Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Black Rhodium

The Pilot Custom Heritage 912, with its notched FA (Falcon) nib, serves as the best pen available for our Spencerian customization. But the Custom Heritage 912 is more than just a superb tool for copperplate calligraphy - offering the widest array of nib choices of any contemporary fountain pen, it also serves as a larger companion to the Pilot Falcon Resin and Metal Falcon pens, and with nib choices other than the FA can also be a versatile everyday writer.

If you are looking for a Spencerian customization, select FA from the nib list below.

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June 29, 2019



I recently purchased a Pilot Custom 912 with a Spencerian modification. I love calligraphy style writing but I hate having to re dip my pointed pen, especially when I have a good, smooth flow going. So I started searching for a fountain pen that could flex like a pointed pen nib. I purchased a couple of modern "flex" pens, but none of them seemed to flex enough to give me the thick downstrokes that I wanted. When I found this pen, it was a little expensive for me, but I wanted to try it and I was definitely not disappointed. It has an AMAZING flex, just like a pointed pen nib, WITHOUT the hassel of re dipping. I did have some trouble using the ink cartridge that came with the pen because it wouldn't give me a solid flow, but when I switched to bottled ink, I got a lot better flow. It still railroads off and on, but I believe it's something that I'm doing wrong, not the pen. I have only had it for a day or 2, so I'm still getting used to it. But so far it is an AMAZING pen and my only wish is that it came in more colors. I would love to buy more of them in different colors.

November 9, 2019



I am blown away by this pen.  With the FA nib and the Spencerian nib work, it's the best pen I have for calligraphic writing bar none (and I own dozens of pens, some very high end costing thousands of dollars).  Blown.  Away.  So good.  If you're hesitating, stop.  This pen is a game changer, and an absolute joy to write with.  If you love writing, want to write more and write better and write beautifully, buy this pen.  You deserve the best tool to help you reach your goals.

February 14, 2020



Have been writing with this pen, which has the flexible FA nib, for a week, using it for fancy lettering and simple letter writing. Great pen! 

It is comfortable for long writing sessions and can hold a fair amount of ink. The pen body is simple and just gets out of the way so you can focus on writing. The FA nib is rather wet, unsurprisingly, so it can use ink quickly. I wrote at least 10 standard notebook size pages with a combination of flex and regular writing before needing a refill.

The FA nib. It is great! I absolutely love it. It gives feedback but not in an unpleasant scratchy way. It is springy and a joy to write with. I planned to only use this pen for fancy lettering but I found that it can easily be used for everyday writing, when flex isn't needed. 

Cant recommend this pen enough. Simple, well made, and fun. 

April 15, 2020



I purchased this pen with the Spencarian modification about two months ago. If you are looking for a pen for calligraphy style writing, look no further. There is no stub or italic that will look as good as this pen can deliver. It takes practice to get it, but once you get it, Wow! I practiced with the Archie's calligraphy paper over and over, using different arm positions, leg positions, posted and unposted, until I finally hit the winning combination. I would recommend this pen for sure!

Pilot offers the following guide to the fifteen different nib tipping sizes available on the Custom Heritage 912:

• Extra Fine: a hard nib for small lettering, almost needle point.
• Fine: a hard nib for fine lettering.
• Fine Medium: a hard nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
• Medium: a hard nib for medium lettering.
• Broad: a hard nib for bold lettering.
• Double Broad: hard big, very bold. Between Broad and Coarse.
• Soft Fine: a soft nib for fine lettering.
• Soft Fine Medium: a soft nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
• Soft Medium: a soft nib for medium lettering.
• FA ("Falcon"): hooded design allowing for subtle flex while writing.
• Waverly (WA): slightly upturned tip for smooth writing at any angle.
• Stub (SU): squared-off tip for broad verticals and thin horizontals.
• Music (MS): three tines, originally designed for writing sheet music.
• Coarse (C): extra broad nib for extremely bold lines.
• Posting (PO): downturned tip - fine, crisp lines with little pressure.

Not sure which tipping size will be best for you? Feel free to contact us for advice on the best nib and customization combination.



The Custom Heritage 912 comes standard with the high capacity CON-70 converter, which provides an ink capacity rivaling that of many piston-fillers. It can be filled with any bottled fountain pen ink, and can also use Pilot brand cartridges.

Pilot offers a wider variety of nibs units in the 912 than in any other model they make available. The Extra Fine is a rigid nib offering the smoothest possible writing experience at such a fine line width, while the Soft Fine has a slightly broader tipping size but provides semi-flex qualities similar to the Falcon Resin and Metal Falcon Fine Soft nibs.  


One option among the many tipping points offered with the Custom Heritage 912 is the upswept Waverly nib seen here.
On the broader end of the writing spectrum, the 912 also can be provided with a true double-slit Music nib which lays down a juicy ink flow and line-width variation similar to a Stub. Also made available is an actual stock Stub nib itself, which serves as an excellent starting point for our customizations to Left Oblique or to Cursive or Formal Italic, as a well as a standard Broad, Extra Broad, and the unique Coarse tipping point.
The biggest attraction for many pen aficionados, however, will be the notched FA nib. The most flexible solid gold nib we know of on any modern pen, it provides a superb starting point for our Spencerian customization, which involves adding additional flex and, most critically, regrinding the nib tip itself to a super extra fine point.

This image illustrates the extreme flexibility of the FA nib even in its stock, unmodified state. It is the most flexible contemporary high quality gold nib we've seen, and can be made even more so with our customization for added flex.

With its sleek black barrel and rhodium trim, the Pilot Custom Heritage 912 is simple yet modern. Flat cap ends and a tapered clip complete the look.

The Pilot Custom Heritage 912 arrives in a sleek presentation box complete with a converter and starter ink cartridge.

Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics before it ships. 

Measurements & Specifications

Closed Length 5.5"
Posted Length 6.2"
Barrel Length 4.1"
Barrel Diameter 0.5"
Section Diameter 0.4"
Ink Capacity 0.9 ml
Filling System Cartridge-Converter
Cap Type Threaded
Clip With Clip
Cartridge Capacity 0.8 ml
Converter Capacity 0.9 ml
Postable Postable
Pen Weight 25 g
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