What Makes Nibs.com Different?

At Nibs.com, we present a selection of the finest contemporary and vintage fountain pens ever made. Each pen is examined and tested here in our workshop, then optimized for the writing preferences and characteristics of the individual user.

When you make a purchase from Nibs.com, you are not just buying a pen, you are joining a growing community of knowledgeable, discerning pen aficionados who have been coming to us for service, sales, and repairs for over twenty years.

Whether you are adding to a world-class collection, or making your first purchase of a fine writing instrument, Nibs.com can serve as your guide to the exciting world of these beautiful and functional objects.

We believe you should get a pen that writes just the way you want it. When you buy from Nibs.com, you know that you are getting a pen that has been inked and tested just for you.  Smoothness, consistency and your particular requirements are set up in each pen we send. The fountain pen has been adjusted for your ink flow and your pressure characteristics.  For instance, if you are a left-handed underwriter who likes very generous ink flow, we will make those adjustments without charge.

Our online order form has space for you to include as much information you think is necessary to help our nib technicians set up your pen. Let them know how you'll be using a pen. Are you a medical professinal writing on that wonderful hospital paper? Or a student taking notes in class? Maybe this is the pen you've been saving for to improve your penmanship? Use the Additional Information section and let them know.

Still not sure? Read the 683+ testimonials received over the course of sixteen years to see what others have found.



After all, our sales come with service and support. We do not treat pens like just another pen-in-a-box to be shipped out the door. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated, and your pens the way we treat our own. Our highest priority is making sure that our customers are happy with their purchases and customizations. We love pens. We think they are beautiful objects that should work the way you want them to work. That's what we believe in at Nibs.com.