Testimonials Archive 2006

(Ed: this arrived as a hand-written note:) To my friends at Classic Fountain Pens, Inc., Thank you for the work by John Mottishaw on the Pelikan nib. Never have I enjoyed writing with a pen as much as I do now with custom crafted stub nib... this was definitely worth the wait. Your business and service is one of the best kept secrets around, if word spreads you would have to clone more persons to do such great work.... Don Dunn (12/21/06)

Pat: Forgive me the delay in getting back to you after the pen arrived. I have not really begun to work with it in any sustained way and I am just starting to get a feel for the work that John has managed. I am already certain that this may be one of those pens that I just can not wait to write with because the cursive italic is superb and the feel of the nib on the paper is extraordinarily smooth and responsive. Thank you again for excellent service, pass along my gratitude to John
best wishes, 
Steven (12/19/06)

Hi Sharon,
The nib arrived today, and it is beautiful! I really appreciate John’s level of workmanship and attention to detail. The crack repair is virtually invisible. I won’t install it until next week (taking a few days off for the holidays), but I’m sure it will work perfectly.
Thank you,
Tom Pike (12/18/06)

Hi Pat... I received the Omas Autuno with the John modification of the nib about a week ago. I have wanted to really have an opportunity to use before telling you how much I love it. First it is beautiful, in an of itself. I find it a "light pen" or alternatively it doesn't have "heft" so I have had to adjust the pressure I use to write with it. This is an observation, not a criticism.
The medium cursive modification that John did I think is amazing. I am not an expert using nibs like this but it certainly writes much more smoothly than I anticipated and has the "character" that I wanted.... Peter (12/13/06)

Dear Pat/John,
I received the package yesterday,perfect service.I test the omas Ingegno and the pelikan ib:perfect ink flow,flexibility, smooth,great job,you have completely understood my requests... Thanks,
best regards,alberto (12/14/06)

I have the nib (Ed: Parker 75 #98 Broad Formal Italic), and have been using it (with green ink) for Christmas cards. What a delight to have this pen write well - I was convinced that it was an ornery thing! Next year, perhaps I'll want a medium nib too... Thanks for a great nib, and such courteous service.
Clare (12/14/06)

I rec'd the Mont Blanc FP and it is a beautiful addition to my collection. I just inked it for the first time today and it writes like on air. Thank you so much for the prompt service and the opportunity to purchase this pen. Dave K. (01/10/07)

Pat... I got the pen... I love it... This is the first M600 I've owned, and I'm not sure how I ever lived without it.... You have a great company with a level of customer service I haven't ever received even from other pen sellers... Thanks again,
Ray Johnson (01/11/07)

Dear Pat, The pen writes wonderfully well. I am delighted with the way it writes and flows so effortlessly. I am really looking forward to using the Omas as my "additional" daily pen. THANK YOU for a great job done! Besides writing well, it is also a very good looking pen!

To all:
I received my Namiki Falcon with extra fine and flexible nib much sooner than I had expected, and what a pleasure it is to write with. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was doing business with you; certainly a rare experience these days!... Thanks again!
From frigid Colorado,
Mark Clancy (01/12/07)

Dear Pat and John,
My new 2005 Omas Paragon with the BB Left Oblique nib arrived yesterday while I was at work. I got home late and was very tired, so I decided not to open the box (difficult to do, but I did wait) until this morning. It was nice to wake up today and have this anticipation of testing out the Paragon and Oblique nib.
It is great! The nib cut is perfect for me; I think John did a great job of matching the grinding to my writing style. I love the pen. It's got a little heft to it, but not so much to tire my hand and the size is a perfect size for me. From the web pictures, I was afraid that the clip on the cap would protrude too much, but it's quite attractive and actually enhances the pen nicely, I think.
Thanks for the great work and the fast shipment of my Christmas present!
Kind regards,
Bruce Bailey (12/23/06)

Hi Pat,
Thank you for... being so efficient... This incident illustrates the extraordinary customer service you all provide, service that is becoming so rare in the world of big-box life. I wish we could clone your actions.....Happy New Year!
Karen (12/31/06)

Well, Pat, my pen arrived about an hour ago and I'm fairly certain my projects for this afternoon will be tomorrow's projects.
The stub was an excellent choice: now that I've tried it I'm certain I could handle the cursive italic nib, but I don't believe I could write as quickly or fluently. I suspect for my next pen I'll try the Falcon in cursive italic. I'm using Private Reserve Midnight Blues and I couldn't be much happier with either the pen or the ink.
Pete Sampson (1/05/07)

Hi Sharon,
The nib arrived today, and it is beautiful! I really appreciate John’s level of workmanship and attention to detail. The crack repair is virtually invisible. I won’t install it until next week (taking a few days off for the holidays), but I’m sure it will work perfectly.
Thank you,
Tom Pike (12/18/06)

Pat: Forgive me the delay in getting back to you after the pen arrived. I have not really begun to work with it in any sustained way and I am just starting to get a feel for the work that John has managed. I am already certain that this may be one of those pens that I just can not wait to write with because the cursive italic is superb and the feel of the nib on the paper is extraordinarily smooth and responsive. Thank you again for excellent service, pass along my gratitude to John
best wishes, 
Steven (12/19/06)

(Ed: this arrived as a hand-written note:) To my friends at Classic Fountain Pens, Inc., Thank you for the work by John Mottishaw on the Pelikan nib. Never have I enjoyed writing with a pen as much as I do now with custom crafted stub nib... this was definitely worth the wait. Your business and service is one of the best kept secrets around, if word spreads you would have to clone more persons to do such great work.... Don Dunn (12/21/06)

Hi Pat... I received the Omas Autuno with the John modification of the nib about a week ago. I have wanted to really have an opportunity to use before telling you how much I love it. First it is beautiful, in an of itself. I find it a "light pen" or alternatively it doesn't have "heft" so I have had to adjust the pressure I use to write with it. This is an observation, not a criticism.
The medium cursive modification that John did I think is amazing. I am not an expert using nibs like this but it certainly writes much more smoothly than I anticipated and has the "character" that I wanted.... Peter (12/13/06)

Dear Pat/John,
I received the package yesterday,perfect service.I test the omas Ingegno and the pelikan ib:perfect ink flow,flexibility, smooth,great job,you have completely understood my requests... Thanks,
best regards,alberto (12/14/06)

I have the nib (Ed: Parker 75 #98 Broad Formal Italic), and have been using it (with green ink) for Christmas cards. What a delight to have this pen write well - I was convinced that it was an ornery thing! Next year, perhaps I'll want a medium nib too... Thanks for a great nib, and such courteous service.
Clare (12/14/06)

