What Is The Name Of Your Company?

Classic Fountain Pens,  or Nibs.com?

An excellent question, and one that even those of us who work here are sometimes not sure how best to answer. This company was founded in the early 1990's by nib specialist John Mottishaw as Classic Fountain Pens, Inc., and shortly thereafter, the nibs.com web site was started as a modest companion site for the company.

Over the years, as both the company and the role of the internet have grown, the nibs.com web site has expanded to become the main portal by which most clients and customers learn about the pens, nibs, accessories, and services we offer. As a result, many customers think of the company as nibs.com, or simply as "nibs," while many pen aficionados also use the informal abbreviation CFP.

So while the name of the company is still Classic Fountain Pens, Inc., it is certainly acceptable to refer to us as nibs.com, nibs, CFP, or even Mottishaw Nib Works, an appellation which pre-dates even the Classic Fountain Pens name. Whatever you call us, you will still find the best in contemporary and vintage fountain pens, inks, books, and accessories, and of course, the Mottishaw nib customizations only available here.

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