Nakaya Portable Cigar Metal Thread Toki-tamenuri

If you have always enjoyed Nakaya's ebonite and urushi fountain pens, but would prefer a writing instrument with a bit more heft than these provide, the new Metal Thread in Toki-tamenuri may be the pen for you.

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The Portable Cigar Metal Thread in Toki-tamenuri is an excellent choice for those who favored the now-discontinued Shiro-tamenuri finish. With time and use more of the pinkish underlayer will be revealed. 

Note the metal threading at the front of the barrel - this, and the $100 reduction in the price, is the only difference between these Metal Thread pens and the traditional all-ebonite versions of these pens.

While the use of metal threading allows for slightly more efficient production by eliminating the need for the precise and time-consuming art of hand-turning ebonite threads, the rest of the pen is finished with the same painstaking attention to detail as any other Nakaya pen. 

If you didn't know to look for it, you might not even notice that the ebonite threading on most Nakaya pens has been replaced by a metal version. But this small addition has a big impact, adding eight grams to the over-all weight of this pen and making it an excellent choice for those Nakaya owners who would prefer a slightier heavier writing instrument.

Nakaya 14k nibs are well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, and Left Oblique, as well as the modification for added flex and our Mottishaw Spencerian customization. 

Nakaya pens can be filled with bottled fountain pen ink using the included converter, provided by us at no additional charge. Nakaya pens can also use Platinum brand ink cartridges. Hand-painted Maki-e converters are also available.

Measurements & Specifications

Cap Type Threaded
Closed Length 5.9"
Postable Postable With Caution
Posted Length 6.5"
Barrel Length 4.2"
Section Diameter 0.4"
Cartridge Capacity 1.5 ml
Converter Capacity 0.5 ml
Ink Capacity 1.5 ml
Filling System Cartridge-Converter
Pen Weight 28.8 g
Barrel Diameter 0.6
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