Morgan Spangle

Above is the sketch by Morgan done in ink with his Namiki Falcon fine and Sumi brush of the Monument for Union Soldier's and Sailor's who served in the Civil War during his lunch brake.

"I've been around art and artists for what seems like my whole life...since turning fifty a few years ago, I've decided to spend more time drawing.... Drawing has always been something that makes me happy - and finding the right equipment has always been a joy. I'm mostly working in pen and ink, with brush washes provided by a unique Sumi brush pen,; a funky cheap Japanese felt tip pen that one can load with water or various tints of ink; and of course now the perfect sketching pen, the Namiki Falcon fine, which with its beautifully flexible nib and excellent ink flow, provides a lively line that will be fun to learn to exploit...

One of the great things about being an art dealer of course is that one really gets to live with art that one could never really afford to own (well, at least not ALL of it); the photo above shows me with a prized possession, a Matisse drawing (in Ink of course!), one that I'll never let go."