John and Pat,
I've just returned from a week out of town and, as promised, your package was waiting for me. Thanks to you, a grand, old pen has returned to life. I'm absolutely delighted to have my writing partner in hand again. Michael (11/29/06)

Hi Pat and John
Received my red Pelikan Souveran 800 today. I am very pleased with its smoothness, ink flow, ink capacity and exquisite good looks. It actually glides over the paper more easily than my dear departed Omas MOMA pen.I am very glad that I took a chance on this without trying it out first. Will send you my old Mont Blanc for adjustments after I get through grading the mountain of exams and papers before me.
Mark Levy (12/06/06)

Sharon, I love the pen, the nib was the right choice. ) The ink is perfect as well, I thought it might be too light and bright, but it isn't. Perfecto Mundo!!! Thank you so much for your help. 
Philip Johnson (12/07/06)

Hi Pat
The Arco arrived Monday morning our time. Wow! the celluloid is simply stunning on this pen (can’t stop looking at it). Truly worth persevering to eventually get this Omas; the 360 too clunky and deco, the Autunno a little too feminine and fancy for my taste. The nib set up is also perfect – please pass on my compliments to John. Thanks for your help and great service in setting this transaction up. 
Best regards
Bob (11/26/06)

Dear Pat and Sharon,
Thank you for the meticulous care and precision with which you unfailingly mediate my vision of a pen's characteristics and John or Danielle's crafts(person)ship. The Dupont Orpheo arrived half an hour ago, and though I am busy preparing to give a graduate seminar, I just had to try out the pen. Let me dispense with the superlatives and simply say this: I'm tempted to skip class and sit home all day writing "happy holiday" notes to myself. You've taken an expensive, beautiful but "runny" and characterless fountain pen and turned it into a marvelous writer. 
Sincere thanks for yet another superb job, and happy holidays to everyone there. 
Jim Fujii (11/27/06)

(Ed: this arrived on 11/28/06 as a hand-written letter)"Mr. Mottishaw: Just a note of thanks to let you know how much I'm enjoying the Pelikan 3B nib you folks sent me recently. The nib is very smooth and writes like a dream. We'll do business again! Cordially, Doyle Phillips

(Ed: this arrived as a letter written with the described pen) Hello John & Pat, I want to express my complete satisfaction with a Sailor 1911 I examined at the Portland Pen Show and purchased soon after. I use it primarily for short notes, signatures, addressing correspondence. My primary choice for longer letters is still the Montblanc #146 which John repaired last year. I write to remain in contact with old friends, and I usually reserve an hour or two in the evening to relax with pen & paper. Thank you for another valued writing tool. I look forward to the Portland Pen Show in 2007, when I will probably purchase another gem like this! John's craftsmanship on this nib, combined with Sailor's inherent quality, equips me with an instrument I will treasure for years to come. Thank you. Respectfully, Ed Palumbo (11/15/06)

Hi Pat,
I want to thank you and John again for taking care of me and my Paragon. The pen is now writing perfectly and the nib is wonderful. Right from the first email to the return, you guys were on top of this like it was a matter of national security... Thanks again and have a nice Thanksgiving.
Until the next pen,
John Cullen (11/20/06)

Hi Pat,
Just got the desk pen that John repaired. It is just amazing. Can't tell that it was ever broken. Fabulous job. Please convey my thanks to John. Will make a wonderful Christmas present - 2nd time around!! - for my wife...
Peter (11/23/06)

The beautiful Bronze Arco arrived! It looks great and the cursive italic nib letters just right – even smoother than I imagined. You all did a fabulous job of working with me. I’ll send a handwritten note after you are settled into the new office....
Al Causey (11/02/06)

Hi Pat:
This is Jorge. The pen arrived Wednesday night with no problem. It is prettier and writes better than I expected. And the flow is just, just perfect! When I got it I tried it and thought, How come I've never had a pen that flowed so well? It took me a couple of hours to remember that it had been adjusted just for me. Thanx a lot. Jorge (11/09/06)

(Ed: this arrived as a handwritten letter) Dear Mr. Mottishaw,
You are my first recipient of a letter using the olde green Sheaffer Snorkel pen which you have clearly restored to working order. The nib is smooth to the page, with just enough drag to make it feel I am doing something.... It feels good to have it in my hand again. Thank you very much. 
Sincerely Yours,
Loren L. Johnson (10/30/06)

Hi Pat and John: The M600 with the Dos Ojos nib arrived today. I very much like
the nib. The flexibility is terrific and it is "wet" without any pressure which
I like. Thanks, Len Kaban (10/20/06)

Hi Pat,
Well, it arrived and it's gorgeous! (Ed: a Pelikan 1935 Lapis) Almost too pretty to ink. But I did anyway. So far I've only written a few lines with the oblique nib but it's wonderful. John did a great job for me of finding the sweet spot. I love the line size from the .7 and get enough variation with it to add some character to my poor handwriting. I'm going to have a lot of fun learning to get the best from it but on such a light and responsive pen, I really feel like I can write with it all day. I can't wait to try the flexible fine nib, that will be an entirely new experience.
Thanks again!
Kent Kochheiser (10/23/06)

Hi Pat...
The pens arrived in fine condition. I just filled the Lominchay, and think it is perhaps wrong to ask if I'm happy. Actually, I'm ecstatic! The nib is probably as close to perfection as anything I could ever hope for. It is a wonderful writing pen. Wow!...Thanks again for a fantastic job.
Ron Hill (10/24/06)

My two fountain pens arrived whilst I was in London. I have now filled them and written with them and they are, as usual, exactly right (or maybe exactly write?). Thanks again for the superb service-it is worth the wait.
George Heitczman (10/14/06)

Dear Pat,
This morning I received the Sheaffer Balance with the new medium nib. It couldn't be better! The line matches my hand writing perfectly and the nib and flow are as smooth as I could imagine. Great job! By the way, the pen was really cleaned up and especially the gold filled parts in which much of the brassing seems to have been removed. It really shines!...
Best wishes, 
Ron Butow (10/16/06)

Hi Danielle and everyone!
My beautiful red Sailor 1911 arrived today. I love it--everything: the color, the feel of the pen, the smooth line the nib expresses. I would have had more trepidation about buying over the Internet if I hadn't felt reassured by the passion and knowledge evident both on your website and on the phone. This kind of connoisseurship and personal service is a rare, wonderful thing in today's world.
Thank you so much!
Miriam van Werkhoven (10/17/06)

Dear Pat,
I just wanted to let you know that my new pen arrived yesterday. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with it. It really is the perfect shorthand pen, and I know it will get many, many hours of use. It doesn't even compare to the Esterbrook I was using.

