If you would like to see writing samples in action, and other fountain pen related videos just click on any of the video links below. Each video is labeled, so you can find the specific video in which you have an interest. This is the place to see how our customized nibs actually work on the page and other useful fountain pen and related videos. Enjoy!


How To Fill The New Wahl Eversharp Doric Oversize


Set Up & Optimization

How the Pelikan M800 stock italic nib benefits from our set up.

Customization Comparisons

Stub vs. Cursive Italic

Cursive Italic vs. Left Oblique

Left Oblique vs. Reverse Oblique

Left Oblique vs. Flexible Left Oblique

Sailor Specialty Nibs

Naginata Fude de Mannen

Naginata Sai-bi Togi vs. Naginata Cross Concord

Naginata Cross Concord

Naginata Cross Music

Nagahara King Eagle

Reviews & Use

Pilot Justus 95 with Adjustable Nib

Nakaya Dorsal Fin Version 1 with a Soft Medium Nib

Drawing with the Justus 95 featured on YouTube by TheImmovableMovers

Platinum 3776 Century featured on Great Gear

Filling Instructions

Filling a Pelikan piston filler

General Information

Sailor Maki-e Painting