Namiki Emperor Kisshomon Birds In Flight - Pre-Owned

The Namiki Emperor Kisshomon Birds In Flight (Oiseaux en Vol) is a masterwork by legendary Maki-e artist Hyakusen Murata. We have just one pen, never used or inked.

While we offer this pen with our usual nib tuning and customzation services, we can also waive these services for collectors who prefer to receive the pen without any modifications - just include a note indicating "no tuning needed" during the checkout process.


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A masterwork of Maki-e art utilizing raden, gold dust, and other precious materials, this pen was produced in very limited numbers in the early 1990's. Advanced Togadashi-maki-e technique, a style which has been in use since the 7th century, has been used extensively in the realization of the "Kisshou," or happiness motif.

The pen is equipped with a unique #50 single-tone Medium tipping size 18k solid gold nib with special inscription. The eyedropper filling system allows it to use any bottled fountain pen ink. Consignment sale.


Measurements & Specifications

Closed Length 6.8"
Barrel Length 5"
Barrel Diameter 0.7"
Section Diameter 0.5"
Ink Capacity 6 ml
Filling System Eyedropper
Cap Type Threaded
Clip No Clip
Postable Not Postable
Pen Weight 47.7 g
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