Nakaya Decapod Cigar Ishime-Kanshitsu Raden ST

Raden is a Maki-e technique which utilizes natural abalone shell material combined with Urushi lacquer finishing. The Decapod Cigar Ishime Kanshitsu Raden ST glimmers with multiple colors depending on the angle at which it is held. 




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Five of the ten sides of this Decapod fountain pen are finished with the Ishi-me or stone finish. The other five are surfaced in raden, tiny bits of abalone shells.

The facets of this fountain pen follow from end to end in a long smooth curve. It is a shape that can be described by pure geometry except that it is subtly more complex. It is a shape that satisfies the eye and is a delight to hold. The raden glimmers in blue, green, red and violet depending on the angle that you see it. They are constantly changing in color as the pen is rotated.

Raden has been used on the barrels of fountain pens since the 20's and 30's. Sheaffer's made a pen in the mid 30's with larger chunks of abalone imbedded in the celluloid. It is durable, natural and beautiful.

The ten sided shape has another function. Because it is not round in cross section it is not likely to roll off of a desk. The yellow pencil evolved from a cylinder shape to be a faceted for this same reason. The Decapod gives facets an entire new meaning.

The ends of this pen are beveled to finish the facets. Not only does this trim the cap and barrel end, but it also provides a rounder edge, more likely to wear evenly.

Not only does this pen delight the eye, it feels great in the hand.

These surfaces, carefully formed by traditional methods, contrast with one another. The stone finish absorbs light and the raden reflects.

The Nakaya nib, imprinted Nakata, the family name of the manufacturer is made of solid 14K gold. 
Each of these nibs is suitable for our customization to extra flexible. The medium and broad tip can be customized by us into cursive italic, stub or oblique points.




Measurements & Specifications

Cap Type Threaded
Closed Length 5.9"
Postable Not Postable
Barrel Length 4.3"
Section Diameter 0.41"
Cartridge Capacity 1.5 ml
Converter Capacity 0.5 ml
Ink Capacity 1.5 ml
Filling System Cartridge-Converter
Pen Weight 22 g
Barrel Diameter 0.6
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