Antique Waterman's No. 20 POC 'Mac the Pen Man' with Semiflexible #10 Nib c. 1912-30

The No. 20 POC from John Mottishaw's private collection was the largest pen model that Waterman ever offered, and is now a truly collectible writing instrument. Only a few of these giant eyedroppers were made, and most stayed in the possession of pen shop owners, as they always attracted crowds. This particular pen was owned by "Mac, the Pen Man" — a.k.a. John H. McBride of Pasadena, California, whose name is professionally engraved on the barrel. He ran a pen repair and sales shop there for many years.

The black hard rubber cap is smooth and glossy and probably of later make (between 1920 and 1930) than the barrel (c. 1912 to 1914), on which the wave pattern chasing and manufacturer's imprint are both crisp and clear. The beautiful, enormous, semiflexible #10 gold Ideal nib dates from the late 1920s. It has an Extra Fine tip that writes with a hair-width fineness at the lightest pressure but easily lays down juicy wet 1mm flexed downstrokes. It is incredibly bouncy and responsive, springing across the page with ease and precision, and is paired with an ink feed that can match whatever you ask of it.

This oversized antique fountain pen is comfortable and well-balanced in the hand, despite its unusual dimensions. It holds an astonishing 5.5ml of ink and would allow you to to write with ease and joy just-short-of-forever. We look forward to it finding a new home with someone who will appreciate its rare qualities. It is in Excellent condition.

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Unless otherwise requested, this pre-owned Antique Waterman's No. 20 POC 'Mac the Pen Man' with Semiflexible #10 Nib c. 1912-30 fountain pen will be fully tested and then tuned to your own personal writing preferences before shipping.

As a rule, our optional nib customizations are not recommended for a pen of this caliber and vintage, and for this pen in particular we think it would be a disservice to modify its extraordinary nib.

Measurements & Specifications

Closed Length 6.5"
Posted Length 8.75"
Barrel Diameter 0.67"
Section Diameter 0.56"
Ink Capacity 5.5 ml
Filling System Eyedropper
Cap Type Threaded
Clip With Clip
Postable Postable
Pen Weight 36.1 g
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