have me thinking about a normal writing pen ??? Many thanks for the great service and, more importantly, for taking the time to understand what it was that I wanted from a pen.

Joe Derrane (04/18/07)

John / Pat:
Yesterday I received my yellow, full-sized Sailor 1911 with a music nib ground to a cursive italic. The pen arrived safely, and the nib writes wonderfully! I do appreciate your keeping on file a handwriting sample I'd sent a long time ago for another nib job, and it's great to receive a pen where the nib and level of ink flow are just right. Wonderful work.

Thanks so much.
Julio A. Thompson (04/09/07)

Ed: this arrived as a hand-written note: John: The Grand Place arrived yesterday. It works perfectly. What a beautiful pen, both in appearance and performance. Thank you so much for your help in selecting the pen and configuring the nib. It really does make a difference. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again soon...

Steve Noble (04/09/07)

Dear Pat,
My Omas grey paragon fountain pen arrived!! It is beautiful! I love the color, classic look and the greek key design. The nib is great. I look forward to many happy penning years with the two Omas pens from you and John. 
Thanks so much for the great support and service. I'm really excited to become a "new fountain pen" enthusiast.

Pam (04/12/07)

The pen arrived, it is inked, and I love it! The feel, the design (I love Aurora designs), the color...all perfect. This is why I frequently check the pre-owned section of the website; I would have missed this fabulous Aurora otherwise. Now, if only I could find the OMAS designed by Sottass...and a blue Parker 51...and...
Thanks for your great service. Hope we meet someday.

Be well,
Bob Rogen (03/26/07)

Dear Pat, Sharon, Danielle, and John:
I have had the privilege to work with everyone at your incomparable establishment with the exception of Danielle. In the past several months I have purchased from you a Parker 61, 1929 Parker senior duofold, 1920's lapis Parker duofold jr., Pelican M 400 Brown Tortoise, and now a 1917 Conklin crescent filler. The redoubtable, John, has skillfully modified these pens so that they are all broad to stub with a copious ink flow. All of these pens are receiving constant use and are performing beyond expectation. With enthusiasm, I recommend your firm, without reservation to anyone who requires sales, repair, or modification, of a fountain pen.

Cordially, James J. Sparandeo (03/26/07)

Ed: the following was received as a hand-written note: Dear Pat & John, You are every bit as amazing and talented as the testimonials on your web site indicate. The pen is perfectly tuned for me and the only thing that could improve it is a wider selection of ink colors in cartridges from Sailor.... Thanks, again. Sincerely, Cheryl McCullough (03/27/07)

The pen arrived safely this morning, very very pleased with it set up just the way I like. Thank you very much for everything, excellent service

Martin Jones (03/12/07)

Hi Pat,
Just a note to let you know the Duofold nibs arrived on Friday. I put in the converter in each nib and put one nib in the Black Duofold and the other in the Orange or "Big Red" and they wrote like "very old friends". For me, they write "perfectly" - very, very smooth and excellent inkflow. You guys have the "magic touch" even on pens you don't normally handle... 

Thank you so very much!
Joe Nemedi (03/12/07)

Hello Pat,
I just received the package and true to your promise, the pens write “right out of the box’. The pens are beautiful and your customer service is exemplary! Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes.
Anant Dhotrekar (03/14/07)

Sharon, John - thank you so much. The gorgeous, luminous yellow Sailor 1911 arrived yesterday, and it might be the silkiest, most lovely pen I have ever had the pleasure of using. It feels more like a paintbrush than a pen. I am a customer for life. I will send via mail a writing sample, probably this weekend. Thanks again. Let me know when you have the Sapporos with the music nib - I'll probably buy one of those too.

--j (03/23/07)

Hi Pat!
This is Kybor. I want to thank you for your suggestion on customization my M600 Blue Demonstrator Pelikan. It is so beautiful and elegant. I received it one week ago. I tested it, but I did not have a chance to use it fully. Today, I took my pen to the bank to deposit my check. The teller commented that I have a very nice handwriting. And I even used it to write on happy birthday cards. It was so wonderful and addictive when it comes to writing and signing. I've fell in love with Pelikan medium stub nib. It just glides on papers. Thank you for your service and Master John for his magical skills in customizing nibs.