I'm astounded that John was able to customize the nib so perfectly (and on the very first try) only by looking at the two samples I sent and reading my e-mails. He must be telepathic (or perhaps he was a Pitman shorthand writer in another life!)....
Thanks so much again to both of you.
Take care,
Josh (10/10/06)

Hi, Pat.
Have spent a solid couple of weeks with the Omas Arco, so can give some true considered feedback. Visually, the pen is a delight. The celluloid is very beautiful and the appearance of the pen changes depending on the angle of view and the lighting. 
The italic effect that John has conjured up is more marked than that from the Sailor Hagi-Bush, but I am very happy with it. My leftie style does not lend itself to much pencraft, and as such, I really like the effect that the nib produces automatically.
The nib feel is not as silky smooth as the Sailor or Namiki Bamboo that John has previously modified for me, but this is probably more to do with the fundamental shape difference of the European pens versus the Japanese pens. Having said this, I am happy with the ink flow and reliability. 
All up, a very happy and satisfied customer!
All the best from down under,
Tom G. (Perth, Australia) (10/12/06)

I got the package in a day or so, I'm using the nib and it's as perfect as I can imagine.

Thank you very much. Kathy Klyce (9/24/06)

Dear Pat,
The pens have arrived safely.
I'm so pleased with these beautiful pens.
I already have a Snorkel in gray.
They will become my favorite Snorkel brother.

Thanks so much for your business.
Have a great day,
Daisuke (9/27/06)

Dear Pat,
My new pan arrived this morning safe and sound (though with a VAT bill, can’t avoid the TAX man). It’s writing beautifully, I thing the broad stub was a good choice. I shall look forward to trying it out over the coming days. Thanks again for all your help, an excellent service all round. Yours,
Liam Colleran (9/29/06)

Dear Pat and John,
The Omas pen finally arrived this afternoon, and it is splendid. The nicest pen I have ever owned. Beautifully ground. Thanks so much, John. I wish you had ground my other pens (half a dozen only). And thanks too very much for the statement about pen repair, etc. It all worked well....
Happy Canadian thanksgiving!
Stanford Patrick (10/06/06)

Dear Pat, 
Sorry for my delay in responding. Sometimes the middle of the month can be hectic. I received the Pelikan and 1911 on Thursday last, a day earlier than promised. Thank you getting them to me so quickly. I got to use the 1000 with the O3B to stub conversion to sign paychecks. What a hoot. I absolutely love what it does to my signature. I have already had to refill it three times in five days just because I get such a kick out of trying different character sets with it to see how the letters will look. I give you an A+ on a great nib and fun pen. I also am quite pleased with the Sailor EF nib. I was a bit unsure how I would like it when I ordered it, being one enamored with big pens with big lines, but I find myself looking for places to use the EF. It is as smooth as promised and a welcome alternative to the usual medium I usually use for smaller writing. Overall two very nice and enjoyable pens. Again, very well done. Thanks for making fountain pens fun and exciting.
A.Blad (9/20/06)

Hi Pat,
I received the pen and have been trying it out all evening. Wow. It's the difference between a butter knife and true cutlery. It will take some adjustment in my penmanship, but I can see a remarkable difference already. Thanks so much for your quick turnaround on this order. Truely a magnificent instrument!
- Mike (9/20/06)

(Ed: this arrived as a letter printed in calligraphic italic:) Dear All, I thought that I should write briefly to say how delighted I am with the pen that arrived last week, It is exactly what I wanted and the nib has a flexibility that I have not been able to find for a very long time - since the days of the Swan "Calligraphic" - I'm talking some 50 years or more ago. Again, my many thanks for your great service. Yours, Bill Bryant (9/2/06)

Hi Pat- Just wanted to let you know that my husband absolutely loves his pen. It is his new favorite, second to his favorite Pelikan with a custom nib by John. Thanks for all your help.

Michele Babaie (9/11/06)

Hi Pat and Danielle,
Just got to my computer, wanted to send word that the three new arrivals were patiently waiting on my doorstep Friday when I got home from work. I have been playing with them all weekend. Each and everyone is a star performer. Thanks a bunch you guys are the greatest. Smiles, Shea Stanfield (9/11/06)

I received my Sailor 1911 Colors red pen. I really love it! It writes very smoothly and is perfect for my writing needs. Thanks again!
Tania Tulcin (9/1/06)

Pat: The pen arrived on Friday and it is magnificent. I am so very pleased that I could get such a perfect instrument for my work. Please thank John for getting to this when he was trying to get out of town for a much deserved vacation. 
Thanks again for another great job,
Steven (9/5/06)

The pen arrived in pristine condition a little while ago. It writes wonderfully and is set up perfectly for me. Yall are geniuses there. Many thanks. I am a happy customer.
Robin Johnson (9/6/06)

Dear Pat & John,
I got my pens yesterday – thanks for getting them out and in my hot little hands so quickly. The Spencerian customization of the M805 is masterful – I only hope my technique is up to its capabilities. The yellow 1911 is certainly an eye-popping beauty – yeow, is it bright! As always, thanks for the friendly service; it’s a pleasure doing business with you.
-Brian Kerns (8/25/06)

Dear Danielle and Pat:
Thank you for all the arrangements in securing the black version of the OMAS Milord. This is the pen I admire and wanted; and with the polished facets, it radiates with beauty. I enjoy looking at it as well as using it! 
It writes beautifully and was adjusted nicely... 
I'll stop by the booth at the next L.A. pen show. Thanks again for the friendly and informative service.
Bill Favata (8/28/06)

Ed: this one arrived as a note written with the subject pen: Re: Shady Lady! I am really, really, really, really, by the way did I say: really really happy with the nib! Splendid artistry! Earl. P.S. I am holding the pen so lightly that by the time I finished writing this it had floated away to another room. (9/1/06)

Pat and John and all ----Many thanks --- LOVE, LOVE, TRULY LOVE my new Sailor 911 silver pen! 
James St. Cloud (8/20/06)

Dear Pat,
The big, broad, 7-30 nib safely and swiftly arrived today. Naturally, it fit perfectly and writes like a dream : )
You guys (and gals...) ROCK!
Thanks for the wonderful (as always) service!
Best regards,
Andy Sonnemaker (8/23/06)

I love, love my new Parker pen! Please pass on to John my appreciation for delivering exactly what I asked for... My experience with your company has been a pleasure and I look forward to sending you a sketch in the near future.
Respectfully yours,
Jim Vakalopoulos (8/13/06)

Hi Pat and John,
The pen arrived on Sat and writes just like my other Sailor EF nib - ie perfect! The Sailor does have the finest ef nib of any that I have ever come accross which is a joy. The bright yellow color is just so cool :)... 
Many thanks again for your great service!
Kenn (8/14/06)

