Testimonials Archive 2012

December 11th

Hi Sarah,

I thought I would give you an update to my previous feedback on my now relatively-new Sapporo pen with gold trim and EF nib.

I'm still delighted with it.

In addition to being a beautiful, elegant pen, it has never failed to start writing right off. The only time it has started to quit is when I am running out of ink! I use it daily.

As I wrote previously, I use it as my main sketching pen. But I also like that fine line for notes in my Rhodia Web Notes pocket notebook. I can write small with it and still read my writing easily.

But when sketching, I use it with a number of papers, mostly multi-media and cold pressed (smooth, nearly hot press) watercolor paper, most often in sketchbooks and journals. These are not as smooth as the Rhodia paper (Clairfontaine) of course. So a high quality nib for me is essential--enables drawing in any direction and sometimes with quick strokes. Even drawing very quickly it almost never skips (depends on the paper), so it is now my preferred sketching pen for sure.

So I'm still really glad I bought it and would do so again, even if I had to hawk some art equipment to do so. Fortunately I don't need to!

Bill Polm

December 11

Hi, All,

It's been a busy week, but I wanted to let you know the Omas Vintage 360 Titanium arrived safely and that I've been enjoying using it these last several days. It's a sleek, elegant pen and the care John took with the nib is just perfect for my hand. Thank you.

Richard Foerster

November 27th

Dear John,
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your articles about pens on the web, you just saved a fun sketching pen for me.
I have been spending half my evening looking for ways to increase the ink flow in a cheap Duke pen with a calligraphy nib, or fude nib, not sure about the right wording in English here. Ordered it online a few days ago, thought it might make a fun drawing pen. (I have been drooling over the Sailor specialty nibs, but right now they are a bit out of my budget, so I thought the Duke could possibly act as a cheap substitute for a while.)
I had problems getting the ink to flow at the very end of the bent nib, leaving me with a very weak and skippy thin line, and using Platinum Carbon ink didn´t help. I found all kinds of tricks on the internet, most involving putting something inbetween the tines on the nib; mylar, acetate sheets and whatnot, but nothing helped. I think this nib might be made of cast iron or the like. Then I found your article on how to smooth a scratchy nib. There is a tip at the bottom of that page on how to pull apart the shoulders of the nib, and that did the trick – immediately, after giving it one try! 
Thank you! :)

And, while I´m at it, I´d also like to let you know how happy I am with the Namiki Falcons with added flex that I ordered from you in June 2011. It is my most preferred sketching tool these days. Customizing nibs isn´t a well known phenomenon in Sweden, and I have had people ooh-ing and aah-ing over this pen at several occasions. A few of my illustrator friends have tried it, and everyone is in awe over your craftsmanship. Just so you know it. : )

Best wishes,

Nina Johansson, Stockholm, Sweden

November 13th


The Sailor 1911 I ordered from you last week just arrived. All I can say is WOW or in the vernacular of the 20th century it is absolutely wonderful. I couldn't ask for more. Everything is perfect. Thanks again. You folks have earned my repeat business.


November 5th

Dear John,

Thanks for you answer, greatly helpful : I backed off the piston blind cap one or two turns and a wonderful flow of ink came to the nib. What a relief ! 
By the way, thanks for products like the micromesh and your polishing cloth : very efficient and serious products. You are doing a wonderful job for pen lovers.

Thanks a lot from Paris. Philippe

November 5th


After writing with the pen over the last few weeks, I've found that my expectations have been exceeded. The pen writes phenomenally and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all of your help and to John for his expert craftsmanship.

Kind Regards,

October 22nd

Hi Mariana -

I picked up my pen today and I have a problem... I can't put it down!

I love the way it feels - the nib is fantastic, the ink flow perfect! The ink colour is just awesome! I placed my order on Wednesday, and it was at my postal outlet on Saturday - very very impressive!

I couldn't be more happy with the pen; and your great service!

Thanks again,

Looking forward to my next pen!


October 16th

Hi Jonella,

Apologies for the delay - I got the pens last week after I returned from vacation and, as usual, the work is spectacular. In particular, the reground nib on the Namiki is exactly what I was looking for in size and flow, and smooth as silk - a great pen for quick note taking!

Thanks again!


October 11th

I just wanted to take a moment and say that I got the pen. 
WOW. It was "good" before. Now it is "Awesome". Exactly what I wanted, and performs like a dream. I look at John's work like fine wine. You may pay more, but the quality is worth the price. Please pass along my compliments.

