Pelikan Classic M205 Demonstrator

Designed to showcase Pelikan's famous differential piston system, the Classic M205 Demonstrator is a special edition pen that will be available for a limited time only. Normally provided with only a steel nib, we are able to offer your choice of Pelikan 14k solid gold M405 nib unit.

Our complimentary nib tuning services adjust ink flow and pressure to your own personal preferences, and our optional nib customizations can provide for additional line-width variation on the page. We are an authorized Pelikan dealer.

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This pen is no longer available.
Free nib set-up and optimization included.


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New Pelikan special edition pens are always highly anticipated, and clear demonstrators especially so - Pelikan fans love having the chance to see this company's patented differential piston filling mechanism (which allows for the use of any bottled fountain pen ink) in action. But more than just a favored object for pen enthusiasts, this is also a highly practical everyday writing instrument that, when fitted with a solid gold nib, can provide for years of enjoyable writing.

Each pen includes a special presentation box and is carefully inspected and tested by us prior to shipping - our long experience with the Pelikan brand helps ensure that your fountain pen will have writing qualities equal to its distinctive appearance.

Measurements & Specifications

Closed Length 4.9"
Posted Length 5.8"
Barrel Length 4"
Barrel Diameter 0.4"
Section Diameter 0.4"
Ink Capacity 0.9 ml
Filling System Piston
Clip With Clip
Postable Postable
Pen Weight 13.8 g
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