I just got the pen from Michael. He restored the pen to looking brand new and installed the nib that John did. It writes beautifully. Extremely smooth, beautiful lines in all directions. I’ve thanked Michael in a separate email and I want to thank you and John for great service and superb craftsman/person/ship. Thank you also for going the extra step in coordinating and overcoming the logistical obstacles. As always, top notch.... Take care, thanks for doing what you do so well.
Mike Alter (8/7/06)

(Ed: we received the following as a letter on 7/10/06)
Dear Pat, Danielle and John, I just wanted to let you know that the Sailor 1911 International arrived on time. As expected, the pen is perfect! Please update my account info to have every pen I get from you in the future write just like this one. Aside from the best writing experience I've ever experienced, the look of this mocel is quite bearable... basic black suits this pen well... As usual, your service was excellent. Thank you for this great pen! Regards, Dan Gillette

Pat, John, et al,
The yellow full size Sailor 1911 pen, the tortoise Waterman pen, and the black Omas Paragon .7mm pencil arrived yesterday as promised. After looking at the big yellow cigar pen on my desk, I am puzzled at why the Parker Mandarin yellow pen of the late 1920’s was so unpopular. Both the Sailor and Waterman wrote quite well immediately. They will be in my regular writing rotation.The Omas pencil works as advertised; it will be a permanent addition to my pencil drawer. 
Thanks for the excellent service. Have a good summer
Dick Loyd (7/18/06)

I apologize for not writing sooner -- my computer was zapped by a lightning storm two weeks ago and I'm finally back on line tonight. The Parker 51 and... I'm extremely pleased with the pen!!! Thanks again to you and John for an absolutely superb writing experience! The pen floats over the paper like I'm writing with a beam of light....
David Budde (7/26/06)

Got the pen yesterday and it writes beautifully! The new nib and section are working perfectly. I am very pleased! Thank you to you and John for a job well done. I've had that pen since 1974, so it is a genuine pleasure to be using it again.
Andy (7/9/06)

I got the new Sailor a couple of days ago. You and John are great! I love the weight and balance with the cap posted and the nib customization is, as always, superb! Thanks again.
Howard L. Gum (7/11/06)

Dear Pat,
Received the pen today and it's wonderful. Thanks so much for having John 'tweak' it, it writes like a dream. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Tara Wheeler (7/12/06)

Subject: my M800
I got the pen today, filled it with Mont Blanc Blue/Black, and love it. The extra fine line this nib is capable of is truly remarkable. I did note that this nib does not take much pressure at all to flex into a pleasing Spencerian line. I love it.
Thanks again,
Stew Hastings (7/7/06)

Hi Pat,
I received the M320 this morning. What a great little pen -- it's so pretty! It writes perfectly & I could not be more pleased overall.
I think that I now have a new addiction and will definitely be doing business with you again. :) Thanks again for a great transaction!
Jina (7/7/06)

I received the package and everything worked out well. I think I can definitely get used to medium points ... it's a very smooth writer.... The medium on the Milord especially is working out great ... I can get good control over the line thickness with pressure changes ... almost like having a flex nib. 
Also the reconditioned nib on the 360 is writing beautifully. In fact I think it's turning out to be the best writing pen I have! 
Thanks again. Peter H. Park (two messages, 6/17/06)

(Ed: the following arrived on 6/29/06 as a handwritten letter) Dear Pat, I am writing to say how pleased I am with my (latest) customized nibs... It was with a bit of trepidation that I first tried out the two Pelikan nibs, as it has taken a while to work out what would be best for me (thank you for your patience and understanding along the way!) but I have to say the result was exactly what I was looking for. 
The broad customized to a right oblique stub is perfect for my daily writing. I use it mostly at work and the M605 is an ideal sized pen to use. The right oblique allows my writing to have a more "italic" look with much more line variation than any other type of nib I have tried.
The triple broad customized to a right oblique crisp italic is just wonderful to use in the 800. I was sticking my neck out a bit with this one, but it is more than I had hoped for, and I just love the result for handwritten correspondence and signatures.
I was expecting the crisp italic to be much more difficult to use but it isn't at all. It writes beautifully somoothly for me. Truly John is a master of his art!
Both nibs have transformed my writing in a way I never thought would be possible. So, thank you from a Doctor who's been struggling to improve his handwriting.

Yours Sincerely, Neil Aiton

Dear Pat, Danielle and John,
Without a doubt, very wonderful work! I received the nib last week and gave it to Valerie - she was thrilled and gained a new level of love for her pen... please know that I am extremely pleased with the entire experience that you have given me. The extremely quick turn around, excellent quality of workmanship and wonderfully pleasant and professional communication with you all was truly top notch! Thanks again!
Semper Fi, Allen Thomas (6/8/06)

Danielle, Pat, and John -
Many thanks for the great pen. I received it yesterday evening and am very impressed. I think it has a stately elegance (Ed: an OMAS Venice Blue Milord), and writes very smoothly. I really appreciate your friendly and fast service.
Thanks again,
Thomas Leath (6/10/06)

(Ed: this arrived as a hand-written note:) Dear Pat! Just a quick note to Thank you and John for all the wonderful pens and nibs. My current favorite is this Rhodium Ogiva with the great BB cursive italic nib. It seems happiest with this Waterman Florida Blue ink. Thanks again. I can't wait to see that Autunno Celluloid! Best regards, Kent Kochheiser (6/12/06)

Dear Pat and John,
Thanks so much, they arrived safely wed around 530 and so far I have been playing with them all the time and see no fault with the work. They write beautifully and I’m very happy! The repair work on the cracks you can hardly see, great work! It is so great to do business with you, Pat and John, I think you are wonderful!
Again, thanks so much and take care!
Dennis Weathers (6/16/06)

Hi Pat, Just had to send you a brief note to let you know how pleased I am with my Omas blue royale since the recent nib modification. This pen has very quickly become my favorite...and it indeed is perfect!
Thanks for your help,
Joseph Lambert (5/25/06)

Dear Pat:
The M800 Cursive Italic nib unit arrived and much to my shock and surprise, it is fully acceptable!
For the nth time (I've lost count) John has gotten lucky when altering a nib for me. He must have a very large pocket full of rabbit's feet. I'm beginning to suspect skill may be involved but I don't want to go out on a limb ... 
George Feyerabend (5/25/06)

Hi Pat, Danielle, and John -- I received the pen yesterday and love it! Also, I've never enjoyed
spending money over the phone so much . . . I was impressed by the way you approach pen selling and can't wait until I can order my Sailor extra-fine nib pen!
Thank you so much!
Mairi (5/26/06)