- Steven

October 9th


I received my gold color Sheaffer Legacy II reground nib and it writes wonderfully. Thank you for another great nib repair!

John P. Weiss

October 3rd

Dear David and Jonella,

I just wanted to say that Pat loves the way the adjusted Omas writes. The flow is much better. She can even write on both sides of the pages in her journal because the ink now doesn't bleed through the page. Pat is very happy with the adjustment you made.

Thank you.

Tom J.

September 26th

Hi Jonella,

Please tell John that the pen works fantastically!! This was the Orange Professional Gear with iridium tip.

Thanks so much,

H.N. Zelaznik

September 20th

Hi Sarah

A quick note to let you know that your lovely fountain pen arrived in Perth (Western Australia) today and I am thrilled. Thank you so much for you very careful attention to detail, and wonderful service. Please convey my gratitude to all involved.

Kindest regards


September 3rd

Just a quick note to say once again how great this Sailor pen with Johns grind to a cursive italic nib is.
Very happy with it, and I now know why so many people on online forums rave about John's work.
Once again, thanks to all at Nibs.
Great product!

Richard T.

August 25th

Kudos. I had an old, VERY old bulb filler (probably from the 30s), and the Platinum ink Remover removed practically all of the old ink stains from the clear reservoir. And these stains have been in the pen for who knows how long. I supervised the fillings and washings (probably 10 of them) and the solution did not, not at all, compromise the integrity of the pen! This pen now takes a prominent place in the collection, and I may even use the pen on a regular basis now, well at least clip it in my pocket :-). Thanks for making this solution available. PS And it only took about 2 hours.


FPN: Intopens100

August 23rd


Falcon received safely. You are miracle workers. You have changed a pen that occupied a place in my bottom drawer to my favourite fountain pen. The ink flow is perfect. I haven’t given up on the Spencerian customization.

Thank you again

Rory Hussey

August 22nd

Hi Jonella,

Just wanted to let you know I received my pen yesterday, and just wanted to say HOLY SMOKES! This is the writing experience I was looking for! Please let John know I'm ridiculously pleased with his work, and you most definitely have a repeat customer.



August 21st

Hi Jonella,

Got the pen in the mail and have had a chance to ink it up and use it a little, it writes WONDERFULLY, really nice flow and line variation, is exactly what I was hoping for.

Give my thanks to the team for a job well done and for the quick work on it, really exceeded my expectations!


August 16th

Hi, Just a note to say that my new Professional Gear arrived safely. It is all I expected and more.

Pen, nib, hold and balance just beautiful. Great to write with and that’s what it’s for!!

Thanks for your prompt consideration.

- Leon Brosnan

August 13th

Hello Jonella, John and Staff,

My Neo-Standard just arrived!!!! :) :) :) It is beautiful and I turn it in my hands and just stare! It will take me a day or two to ink it. The kikyo is darker than I anticipated but I know that is to be expected. Thank you for the great service. I will let you know if I decide to get the nib reground. Have a wonderful week.


August 10th


This is my third pen in the last month and I really like how you
Make sure they work properly. The Nakaya is a thing of beauty
And it writes so great. Please pass this compliment on to any and all.

Earl Buchanan

August 9th


Just a quick note before going off traveling - this is the best pen I've ever had! And I'm 61 and have used fountain pens since I got a green Eversharp when I was 3. It pushed everything else I have aside as both a writing and drawing pen. Thank you so much. I'll be in touch re the Maki-e when I get back.

Kurt Hoss

August 8th

To say that I love the pen would be an understatement of gross proportions. It is the most remarkable writing experience I've had! The flow is very wet and I love it. You helped me nail all the specifications, and I can't thank you and Mr. Mottishaw enough!

P. Quinn White, San Diego

- O.P.

August 6th

Wondeful! You provide the best customer service that I've ever experienced. Thank you very much. :)

-Donnell Smith

August 6th

Dear Mariana and team,

My Omas Wild Milord arrived today and was pleasantly surprised by the addition of an bottle of Iroshizuku ink. The kon-peki was in fact on my list as the next ink to purchase so thank you very much for your kind gift
It's been a delight discovering you guys this year; great range, great prices and terrific service.


August 6th


I just got the M800 nib today, and I am already having a hard time putting it down in order to write this e-mail thanking everyone for delivering another perfectly flawless nib that writes like a dream!

