Customization for Added Flex?

Flex Basics

Adding flex is a customization that provides for added line-width variation by carefully thinning the tines so that the nib flexes slightly depending on the pressure applied by the user. This is a customization most often favored by more experienced fountain pen users, often artists or calligraphers. Using a soft or flexible nib generally requires more skill than does using a standard stiff nib.

Nib Choices For Adding Flex

In general, adding flex is more often done with 14k nibs, as many softer 18k and 21k nibs do not have the resiliency to spring back after flexing - see our article on the best nibs for flex for more information. When combined with a regrind to needlepoint, adding flex is part of John's popular Spencerian customization. But the customization for added flex can be challenging for inexperienced users to utlilize, particularly when combined with other customizations.

Stock Soft Nibs For Flex

A very few modern pens, such as the Pilot Falcon and Metal Falcon, come standard with Soft nibs that are already semi-flexible. And any Nakaya pen can be fitted with a stock Fine Soft or Soft Medium nib as well. Many experienced users choose to have John add flex to these already semi-flexible nibs to achieve the greatest amount of flexibility possible.

More Questions?

If you have additional questions about whether the customization for added flex would be right for you, feel free to contact us at the number or [email protected].

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