Hello Pat,
I received the modified Pelikan. Just as you promised, it writes like a dream. The ink flow is just right, and you were right when you recommended a .7 coursive italic nib. On paper such as in my Moleskine notebooks, this fountain pen gives me a zen feeling.
Thank you very, very much.
Make me proud: you can use this as a testimonial on your website. :)
Adrian Ionescu (5/27/06)

Pat and John -- Wow! I just opened the Ogiva broad oblique and the nib is wonderful. Very smooth, perfect inkfow, very interesting line. The pen is fabulous!... You guys are amazing. Thanks again for all you do! 
Mike Sampson (5/18/06)

Danielle,Pat and John
My Pelikan 800 14 C XFine Xflex nib arrived today finally the anticipation was over it had arrived.
I quickly grabbed my 800 ready with ink and carefully removed the 18 C factory XF nib and installed the flex nib. First I started with a note book not great paper, it was nearest my chair. I was very pleased with the line and flow using a light touch, even with the cheap paper. Next I had to try it out with my pocket pad carried on a daily basis, this calls for small print and the nib came through with flying colors. I attribute this not only to the flex you added which gives me the added advantage of a multinib according to pressure applied but also how the flow and flex are so tuned to my writing style and this from a friendly conversation over the phone.
Thanks to the nibs.com team
Well pleased,
Craig Sirles (5/19/06)

Hi Pat -
The nib has arrived, and it's wonderful. I'm having no trouble at all with the fine italic. I can write as fast as I'm used to, and it gives a nice variation of width, despite the very fine line. Your cursive italics are really good day-to-day writing nibs.
Kind regards,
Steven Olson (5/24/06)

I AM THRILLED WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF THE M805 AND THE CUSTOMIZATION SUITS MY HAND PERFECTLY. Sorry about the shouting but I really am very pleased with your service, prices, friendliness, information and above all John's customization. It has exactly the stroke width I wanted and while it is not quite as smooth as the Stipula I use, it is overall the best pen I have ever used. Thanks again.
I am not a collector of pens I just use them, so I don't know when we will do business together again. I will not forget everything you did for me and I will certainly pass the word amongst my pen friends. Thanks again.
Peter Lockwood (6/1/06)

Dear Pat and John,
thank you very much for complete restoring my favorite Red-Dust Striped Parker Duofold (from the year 1946) and retipping also the nib of my Swan Eternal no. 4460 (year 1949) in the ball-typed broad version. Both are writing in the very comfortable soft way that I had wished. Pat was always in contact with me giving patiently advice to clear many special questions that I presented her about these two pens and around the topic. I am very happy now to take the striped Parker and additionally the black Swan for my daily use. With such marvelous nibs one could write easily 100 pages without stopping. The both pens look like in the historic condition in which they might have been 70 years ago, but I doubt if they have ever written so smooth because of the firmer alloy that we have nowadays. John's individual skills and knowledge are worth to be handed over to the future and one can only hope that you will find disciples to continue the otherwise dying tradition of nib masters.
With my best recommendations
Dr. Dieter Wolf from Hamburg, May 12th 2006

May 17th, 2006
To Pat Ackor and John Mottishaw: many thanks for the pen which I picked up last Thursday, May 11th, from my N.Y. State postal Box. I am very impressed by the pen but, most of all, by your excellent service... I also appreciate your adjustment for the flow, which is just fine. I do not think there is a better place to do business than you. I look forward to do business with you in the near future.
Henri Lemyre (5/17/06)

Thanks Pat
The nib arrived and I can't thank you guys enough. Its writes amazingly beautiful. I will be sending you another nib soon.
best regards
Greg (5/18/06)

Dear Pat,
I received the pen and it writes like a dream. I knew there was some life left in the nib, which had to be teased out. Now it's like having an old friend back. Well worth the wait; and it's not like I had nothing to write with in the meantime ;)
Thank you so much,
Derek Weiler (5/5/06)

Dear Pat and John,
The pens arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled with the results. You do GREAT work! I'm also thrilled that you were able to return them two months earlier than expected! I'm going to Ireland in a few weeks and now I can take one of the pens with me... Thanks again - I couldn't be happier with the results. Also, your whole process for communication with the customer and then doing the actual work is the best!
All the best,
Pam Thimmes (5/10/06)

Good Morning,
The pen is loaded and writes exactly as I had hoped. Congratulations to you for capturing my rambles on what I'd like, and for John's execution. You are a model of customer service. Thanks for the wonderful experience, and the great pen. Real writing will follow.
Best wishes, and thanks again,
Gary Bartosiewicz" (5/11/06) 

(Ed: on 5/15, this written note arrived:) Hello All~ Thank you for making the purchase of my Arco, and its custom nib, such a wonderful experience. Ordering couldn't have been easier, or friendlier. The nib is crisp without being sharp, and writes better than my handwriting deserves. The pen and your service put you at the top of the field. I'll be back! Best wishes, Gary

The customized Sailor 1911 with Medium/Fine nib arrived today. My goodness! I was delighted; the pen exceeds my expectations. It seems to glide across the paper, almost like it had it's own spirit to move it. I am glad we decided on the Medium/Fine instead of the Medium. It is perfect.Thank you so much... Also, thank you for including information about the pen clubs. I am fairly new to all of this (even though I actually learned to write with a fountain pen as a child), and I think I'll join a club. Seems like a good way to learn a lot.
John Clarkson (4/27/06)

Got my pen back earlier this week. I am EXTREMELY satisfied. Writes more smoothly and w/ less effort than before I broke it. I'm going to go drop my other pens on the floor now so I can have ya'll fix them for me. Thanks much!!
Steve Waldo (4/27/06)

Just wanted to check back with you and say again what a wonderfull thing you all do in pen
nib repairs . . . its a blessing having you there "the Red Cross" of Fine Pens !!!!! thanks again for the great repair on my Mont Blanc Pen . . . something our friends at MB could not do . . . best regards, Bryan (4/19/06)

Dear Pat: Well, hose me down with ice-water: John's done it again! No surprise, of course. Yes, the Pelikan 800 EF nib arrived yesterday in good order, and I installed it this morning. Compared to the erstwhile EF nib I wrote you about this one writes "like butter"! As you warned, though, it's not like a Sailor EF nib ... quelle dômage. But the flow of ink is Homeric (I've decided to stay with Aurora) and now it's up to me to soup up my hand-writing. I propose to use my Pelikan 800 as my heaviest-use fountain-pen from now on. Zowie!
Regards to John (whom I've yet to 'phone-meet) and Danielle (with whom I chatted briefly two days back). Michael Berg (4/20/06)

Pat, the Edson arrived yesterday and is wonderful. He really works magic! I enjoy the feeling of the stub nib, especially on such a bold pen. I'll be on the lookout for anymore special twists to be put on other pens in my collection.
Joshua Edwards (4/21/06)