Kybor (02/24/07)

Hello Pat,
My pen was delivered today – in perfect working condition. It has a "made to measure feel" about it and makes a wonderful replacement for my previous Pelikan that I lost a few years ago. It's like meeting an old friend that has come back to me after a long absence. 
I'd like to thank you for your kind and cheerful cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Albert Edelson (02/27/07)

the nib arrived yesterday. I've been writing with it all morning. It's fabulous. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. Larry Sanford (03/02/07)

Hi Pat,
The pens arrived today, in perfect condition [Parker Duofold International (UK) Fountain Pen and Ballpoint – Green Marble]. I inked up the fountain pen and made my first strokes on the paper – it was like velvet. So lovely. 
The green marbling on the pens is even more beautiful than the photos captured. My colleagues at work who are also fountain pen enthusiasts are almost as excited as I am to see this pen – I know they will be very jealous! I have, of course, made sure they know all about you folks. With any luck, you may have another few Canadian customers.
Thank you, Pat, for all your kind assistance and patience. You answered all my questions quickly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. And the nib works like a dream. Thank you, John. This has been a very pleasant transaction – I feel as though I have gotten to know you a little bit, rather than merely purchasing a product from you. You can be sure that you will hear from me again.

All best wishes ~ Trisha (02/15/07)

Hi Pat,
I received my Pelikan 800 the other day. It writes smoother that the Montblanc I’ve been writing with for over 20 years (I didn’t think that was possible). PERFECT! 
Please give my best to everyone.

Best regards,
Mark (02/15/07)

Hi Pat,
The little Omas couple arrived safely, on the doorstep yesterday. What a “sweet” writing couple, as smooth as the best dark chocolate! UmmmmUmmmm
The best Valentine’s Day gift ever! What an inspiration “How do l love thee, let me count the ways”…Thank you once again for many hours of blissful writing (thanks to John’s expert craftsmanship). There is no doubt these will evolve into the most treasured of loves. 

Hugs and Smiles, Shea Stanfield (02/15/07)

To: Sharon Hardwick
Subject: RE: Classic Fountain Pens: Draft Invoice - Response Requested
Today I received the Pilot Vanishing Point with the Medium Cursive Italic nib adjustment. Oh, so that's what a fountain pen is supposed to feel like! This pen is so quirky looking I like it very much already. It writes incredibly nicely.
Problem is, now I would consider having other pens adjusted. My new Parker Duofold and a Shaeffer I like a lot as well. Did I read the web site correctly, the wait for nib work is 6 months? That's sneaky, you know; "Come here kid, the first one is free"....

Willy Palmer (02/20/07)

(Ed: all three of the testimonials below arrived as hand-written notes):
John and Pat, Received my pens yesterday. Thank you for making them work so well and look so beautiful. It was well worth the wait. As you can see, the Parker 51 writes beaiutifully. Again... My thanks and appreciation.

Ra Scavelli (02/09/07)

Dear Pat, Once again, much thanks to you and John for exceptional service. My new Sailor KoP is awesome! As always, my favorite pen is..... anything Mottishaw! Best regards,

Dave Burnette (02/09/07)

Dear John, Thank you for this wonderful pen... You can see how far I have progressed to this point in using it: it has so many possibilities, and ny penmanship improves day by day, vaving such an excellent writing instrument to work with.

Thank you! Walter (02/09/07)

Howdy. Got the pen today -- that was fast! Filled it without any problem and immediately put pen to paper. What a difference from using a rolling ball and ball point. The Pelikan seems to glide over the paper with nary a hitch. If you limited me to a one-word description, I would choose the word "smooth." I'll be back for another! 

David (02/13/07)

Received my Naginata-Togi. Love it. The "juicier" thing is not a problem. Writes more like a European medium, which I'm used to anyway. Thanks.

Yuan (02/13/07)

To John:
Super job! You haven't lost your touch.

Thanks again,
Alan Becker (02/04/07)

Hello Pat 
The Sheaffer Pen has arrived this morning safely in my office. I have already inked it. It writes excellently and very smoothly. Thank you very much for your outstanding service.

Kind regards 
Dan (02/07/07)

Pat, The Bronze Arco HT arrived safe and sound today. I can only say that it is an absolutely beautiful pen both in appearance and in the way it writes. It is smooth with a perfectly even ink flow, comfortable in the hand an a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for sending it so quickly and for the work that was done to fit it to the writing style I described to you.... Again, many thanks for getting this pen to me. I could not be happier with it. 

Adrian Gordon (02/07/07)

Subject: My new Pilot... is just perfect! The broad cursive italic is just what I wanted-- there is some thick-thin, but it is not exaggerated, and I can write small with it. And because there is no cap I can use it instead of a pencil for quick one-handed notes. It is the perfect complement to my Pelikan broad stub. As with the Pelkan, Private Reserve Midnight Blues seems to work just fine. Once again, thanks for your help. I can't decide which pen is next.

