Platinum Mix Free Ink

New from Platinum, Mix Free Inks give you the freedom to create your own unique hues in ink that is safe for your fountain pen. Normally, different color inks cannot be freely mixed together - differences in chemistry could result in a hardened sludge or precipitate that would plug the feed of a fountain pen. Platinum's Mix Free Inks, however, are fully compatible with each other - and while they are already wonderfully rich colors individually, they can be combined to form an infinite palate for pen lovers.

Two, three, or more colors can be mixed together at a time, and an empty bottle included with the set allows you to save your latest mix just as you would any other fountain pen ink. When ready for use, just fill with your fountain pen's regular converter and you are ready to go. The set comes complete with a base pigmentless liquid for diluting colors to make them lighter on the page, as well as two mixing syringes and a mixing chart.

John has been a fan of this system ever since he first saw it demonstrated in Tokyo, where a master mixer was able to perfectly duplicate the color of Sailor's much-missed Red-Brown ink. We're now very proud to be among the first in the U.S. to carry this unique system. The complete set includes all nine inks plus the Mixing Kit. We also recommend using Platinum's separate Ink Cleaner Set when changing colors or switching between Mix Free and other inks.

Mix Free Inks are $20.00 per bottle, but the complete set of all nine, along with the Mixing Kit, is available from us at the special sale price of just $159.00. See Platinum's colorful promotional material below for more information...

Having seen these Mix Inks demonstrated in person, John says, "This is the most exciting event in the world of inks to come along in decades.  In fact, I cannot remember anything that comes close." After using them, we think you'll agree.