Dear Pat and John, I just picked up my Pelikan Demonstrator pen at the post office today. I was delighted at the first sight---and even more so at the first stroke! The size of the pen, the balance, nib width, ink flow---all superb! I am sure my journaling efforts will increase as I look forward to the sheer pleasure of writing with my new favorite pen.
Thanks so much for your help and for supplying such a fine product and service.
Greg Eanes (4/24/06)

My pen arrived this morning, and it felt like the return of an old friend. The new nib is much more suitable to my small and rather crabbed handwriting. Thanks again for being so helpful.... km" (then, in a second message:) "You are certainly welcome to quote me on your web site if you wish.... I didn't really say much however. What I would have said, had I known you wished to use my words, would have been something like this: dealing with your company has been a most pleasant experience, almost like shopping at a clothing store where the staff is attentive and knowledgeable and more interested in the client's needs and desires than in making a sale. In the not too distant future I intend to have you help me select a pen for my son's birthday. Thanks again. Ken McRae (4/13/06)

Hi Pat! 
I received the nib and it is fantastic! Just what I wanted. Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure this nib was right for me. I'm so glad I spoke with you.
Have a wonderful day!
Jason (4/17/06)

(Ed: we received this testimonial as a snail mail letter) Dear Merry Nibsters, Well, another tour de force! This new Sailor 1911 with extra fine nib is awesome! I loaded the converter with Florida Blue and just took off. No skips, no starving, nothing; just a fine, smooth line. It is as smooth or smoother than any of the Pelikans you have done for me... Anyway, thanks for the personal service and another great nib... Regards, Michael Brown (4/18/06)

The pen arrived yesterday. I’m completely pleased. Each time I send a pen to John I do so with the highest expectations. And each time his work exceeds my expectations. The workmanship and customer care from Classic Fountain Pens is truly classic! I thank you!
Lelan McLemore (4/18/06)

Pat, you and John have done it again! Fantastic result. Just the perfect nib for me, enough line variation to be interesting, not at all fussy to write with, wet but not too wet, I loved the pen originally, now it's better than ever.... Thanks again so much...
Kent Kochheiser (4/11/06)

Hi Pat, I got the pen, I am very happy with the work. (I was the one that dropped it ...) It writes very well. Thanks for the all the work. I've filled it with red ink and am going to use it to grade assignments. Mike (4/12/06)

Dear Pat,
I received the pen(s) and used the new one yesterday and everything is set right. I now have a pen with good design lines and good writing lines. I thank you and John for your careful work and 
patience.... (Ed: in a second email) I am very happy with the pen. I guess the only long term problem is that I can only write with one at a time and it may be some time before I need another fine pen. Again, thank you for your care and attention. You might add this last sentence and part of this one because it really shows that you and the other folks in your company really care about your products and service. That is an uncommon combination these days, especially when transactions are remote and not in person.
Mark Brombeg (4/13/06)

Dear Pat,
Thank you so much for your kind, courteous, and prompt service. The pen, Sailor-fine point-1911, is so nice to write with. I have been using it for marking papers and use the violet ink. It writes just right, small enough for margins, yet large enough to see. It has worked out great. Several of my 
friends, and my son, have tried to "borrow" it already. I see more purchases in the near future. Again, thank you.
Darrell De Loach (3/27/06)

Pat and John:
Wow - writing nirvanna - my babies are performing perfectly. What a joy to use them again. They sure don't come from the factory/store with such performance. I am looking forward to getting the others back from you... My other pens are going to find there way to you soon.... Thanks again for such great service
Tom Scott (3/28/06)

Got the pen tonight (Ed: Sailor 1911 Sterling). It is very nice and smooth--just as I imagined. It's great. It's almost too pretty to use....I have bought pens from many sources and I am by far the most satisfied with your service and quality setup of the pens.
Stephen E. McGaughey (3/30/06)

(Editor: this arrived as a hand-written letter on 3/30/06): Dear Danielle & John, I just received my OMAS 360 Vision and wanted to say Thank You for the excellent service. Believe it or not, I received the pen just one day after placing my order. The pen itself is beautiful. It writes wonderfully and the medium nib is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for all your help. Best regards, Dom

I received the nib on Thursday. I installed the nib, inked the pen, and true to form it wrote beautifully from the start. I have written with an italic nib before but not with a custom ground Pelikan nib. My handwriting is beautiful! Please thank John for me. He is a true artisan and craftsman. Also my thanks to you for the kind and friendly way that you approach your work and for the advice that you are able to provide. 
Craig Edwards (3/17/06)

Dear John and Pat,
Please forgive my tardiness in not acknowledging sooner the receipt of my customized cursive italic double broad Pelikan nib... I successfully installed my new nib... and when the installation was complete my Pelikan 1000 was transformed into the most extraordinary writing instrument I have ever owned. I couldn't be more delighted. Everything about the new nib was exactly as we had discussed over the phone and in the subsequent e-mails.
My thanks to both of you--to John for working his magic once again and to Pat for making the whole ordering process such a pleasure.
Most Sincerely,
B. Michael Herman (3/19/06)

Hi Pat,
I received the pen, and I am astounded at how smooth it is. This writing experience has completely reset my expectations for standard, round-tipped nibs. Out of curiosity, how much work did John have to do to make it perform so well? Never have I encountered an off-the-shelf pen that has even come close. 
Thanks again!
Dave Shin (3/21/06)

Dear Pat:
I received the Sailor 1911 "Colors" yesterday and am amazed. I'd heard that John was the best around and so it proved. The nib and flow are obviously set perfectly because the pen writes like a dream! And let me not neglect to thank you for your wonderful and expeditious service...
Michael (3/22/06)

Editor: this testimonial arrived as a hand-written letter: Dear Pat and John, I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what a perfect match the pen (Pelikan M400, green, EF nib) is to my needs. The flow is perfect, it starts with zero pressure, and is quite smooth. A look under the loop has me believing John did a little smoothing and tweaking (I've never seen a Pelikan nib of any vintage look this good). It's amazing that you offer some of the best prices around, ship the same day, and do the most skillful nib tweaking available all as part of normal service. I am certain after a few transacitons with you that you are the best shop in all of pendom! Thanks again for the great pen and service. Regards, Dom (3/23/06)

