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Crafted from Japanese-made Kanamaru paper, the Itoya Haiku Journal utilizes a proprietary, time-honored technique to create a rigid and durable paper cover with silky smooth fountain pen friendly writing paper inside.

Now discontinued by the manufacturer, we have only a limited number of these unique Haiku Journals still available.

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The Haiku Journal comes in the 8 1/2" x 11" size with an inner storage pocket. Unique “dotted grid” design allows for guided handwriting or freestyle drawing. The paper is just the right level of absorbency to draw ink in without it bleeding through to the other side. There are sixty sheets in each of the notebooks.

The Haiku Journal features a smooth and rigid cover, made from exclusive Kanamaru Paper made specifically for ITOYA.  The Haiku Journal cover is treated with a proprietary coating that gives the impression of a sturdy plastic cover with the sophistication only paper can provide.  Inside, silky smooth writing paper sports a unique “dotted grid” design that allows for easy handwriting or freestyle drawing. A cover flap inserts into the fitted slot to secure the pages when not in use. This makes a sturdy "box" which is easy to carry around without damage. Acid-Free and archival-safe, these Journals are constructed to last for centuries!

Lefties find this type of binding easy to use by virtue of the dot grid, as it can be turned horizontally or even reversed for comfort of the palm.

Haiku Writing Example 2
Written by Jonella, a left-handed underwriter with the Pilot Iroshizuku Horsetail ink.