Platinum Carbon and Pigment Bottled Inks

Platinum Carbon Ink in Black is a quick-drying ink which provides excellent water resistance. The Pigment Inks in Blue, Brun Sepia, and Rose Red also feature excellent lightfastness and rich hues. While we recommend regular cleaning with any carbon or pigmented inks, we have found these to be very safe for regular usage. 

Each bottle is 50 milliliters.

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These pigmented inks made by Platinum are a new development in micro fine colors in liquid form. They have the advantage of much better light-fastness and excellent flow properties. The are, however, still pigments solids in suspension and if allowed to dry in a fountain pen can be more difficult to clean. We recommend either regular use of your pen to keep the ink flowing or frequent flushing especially if the pen is to be stored for more than a few weeks.