Service, Repair, and Customization Requests

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  • We are only able to accept repair work on Nakaya pens, or pens that were purchased from us with a corresponding 6-digit invoice number.
  • We cannot repair bent or cracked nibs or provide retipping services at this time.
  • All services except nib customization are complimentary within the first 30 days of your purchase of a new gold-nibbed pen.

Fountain pens are wonderful, but not infallible. Much like your car, or yourself, sometimes they need a visit to the doctor to look and perform their best. Here are the services we can provide.

  • Nib Tuning
  • Does your pen write, but not very well? Is the nib scratchy, skipping, hard-starting, or writing too wet or too dry? We can fix that.

  • Nib Swap
  • Want a thinner or a thicker line on the page? Swap from your current tipping size to your desired tipping size. Please note: Nib swaps are complimentary within the first 30 days of your purchase from us. Outside of this window, nib swaps are not possible. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis if the nib is unused or in Like New condition.

  • Repair
  • Some part(s) of your pen have become damaged or are malfunctioning. Please describe what's gone wrong in the Additional Notes field, and we'll determine if we can repair it in-house. If we can't, we will communicate with the manufacturer on your behalf for repair or replacement. Please note: We are only able to repair or facilitate repair for pens that were purchased directly from us, or for Nakaya pens.

  • Diagnostic
  • This is the one to pick when your pen isn't working and you don't know why. We'll take a close look, disassemble and clean it, and try to figure out what's going wrong. Please note that this is not inclusive of repair services. Think of it like a doctor's appointment fee.

  • Customization
  • We will customize your nib to give it more character and expressiveness when writing. Prices start at $65, but will vary based on the particular customization(s) you select.

    Please note: Not all customizations are suitable for all nibs. We will let you know if we think the customization you have selected isn't a good fit for your nib, and will suggest alternatives.

A check-in fee applies to all service, repair, and customization requests.

  • For pens purchased from us within the past 3 months, the check-in fee is waived as a courtesy.
  • For pens purchased from us at any time prior to that, the check-in fee is $30.
  • For pens purchased outside of, the check-in fee is $60.

To get started, please fill out our Service, Repair, and Customization Request Form below.

If your pen was originally purchased from us, your check-in fee will be discounted.
Your original invoice number, from when you purchased the pen in question. If you don't know what your invoice number was, you can log in with your user account and check your order history, or search through your email for "Nibs: Order #". Providing us with the invoice number will discount your check-in fee. If you've tried these steps and still can't find your original invoice number, you can email us or call us for help.
Please tell us the brand name, model, and body & trim color of your pen. E.g. "Pelikan M400 Green Stripe," "Nakaya Long Cigar Ascending Dragon Ao-Tamenuri."
Please tell us the color, gold karat rating, and tipping size of your nib.
Please select the service, or services, that you would like. If requesting a nib swap, please specify desired tipping size in the Additional Notes.
Customizations marked with a ✦ are considered highly advanced. We recommend them only for very experienced fountain pen users, as they will have a steep learning curve to use properly.
If you are not sure what kind of left-handed writer you are, please see our guide to left-handed writing styles.
LightLight to MediumMediumMedium to HeavyHeavy
Writing pressure
Ink Flow
Please tell us more about what you would like us to do for your pen.
(Optional) Upload photos of your pen. This can be helpful to point out specific problem areas needing repair or adjustment.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.