Hi John and Pat,
The pens arrived yesterday afternoon in perfect condition and I was able to ink them tonight.
Well, I love them both -- they are juicy as I like them to be, just a bit smallish than most of my pens but still very comfortable to hold for a long time. I wrote several long pages of my journal with these two pens, and they had absolutely no issues whatsoever. They are both a joy and an inspiration to write with.
The Pelikan had the same characteristics as my M805 - imparts precision, reliability and consistency. 'Germanic', I might say. This all business feel was balanced by the exuberantly colorful resin body.
The Sailor Naginata, however, is special. It lays down generous amounts of ink on paper, has a springy feel and more nuanced strokes, and... wow... it is extraordinarily... exceptionally... preternaturally..... creamy smooth !!! If a nib could be made out of teflon, this may be it. 
Thanks again so much for the opportunity to own these pens which will join my favorites....
Best Regards,
Jess Ramos (3/11/06)

Hello Los Angeles,
my bb-stub nib arrived today in Lueneburg and everything is perfect. What a nib and what a fantastic customizing.
Thank you very much for this work and I know that I will never be able to write with a factory nib again. 
Stefan Strotzer (3/15/06)

The Paragon just arrived! I was having a hard time concentrating on work in anticipation of its arrival and now, I'm going to have a hard time concentrating because I'd rather write with my pen. I'll just keep it here by the computer and use it to motivate me to hurry and get my work done today. It writes wonderfully and I am so, so pleased finally to have my very own, customized-just-for-me,John Mottishaw nib. Thanks to all three of you for making this such a wonderful experience.... Thanks again. Hope to be in touch again before too long.
Elaine Mc (3/15/06)

Dear John & Pat-
I received the new pen (and the modified 800 nib) several days ago... sorry it took so long to get back to you. The good news is that this has given me plenty of time to try out both the "Piccadilly" pen AND the modified 800 nib; and they perform exactly as I requested. They are an absolute joy to write with, and (although I have to "slow down" a bit) result in beautiful strokes applied to paper... particularly for my rather utilitarian style of "life-long-engineer-printing" ;-) Once again, thanks for supplying a wonderful product, with very rapid turnaround!
(ps: it was a particular joy to find that "feel" of the nibs was so similar, and that they matched the modified Parker nib I showed you so well. Thanks!)
David Gerhardt (2/28/06)

Hi Pat / John
Received package today (actually arrived last Tuesday but I was away). Anyway used it all day today and I am VERY satisfied with its performance. Great job, John, as always !! I know this was not an easy nib to repair.
With kindest regards
John Wilson (3/3/06)

Hi Pat, John and Danielle,
Thank you for the great service and fantastic nibs John custom ground for my Pelikan pens. I use these pens every day for ink drawing as well as lettering and writing. I feel like a kid with a new bicycle! The fine, flexible nib gives me the fine detail for my drawings and the italic doublewide makes writing and lettering a joy!... Again, thank you for your help and service.
Jim Davis (2/18/06)

Thanks Pat! The Conklin arrived without a problem, and the adjustments are great. Smooth, nice shading, good wet line with even flow -- terrific, and worth every penny! Andrew (2/22/06)

I received the Pelikan nib unit on Saturday the 18th. I installed the unit with no problems. The adjustment that John did on the nib is just right!
I am very appreciative of the service and products that Classic Fountain Pens provides. I will certainly recommend you to others.
Craig Edwards (2/26/06)

Dear All,
I have been remiss in writing to say how much I love my Grey Omas with personalized nib. Being
a lefty and a bit of a pen geek has meant many an ink-stained hand. No more. The flow is light
but always consistent. This pen has become my all the time pen. Thank you for a dedication rare
in a world built on more instead of better. I bow.
the rev. daniel richards (2/11/06)

Dear Pat,
Item number S-642 arrived in good condition this afternoon. I’m really glad the last customer didn’t like it. You won’t be seeing this PFM again until it needs service. So far, I’ve just tried it as a dip pen. If you could have someone e-mail me the filling instructions, I’d appreciate it. Could you also let me know the production dates for the PFM III? That’s right; I’m squeezing every last penny’s worth of service out of you. You must be accustomed to dealing with other hard-case customers besides me. 
On another subject, something about our communications was nagging at me for days. It wasn’t until I went back over your e-mails that I realized what it was. You can punctuate. God, I bet you can make a subject and verb agree. I can’t tell you what a treat it is for me to deal with someone who can actually read and write. It’s so truly uncommon in this “communication age.”
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and help.
Bruce Brady (2/14/06)

Hello Pat,
... I must tell you that, after careful consideration of the nib work that you and your fellows did. .....
It's wonderful!! The nib, (and my hand in its control) are a bit like wild colt - all over the place !!, BIG letters, small letters. HEAVY Weight, light weight. BUT - it can do it all, and just goes to show that writing like our ancestors did was mostly in getting the right tool for the job. It immediately gave me the weighted 'Spencerian' script that I had hoped for, with the tiny but reliable hairline... Now I am seduced, and have started to look at my pen collection with a jaundiced eye. What could be done with THIS specimen?? In the words of the Governator: ... "I'll be Back!" And again, thanks for a job well done, It was well worth waiting for!
John Dersom (2/16/06)

Pat, I've been using the nib (Ed: Pelikan M1000, Broad with 15 degree left oblique customization for his somewhat unusual Left-Handed writing style; please see our Left-Handed Writers Page, Photo #7) every day since I received it. I've got three full tanks of ink through it, and I'm pleased to report that I'm very happy with it. The flow, smoothness, reliability, and the character it lends to my writing make it a pleasure to use. Thanks for the great service.
Steve Barnett (2/6/06)

Hi Pat,
The pens arrived yesterday, Yea! Hours of total distraction and blissfull writing. I can see the Falcon will take some taming, but we will have fun developing our relationship. Thank you for the input on the Pelikan italic nibs. I will get back to you once I have focused on what I want to accomplish with my next adventure. You all are making this dangerously simple.
Smiles, Shea (2/7/06)

Pat, The pen arrived today and I've been using it non-stop for taking my bar exam preparation notes. The pen writes beautifully despite my disgraceful penmanship. I could not be more please with this purchase. Thanks very much for taking the time to learn about my writing style, for adjusting the nib in accordance with my needs, and for the overall excellent customer service. I will certainly re-visit your website when I need (or want, really) a second pen, and I will gladly recommend your store to anyone who asks for a recommendation. 
Best regards,
Alex (2/7/06)

Dear Danielle/John,
Sorry about the delay in responding to your delivery e-mail. The three pens you repaired for me arrived safely and I'm more than pleased! 
These pens were given to me by a friend who didn't want them, my good fortune. I've used fountain pens since I was attending jr. high school and enjoy the pleasing way they write. Since I'm not a collector my only concern was that the pens function and I must say you did a superb job. Much to my delight my wife has absconded with pen #2 the Sheaffer Admiral. I've been trying to get her to find the joy of writing with a fountain pen for years. Thanks to you good folks it has finally happened!... Thanks again for putting these pens back in a useable condition!
Best regards,
Bill Lewis (2/9/06)