Best Regards,

July 19th

Just a note to say thank you for the Nakaya "Tin". The pen is beautiful, both to look at and to touch and the nib with the customisation is perfect for me, both expressive but fine enough for regular note-taking use.

BarrieLV London

July 9th

Hi Mariana

The beautiful pen arrived today:-)

- Roger (from Switzerland)

July 6th

Hi Folks,

Received my SAILOR Sapporo Lame this morning. The purple is MAGNIFICENT. I filled it IMMEDIATELY with Diamine ink and began to write......and write.......The pen is without a doubt the best dollar for dollar purchase I have ever come across. It is silky and smooth, and juicy and consistant. It feels GREAT in my hand and is already one of my favorite fountain pens.
Your service was impeccable. The young lady who took my call was helpful and very professional.
Does it sound like I am pleased with CLASSIC FOUNTAIN PEN, INC???
Well, I AM.
Thank you and I look forward to continuing to do business with you.


July 6th


Picked up the Visconti today and as usual it writes like a dream - great job at fixing my repairs.

Thanks muchly,
Derek Hill

June 27th

Hi Jonella,

My fountain pen arrived here today so I took it for a spin, and it works great, with good line width and nice crisp cursive. Thanks to both you and John for doing a nice job on the nib and returning it to me in good time.

Rich Bumgardner

June 14th

Sarah, Angela, and John:

I just want thank you for the Sailor Sapporo that you sent me. It is working wonderful. This is the second Sapporo that I purchased from Classic Fountain Pens; both have been great. I couldn't be more pleased with your service, kindness, and attention to detail.

I own a couple of other fountain pens, but the quality does not approach Sailor. The Sailor nibs (as you mention on your website) are outstanding. I always reach for my Sailors first.

I hope you enjoy the summer!!


June 7th

- David H.

June 7th

June 4th

Dear people at Classic Fountain Pens,

I've meant to say this to you much earlier, but many things came in between. Still:
Few days (well, due to Dutch Post way longer then necessary) after you send off the Nakaya pen, it arrived at my place, like a real present! The whole packaging of Nakaya and the pen, nib and filler looked beyond my expectations! It is gorgeous! It feels like owning a piece of art (which it is, of course...). And the writing - indeed has the added value of Classic Fountain pen - : the nib is tuned superbly. I love the flow and feel. Writing is a joy!

The only problem: I'm craving for a next one...

Thanks for all your good service. I'll recommend you to anyone!

Kind regards,

Hendrik-Jan Boven.

May 25th


I received this morning my Platinum 3776 Black Music Pen with a "John's customizations to Cursive Italic" quality is beyond my hope, I write all day long… it's a great pleasure !
thank you very much !

Je suis entièrement satisfait par votre travail, grâce à cette plume je redécouvre le bonheur d'écrire !
merci mille fois, Richard

May 22nd

Just received my repaired Namiki Falcon ..... perfect!!!! glides so easily and expressively.
Putting the new one away as a spare.
Thank you!
John Takacs DO

May 19th

May 18th

Dear Mariana,

Thank you for being SO understanding and providing such great customer service. There is a reason why Classic Fountain Pens is my sole source for new pens. No matter what the issue, everyone at the Nibworks ALWAYS goes out of their way to take care of the customer. You guys set a very high standard that every other retail business should aspire to.

As I told you, I already own the Sailor Magellan in blue, and I was delighted with the opportunity to acquire its partner in the beautiful Jade Green color.

I look forward to receipt of my new pen. Thank you again for being SO BLOODY GREAT!

- Grant La Mora, San Francisco, California

May 18th

May 17th

The package have already arrived home, sooner than I thought…..good job of USPS!!

Namiki Raden is gorgeous and its writing is just perfect. Extra nib is a little bit drier and less smooth, but perfect for sketching using gray color. Teal ink as nice as a Diamine ink has to be. Congratulation for having Diamine inks, it is my favorite ink brand for its density and colors range.

Thanks so much for your efficiency and professionalism.


Jose R. F. Pascual

May 17th

John, the Omas Red Demonstrator is drop-dead gorgeous and your custom-ground cursive italic nib is, well, PERFECT! I have other "favorite" pens, but this one sails right to the top of the list.

