Danitrio Mikado Round Top Without Clip Seiryu

This is the most highly intricate and developed pen with a dragon motif that we have ever seen. Identified by Danitrio as MK25 Seiryu, Mikado Blue Dragon, this eyedropper-fill pen makes use of several Maki-e techniques including a relief build-up of urushi layer and the inlay of raden abalone shell. This is an exquisitely crafted fountain pen. We currently have the #20 of the 20 pens issued worldwide in the highly limited edition. 

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This dragon is fierce and fast and seems to have captured the mythic pearl in it taloned claw. Pieces of raden (abalone shell) are inlaid around the wheeling dragon as if it is emitting sparks of light in a dark firmament. Each scale and the flames are carefully crafted for maximum effect.

The use of very fine, (#8) gold powder and blue urushi lacquer is used to paint the back. The beige belly is painted with the same fine gold powder. The shishiai togidashi maki-e technique raises the figure into relief on the barrel and cap.   The dragon motif as represented here with flames, claws, scales and feathers, winds around the pen, encouraging the holder of the pen to rotate it in order to take in the full effect. 

This pen is signed by the artist above the edition number 20/20.

This pen arrives with an eyedropper, fabric kimono, wooden pen stand, Danitrio paperwork and is contained in an ample hinged and beautifully crafted wooden presentation box. 

Measurements & Specifications

Closed Length 6.4"
Barrel Length 5.5"
Barrel Diameter 0.8"
Ink Capacity 3.6 ml
Filling System Eyedropper
Cap Type Threaded
Clip No Clip
Postable Not Postable
Pen Weight 42.5 g
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