Hi Pat,
The pen that you just sold me (Ed: OMAS Paragon) is the most glorious writing instrument that I have ever written with in my life.The ink does not flow from the nib; it gushes and thus the nib dances across the page with the best line of any pen that I have ever written with. I will always use Aurora black ink in this new Omas.Thank you so much...
Craig Rimmerman (1/31/06)

Hi Pat...
The Duro has landed. Safe, well, and in immaculate writing condition. It writes better than the only "New" pen i ever use. A Montblanc Meisterstuck. Am amazing bit of work by your company. 
thanks again, and i shall miss our mails
Neville Filar (2/1/06)

Afternoon Pat, Danielle, and John,
The nibs and pen arrived yesterday. They are perfect. The double-broad nib on the Pelikan M215 is truly awesome (especially so given how lousy the original nib was). It puts down a truly wonderful line. It is one of the smoothest pens I've ever used. Thank-you.
The VP medium left-oblique nib is equally wonderful. It does write with a wetter line than the regular medium. I've used it for most of today, and really like it. Again, thank-you.
For me, the best surprise is the broad left-oblique for my Pelikan M750. The original medium nib always wrote well enough, but it squeaked horribly. It never mattered what paper I used, nor what kind of ink - it always squeaked. I've tried the new nib out on every kind of paper I have — it writes like it's on glass; absolutely smooth, absolutely silent...
I'm going to go and enjoy these nibs. I'll figure out what I want to do with my Parker 75 before summer. Once I do, I'll be asking for your advice and assistance.
In the meantime, many thanks for all the work you've done for me. I'm really, really happy with everything. Anytime someone complains about a pen, I tell them I know someone who can make them very happy. Best wishes and take care,
Glenn Radde (2/1/06)

Hi Pat, I received my pen and spent today enjoying it!! 
John's work was very good and on-target; the ink flow is just right and I believe he did narrow the nib a bit, which I also appreciate. The slower ink flow now allows me to use a much lighter touch and write at a slower, more comfortable speed, yet still achieve the finer line I was after. Please pass along my thanks to John! And thank you for the good communications and shipping!
Greg Hourt (1/17/06)

Pat and John – I just received my Vanishing Point and filled it with the Scrip ink. I’ve been writing with it and it’s perfect; just what I wanted. The recommendation to get the broad stub nib also was right on. Anything smaller, like my initial inclination to go with the medium nib, would have been smaller than I wanted. So, again, thanks for the great advice, service, and unbelievably prompt work and shipping. I’ll be back to you for all my pen needs.
Craig Campbell (1/20/06)

Hello, Just a note to let you know that I have been using the Balance that was ground to an XF and I am very pleased. I write very lightly and the pen is perfectly suited. Thanks for the quality work. Kelson (1/25/06)

Hi Pat:
I received the pen last night (Ed: OMAS Bronze Arco, Broad nib with our crisp cursive italic/rounded stub customization).... The pen's magnificent. It exceeds my highest hopes. Kudos to John. Given my original description of the kind or nib I wanted -- "between Propas and Yu"-- I'm amazed and pleased that he turned out something that fits my writing style so comfortably. The combination of the nib with the superb craftsmanship of the pen itself makes this one the pride of my collection....
All the best,
Gerry Berg (2/1/06)

Hi Pat,
I received the duofold and I am extremely happy. I had assumed that the XF nib would be sharp and, given my tendency to turn the nib a bit as I write, that I would end up not using this nib much and would instead swap out one of my other duofold nibs when I wanted to use this orange body. Wrong! The nib is very smooth and extremely tolerant of the angle at which it is held. John did a great job, and I thank you very much for your usual special treatment. This pen was a heck of a good deal.
Frankly, I would rather buy a used pen that you have looked over than a new pen!
Thanks, John Cullen (1/13/06)

Dear John, 
I received my Pelikan Demonstrator (Anthracite) yesterday, and I just wanted you to know that it is wonderful. Thank you so much. My biggest pet peeve is new pens that don't work. I don't live anywhere near a pen shop, so trying them out ahead of time doesn't really work for me. Thank you so much for a pen that worked perfect right away. I truly appreciate it. It is also a beautiful pen. The gold nib is certainly worth the extra money, it is gorgeous. 
Thanks again,
Mary Akre (1/13/06)

Pat, Danielle, and John:
My Pelikan M800 arrived about 45 minutes ago. I inked it up and have written several pages in my desk journal and a short note to my daughter.
If we were closer I'd kiss you! Well, maybe I'd just shake John's hand. It starts writing when it touches paper and I can't outrun it like I can my other pens....
Thanks so much for the wonderful pen and superb service.
Vernice Harrison (1/13/06)

Hi Pat, I hope your New Year is Happy!
I received the pen in good order, and am *very* pleased with it. Now that my hand has adapted, I find that I've got the pen I dreamed of for years. A perfect nib, and lots of ink! Thanks for all your help. Kind regards,
Steven Olson (1/5/06)

Dear Pat, 
I received the pen with its new nib and I love it.... It now writes in the smooth italics I was originally looking for. Thank you for the help. Don't you just love the smooth flow of a Pelikan! 
Lenny Dribinsky (1/8/06)

Dear Pat and John,
Both pens arrived safely yesterday, and, once again, they exceed expectations. Thank you very much for giving me a call to discuss the nib on the Gray 360. The width of the downstroke falls between my Omas medium stubs and Pelikan broad stubs, just as I had hoped it would. As such, it complements my other 360s very nicely, in physical appearance as well as the character of its line. I guess you must know what I need better than I do! Also, thank you for your excellent customer service in getting these done so quickly. It's always a pleasure doing business with you.
Best Regards,
Dave Shin (1/11/06)

Happy New Year, Pat!
Everything arrived safely and on time. I have been writing with the custom nib NONSTOP! I love theSailor pen, too, and will switch to that for variety as soon as I can tear myself away.

Thanks for the great service and the new way of contemplating pens. I love the modified nib concept! Someday maybe I'll try another. How could I resist with such great service and products this time around? ;)
Meg Wickwire (1/1/06)

Dear Ms. Ackor:
I got the nib for my Pelican pen. It works beautifully, and you all did a great job of tuning it (or whatever the term is). I bought some J. Herbin blue ink, and it works very well in this pen.
I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thank you
Robert Gruber (1/2/06)

Pat and Danielle,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the pen on Thursday, and it is excellent. This is the fine line I have been looking for. Finally something to use on all my moleskin journals without worrying! And I just love the flexibility of the nib. It's a pleasure to write with, and a pleasure to do business with you.
All the best for this year and the rest,
Dave Boyer(1/2/06)

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