Pete Sampson (01/25/07)

I have received my order, Inv. 18909, for a Sailor pen, in good order. Let me say three words: I love it! It writes just the way I wanted. Thanks for your prompt service and helpful assistance. You have a new loyal customer.

Joan Sutton (01/30/07)

Just wanted to let you know that I got the Arco this morning. It is great! Not only is it a gorgeous pen, but it writes like a dream. The nib that John did is by far the best I have ever written with. It is almost wasted on my bad handwriting!

Thanks again,
Andrew Jablon (01/19/07)

I just wanted to let you know that I received the pen yesterday and it writes like a dream. Truly a pleasure!Thanks again!

Geoff (01/24/07)

(Ed: this testimonial arrived as a note written with the subject pen/modification) Dear John & Pat - I never dreamed a pen wuold write immediately as if I'd been using it for years. My Sailor Maki-e is tailored to me as if I'd been in your shop for you to see how I wrote. Your wonderful service, excellent website and well-thought-out order form made the process even more pleasant! Thank you so much for a pen that is beautiful, of course, but also a true joy to use.

Sincerely, Kathleen Bregand (01/24/07)

Thank you so much to John and everyone who was so helpful to me on the phone and with my order. I LOVE my new pen and find myself writing down even the smallest list just to be able to use my pen. I know that I will be back to have some of my older pens transformed for me as well. 
Thank you again to you all for making the entire transaction so easy and the outcome so "awesome".

Leslie F. Gaylord (01/16/07)

Dear Ms. Ackor and Mr. Mottishaw,
The pen arrived today, the perfect, simple, elegant design of the pen is astonishing it that it is truly intentionally understated and the epitome of "less is better" it is good to have a pen that is not distracting and draws attention. I am overwhelmed remarkable fluidity of the pen . On my good paper it has no tooth at all. I used Noodler's Coeur Royal ink. I am more than pleased , it writes very smoothly. I think you over estimated my writing pressure. I haven't twisted, splayed, bent, or destroyed a nib yet to my knowledge. I like to write deliberately. I can't write well if I have the pen just skipping along the paper dancing in air making ornate swirls. 

Thank you for this marvelous pen. Fantastico!!!!...
Steven M. (01/16/07)

Dear Nibs Team,
My 87 year old mother was more delighted with this masterful repair than with any other gift I have ever given her. She is hard at work writing to everyone she knows, and fairly crowed at the smooth and familiar tool she has used, according to legend, for over 70 years. As a French friend said about an old and humble bottle of family wine, "It's not so special, but it is VERY special." Thank you for hand-cleaning the nib, and responding so promptly. I will brag on your service for years.... Thanks again,

Ellen Kochansky (01/17/07)

Hi Pat --
Just a note to let you know that the pen arrived on Friday evening. The pen is absolutely gorgeous, and writes like a dream. Please let John know that he did a perfect job on the flow (I don't usually get fine nibs because I like a wet point), but this nib feels like it's riding on air.

Thanks again for your help. --Phil (01/17/07)

To all:
I received my Namiki Falcon with extra fine and flexible nib much sooner than I had expected, and what a pleasure it is to write with. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was doing business with you; certainly a rare experience these days!... Thanks again!

From frigid Colorado,
Mark Clancy (01/12/07)

Dear Pat, The pen writes wonderfully well. I am delighted with the way it writes and flows so effortlessly. I am really looking forward to using the Omas as my "additional" daily pen. THANK YOU for a great job done! Besides writing well, it is also a very good looking pen!

Pat... I got the pen... I love it... This is the first M600 I've owned, and I'm not sure how I ever lived without it.... You have a great company with a level of customer service I haven't ever received even from other pen sellers... Thanks again,

Ray Johnson (01/11/07)

I rec'd the Mont Blanc FP and it is a beautiful addition to my collection. I just inked it for the first time today and it writes like on air. Thank you so much for the prompt service and the opportunity to purchase this pen.

Dave K. (01/10/07)

Well, Pat, my pen arrived about an hour ago and I'm fairly certain my projects for this afternoon will be tomorrow's projects.
The stub was an excellent choice: now that I've tried it I'm certain I could handle the cursive italic nib, but I don't believe I could write as quickly or fluently. I suspect for my next pen I'll try the Falcon in cursive italic. I'm using Private Reserve Midnight Blues and I couldn't be much happier with either the pen or the ink.

Pete Sampson (1/05/07)

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