The Spoils


Last week, as we were re-organizing our space, we were tasked with combing through the lot of vintage pen and pen parts John has collected over the decades. Many treasures were unearthed, to be restored and sold, but what we had a lot of were vintage writing instruments and parts that needed more love than we have the time to give them. We’ve compiled some of these into “Mystery Bags” available for sale now. From casual collectors to more serious restorers, we hope these pens and pieces (from Parker, Sheaffer, Esterbrook and more) can find new life in the hands of those who will appreciate their timeless design and beauty. 

Publish Date: 
Thursday, October 4, 2018

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October 15, 2018


Just received my mystery bag. Wow that's a lot of pens! Just what i wanted to practice restoring.  For estie collectors, the value of the nibs alone more than pays for this haul.  Great deal, thanks!