Montegrappa Passione Mediterranean Blue

 The Montegrappa Passione Mediterranean Blue is redolent of the sensual beauty of the Italian coast. Surprisingly affordable for a handcrafted celluloid fountain pen featuring sterling silver trim, an 18K solid gold nib, and a natural ebonite feed, this is a writing instrument to be savored and treasured.

We make this pen available with your choice from among the full range of Passione 18K solid gold rhodium-plated nibs, which can also provide superb starting points for our special nib customizations.

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Beyond the sterling silver, solid gold and celluloid materials are the ebonite feeds, the choice of feeds for more than 100 years. This feed can be minutely adjusted to the ink flow preferences and hand pressure of each customer. The matte surface of the ebonite (hard rubber) is hydrophilic (attracts water) in ways that injection molded plastic is not. Both the cap and barrel bands are engraved with the number 925 mark indicating sterling silver.

The astounding depth and range of blue color within the celluloid barrel and cap of this Passione pen can only be fully grasped in the round.  As this pen is turned in your hands the unique "signature" is reveals by the dark parts and the iridescent light blues. No two pens are exactly alike.

The number 1912 is imprinted in a medallion on top of the cap, a reminder of the year Montegrappa started operation. This makes it one of the pen manufacturers with a very long history, older than OMAS. 

Notice how the roller-ball pocket clip is inlaid with two stripes of blue, looking very much like the body color. 


An octagonal pattern is imprinted into the 18K gold nib in the case of the fine, medium and broad. The other nib offerings, Extra-Fine, Double Broad, Stub, Oblique Medium and Oblique Broad are the number six two-tone 18K nibs, with the Greek key pattern.



This pattern is repeated on the outside of the presentation box. As well, the box has a magnetic clasp which simplifies the appearance and function.  It is easy to open and secure when closed. 

Measurements & Specifications

Closed Length 5.4"
Posted Length 6.4"
Barrel Length 4.1"
Barrel Diameter 0.63"
Section Diameter 0.41"
Ink Capacity 1.3 ml
Filling System Cartridge-Converter
Cap Type Threaded
Clip With Clip
Cartridge Capacity 1.3 ml
Converter Capacity 0.7 ml
Postable Postable
Pen Weight 47.2 g
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