Classic Fountain Pens Pen Stand

Created exclusively for us by the A.T. Cross Company and featuring our classic logo, the Classic Fountain Pens Clear Acrylic Pen Stand allows you to show off your favorite writing instrument in style. We are offering the remaining stands at close-out pricing.

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The Classic Fountain Pens Clear Acylic Pen Stand is available exclusively from us. Weighing a substantial 97 grams and featuring our new logo, this is the perfect desk top accessory for devoted pen fans. The recess measures .6 inches at its widest point and makes this a dependable holder for a wide variety of pens - everthing from a Sailor Chalana to larger Nakayas such as the Naka-ai and Neo Standard models can sit comfortably. With this Pen Stand on your desk, your favorite pen will always be no farther than a reach away...