Pre-Owned Nakaya Long Cigar Aka-Tamenuri with Gold Zogan, Kanji, and Customized Elastic Nib

The Nakaya Long Cigar in Aka-tamenuri is one of the company's most classic color finishes. Glazed with rich layers of red urushi lacquer, the resulting depth of color gives the impression that it is glowing from within.

This particular pen has been customized with a gold zogan diamond inlay and hand-painted kanji at the base of the barrel. The Kanji personalization reads "池守," ikemori, which roughly translates to "guardian of the pond."  A charming and whimsical touch, perfect for anyone who might be cultivating some koi in their backyard, or perahps feeling especially proud of their indoor aquarium.

The pen also features a two-tone Medium Soft nib with a custom Elastic modification, which results in a delightfully springy and tactile writing experience. Combined with the finely balanced weight and proportions of the Nakaya Long Cigar shape, this pen feels like it comes alive in your hand.

This pre-owned fountain pen with its beautiful customizations is a treasure for collectors and writers alike. It is in Near Mint condition.

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Free nib set-up and optimization included.


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Unless otherwise requested, this pre-owned Nakaya Long Cigar in Aka-tamenuri fountain pen will be fully tested and then tuned to your own personal writing preferences before shipping.

This nib has already been customized with an Elastic modification, but select additional nib customizations may also be available, at the discretion of the workshop. If you have a preference for a specific nib style, please contact us by phone or email to discuss options.

Measurements & Specifications

Cap Type Threaded
Closed Length 6.6"
Postable Postable With Caution
Posted Length 8.1"
Barrel Length 4.8"
Section Diameter 0.4"
Cartridge Capacity 1.5 ml
Converter Capacity 0.5 ml
Ink Capacity 1.5 ml
Filling System Cartridge-Converter
Pen Weight 26.4 g
Barrel Diameter 0.6
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