About Us

Here at Nibs.com we offer a carefully curated selection of the finest new and pre-owned fountain pens available, and are also exclusive retailers in North America of Nakaya brand hand-crafted urushi pens. We are also known worldwide for the nib customizations and repairs originated by John Mottishaw, the company’s founder. We also offer fountain pen inks, books about pens, and fountain pen accessories.

With a staff of dedicated sales and customer service personnel, we pride ourselves on providing unequalled support and service. Unless otherwise requested by the customer, every new pen receives our special nib set-up and optimization procedure, in which it is carefully examined, tested, and adjusted for the individual writing characteristics and preferences of the end user. With the expertise of the workshop staff, nib defects or ink flow issues that might otherwise require a return for service under warranty are instead diagnosed and repaired prior to shipping to the customer.

Originally known as Classic Fountain Pens, Inc., Nibs.com has been live online since 1996 and has long been an authoritative resource for information on fountain pens and their usage. Company founder John Mottishaw, who came to the world of fountain pens through a career in fine arts and metal sculpting, has become well-known throughout the pen community for his nib customizations and repairs, particularly his celebrated Spencerian modification, which has become a worldwide phenomenon after a customer video demonstrating its usage received over twelve million views on YouTube.