Jerry Wilcox

May 15th

I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the decapod twist. I wanted to give it a couple days' test before writing to you. Of course the appearance is gorgeous, but I wanted to check out the extra fine nib, and it is lovely. Smooth, and exactly the width I hoped for to use in editing. Thank you so much.
Best wishes,

May 4th

Finding Classic Fountain Pens was a dream come true. Over the years I have purchased pens from different companies, but none comes close to the excellence and dedication to custom care and needs you offer. I know of no other company that knows me by name and returns my calls prompty and with enthusiasm. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled and your knowledge of pens, nibs, writing characterisitics and everything connected with pens is superlative and makes you, I hope not a dying breed in this age of globalization. This note of gratitude is long over due; but as the saying goes better late than never!


Kojo Yelpaala

April 3rd

Thank you for the beautiful repair job!
The pen looks and writes perfectly.
I only wish my deceased mother could see her much treasured pen which travelled continents with her until she arrived in this country in the early 1970's. She would be as thrilled as I am!

Thank you again.

Siobhan Nichols

March 2nd

Dear Mariana, Jonella, John and David, et al.

I received my Nakaya Desk Pen last night. How beautiful! Laid in the top of the presentation box it is an Objet d'art, a contrast of light and dark. In the hand it is smooth, inviting, the fingers naturally dwell, lovingly, along the entire length. The nib flows and flexes, lithe and ever so fine. And that color, that color.

Nakaya a love story....Hahahaha. Thank you all.


March 9th

Well, it is now perfect, just what I expect from John, and reviewed over at FPN here:


Thanks, I'm a happy camper again.


March 11th

Dear Angela and everyone at nibs.com,

Despite the fact that it has been a while since I received my package from you,
I would like to thank you all for for excellent service and sending me a gorgeous
pen (#3776 Motosu) and an excellent nib for my Pilot Metal Falcon. The Motosu
is not only beautiful but an excellent writer and the extra fine nib has allowed me to 
use my Falcon again.

Thanks again,

Nectarios, Cyprus.

February 21st

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to thank you and John for the Sailor Sapporo that I recently ordered. It writes wonderfully and looks beautiful. The speed of your service and the care with which you packaged the pen are greatly appreciated. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Thank you,


February 10th

I just wanted to write and say that I received the pen today and the nib is a work of art! Then pen all in all is a wonderful writer and I am actually having some problems putting my satisfaction down in words.

David O. – A very satisfied customer.

February 7th

To all,
I just received my customized Pelikan M205 this morning. After filling it, I spent the morning writing with it. I must tell you that it is a joy to write with this pen! It writes smoothly, and the ink flows beautifully onto the paper.
Beyond that, everyone Classic that I spoke or emailed with was extremely pleasant very easy to deal with and this was a great experience. Needless to say that when the time comes to purchase another pen (I mean, is it even possible to own only one?) I will be calling on your company again.

Thank you so much,


January 26th

I just wanted to write to thank you for the great pen and service. The Omas I purchased was excellent of course, but the custom work the John did made it even better. This is my first cursive italic nib. It makes my writing much more interesting but is as easy to use as a standard nib. John made it perform exactly as I wanted. I can't put the pen down and I am wasting ink writing randomly on every piece of paper that wanders into my grasp.

I also want to thank Jonella. She talked me through the options and helped me to make the best possible choice. She even kept up with me when I made a few rapid changes of direction as we discussed the pen. She has good customer service nailed.

All the best,

January 22nd

John and folks,

I received the Omas extra back and it is beyond my expectations.

I knew the nib would be smooth, but the wetness is right on the money.

Although you mentioned that the cork piston head appeared dry, between the water and the ink I let soak in the barrel, it's fine. Fills great , no leaks, etc.

As for the cap lip cracks I ground the concentric section of the lip with the cracks off about 2 mm below the cap bands. No worries now. The larger crack is stabilized and the rest are of no consequence. I don't think they'll propagate to any great degree and if they do creep a bit, they won't go far as there will be no pressure on them.

So, bottom line?

A+ Mr. Mottishaw :-) I have a unique vintage pen with modern writing characteristics for which I picked up the barrel/section and cap for ZERO dollars. I salvaged it from a collectors rubbish heap who thought he might restore it some day but didn't want to fuss with it. The $220 I put into it makes it priceless in my estimation.

Many thanks and blessings

January 12th

Jonella : I received my Pelikan last night. Whatever John did to tweak my cursive italic nib as well as repair my leak has left this pen better than when it was new. The deep blue luster of the body is completely restored. The flow of the ink is silky smooth and the nib writes exactly as a cursive italic is supposed to. Your customer service is fabulous as I was only down about 10 days without my Pelikan. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the quick turnaround. John is an artist! Thanks again.

-N. Chu

January 5th

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