Montegrappa Bottled Inks

Montegrappa bottled inks are provided in 50 ml octagonal bottles, mirroring the octagonal shape often associated with many of Montegrappa's best-known fountain pens. The nuanced colors are a perfect compliment to Montegrappa's elegant writing instruments.

Montegrappa indicates that only the finest ingredients are used in their ink formulations, and that no animal products whatsoever are utilized - especially for those concerned with the environment, Montegrappa bottled inks are an excellent choice.

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Naturally formulated, Montegrappa bottled inks are a composite of acid, colorant and tincture, glycerine, polyester ethylene glycol, Arabic resin, and carbamide/carbonyldiamide. No dyes or any other ingredients of animal origin such as carmine, beeswax, shellac, isinglass, gelatin, or animal-derived glycerin are used.

As shown in Montegrappa's internal testing, Montegrappa bottled inks display notable color intensity and impressively quick drying times.

Also part of the extensive testing conducted by Montegrappa chemists, the ink fluidity and water smudge charts showcase the ink's performance at different nib tipping sizes.