Back Ordering Pens At

Many of the pens we offer at are artisanally hand-crafted and/or produced in very limited numbers. As a result, many are on more or less perpetual back order, and are rarely available as in stock items for immediate shipment.

In Stock pens will usually ship within five business days. Items shown as
on Back Order should be pre-ordered to reserve the available pen.

For this reason, we strongly recommend pre-ordering any back ordered pen you wish to purchase. This especially applies to brands such as Nakaya and Namiki, to Sailor Bespoke Collection pens, and to any newly announced limited edition pens. Pre-ordering a back ordered pen reserves the next available pen for you, and still gives you the opportunity to change or cancel your order in the time it takes for your pen to arrive.

If you would like to avoid having a hold placed on your credit card when placing your pre-order, you can choose Pay By Check/Money Order during checkout and we will contact you when your pen arrives - at that time, you can still choose to pay by credit card if you wish.

Still have questions about back orders and pre-ordering? Feel feel to contact us at [email protected].