Pilot Falcon Resin Black Gold

If you're looking for the pen in the YouTube video that has received more than ten million views, this is it! Just choose the Extra Fine nib with Spencerian customization - but please read our caveat below about the skill and expertise required to properly use the Spencerian modification. And for another pen with greater ink capacity and a nib even better suited for the Spencerian customization, take a look at the Pilot Custom 912 with FA nib.

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The Pilot Falcon Resin is both a terrific everyday writer, as well as an excellent lower-cost introduction to quality fountain pens.


As of January 2014, the Falcon Resin was re-branded as part of the Pilot rather than Namiki family of pens, with the Namiki moniker being reserved for higher-end Maki-e pens such as the Yukari, Yukari Royale, and Emperor collections. The Falcon Resin is the same terrific pen as before - only the inscriptions on the nib and cap band have changed.


The Falcon Resin is one of the most popular pens for customizations. Nibs can be modified for additional flex or for regrinds to Left Oblique or Cursive Italic. It is also, along with the Metal Falcon series and Nakaya brand pens, one of the most popular pens for our Spencerian customization. 

Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics before it ships. See our nib set-up and optimization page for more details.

Spencerian Calligraphy with the Falcon Resin

Below is a sample from customer Kirk Edelman demonstrating the use of a Falcon Resin with our Spencerian modification. The level of ability seen here requires skill, patience, and practice - we recommend Eleanor Winters' book "Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy" for those wishing to learn this technique. Please note that the Spencerian modification is a highly specialized customization--significant skill and practice is required, and this will not be a customization that is suitable for most everyday usage.

Measurements & Specifications

Closed Length 5.3"
Posted Length 5.9"
Barrel Length 4.1"
Barrel Diameter 0.5"
Section Diameter 0.4"
Ink Capacity 0.8 ml
Filling System Cartridge-Converter
Cap Type Threaded
Clip With Clip
Cartridge Capacity 0.8 ml
Converter Capacity 0.5 ml
Postable Postable
Pen Weight 18.3 g
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