Nettuno Superba Ruby Celluloid Limited Edition

The Superba fountain pen epitomizes elegance and refinement, serving as a veritable gem in the realm of writing instruments. It seamlessly marries the craftsmanship of goldsmith tradition with cutting-edge celluloid processing techniques. Crafted from precious and rare celluloid, each fountain pen boasts a warm shine and distinctive color variations, ensuring that every piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Not only does the Superba showcase exceptional material quality, but it also exudes timeless design elements reminiscent of Italy's renowned fountain pen heritage. Its ergonomically balanced body provides a comfortable and fluid writing experience suitable for everyday use or special occasions. Featuring a meticulously engraved 14k solid gold nib, the Superba ensures consistent and precise ink flow.

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Additionally, the pen features a fixed piston ink filling system crafted in-house, blending ease of use with elegance and tradition. Packaged in an exquisite case and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and international guarantee, the SUPERBA transcends being a mere writing instrument, emerging as a symbol of status and style coveted by expert collectors and discerning enthusiasts alike. We are an authorized Nettuno dealer.

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